Elrond is mysteriously stricken ill. The twins and Aragorn with the help of Legolas must first find a cause and then a cure before it is too late to save Elrond. Is it an illness or something more?

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Author's note: I will use the names of Estel and Aragorn interchangeably. I am sorry if it annoys anyone. In the story Aragorn is young and has only known he is 'Aragorn' for a short while, so to him he is still both. Reviews are greatly appreciated. I would love to know what everyone thinks about the first chapter. Please let me know!!


Fading Light


Chapter 1: From Bad to Worse

And come he slow or come he fast, it is but Death who comes at last.

-Sir Walter Scott


Elrond Peredhel, Lord of Imladris, was having a bad day.

Bad week actually.

Messengers of all types had been coming in all week; everyone from the rangers to Thranduil had been in need of something. There was also an unusually high influx of travelers through Rivendell this week.

He was also caring for what felt like a small army in the healing wing as The Last Homely Home was quite accident-prone right now. One would think Middle Earth was about to end with all the activity.

Two rangers had been injured while, of all things, leaving Rivendell. Leaving Rivendell! He shook his head. They had managed to run into what were probably the only orcs on this side of the Misty Mountains and the only ones witless enough to venture close to Rivendell.

A young elf, practically dragged in by his parents, had come to him with an arrow wound in the leg. His brother and he were learning how to shoot a bow and how that accident happened he did not even want to know. Experience with his sons had taught him not to ask.

One traveler broke his leg when he tripped and fell off the side of a ledge traveling through the mountains. Lucky for him the drop was only several feet. Elrond wouldn't have been surprised if he had managed to fall off the top of one of the mountains.

Three days ago a poisoned elf in bad shape had arrived from Thranduil's realm. The poison came from an orc blade and the healers in Mirkwood could not figure how to treat it. At least in her favor the poison was lethal, but it was slow working or she was very resistant to it. Which one he would figure out later. He had spent the last three days searching day and night through books and scrolls trying to find the answer to that one. As of this morning she was cured and resting pain free finally.

Work dealing with the regular duties of just keeping Rivendell running was backing up as he was forced to push them aside to deal with other things and the beings in need of care. Glorfindel, who could take some of the pressure off, was with Gandalf right now and not due back for a few days. Elrond wouldn't be surprised if he managed to injure himself as well on the way back or more likely, at least recently anyway, do it in Rivendell. Arwen was in Lothlorien and Elladan, Elrohir, and Estel were out abroad and they at least were do back anytime. Rarely did one of their trips go as planned and one or more would probably be in need of care. When they returned they could at least help care for anyone who came in search of healing as Celaviel, Laurelin, and he were straining to tend everyone.

Elrond rubbed at his tired aching eyes as he walked down the hall towards the healing wing with his pale blue robes swishing gently about his feet. His dark hair hung freely and upon it was set a silver circlet. Elrond honestly could not remember the last time he had slept and he had a headache, which had only grown into massive proportions during the morning. The pressure and pain throbbed in rhythm with each other. A wry smile touched Elrond's ageless face as he mused about making it rain to block out the glare of the sun. 'No, that would not be right and you know it,' he chided himself.

He brought his hand up to his head when a more pronounced stab of pain pounded through his head. He briefly wondered what had brought that on, but he did not have time to think about it now. He was still keeping a close watch over the Mirkwood maid just in case any complications arose. He shook his head and walked on.

As Elrond continued walking a sudden feeling of disorientation came over him. It passed as quickly as it came.

Shortly after more stabs of pain shot through his head and he paused to take a deep steadying breath. Maybe he was going to have to push stubbornness aside and take something for the pain after all, but that could wait until after he checked on the girl.

With his first step, though, a longer wave of disorientation hit. This one was severe enough that he had to place a hand on the wall for support and Elrond felt like he was going pass out. It too passed and he straitened himself. He was slightly concerned to notice that his hands would not stop shaking. He contributed the spell to fatigue. He must be wearier than he thought. Maybe when his sons returned, assuming any of them were still able to stand, he would lay down for awhile. He knew the house would only be quiet, not like it was anyway, but it would be much worse when the young prince arrived later today. His headache, if possibly, had intensified and he couldn't keep the strain out of his eyes. He shut his eyes and rubbed at his temples, but it no avail. He better hurry and check on everything in the healing wing before his sons returned.

He rounded a corner to come face to face with one of the servants.

"Master Elrond, your sons have returned."

The servant's words seemed extremely loud and Elrond could swear she was shouting instead of talking.

He hid a grimace as he nodded his head in recognition.

"They are in need of your assistance and are on their way to the hall of healing."

Elrond sighed. Why did this not surprise him?

"Thank you, Elerinna."

She caught the slight strain in his words and looked on with concerned eyes.

"Are you well, my lord?" she asked.

"All is well, thank you," he replied and walked past before she could say anything else.

Elrond really wanted to lie down now, so he hurried past the servant. He entered the room where his sons were and sighed in relief as all three were alive, conscious, and for the most part, standing. It looked like they had avoided serious injury this time and Estel and Elladan were actually laughing. He arched an eyebrow at them on instinct and the small movement sent another shot of pain through his head. A soft groan escaped his lips, but his sons were too occupied with picking on Elrohir to notice.

Elrond walked over to Elrohir who was the only one sitting down. As Elrond looked at Elrohir's leg, Estel and Elladan suppressed their laughter, with great difficulty, down to merely giggling. Elrohir glared fiercely back at the two. Had they not been too intent on bickering the three would have noticed Elrond's drawn look and the absence of any sort of look directed at them

His son sported a nasty looking gash on his leg and it was bleeding rather heavily. Upon further inspection, though, he found it looked far worse than it was, although, it was probably quite painful. Elrond wondered why none of them had treated it yet. The wound looked fairly recent and he wondered if the reason was that it had happened here in Rivendell, which fit in perfectly at the moment. He briefly considered declaring Imladris a hazardous area and telling people they would be safer seeking help elsewhere.

Elrond walked over and to a cabinet and found the poultice to sooth his son's probably aching leg; at least as he tried to focus on it through his own pain, he hoped it was the right one. The rhythmic throbbing was starting to blur his vision and he was finding it difficult to control the shaking of his hands. When he managed to open the container the aroma confirmed that he indeed had the right one. Hearing his two son's snicker he called quietly to Elrohir over his shoulder.

"What happened Elrohir?"

At his question Estel and Elladan burst out into laughter again.

Elrond knew he was ill now. He usually knew better than to actually ever ask.

"It was not my fault!" Elrohir said testily.

Elrond did not pay attention to the rest of Elrohir explanation. He blocked the bickering young ones out and forced himself to take steady breaths. Something was wrong with him. This was definitely more than fatigue. His headache was so severe it made his ears roar and the shaking was getting worse. The disorientation came back in full force and he gripped onto the table to steady the tilting and swaying world. He wanted to, no, he needed to sit down.

Elladan and Estel were facing towards Elrohir and laughing while Elrohir promised to do every evil thing he could to them. Elrond was behind Elrohir and they finally noticed something was wrong when they saw Elrond bring his hand up to his head and grimace in pain as he clutched the table with his other hand. Elladan and Estel stopped laughing immediately and rushed over to their father. Elrohir worriedly saw both of his brother's expressions sober and turned as they rushed by him to take in the same image they had seen. Seeing his father's eyes scrunched in pain Elrohir forgot about his leg and followed his brothers over to their father.

Elladan and Estel both steadied their father as he swayed unsteadily on his feet.

"Ada what is wrong?" Elladan asked.

Elrond barely heard his son's question and it took a moment for the actual words to sink in. He did feel two supportive holds on him, but he was going to fall down if he did not sit down and right now. With considerable strength of will he tried to convey his need. He forced his voice to work, but with the roaring he couldn't tell if he was shouting or whispering.

"I need to sit down," Elrond said meekly his voice barely above a whisper.

All three exchanged concerned looks. Bypassing the chair Elladan and Estel led Elrond over to the bed instead.

Elrond, leaning heavily on the support of his sons, gratefully sat down. The world was still spinning with his eyes closed and he did not think he could stand to open them and watch objects whirl around. 'What is wrong with me?' he questioned himself. He felt gentle hands lower him down to lie on his back. Lying down helped the disorientation somewhat. It was not quite as overwhelming as it was a moment ago. The pain was now becoming unbearable, though. It felt like his head was going to fall off and right now he would even welcome that. The stabbing pain once again shot through him and, not caring anymore, he groaned in pain.

Elladan noticed his father loose all color as he guided him over to the bed and he feared his father would not make it there. Elrond sat down and Elladan gently lowered him into a laying position. Elrond had not opened his eyes and he still had one hand holding his head.

"Ada what is wrong? What can we do? Can you hear me?" Elladan called.

Aragorn and Elrohir quickly searched Elrond over, but could find nothing wrong. All three looked in fear and sympathy as Elrond's body tensed and he groaned weakly. Elladan glanced at his brother and saw Estel's eyes bordering on panic, while Elrohir exchange a very frightened look with him. They could do nothing if they could find nothing wrong.

Elladan tried to get his father to answer him again.

"Ada listen to me," forcing his voice to sound calm and strong, "we can find nothing wrong. What are you feeling? What can we do?"

Suddenly Elrond knew what was happening. Somewhere in the back of his pain clouded mind a memory came to him. But who would do such a thing and why?

His sons.

He wanted to see his sons one more time. With every once of strength he had left Elrond forced his eyes open. The three faces he wanted to see were hovering conveniently over him. Even with his eyes open the room was still dim and getting darker and he could just see all three of them. He could see them all talking to him, but could not hear the words over the noise. Estel's face happened to be hovering a little closer and he dazedly brought one hand up to touch his youngest' face.

Aragorn brought his hand up and placed it over Elrond's trying to hold back his fear.

"Please talk to me ada," Aragorn pleaded.

Elrond feared what was to come, it would not be pleasant, but most of all he felt sympathy for his sons here beside him. His elven sons had already had to endure their mother leaving and Estel had to cope with the death of his father. He worried how they would all cope with another lose. He wanted to tell them he cherished them all and that he would see them again someday, but he could not muster the strength.

This time the stab of pain was not only in Elrond's head, but it wracked his whole body and he unconsciously gripped Aragorn's hand. A bright light flared in his vision briefly and then Elrond knew no more.


Elladan, Elrohir, and Aragorn could do nothing but watch in fear as their father's eyes snapped shut and his entire body convulsed as if in extreme pain. Elrond squeezed Aragorn's hand with almost crushing force. He did not mind, though. He only hoped it would provide some comfort to know he was here.

All three watched in horror as the tension suddenly left their fathers muscles and he went completely slack. Aragorn found his father was no longer gripping his hand, instead he was doing all of the clutching. The three stared in stunned silence for a moment at the pale and motionless figure. Each one fearing what they might find if they checked.


In Lothlorien the bright sun filtered down to the figures picnicking on the grass next to the Celebrant. Galadriel and Arwen were talking merrily and Celeborn hide his smile upon seeing his wife chatting like a young elf maid and not the queen of an elven realm.

As the final wave assaulted Elrond, Galadriel felt the disturbance from Lothlorien.* She stopped mid sentence as a shadow passed over her face. Something bad had just happened and she had no doubt to whom.

"Grandmother, are you well?" Arwen's voice cut into her thoughts.

Celeborn noticed the strained look that passed over his wife's features and hurried over.

"Mani naa ta?" he asked. //What is it?//

Galadriel looked gravely at her husband and turned a sorrowful gaze to her granddaughter.

"Something ill has befallen, for I can no longer feel Elrond."


Glorfindel, with quick reflexes, reached out for Gandalf as the Istari's step faltered momentarily.

"Are you alright, mellonamin?" asked the fair-haired elf.

"Oh, dear," Gandalf said simply as he looked to the northeast.

"What is that family getting into now?" he asked grimly.

He turned to look at Glorfindel who was staring at him patiently.

"We must hurry back to Rivendell. There is no time to spare."

Glorfindel simply nodded to Gandalf and followed after him. The elf smiled at his friend. For one who leaned on a staff the wizard was surprising fleet of foot when he chose to be.


Elladan stirred first. Swallowing down his now rising panic he quickly reached out and checked for a pulse. He said silent thanks to the Valar as he found a weak one and looked up to see his two brothers staring at him expectantly.

"He is alive," Elladan rasped out.

Aragorn, refusing to let go of his father's hand, squeezed it even more in relief.

"Anyone care to take a guess as to what exactly just happened?" Elrohir's unsteady voice broke the silence.

"I do not know," Elladan answered, "but whatever it was came on suddenly."

Hoping against hope Elladan tried in vein to rouse his father. Except for the act of breathing Elrond was completely lifeless. On impulse he checked his father's pupils and was disturbed to find them dilated.

"What are we to do?" asked Aragorn.

"What can we do, Estel? We do not even know what is wrong," said Elladan.

"We can get ada out of here," Elrohir chimed in, " and take him to his own chamber."

Elladan nodded in agreement for he did not have any better suggestions. Three heads turned to the door as someone entered.

Celaviel entered looking for Elrond. He was supposed to have met her to check on the Mirkwood elf by now. She walked in to see his sons were back and one of them was bleeding. 'That would explain it,' she mused. She smiled and walked towards them.

"Have you seen your..." Celaviel's voice trailed off as she noticed the one she was seeking was lying on the bed the three boys were crowded around.

"What happened?" she asked as she to crowd around the bed.

"We do not know," Elrohir answered.

"Suddenly adar was in pain and became weak. He blacked out shortly before you entered," Elladan finished.

"We were just about to take him back to his room," Aragorn chimed in.

Celaviel absorbed the news, with some effort, calmly. She nodded her head in understanding.

"I will gather..."

"No need," Aragorn cut her off as he easily picked the lithe form up in his arms.

Celaviel shrugged. At least this would be quicker. She led the way through the house towards Elrond's room clearing elves out of the way as she went. Elladan right behind her was glad he had never had her ire towards him. Upon seeing the unconscious form of Elrond with all of his sons escorting him, the small group received plenty of wide-eyed stares and even a few gasps. They made it to Elrond's chambers and Celaviel pushed open the door. Aragorn shifted his father's weight slightly before they passed through the door causing his head to shift on the ranger's shoulder. The slight shift brushed against the silver circlet and it fell clattering to the floor with the sound echoing down the still hall. Aragorn entered and laid his father gently down on the bed. Elrohir paused before he entered the room and gingerly picked up the dislodged object.


Legolas and his two companions came down the mountain pass with Rivendell right before them. He smiled wryly as he realized his father would be pleased and quite surprised they had made it all the way to Rivendell without any trouble. He did not know if his father would believe him or not when he told him that not a one of them had to be carried in. Lord Elrond was definitely going to be surprised and Legolas was grateful he was going to be spared one of his many looks. Now if only Aragorn and he had this kind of luck, he mused.

As soon as Legolas came down into the valley he knew something was amiss. The valley did not feel the same. The mirthful and soothing peacefulness that usually hung in the air was, well, the only word he could think of was, dulled. It was still quiet, but it was far too quiet. Rivendell had lost some its agelessness. Fear gripped at Legolas' spurred the horse into a run with his companions close behind as he felt a sense of urgency. As they approached the Last Homely Home no singing, which was always present, floated to Legolas' ears. None of Rivendell inhabitants were outside in the gardens either. The emptiness made him uneasy. He stopped right in front of the porch, ran up the stairs, and pushed open the doors. Usually Estel or one of the twins met him at the door, but there was absolutely no one here. If they had forgotten about his expected arrival then something had to be wrong. His uneasiness only grew.

Legolas sprinted down the empty hallways towards Aragorn's room. He knocked on the door, but there was no answer. He knocked again calling out his friend's name. Where was that infuriating human?


Celaviel insisted on treating Elrohir's leg. Right now Elrohir was so worried he had forgot about it entirely and tried to dismiss it. Celaviel fixed him with a stern look and placed her hands firmly on her hips.

"You are bleeding all over the floor, my young lord, so sit."

Her voice held no room for argument. Elrohir reluctantly sat down.

Despite the situation Aragorn smiled to himself. He had used that same tone on Legolas many times to get him to relent to being check over.

"Legolas!" he said out loud as he smacked himself in the head..

His friend was about to arrive.

Elladan looked at him in confusion for a moment and then realization dawned in his eyes.

"I will go see if he is here," Aragorn offered and rose from the bed reluctantly placing his father's hand down.

As Aragorn left the room Elladan took up his position.


Aragorn jogged down the empty hall. Word always spread fast around here. He would have bypassed the hall to his room had he not heard someone calling his name. Aragorn poked his around the corner.

"Legolas!" he called as he ran o greet his friend.

Legolas took one look at Aragorn's face and saw the underlying fear.

"What is wrong?" Legolas asked clasping Aragorn's arm in greeting.

Aragorn gave a bitter laugh.

"I wish we knew."

Legolas cocked his head to the side in confusion. 'You are only confusing him,' Aragorn berated himself.

"Ada is ...sick."

Legolas arched his brow at that. Elves did not get 'sick.'

"He collapsed earlier and will not wake. We have no idea what is wrong," Aragorn stared at the ground and he talked.

It pained him to say the words even as he spoke them. Somehow telling Legolas made it more real.

Legolas was stunned. Of all the beings to be struck down by illness. It was ironic to think that the one known for his healing ability was the one ill. Legolas put his hand supportively on his friend's arm.

"Do not worry, Estel. I am sure everything will be fine."

Aragorn managed a grateful smile before he led Legolas down the hall. They walked to Elrond's door and Legolas pause for a second. He did not feel quite right entering into Elrond's room. He felt like an elfling going into an adult room to be reprimanded. Legolas pushed the foolish thought down and followed Aragorn as he entered.

The first thing Legolas saw when he passed through the door was Elrohir sitting in a chair getting his leg bandaged by Celaviel. He turned his head and was not prepared for what he saw. Elladan was sitting on the edge of the bed holding his father's hand. It was seeing the elf lord lying pallid and motionless that made Aragorn's words sink in. The aura of strength and agelessness that usually surrounded Elrond, the same strength that had comforted him many times in the past, was missing and he looked very vulnerable. It him saddened deeply to see someone whom at times felt almost like a surrogate father look so.

"Legolas," said Elrohir as he stood and clasped his wrists, "I apologize. I forgot you were coming. I am sorry."

"There is nothing to forgive," Legolas tried to smile supportively.

Elrohir looked at Legolas in confusion.

"Did you come alone?" he asked.

"I am afraid I left my companions standing back in the hall," Legolas answered somewhat embarrassed.

"My lords?" Celaviel broke in.

"I must go check on the young maiden and see if Laurelin needs help. I will be back up later to see if you need anything and I will see to it that your companions get settled in."

Legolas said his thanks and Celaviel left the room.

"When did this happen?" Legolas asked.

"Late this morning," Aragorn answered.

"He is moving." Elladan called quickly from the bed and the three crowded around.

Elrond fitfully turned his head back and forth and he his features took on a strained look.

"Ada? Can you hear me?" Elladan called.

His sons and even Legolas tried talking to Elrond, but he stopped his fitful movements and did not rouse.

Elladan, Elrohir, Estel, and Legolas stayed close to Elrond for the remainder of the day. Besides the occasional fitful movements the Lord of Rivendell remained comatose.


One lone elf in Rivendell walked down the empty halls with an extra spring in their step. 'That was too easy,' they thought.

Elrond had not seen that coming.

See what unfounded trust can get a person?

"Where is your gift of foresight now?" the lone elf mused out loud.




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* --- Concerning Galadriel and Gandalf, I am going on the assumption that since they hold the other two elven rings they can feel something wrong. Since Celebrimdor alone forged these rings last I would guess they are somewhat linked to each other.