Legend of Zelda: The House of Cards

Chapter One

The Eagles Eye

"One day! One day!" Linkle exclaimed to herself as she ran through a dense wood.

She was being chased by a clan, the Yiga clan. A dancer by night and self taught huntress by day. She could handle herself very well indeed and only ever hunted edible beats known to torment the people of hyrule, however she wasn't quite ready to face the Yiga.

Her family knew from the very start that there was something different about her. She chose her name for one. Her parents, a Gerudo woman and a Hylian man, had remained in the Gerudo Desert until Linkle' younger sisters, the mischevious twins, arrived.

It was then that Linkle started to have dreams about Link, Hyrule Castle, a compass she knew she'd lost in the desert and her darkest dream of all. The Molduga.

It plagued her, she knew these events she'd dreamed about had happened but her parents seemed to want no part in her desire to search for the truth.

Time worked differently here in Hyrule. Thousands of years could go by and you'd never age a day. The loss of Linkle to Link was still raw to face but something he never spoke about with anyone, not even Zelda.

Out of fear that she'd want to venture out into forbidan areas of the Gerudo Desert they moved to be housed and protected by the Great Deku Tree.

Linkle had just stolen an artefact from what she thought was a rude merchant, that merchant had then show it's true form and the hunt was on only now she was the one being hunted.

She was nearly at the hidden tunnel that would lead her home and dry when something caught her foot and she went flying into a muddy puddle.

She was useless against the Yiga in combat but handly when it came to stopping her from taking back the artefact,

"No! It's not yours!" She screeched

The Yiga gave up and stood, releasing her weapon and holding it up, ready to behead Linkle when suddenly they both heard a horse neigh and a swipe of a sword and the Yiga exploded into smoke with a scream.

Linkle looked up and saw Link staring down at her.

"What's that you got there?" He asked

"Uh...just, it's a...uh" She stammered,

"Linkle!" Called her father Karal

Link stood back and stared at Karal, giving Linkle the chance to hide the artefact,

"Who're you?" He asked

"I...am Karal, orginally from Kakoriko, I heard screaming and I knew it was Linkle, she's always getting herself into mischief, she has these stupid notions Sir about going into Gerudo Desert in search of..." Karal said but he was soon stopped by his wife, Fornea

"No one in Hyrule is allowed to have that name" Link said, "The girl, who until another of my kind arrived called me father, actually turned out to be my sister. She had been born and hidden the night I was orphaned by a different clan, and sent back in time, to this era, our memory of it wiped. I looked like our father from her photos and so that is what I became. She died in the desert"

"Link, Sir we meant no disrespect, she chose this name, she has dreams..." Karal said

"Karal! He doesn't want to here this!" Fornea snapped

"He does want to here this" Link said

"Sire! Something is afoot! You must return to Hyrule Castle immediately!" Came a voice in the distance,

Link put his sword away and climbed Epona,

"Where can I find you?" He asked, "This conversation will continue"

"We can't tell you that" Fornea said

"He's the King of Hyrule...you can find us by" Karal began and then he whispered, "The Great Deku Tree"

Link nodded, turned Epona round and galloped off

"Oh you are in big trouble!" Forea snapped

"He saved me" Linkle said, shaken by the encounter

"I was talking to him!"

Karal looked at his daughter,

"Why was that Yiga after you?"

Likle looked at the ground.

Link arrived at Hyrule Castle and went straight to Zane' room instead of the meeting he was supposed to be in and knocked on the door.

Zane looked up from his desk,

"Link? What's wrong?"

Link came into the room and slumped to the floor to cry,

"Zane! Have you seen Link? We need him in the Great Hall, an artefact has been stolen. It could spell disaster for Hyrule!" Came the same voice that called out for Link in the woods.

"He's with me, we will be along in a minute" Zane said

"You know I never questioned him" Link said

"The messenger? He's a new fairy, he is without a physical body or eyes yet but has a knowing and manipulates the air to make sounds and words but you're not crying over a fairy without a body" Zane told him

"I come back again and again, with the same name. Zelda does the same but...what are the chances of Linkle returning too?"

"Linkle was very new to all this Link, have you proof of a reincarnation?" Zane asked

"Only a girl, who wants to go to the desert to search for something...she chose her name but she has a Gerudo mother"

"Why were you near the Desert?" Zane frowned

"I was't I was in the Lost Wood, her father said they could be found with the Deku Tree"

"Oh this I have to hear"

"Sire! The hall now! I won't tell you again!" Yelled the Messenger

"What is that you have there?" Fonea asked Linkle as she tried to sneak past the kitchen with the artefact

"Something I rescued?" She said

"Right out of the hands of a Yiga?" Karal said

"Let's see it then" Fornea asked, no longer angry, but instead, excited

They heard a sigh a Linkle placed the artefact on the table,

"At least you have it now" The Great Deku Tree said

"Huh?" Linkle said looking up, "What does it do?"

Meanwhile in a meeting with Zelda, Zane and Nana...

"It leads to four places, within which is placed a symbol seen on a deck of Earth Cards. They each represent something different, Swords of Soldiers, the Spade in this case, bravery, Club a weapon of War, power, Diamond, greed and Hearts, love. Love comes last and must concure all but if the possessor of the artefact does not know love then they can't possibly survive" Zelda said, "When all these symbols are retieved then a gateway appears in the Gerudo Desert and beyond that the House of Cards. Here the dweller is challenged by incarnations of the soldier, the enemy, greed and love, where you must prove your capabilities of loving another being or face enternal entrapment within one of the cards you represent the most"

"You know Halloween was yesterday right?" Link said

"Link, this isn't funny" Zelda said

"This isn't but how the artefact ended up where it did is" Link said

"You know where it is?" Nana said in question

"I know where it was...I hope it's still there when I get back for her sake" Link replied

"Who?" Zelda asked

"The Gerudo Hylian they call Linkle"

Zelda went white as a sheet.

Linkle hid the artefact in her room and left to go down to tea, thinking it was safe. However her younger sisters, the twins, had been hiding under her bed and had watched her hide the artefact away. They waited for a few seconds before climbing out and going retrieving the artefact.

At first they were unimpressed but then after the first twin solved a puzzle on the back it glowed and music called out to them.

Now entranced the twins left the Deku Tree, the aura around them also affecting their parents, Linkle and Hoviri, who they just walked right passed unchallenged.

Link and Zane ventured to the Lost Woods to seek an audience with the Great Deku Tree, walking right past the twins with the glowing artefact, however they did hear the music,

"Remember that" Link told him, "It may be important"

"Deku Tree! It's Zane and Link! Reveal yourself!" Zane called

The hidden tunnel revealed itself and allowed Link and Zane passage. At the entrance to the tree Link was a little put out,

"I thought we were friends"

"Link, I am the Great Deku Tree, if I hide from you do you not feel that it be because I am hiding something of imporatance not yet fit for your eyes?"

"It can't be her" Link said in tears

"Why can't it? Link, you have a heavy task on your hands" The Gret Deku tree said

"The artefact" Link said

"It's missing"

"Linkle has it" Link said

"Linkle had it"

Link ran inside the Great Deku Tree with Zane as he opened his mouth to them,

"Linkle!" Link called out, once inside,

Linkle jumped up from her seat in the kitchen and ran out to meet him,

"It's safe, I don't know why it's so important..." She started

"No it's not! It's gone! The Deku Tree told me, you don't know it's power" Link said

"Oh no" Hoviri said

"What!?" Karal demanded

"Where are the twins?" She asked

Not daring to believe they had it Linkle climbed the ladders up to her room,

"No! They didn't"

One the roof of a tower, burried in the grounds of a quarry two Yiga caught up with the twins and took the artefact,

"Why won't it play for us?" The first Yiga asked

"I don't know, look all we really need is that gate activated, think of the power we'll have when we beat all four challegers within the House of Cards, take the twins, leave the artefact" The second Yiga said

Like that the twins were spirited away.