AN: twinningiswinning is a collab account with assilem33 and her twin sister, danireese. We're writing this story together, and we don't know what we're doing. Read could be fun! :)

college is the worst


"Why aren't you living with us again?" Emmett pulls one of my three suitcases from the trunk and tosses it carelessly on the sidewalk.

"Hey! That's fragile!" I rush over and tip the suitcase upright, praying to all the Gods that none of my books are bent. "There aren't even enough rooms at Edward's house."

Emmett grabs the next suitcase, and I watch him like a hawk as he sets it gently next to the other one. "You could sleep with me. We did it all the time as kids. You don't still wet the bed, do you?"

I gasp, horrified, glancing around the crowded parking lot, and Emmett throws his head back and laughs. "Em, shut up! I was like 5!"

"More like 10," he chuckles, wiping the tears from his eyes.

"You're so rude." I grab the last bag and pull it over my shoulder before slamming the trunk down. "It happens to everybody. It's not a big deal. It's not like I still do it."

"I'm just messing with you, Soph," he says, yanking the handles up on both suitcases. "But really, stay with us whenever you want. Just let me know ahead of time, so I can put the plastic under the sheet."

"I hate you!"

He cracks up again, and I push past him, listening to him choke on his own hilarity behind me.

"Name?" The girl at the table outside the dorm says, chewing her gum obnoxiously.

"Sophia Dwyer."

Emmett catches up to me just as the girl hands me my room key and a list of rules for the dormitory.

"Shit, is that on the third floor?" He asks, and I nod. "Is there an elevator?"

"There's not!" The obnoxious gum chewer says.

Emmett's eyes widen then he glances back at the girl, before doing a double take. "Well, I guess I could use the exercise..."

"I hate exercise," I complain, pushing the door leading to the stairs open. "How can a campus this nice not have an elevator?" We start walking up the stairs and before we make it a quarter of the way up, I start wheezing.

"Soph, really?"

"I can't breathe," I pant. "I think I need my inhaler."

"You don't have an inhaler," Emmett says, pushing me to keep going. "You don't even have asthma."

"Maybe I do, though. I could have asthma."

"You don't have asthma," Emmett laughs. "You're just lazy. This is what happens when you stay in bed all day with your nose buried in a book."

"I don't stay in bed all day," I say, pushing one foot forward at a time. "I think I have shin splints. Will you carry me?"

"I don't want you to pee on my back…" he can barely finish his sentence before he's bent over laughing at his own joke, just letting my suitcase tumble down the stairs.

"You're not funny, Em. That was actually very immature of you. If I peed anywhere on you, it would be on your face."

"You're sick," he chuckles. "Keep moving. It's not even that far. I can see the door to floor 3."

Emmett grabs the forgotten suitcase, and I swear if my books are trashed, he is going to be replacing them.

I pull the door open and am completely shocked when I see an elevator across the hall.

"What the…" Emmett says from behind me.

"I can't believe that girl lied to us! She owes me a pair of lungs!"

"Damn, what a savage. That's kind of hot."

I slowly look over at him, and he's grinning at me. "You need help."

We finally make it to my room and it looks like someone ransacked the place. There are clothes everywhere even on my side of the room. There's also magazines - like Vogue and People - just strewn about all over the bookshelf.

Where will my books go?

"Welp, I think it's time I just…" he nods his head towards the door. "...head on out. You good?"

Sighing, I drop my duffle to the floor. "I can't live like this."

Emmett kisses my head. "You'll be fine," he says, slowly backing away. "It's the first day. Maybe she just hasn't finished unpacking…"

"Oh, I've finished," a girl says, and Emmett gives a girly little squeak and my eyes widen when I get a look at gum girl standing in the doorway of my dorm room.

"You live here?" I ask, and she smirks.

"I do," she says blowing a big pink bubble as she pushes pass a drooling Emmett.

She's not even that pretty.

Okay, she's gorgeous, but she's rude and mean and a slob.

"Uh okay, well, I'm…"

"Don't care," she interrupts, and my mouth drops open.

Emmett snorts a chuckle, and I glare at him. He shakes his head and gives me a thumbs up before glancing at my new dorm mate.

"God, she's hot," he mouths, shaking his head and licking his lips before leaving me alone with this...this...meany.

I don't say another word to - I don't even know her name - but when she leaves the room, I breathe a sigh of relief.

How can I be roomed with someone so freaking mean?

Maybe I can go down to housing and they'll let me switch. If not, maybe I'll take Emmett up on sharing his bed.

Mom would kill me, but she doesn't know what I'm dealing with.

What if she spits her gum in my hair while I'm sleeping?

What if she jabs a pen in my throat?

Grabbing my phone, I start to text Emmett to tell him I'm sleeping in his bed tonight, but then I change my mind.

You can do this, Sophia. She's just a mean girl. She's not going to shave your eyebrows off while you sleep. Maybe she's never been loved. Just love her, Sophia.

After giving myself a little pep talk, I start unpacking. I shove all of my roommate's stuff to her side of the room and stack her magazines on top of the bookshelf and line my precious books throughout the shelves. Afterward, I fold all of my clothes and put them in the dresser closest to my bed and hang my jeans in the closet.

By the time I'm done, I'm exhausted. I grab a granola bar from the snack bag mom packed me and lay on my bed with a good book.

I guess Emmett was kind of right.

I skip dinner, and when my roommate comes back, I roll over and pretend to be asleep.

I'm not scared of her, I just like sleeping with a blanket over my head.

It only takes ten minutes for my hair to stick to the back of my neck since it's drenched in sweat.

It's okay, you lose weight when you sweat, no exercise needed.

When I wake up the next morning, my mouth is parched, and I smell like a wet dog. I pull the blanket from my head and roll over to find my roommate spread across her bed, hair all in her face, shirt lifted to show her flat stomach.

She looks so peaceful in her slumber.

Quietly, I grab a towel and a change of clothes and head to the communal shower. I wish they weren't communal, but we're all girls here. It's not anything I haven't seen before.

I mean, it's not like I've seen naked girls before. Just myself in the mirror. Not that I stare at myself naked or anything.

Anyway, the halls are quiet and peaceful and the bathroom's empty when I walk in. I stuff my clothes in a little cubby type shelf before stepping into one of the showers.

I stay under the warm water until my fingers are all pruny.

Blindly I reach for my towel, but when it's not hanging on the shower rod anymore, I kind of freak out a little.

Did my roommate steal my towel?

Is this a game to her?

Why did I not bring my phone with me?

Not that I could stand in the shower for as long as it would take Emmett to bring me a freaking towel.

I peek around the curtain and can't see anyone through mist and steam. My eyes drop to the floor, more than hopeful that it just fell, but it's not there.

Okay, think Sophia. Just put your clothes on with your skin all wet. It will be hard, but you can't stand in the shower naked all day.

Pulling the curtain open, I look both ways before tip-toeing to my cubby and pulling my clothes out. I'm literally dripping water all over the place.

A throat clears - a deep throat - and I look up from trying to find my underwear in my clothes and scream my head off when I see a guy - an honest to God guy - standing in front of me. He's wearing my pink towel.

"I didn't mean to scare you…" he says, holding his hands up.

Oh my God, I don't have my pepper spray or my rape whistle. Dad said to bring them everywhere. I wasn't thinking, dad! It's an all girls shower. Why would I need them in here?

"I'll scream again," I say, using my shorts to cover the lower part of me and my shirt to cover the top. "Stay away from me…"

His hands are still up, giving me a view of a sculpted chest and flat stomach, and my pink towel.

"You stole my towel," I accuse.

"I forgot mine," he says like I forgot mine is a legitimate excuse to steal someone's towel.

"You can't be in here," I say.

"I know. It' just closer to my room."


"The men's room is on the second floor. That's too far to walk when I'm tired."


"Are you just going to keep repeating yourself?"

I shake my head and try to focus on the problem at hand. "Give me my towel before I call campus security."

"You don't want to do that," he says, smirking, laughing.

"Why not?"

"Because then you'd get me into trouble."

"Oh, hey, Riley," my roommate says, like Riley in the girls bathroom is normal. "Nice towel."

"Thanks. It was a gift."

My eyes widen, and I walk backwards until I'm back enclosed in my shower stall with the curtain closed. I wiggle into my clothes and then run back to my room, not even chancing a glance to see if the towel stealing pervert is still in there.

After drying off with a different towel, I change into dry clothes and grab my phone, a small bag of clothes and my keys. Class doesn't start for two days, but I refuse to stay here.

can i sleep with you tonight, I text Emmett.

only if you have pull-ups, he texts back.

College is the worst.