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Chapter 22
Fixing Problems

Syaoran walked down the long corrider until he came up to a door guarded by two men in black suites. With a slight movement of his head one of the men opened the door for him and allowed him to pass. Before Syaoran was Dave, sitting on a couch starring back at him.

"So this is the way you greet old friends Syaoran?" Dave asked, moking him.

Syaoran glared at him and took a step forward. "Old friend you say. I prefer old trash resourficing to contaminate the world. And since I'm an ecological man, I will help the planet by getting rid of it."

Dave's grim was inmediately gone. He tried to stand up but a man that was behind him forced him to sit down again.

"So you are going to kill me huh. I don't think Sakura will like that. Having a murderer for a husband, what a shame." Dave stated.

Syaoran didn't move, but only continue to glare and loath the man before him. "Don't ever repeat her name again. And don't worry; she won't be to upset about it. After all you have done, I believe that this will be some refreshing news. I guess I'll make this a wedding gift." Syaoran said a smirking at Dave.

"You are mad!" Dave yelled trying to throw himself at Syaoran, but the man behind him stopped him.

Syaoran laughed, a cruel laugh. "Perhaps." Was all he said. He made a signal with his hand at the man behind Dave and another one that was close by to grab Dave. They forced him to stand up.

Syaoran took another step towards Dave. "Kneel." He said. Seeing as Dave wouldn't move he made another hand signal to the men and one of them kicked his knees from behind.

Dave winced in pain as he was forced to kneel before Syaoran. He looked up to see him and the only thing he found was hatred in his eyes.

"Now you are going to tell one good reason as to why I shouldn't take your life right here at this moment. You got two minutes." Syaoran coldly stated as he looked at his watch.

Dave couldn't believe what he was hearing. He was truly planning on killing him?

"Time is passing by and I don't hear a good reason as to why your miserable existence should continue to walk upon this world." Syaoran stated coldly.

Dave looked at him even more scared than before. "Y-you c-can't do this. It's illegal. You will be arrested for it." Dave stammered to say.

"I'm a very rich powerful man who's money helps this country. I think I'm allowed a murderer or two." Syaoran stated.

Dave's body began to shake from fear. "Y-you are not a cruel man Syaoran. You were always the silent one. Never messing with other people unless they mess with you-"

"And that is what you did Dave when you mess with my wife!" Syaoran yelled.

Dave's eyes only widened. "I-I do-on't know what you are talking about."

"Four years ago Dave. Don't you remember? Four years ago when you hurt her in the worst way possible." Syaoran stated trying to control his hatred towards him.

/She told him? No, she wouldn't. She wouldn't of risk what she has. Why did she do it?/ Dave asked himself.

"Don't waste time asking yourself why she told me." Syaoran coldly stated. He took another step towards Dave until he was only centimeters away. "Beg me for forgiveness."

Dave didn't waste anything. He was at Syaoran's feet. "Please forgive me. I'm an idiot. I didn't know what I was doing."

"Tell me why you are asking me for forginess."

Dave stared at him. He gulped and said, "for hurting Sakura."

"How did you hurt her?" Syaoran asked, but he practicly spitted out every word.



"By rapping her." Dave said as he lowered his head. He expected Syaoran to attack him or to tell his guards to do so, but nothing happened.

"You can take him." He heard Syaoran say.

Dave looked up and saw that inside the room were know chinese policemen. Two of them picked him up. Dave's mind was full of confusion since he didn't understand what was going on.

"I expect you to give him the punishment that he deserves." Syaoran stated, his cold eyes never leaving Dave's.

"Yes Mr. Li." The policeman said, apparently he was in charge.

"I also expect that you do not bother my wife with any of this." Syaoran more ordered than requested.

"Yes Mr. Li. Do not worry, Mrs. Li won't be bothered." The policeman said.

Syaoran gave one more hatred look at Dave and then left. He was no longer needed there.

Everyone in the Li household somehow knew that something had happened between Syaoran and Sakura. Well how would you not noticed when a fuming Syaoran ran out the door cursing everyone! Also when Sakura refused to open the door and mostly when you could notice her voice breaking do to her crying.

Oh Yelen Li knew something was wrong with them. Yet there was nothing she could do and it was killing her knowing that.

"When will those two know that they are meant for one another?" Yelen asked starring at the stars in the dark sky.

"Oh they know auntie, its just Syaoran with the problem. He can't control that anger of his. It's a wonder why Sakura married him in the first place." Meiling commented from behind Yelen.

Yelen knew that Meiling was right. Syaoran inherited his father's temper (ehem, hers too), hopefully her grandson and her other grandchild will be saved from it.

"Then again, Sakura had always been able to cool off his anger. Maybe all she needs is to get warm up and start all over again." Meiling said.

"Then she must do it quickly before my son does something that he would regret later." Yelen said turning away and walking back to the mansion.

"Have faith in him auntie. Syaoran isn't that stupid."

Sakura stood in front of the large glass window. She wasn't looking at anything in specific. She just wanted to clear her mind.

/What will happen from now on?/ Sakura asked herself. She placed her hands on her womb. A smile graced her lips. /No matter what, you and your brother will be happy. My happiness no longer matters./

She tried to keep her smile on but only remembering her previous fight with Syaoran was enough to erase it.

"Why is it that we can never be happy? What have I done to deserve so much pain?" Sakura asked "I've tried to be a good person all my life. I have tried be a good mother to my son. I tried to be a good wife to Syaoran; so why am I being punished so badly?"

"Perhaps your kindness is your downfall." A voice whispered into her ear.

Sakura inhale deeply at recognizing it.


She hadn't heard him come in. Nor she noticed that he was behind her. His arms went around her body and held her closer to him. She didn't dare move for she did not know what to expect.

"Everything will be fine from now on." He softly whispered into her ear.

The sensation alone made her body tremble with pleasure, he of course knew.

"Let's rest for now. Today has been a long day." He took her hand and led her towards their bed. Just for tonight, they both rested together, each with a smile on their face.

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