Another Chance For Love

" talking " / thinking /

Summery Sakura and Syaoran got married when they were 18 years old. But there marrige didn't work out. Syaoran kept letting the Elders control their lifes, until Sakura had enough of it and 2 years later asked fo a divorced. But Sakura didn't tell Syaoran something before the divorce. Now 4 years later she comes back as a famous model. What will happen when they meet again? Will Sakura and Syaoran get back together? Or will she marry Leo? S/S or S/L

Chapter 1
The Problem

Tokyo, Japan

A beautiful women sat on her balcony looking up at the stars. Her emerald eyes gave a sign of sadness while she was remembering her past.


" Sakura will you marry me? " Asked the chess nut hair boy. He was showing her an engagement ring. The ring had a cherryblossom as the main design. The young brown hair girl with emerald eyes stared at him shock. She was not expecting that question.

" Syaoran, I............. " But was cut off by the young boy's voice.

" I know were only 18 years old, but I waqnt you to br my wife. If you say no, then the Elders will choose someone for me. I l9ove you Sakura and you love me. Will be happy together. I promise. " With taht she agrred.

" Alright, I will marry you Syaoran. " With that he took her inot his arms and kissed her softly on the lips.

End of Flashback

Sakura got up from her chair and walked inside her apartment. She was usually cherrful, but not now, not with the news that was giving to her. Sakura had become a very famous model. From Japan and other places she is considererd the very best. Now she was to go to Hong Kong and show of some of the new models of clothes made by Daidouji Tomoyo. Tomoyo had become a very famous designer.

/ What am I going to do / She thought. / If I go back he'll find out the truth. No, if he finds out I'll be doomed. I have to do something. / Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of the phone ringing.

" Mushi mushi, " Said Sakura.

" Hey sweetie, are you alright? " Someone asked from the other side of the line.

" Hi Leo. I'm fine ( she lied ) why do you ask? "

" Well because when our boss told you that we were going to Hong Kong, you started to look really pale. Tell me Sakura, is there something wrong? Does it have to do with Shalon? " Adked Leo.

" No. " She said quickly. Sakura took a deep breath and said " I'm just really tired drom all the work ( she lied again ) and I just wanted some vacationes. "

" Well don't worry. I'm sure our boss will give you some vacationes after we go to Hong Kong. " He said not beliving a single word that Sakura had said.

" Cant just I take my vacationes now and send someone else instead of me. "

" Are you crazy honey? Our boss wants to send the very best and your our best. "

Sakura took another deep breath and said " Can't you talk to him and tell him that I'm not up to it? "

" Alright, I'll tell him but I don't promise you anything ok. " He said.

" Arigato Leo. "

" Don't worry about it, I love you. "

" Yeah me to. She said with not too much enthusiasom. " Goodnight. "

" Goodnight. " He said with a bit ois sadness. Her answer wasn't the one he was expecting. They had been going out for more than a year and still she hasn't told him that she loves him. " Sweet dreams. "

That would be impossible. How could she sleep knowing what was going to happen. Sakura hung up and looked at her watch. It was 11:38 P.M. Shedidn't miond though, tomorrow was her day off. She went to her bedroom and put on her pijama. She looked at her in the mirror. What she was a tall skinny woman. With beautiful brown shoulder length hair. But what was more beautiful about that women are her emerald eyes. She laid down on her bed. She wasn't sleepy so she started remevering her past again.


" Sakura you look so kawaii! " Said Tomoyo excited.

" I'm so nervous Tomoyo. " Said a nervous and excited Sakura.

" Of course you are. In a few hours your going to be Mrs. Sakura Li. " Said Tomoyo still excited.

" Tomoyo I don't care about the name. The only thing that I care about is that I'm going to be Syaoran's forever. " She said happy.

End of Flashback

" How wrong I was. " She said in a soft whisper.

Next Day

" Ring, ring "

" Mushi mushi. " Said Sakura.

" Ohaiyo Sakura. " Said Tomoyo with a bit of a worry tone.

" Ohaiyo Tomoyo. " She said aswell.

" I've just found out about our new plan. They told me we're going to Hong Kong. What do you think? "

" I think it's terrible. You know I can't go back to Hong Kong. Too many people knew who I was over there, and if Leo finds out...... I just don't want to think about it. "

" Sakura we both know that's not your problem. You don't care if Leo finds out that you were the wife of the most important guy in Hong Kong. Your problem is Shalon. "

" Shalon is not a problem Tomoyo! " She said almost yelling.

" Sakura don't yell. I'm not saying that HE is a problem, WHO he is, IS. "

" I'm sorry Tomoyo, is that I just don't know what to do. If I go back to Hong Kong a million things could happen. You know how many things I did to protect Shalon and myself. When I got this job as a model I used my maiden name so that no one would recognize me. Everyone knows me as Sakura Amaya except you. If I go to Hong Kong I'll be knows as Sakura Li and Leo and everyone else will make a connection between the name Li and Shalon. " She said despretely.

" Sakura I think your exageraring. I know they will be suprise when they find out, but no one will make any conections. Maybe Leo, but you can talk to him and everything will be fine. " Said Tomoyo trying to give Sakura some hope. She knew how much Sakura had suffered and now she was afraid that all pain might come back again.

" Maybe your right Tomoyo, I really hope your are. "

" Knock knock "

" I've got to go Tomoyo. Someone is at the door. "

" Alright, bye. "

" Bye. "

Sakura stood up from the sofa and walked to the door. She opened it and stare in shock at that person.

" You! "

Author's Note: I just realize that chapter 1 was chapter 5 so gomen for the mistake. Keep on reading.