In the aftermath of I-Island's liberation, only a few heroes were severely hurt and approximately twenty thousand of the world's more dangerous villains were arrested enmasse. A few attempted to escape, but due to the I-Island's location being in the middle of the ocean, few were successful. While most heroes had no lasting injuries after being 'defeated' by All for One, none of them were quite left unchanged.

As a bizarre combination of reality warping quirks, All for One's use of a super boosted Overhaul had effectively set any changes caused by Izuku's food to default, effectively making them permanent. While this did mean that on average a Japanese pro would be quite a bit stronger than the rest of the world, It also caused Japan to have a 60:40 ratio of female to male heroes.

Also, as a whole, the average cup size of a female Japanese hero increased by over two.

Shoka Aizawa experienced all three effects, with having been made a female first, later having her breasts enlarged by another food, and having her quirk and combat abilities heightened as well. Her new girlfriend Ms. Joke was very happy with these changes.

Much like Ituksa, whatever remnants of One for All had remained inside of All Might had vanished alongside All for One, however, thanks to Izuku's food he was able to maintain his muscular form full time. Which just functioned as a nice fuck you to All for One, and ensured that All Might could retire in peace.

Globally, the crime rate plummeted as so many villains had been defeated on I-Island.

As for their part in all of this, they each received their official hero license, with an honorary degree from U.A. Apparently, saving the world is a bit more impressive than any final exam they could come up with. Besides, Aizawa got a restraining order on Nejire for still currently unknown reasons.

Rebuilding I-Island started before All for One's space dust had even settled, with the I-Island being returned to normal—albeit reduced—functioning levels.

It also took Nighteye exactly a week after the encounter to become Izuku's stepfather. Which was strange, apparently, his mother and Nighteye had a history with each other that made Izuku ever so slightly uncomfortable. And Izuku also decided not to tell his mother anything about what All for One said, largely based on the fact that he thought it was bullshit and that he wasn't going to think about it—he thought about it a lot.

It really felt like everything was better for everyone.

Which would have been a fantastic feeling.

Had it not been for one important thing.


Sure, she had smiled. Sure, she could still fight, kick ass, and chew bubble gum like the best, but, she just seemed sadder.


With a sigh, Izuku placed a hand that led into the room that Itsuka had all but lived in for the past two weeks. He glanced back and saw Momo standing the closest, a small frown on her normally cheerful face, behind her Nejire stood with a wide smile and Shoko looked like Shoko, which meant she looked somewhere between confused and hungry. Itsuka had said she was fine over and over again, that she just needed time.

But now? Now Izuku couldn't take it anymore, he needed to talk with Itsuka about this. He wanted to help his first real friend, he wanted to be there for her like she had been for him at the start of all this craziness.

He nodded and opened the door.

A few steps in and he closed it tight behind him. As a group they had tried to talk to Itsuka, but it often made her prickly, anxious, and just annoyed at them as opposed to actually making any progress. It was just a simple fact that Itsuka was a bit of a tsundere.

Vibrant lights and the sound of pixel bleeding greeted Izuku, the room in many ways looked like Itsuka's bedroom back at her parents place, there was even a bad in the same position, though the ground was padded and more comfortable to walk on, and there was even a fridge sitting nearby. A few bottles glistened in the constantly shifting lights from Itsuka's T.V. and allowed a few dirty dishes to be shown off.

A pile of blankets, pillows, cushions and various other bits of furniture created a fortress of solitude that would make any child jealous.

Izuku crawled on his hands and knees as he found the makeshift entrance and was quickly greeted by the bright green eyes of Itsuka, the screen behind her paused, controller in her hand and a stack of video games in reach, her long orange hair snaked out of the oversized teal hoodie she had on, while her long muscular legs were bare. She was a complete and utter mess right now that looked like she hadn't bathed in a while.

And he still wanted to kiss her.

"Yo," she cracked a smile and gave him a peace sign before turning back to the screen. "I'm not on a two player game right now, but we can do one next if you want."

Izuku crawled forward and then sat next to Itsuka, watching her fingers jam on the controller with blazing speed as her avatar on the screen performed some combo that went on way past the realms of reasonable. "How many more titles until your backlog is done?"

"Uhhhh," Ituka pointed her toe at the pile of games. "That many."

"And how many until you're happy?"

Game paused.

"Why are you here?" Itsuka asked, controller still in hand as she hugged her knees, a single green eye peered right at him.

"I'm here to talk," He scooted closer to her and wrapped an arm around her shoulder. "Itsuka, you're a hero, you saved us all. Menu's still trying to figure out how to get some kind of trait or item that will let you make your hands—"

"Izuku," Itsuka's voice cut like thunder on a clear night. "I don't give a shit about what size my hands are."

"You don't?" Izuku blinked, "But, your quirk,"

"Is gone." Itsuka muttered and then let out a long sigh. "Has been gone. Menu was right when she said that One for All had already eaten my quirk, I didn't think anything of it at the time, because I could still make my hands go big, so everything had to be fine, and I could still feel my quirk. Besides, there was you guys, Momo suddenly showing up and Nejire basically inviting herself in, there was a lot to keep my mind off of how different my quirk felt."

The controller fell and she let out a long sigh.

Izuku grabbed her hand and squeezed it softly. "And, now that your quirk is gone. You can feel it?"

Itsuka nodded and slowly unfurled from her ball, she reached out, embracing his hug and pushing them both to the ground. "I'm trying to avoid it. I'm trying not to think about it. But. I can feel it. My quirk is gone. A part of me is gone. It sucks. It's like a book that's missing every third chapter, or a video game that's just missing something to make it great." She buried her head into his chest and let out a small sob, her hand clutching his shirt. "It hurts! Everything I do I feel like that! I'm trying not to think about that, trying to fill the void but it's so hard. I asked All Might but he had no answer like always."

"Itsuka," He kept his arms wrapped around her and pulled off her hood. Her hair was greasy, but he still kissed the top of her head with a smile. "You don't have to go through this alone you know. We're all here for you and we all love you." He felt her squeeze him tight, a light sob escaping her. "I know you haven't forgotten that."

"I know, but, it's. This isn't how I want the people I love to see me like. Momo's the gay-panic psychopath, Shoko's the clueless psychopath, Menu's a fucking gremlin, and Nejire's just a honry psychopath, I'm supposed to be the calm levelheaded one of the group." She sniffed and pulled her face out of his shirt, a big awkward smile on her face. "Kinda hard to do that when you're current occupation is being a fucking wreck."

"A sexy wreck."

"I'm aware I'm currently sitting on top of you right now, but do you really think now's the best time to try and seduce me." Itsuka ran her hand through her hair letting it out of her lazy ponytail. "Guh, I seriously reverted back to middle school gamer days, I seriously need a shower."

"I fully agree with the shower, but, I'm just trying to help you understand that everyone here wants to help you." He grabbed her hand again and kissed it softly. "You're not alone in this Itsuka, you never will be."

"I know," Itsuka pawed at the tears swelling in her eyes as she let out a light sob. "I know, I know, I know, I know, I know. But. It just. It's so hard to ignore this feeling. A piece of myself is missing."

"Then let us make you whole again." Izuku wiggled and held out his hand. A moment later a diamond ring appeared in his hand. "Momo made this for us a week ago. It's magical, we have no idea what it does besides that it also unlocks a skin. We talked about it in length, and while Momo is going to make more, I wanted to make sure that you got the first one, but it has a prerequisite."

"It's not something sappy like being happy right? Because I am." Her smile was cheerful as she looked at the ring. "Just I forget that sometimes, but what's the prerequisite?"

"Itsuka Kendo, will you marry me?"

Honestly, he should have seen that slap coming. "You jerk! Yes! Seriously? I mean yes! But like! Couldn't you just, like wait until, I fucking showered or something? I don't even have a god damn bra on! What the fuck is wrong with you! Guh! This is like, the worst best thing you could have done. I just mean like, who the hell goes into make their fiance feel better and then surprises them with a proposal! Even if it is a fake video game one!"

"It won't be a fake one Itsuka." He rubbed his cheek softly, still watching Itsuka as she looked at the ring like it was him, and he was an idiot. "Like I said, we talked. A lot. And, even if legally I'm only allowed to have one wife, I want it to be you. The other girls support this."

"But, what about Momo? I thought the plan was for her to be your legal wife?" Now Itsuka was just looking regular dumbstruck. "She's the one with money, and like, prestige."

"Prestige? You're kind of a big deal Itsuka. And Money?" Izuku gestured around the room. "We literally live inside of a pocket dimension that somehow has free plumbing, electricity, fantastic internet, and like, every streaming service available. Besides it's not like Momo won't be here the entire time too. She had bi-panic over both of us for like a whole year and it basically mentally broke her."

"In a cute way." Itsuka nodded and then looked at the ring again. "But, just, why me Izuku?"

"You were the first one." Izuku reached for the ring and grabbed her hand. He slowly slid the ring on, and smiled at her. "Because of you I learned to love my quirk, I learned how to use my quirk, if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be here today, for so many reasons. Itsuka, it was never an option not to marry you. So what do you say. Will you be my legal wife?"

"Yes, and oh my god, I hate that this is actually making me feel better." She leaned down to try and kiss him.

"Okay, as happy as I am, you need to bath. And use a lot of mouthwash."

"Hey is that anyway to talk to your new bride?" With a poof, Itsuka's wardrobe went from a simple hoodie to a white Qipao that showed off a lot of hip, and a bit of side boob as well, with her greasy unwashed hair tied into a bun on the top of her head, she looked ready to fight at her own wedding. "Oh, neat, wedding skin, but yeah, I'm going to shower, and then I want everyone in the bath so we can wash each other and I can yell at them for letting you pick me first."

"Oh, you're back to being bossy already?"

The light bonk on his head made the world feel right.


It took almost no time for them to become world class heroes. Aided by how quickly they could travel around the world by simply owning/renting a door somewhere, they were able to respond to emergencies globally, and thanks to Nejire's willingness(overeagerness) to be a boob bus to transport people/goods more people were being saved than ever before.

For the most part Itsuka was able to continue to be one of the strongest heroes, though she spent years trying to get her strength back up to what it was when she had One for All and her own quirk.

Thanks to Melissa's magic laptop, technology also began to skyrocket, eventually becoming nearly like magic with what could be done.

As a group, they had a total of four children. One from Itsuka, Two from Momo, One from Nejire, apparently after seeing Itsuka and Momo pregnant Shoko realized that wasn't for her, but she was still more than happy to have sex and watch over the kids from time to time. Their kids grew up and became amazing pro heroes with quirks that left nearly everyone scratching their heads.

They had numerous grandchildren, all of whom loved to chase Menu around whenever she showed up.

Eventually those grandchildren became proud heroes on their own and eventually, have children of their own.

As a group they never officially retired, but as the years dragged on they became less and less active and the world needed them less and less.

Their last breaths would happen in their sleep, all of them well into their hundreds.



[Achievement unlocked, a long and happy life.

That should be its own reward.

Reward: New Game +]

[Melissa Shield Path Unlocked.]

[Mei Hatsume Path Unlocked.]

[Female Eijiro Kirishima Unlocked.]

[New character option unlocked. Izumi Midoriya (You but female, no you can't fuck yourself).]

[New Game +?


In the face of death Izuku found himself smiling.

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