Chapter 1: Entering the Maze

Olivia made her way down the hill, coming up to the giant wall before her. There seemed to be no entrance either way she looked, and she groaned. "That Goblin King couldn't have started me inside?"

She walked a little ways, then stopped, turning to the wall again, inspecting it closely. She remembered her mother had mentioned walls suddenly having entrances where you least expected them. Olivia tilted her head, "Okay, okay," she muttered to herself, "Don't overthink it."

She touched the wall, and running her fingers down it as she walked, trying to keep an open mind, she hoped an entrance would reveal itself. Suddenly, her hand lurched forward. She gasped in surprise, "Ah! Yes!"

Olivia walked through the entrance, and found yet another long stretch of nothing but walls. She repeated the same tactic, finding herself deeper and deeper into the maze. Olivia smiled to herself. This was surprisingly easy! How had her mother always said it was difficult? Eventually she came to a crossroads. One path led off to the right, the other to the left. Neither path gave away any clues to where it could lead from where she was. Olivia bit her lip; with only 13 hours to solve this Labyrinth she couldn't afford to take a wrong path.

"Need some help?"

Olivia jumped, looking around wildly, "Who- who said that?"

"Over here, love. On the wall." Olivia's eyes landed on a small worm, and she blinked, it spoke. "There you go. I asked if you needed help?"

Olivia's mouth dropped open, "Uh-you're you're talking to me?"

The worm scoffed, "Well, there's no one else around here, love."

Olivia pursed her lips, and nodded, she supposed that was true. "Uh, then yes. I need to know which way to the Goblin Kingdom."

The worm tilted its….head?...Olivia wasn't sure if 'head' was the right word, but it was the equivalent. "Why would you want to go there?" The worm asked.

Olivia sighed, "Well, my brother's in trouble, I need to get to him."

The worm hummed, "I see…"

Olivia waited expectantly, so she asked, "Are you going to tell me which way to go?"

The worm looked at her, surprised, "Well, isn't it obvious? You go the way of the Goblin Kingdom!"

Olivia sighed. Now she was starting to understand her mother's trouble. "No, no, I don't know the way. Do you?"

The worm shook its head, "No, afraid not, love. Try going left though."

Olivia looked to her left, "Left? Why?"

Olivia suspected if the worm had shoulders that he would shrug, "Not sure, just feels right?"


"No left," The worm answered.

"No, I was-" Olivia sighed. If everything in this world took her as literally as this worm, it was going to be a very long 13 hours. "Thanks." She told the worm, and took off in the left direction.

The worm shook its head, and when Olivia had disappeared, it mumbled to itself, "I wonder why she went right? I told her my left."

Olivia seemed to be getting nowhere, the walls just went on and on. She ran her hands through her hair, groaning, and staring at the endless expanse of aisle before her. "Come on! Can't I get a small hint?" She yelled up to the sky, exasperated.

"Well, I'm afraid I'm not very small, but I could help." A voice said.

Olivia sighed, and turned, expecting another worm, but to her surprise a dark haired young man was sitting on the wall above her. Olivia stared up at him in amazement and confusion. When their eyes met, the boy seemed shaken for a moment, then said, "I heard we had someone new in the Labyrinth. Had to check for myself."

The boy jumped down from the wall, and Olivia expected his knees to crack, but he walked around just fine, circling her. "What's your name?" The boy asked.

"Well, aren't you quite the talker?" Olivia snapped, crossing her arms, and glaring at the young man.

The boy stopped, and chuckled, incredulous, "Well, I can't say you're making very good conversation."

Olivia narrowed her eyes, and looked around, "Where did you come from?"

The boy shrugged, "I know my way around. I must say, as entertaining as it is to see you go in a straight line, it's also extremely frustrating."

"So you're stalking me?" Olivia asked, raising a brow, moving her hands from across her chest to settle them on her hips.

"No, just observing. You asked for help, so I figured I'd help." The boy replied, smirking.

Olivia scoffed, "Thanks, but I don't need help from an arrogant stalker."

The boy shook his head, "I'm not a stalker, I kind of, um, watch over...the Labyrinth."

Olivia raised a brow, and studied the boy. He was tall, and rather lanky, but still had some muscle mass. He had brown hair, that actually seemed to shift into golden sometimes, and crystal blue eyes. It was almost alarming how blue his eyes were.

Olivia sighed, "Fine, I guess I could use a guide who knows their way around."

The boy grinned smugly, and Olivia instantly regretted this decision. The boy held out his hand, "Hallazor, Hal for short."

Olivia stared at his extended hand, but knew better than to shake hands with someone in a magical world. Instead she straightened herself, and spoke proudly, "Olivia, no name for you to call me, I'm afraid."

Hal gave a huff, and Olivia couldn't tell if it was from amazement or exasperation, but she didn't care. Hal looked at her again, "Now, you're trying to find the Goblin Kingdom, right?"

Olivia grimaced as he stated her mission. "Yes, by hour 13."

Hal nodded, "Well, it's already hour 2."

Olivia's eyes widened, "What?" She asked, panic starting to line her voice.

Hal shrugged, "Not to worry, we should make it by then. That worm just sidetracked you a little."

Olivia's brow furrowed, "What do you mean? I followed its directions!"

Hal shook his head, "No, you followed your direction. Its direction meant left was actually right."

Olivia's mouth dropped open. He couldn't be serious. There was no way the Labyrinth would take everything like that. "You're joking right?"

Hal grimaced, "Afraid not. See, here in the Labyrinth everything is upside down, left is right, and go is stop. But it's also exactly what you think. So left really is left to one or another. Got it?"

Olivia felt like her brain was melting, "No?"

Hal sighed, "Don't worry, you'll get it eventually."

"And if I don't?"

Hal glanced back at her, a momentary flicker of some concern in his eyes, before it was gone. "Well, let's just assume you'll get it eventually."

Olivia bit her lip. Okay, so maybe this Labyrinth was going to be a lot harder than she thought. She may need her mother's stories more than she thought. Besides, a guide who knew his way around the Labyrinth couldn't hurt; could it?

Hello! Welcome to Chapter 1. If you're still reading by now, congrats! And thank you! I hope you're just as excited for this as I am. I'm hoping I can continue, I have plenty of ideas for this. Well, hopefully I'll see you in the next chapter!