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A girl in pink was praying somewhere.
Up from nowhere, a silver haired man descended, heaving the slim blade of his sword through her.
Though wounded, the girl did not cry out.
The man with long silver hair raised his head and smirked at another man, who had spiky blond hair. The silver haired slid his blade out of the pink-clad girl. She collapsed in the arms of the blond man.
As the girl died, her lips moved, but no words came. I left two... she seemed to have said.
[half a year ago]
The scientist, Shinra's genius. He stood at the counter staring into a phial. It was labeled "Jenova." Also on the counter were two 'jars.' The jars were connected with wires and plugged into a screen where they could be monitored.
Taking the greatest care, Professor Hojo poured the contents of the phial into a third jar. This jar was connected to the other two by clear tubes.
The experiment had been a success. Hojo smiled as "Jenova" slowly dripped. Aloud he said, "The Jenova Generation has come."

*** *** *** ***

I'll leave you to wonder what the #^#@ the Jenova Generation is.