I don't own any characters bla bla bla you know all the legal stuff

This is my first attempt at writing grand theft auto fiction

Tommy looked down at sonny's overweight ugly body in one second he took to kill him, fifteen years flashed through his head of the misery and torment he had suffered in jail for a crime he didn't commit, he lost everything when he was sent to jail his friends that he thought were loyal betrayed him even his own family betrayed him why? Because they didn't want the name Vercetti to be dragged down with him. But where are they now? They're definitely not the main boss of vice city and definitely not as rich and successful as Tommy Vercetti.

"You two don't just stand there get rid of this shit" Tommy ordered two of his goons that were standing around arguing over if one of them slept with his sister to get rid of the bodies that were lying in his mansion. "What now Tommy" asked Mercedes standing with one hand on her waist in a seductive manner while holding a UZI in her other hand staring directly at Tommy "ok listen up Mercedes get ken and Avery in my office now we have plans to discus." Tommy walked up the stairs to the roof and looked out to vice city too see what the fight had all been about and now it was clear.

"Ok people 1st news I've got so new heavy's flying in tonight just got out of the joint 2nd news were going to take over Left side of the island in 2 weeks I want to own everything especially the airport I want first grabs that goes and comes from there" "Tommy man I don't thinks that a very good idea I mean we've got business over there but were stronger on the right side of the island" "ken shut the fuck up I don't even know why I asked you here, here now get the fuck out my sight" Tommy shouted throwing a packed of coke at him and ken rushed past Tommy exiting "Avery what's the first thing you see when you leave the airport and head towards the hotels shit holes run down fucking Cuban huts with street punks on the streets with there white t-shirts I want them gone and a casino in there instead, vice city is going to be the new Vegas and I'm going to control everything now get the plans drawn up get a team and be prepared to start work in two weeks get to it" Avery stood up and walked out "that's pretty impressive Tommy there's going to be a lot of violence you sure you want to do it" "Mercedes take the limo to the airport your to meet 5 men, they know who you are they'll ask you if your in pole position and you'll know its them okay?" "Oh chuck us the phone on your way out" Tommy caught the phone and scrolled down the numbers until he reached AMMO "Phil is that you? Good I want you to get all the weapons you can lay your hands on and I mean everything knifes, pistols, shotguns, rifles, machine guns, explosives. Why? Were going to tidy the Cubans shit whole for them you've got 10 hours to get everything and if you want you can come along see you in 10 hours Phil" Tommy hung up and continued scrolling down the list on the phone till he came upon SUNSHINE "smith its Tommy how many clean cars have I got in the garage.good make sure you have the bullet proof and bob proof cars put at the front have them delivered to my house you have 9 hours" Tommy hung up and sat back in his reclining chair and sat watching the monitors of the surveillance cameras. Ok Tommy two weeks and everything will be yours you'll be richer than the cartel and also be legitimate so not even the government can touch me.. what a life, who would of thought that an Italian boy from a middle class family would be this successful Tommy thought to himself continuing to watch the monitors.