Okay… First ever written Xenosaga fic and it has a Jr./MOMO pairing with maybe some Allen/Shion. This takes place after Proto Merkabah and everyone is staying at the Foundation. Dunno if they still celebrate Valentine's Day in their era though… -_-;;; Valentine's Day

"Shion, what is this Valentine's Day Allen seems to be talking about for these past few weeks?" a curious MOMO asked Shion Uzuki as they were resting on the Elsa's cabin.

"Well… It's a day where people give a gift to someone they care for. Oh yeah, next week's Valentine's Day! Do you want to go to Dock Colony and buy everyone a gift?"

MOMO nodded and Shion took her hand, heading towards the Elsa's bridge to ask Captain Matthews for a ride to the Colony.

"What?!? Why are YOU going there?! What's the occasion?" he asked, glaring at the two.

"We… need to buy stuff." Shion said nervously. Matthews looked at her but said nothing. "Hey Tony! We're going to Dock Colony so move your lazy ass in gear!!"


"Just go to the Dock Colony, ya moron! Go!!!"

The blonde sighed and prepared to leave the Foundation… In no time, the two went straight to the 'Talk to Me!' shop and bought all the necessary items but as they were leaving the shop, the Chief Engineer noticed the melancholic look on the pink-haired girl's face. "MOMO, what's wrong? Why do you look so sad?"

"I… couldn't get a gift for Jr."

"Why is that? You've bought plenty."

"I know he likes ancient literatures and guns but… I can't buy those for him… I don't have enough money…" the girl said shyly.

The 22 year-old studied MOMO a bit. She looked like she was about to cry… "MOMO, can I ask you a question? Do you… feel weird when you're… around with Jr.?" An immediate reaction from MOMO was a tinge of red on her cheeks and she suddenly found her boots interesting.

"Weird…? Um… I get palpitations… my hands get all sweaty and… I suddenly become clumsy."

"So, a mere mention of his name makes you nervous?"

"A bit…"

"I… see…" Shion forced herself not to smile mischievously as MOMO's face turn even redder. "Well… If you really want Jr. to have an antique gun, we have to auction at the Lion's Heart through the U.M.N."

"I can't make money in just one week… but I don't know how to play at the casino…"

"I have an idea! Instead of giving Jr. a gun, why don't you…" she bent down and whispered something on her ear.

"R-really…? Are you sure…?"

"Yes! All you need to do is learn how."

"Okay then!" MOMO smiled. "Can we try it now? After we get back on the Elsa?"

"Well… I'm not an expert at that field but I'll try to teach you, okay? Or how about we go to Second Miltia and get some books from my brother? We can spend the night there too."

"But Gaignun invited us for dinner in the Foundation…"

"How about after dinner? We can ask the Captain to take us there."

MOMO nodded and grabbed Shion's hand, half-running towards the Elsa. She was very excited to learn another skill…


"Damn, where are they?!?" Jr. half-yelled as he sat down on the table in Gaignun's home. They were all seated and were waiting for Shion and MOMO to arrive when…

"Sorry we're late!! We have to stop by at Dock Colony and…"

"No, its alright. Sit down." Gaignun said with a kind smile.

As Shion stepped inside, MOMO came following her and was tugging the sleeves of her Vector uniform. The two sat down and to the Sakura Mizrahi look-alike's embarrassment, Jr. was in front of her.

"Does your hands still hurt…?" the brown-haired girl whispered.

"I'm fine. I'll just use some nanospray."

"Well, let's start eating." With that, everyone started to eat.

"So, what's all your agenda for this week?" chaos asked to no one in particular, eating some of the chicken on the table.

"After dinner, me and Shion are going to Second Miltia to visit her brother!" MOMO said happily while her companion nodded her head. "Captain Matthews is taking us there."

"Why?" Jr. asked.

"Its… something." Shion answered for MOMO as she noticed the blush on her young friend's face. 'She really likes him…' she thought.

"When are you going back?" Rubedo asked again.

"Maybe in two or three days. It depends." Shion said. "We need to get some books about… something. Right, MOMO?"

The younger girl nodded her head, still staring at her food laid in front of her. 'My fingers… hurt so much…' she thought as she tried to use the utensils…

"MOMO, what happened to your fingers?" Ziggy asked as he noticed the bandages on her small fingers, looking very concerned. "W-what? Oh, it's… nothing. Don't mind me." She replied, trying to smile.

The cyborg casted a suspicious look on her but said nothing more and MOMO looked ashamed, for she had lied to her friend… "I'll tell you later, Ziggy…" she whispered urgently and he nodded. Jr. looked at them suspiciously and started to eat as fast as he can…


"Well, we should get going soon! MOMO, did you pack some stuff?" Shion Uzuki asked.

"Yup! I packed some clothes and the 'things' we need for… that."

"But you know… You won't need so many clothes because I still have some dresses, which you can use. So… shall we get going now?" Shion lifted the bag she was carrying and headed outside the door, MOMO following her.

"Hey Chief! Take care of yourself on Miltia, okay?!?!" Allen Ridgeley yelled as the woman and her Realien companion was walking towards the Elsa's docking bay.

"Sure Allen!"

"Hey MOMO!!" Jr. called out and patted her shoulder. "Get back real soon, okay? Take care of yourself." He placed his hand on her left cheek and smiled.

"Sure. I'll be fine because Shion's with me. Take care of yourself too." She said, smiling back. Underneath the sleeves of her uniform was the charm bracelet that Jr. gave her…

"Bye! See you soon!" the Realien girl waved back and ran after Shion.

The group watched as the Elsa docked out of the Durandal and went off to its destination. Jr. stared at the vessel then noticed the mischievous grins of his friends while Gaignun smirked at his direction. "Stop looking at me like that, okay?! What's your problem?!" he yelled, annoyed that they were staring.

"It seems that our Little Master is in love!!!!" Mary shouted at the top of her lungs, accent included. chaos forced himself not to laugh in front of his comrade while Ziggy looked emotionless but deep inside, he smiled.

"Argh, I told you, it's not like that! MOMO's my friend, nothing more!!!!" with that, he left the dock but not before a certain cyborg noticing the blush at Jr.'s face.

"Right… we believe you, Little Master." The blond Godwin whispered to everyone and they all laughed.


Okay… that was VERY pathetic! I know they're all OOC so please pardon me; it's my first Xenosaga fic. I promise, they'll be in character in the next few chapters. Sorry also for the lack of description… I wanted to post this ASAP.

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