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Chapter 1 - The Meddlers

It was very early in the morning, still dark on the worlds of the Resistance and First Order headquarters alike. Both force sensitive individuals were fast asleep in their own quarters when the winds of the Force sought to twist again at the bond between the two. As the bond formed, the couple continued to sleep, though close enough to allow the bond to synchronize their sleep cycle.

From somewhere in another plane of existence popped in a bluish ghost. He had a slightly amused expression on his face as he held his hand out and concentrated. The hands of the sleeping force sensitives moved, ever so slowly, just close enough to touch.

Suddenly, from behind him another bluish ghost appeared. This one had his arms crossed and a cross look on his face. "Anakin, we don't know enough about this bond thing. If you keep meddling it could have grave consequences."

"Oh, Obi Wan. I'm just giving them a little help."

Suddenly another crosser looking ghost appeared, "Just what meddling are you doing with my nephew and padawan."

"Son, I'm just trying to help my grandson. You know how lonely he's been," said Anakin.

"Awe, who'd of thought Darth Vader would be such a big softie," teased Luke.

"You know I go by Anakin now."

"Tell me one thing, why are they even together now? Clearly neither one of them is doing this and they are both on opposite sides of the galaxy," wondered Luke.

"Well..." Anakin stumbled for words.

"Tell him," said Obi Wan.

"It wasn't my fault. All I did was align up a couple of Midi-chlorians. It would have only increased their chemistry. I had no idea that Snoke would be bridging their minds. Really, I am only half responsible for the bond," Anakin defended himself.

"For a former Sith, you are extremely poor at predicting the behavior of those on the Dark Side," said Luke.

"Don't tell me about it." Obi wan rolled his eyes.

"You caused the bond! Back on Ahch-To if I hadn't walked out of my hut when I did and went to check on Rey, do you realize what could have happened!" argued Luke.

"I'd be a lot closer to great grandparent status! You have Obi Wan to thank for me not knocking you out on your way there." retorted Anakin.

"My wayward Nephew and my only remaining Jedi padawan are now bound together in the force because you wanted more grandchildren! She's an innocent girl. She doesn't deserve this. If she can hold onto the light during this it'll, It'll." Luke paused for a moment to think, "Wait, this bond wasn't a dark side manipulation. If this bond attaches to the light still in him, we can use it to reach Ben. You're Brilliant." Luke said, going from angry to excited.

"Tell that to your mother sometime." said Anakin with a nod. Padme resided in the other relm where the ghosts spent most of their time, though because she had never been trained to use the force, she was unable to appear in this relm, among the living.

"Enough kids, perhaps we should move these discussions elsewhere, before we wake the younglings," Obi Wan suggested.

"You're right Obi Wan, I'm done here, we can let them sleep." Anakin and Obi Wan's ghosts vanished.

As Luke stood there, watching the couple sleep, he lifted his hand, and suddenly the force sensitive male's hand found itself clutching the hand of the female. Luke had a giddy smile on his face as he too vanished.

And then it was just two. As they slept, perhaps it was a dream, or a reflex, but his hand squeezed hers. Then they both lay still, as they passed into the stage of REM at the same time.

Need to know: I subscribe to the Reylo shipper theories. I am also writing my own book and I write this as a hobby when I get the chance. I began writing this before TROS, and I actually haven't seen TROS yet, so the work is spoiler free. It takes place some time after TLJ, and will feature awkward situations the Bond can get them into, with some hopefully humorous help from the character's extended family of Force Ghosts.

Also, I mostly just watch the movies, so I know some things are not Canon, especially my interpretation of Force Ghosts. Please forgive my interpretations.