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Chapter 16. Death's promise

He walked through to snowy plains in complete silence. He could just transform into his animagus form and get the hell away from this place, but Harry didn't really want to do anything now. Besides the slow trek helped him with calming his mind.

The reincarnated wizard never thought that he would find himself in a situation like that ever again. Especially after his old life, where a stupid prophecy controlled most of his life.

And here he met a bloody old man that wanted him to again give his life to save the world. Did Death know that this would happen?


Did the entity know what Harry would do in such a situation?

Probably not as even Harry didn't know what to do about this entire situation. He wanted to help, he really did. But was it worth to again put his life on the line? That was a question that Harry didn't know how to answer. He was here to start anew, to have a chance to live his life as he wanted without any prophecies hanging over his head.

It was all a really big mess, that would probably bother Harry for a very, very long time.

Finally, the sound of his companion materializing next to him brought Harry out of his thoughts. The younger wizard raised an eyebrow towards Ralnor in question and waited for him to act.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Ralnor asked after a moment of silence.

Harry knew what his friend meant, but he still tried to play dumb, hoping that the Ralnor would get the hint, "About what?"

The older sorcerer sighed heavily, "We both perfectly know what I am talking about Harry. So I will ask again, do you want to talk about it?"

Harry turned to the road ahead of them and remained silent for a while. Did he really want to touch this subject this early? Probably not, but he knew that it would be better to deal with it now than leave it for later.

Still, he didn't really know how to begin, "Is there really much to talk about? You heard what Bloodraven said and you know of my past experiences with things like that."

"That I do," Ralnor nodded lightly, "Even then if there wasn't anything to talk about, we wouldn't be walking now."

Harry chuckled bitterly, "That's true," he then turned to look at his companion, "Let me ask you this. What would you do if you were in my shoes, after everything that happened in my past life?"

"What would I do eh?" Ralnor repeated quietly, "I didn't know if I can answer this question. Yes, I saw most of your memories, but I didn't live through them. It was you who experienced all of it and unfortunately, it is you that need to make the final choice. Even then it doesn't mean that I can't help you. After all, we are stuck together so I wouldn't be a good companion if I just left you alone."

Harry snorted in response as it was quite true. They were stuck together for the nearest future and he needed to remember that even though the decision was his to make, he wouldn't be alone.

"Thanks," Harry said sincerely, "I will welcome any help you can give."

Ralnor smirked in triumph, at least his companion wasn't brooding anymore, "Good. There are many paths that you can choose from. You could completely ignore what the Bloodraven said and go back to our travels while never coming back to Westeros. Let them deal with their problems."

Harry winced at the proposition and Ralnor smiled in understanding, "Right, this option is definitely out. We both know you couldn't just ignore people dying while we are traveling wherever we want. Truthfully even I wouldn't be able to just ignore something like that, besides I want to see those 'White Walkers of legends'."

Harry groaned at the last comment, "Really? And here I was thinking that it was me that followed every dangerous thing that existed in the world."

Ralnor shrugged, "Try spending centuries trapped in a vault without any excitement. It is obvious that I want to be wherever something interesting will happen. Now going back to my propositions. You could just go back to Bloodraven and listen to all he had to say and then follow his instructions. Who knows, maybe he is sincere."

Harry instantly shook his head, "No. If I am going to do anything about the White Walkers then I will do it my way, without anyone trying to control me."

The older wizard nodded, "Understandable, especially with your previous experiences. Now going with what you just said we come upon the final option. We can continue as we did and help when the time comes. I doubt that the 'Long Night' will come in the nearest years so we definitely have a lot of time to prepare and do whatever you want to do. Remember Harry, you don't need to let this control your life, but it also doesn't mean that you need to ignore it completely. Just find a middle ground that will work the best for you."

With his last bit said, Ralnor dematerialized and left Harry alone in the snowy lands.

Meanwhile, Harry thought about everything his companion said. It made a lot of sense. He didn't need to spend all of his time figuring out how to save this world. Besides, how was he supposed to help now? He was only one man with the spirit of an ancient sorcerer bound to him. Yes, they were powerful, but that would only help when the fighting began.

All in all, Ralnor was right. He needed to find a middle ground that would suit this situation the best.

"Thank you," Harry thought before turning into his animagus form and flying towards the Wall.

"Is it back?" Ralnor asked after Harry landed on the top of the Wall. Thankfully the weather was a bit better than the last time so now the visibility was a lot better. Not that it was ever a problem, but it definitely made the trip a lot more enjoyable.

"It is," Harry responded quietly.

Their small exchange was of course about the return of Harry's ice magic. It really was weird that whatever caused the change, stopped at the Wall. They were aware that the wards and enchantments placed in and around the Wall were strong, but this was something else.

"Any ideas to what could have been the cause for my magic to disappear?" Harry asked as he looked to the south of the Wall.

"Besides those White Walkers? Not really. We don't know enough about those lands to make a correct deduction and I really don't want to believe that those creatures can possess such control over an element," Ralnor replied after a moment of thought.

"That's what I thought," Harry agreed instantly, "More research is definitely waiting for us. I just hope that Maran has some relevant material as I really don't want to go searching for it."

"Right. So what now? We are sticking around in Westeros or are we flying back to Braavos?" Ralnor asked the question that was on his mind for a bit.

Harry frowned and looked at the rising sun, "There is no need for me to fly straight to Essos. After making the trip here, I am pretty sure that I would be able to fly through the Narrow Sea if I focused enough. It would be tiring, but I could make it if we really needed to. Thankfully we aren't in a hurry so we will just do like Maran said and go to White Harbour and get a ship to Braavos. At least it will give us some time to get familiar with a few parts of the North."

"So we are following the White Knife yes?" Ralnor questioned to make sure of their travel path.

Harry nodded without responding and transformed again, he wanted to find an inn to rest. He had enough of sleeping on the cold, snowy ground.

Wizards and witches in Harry's old-world used wands for centuries. It was the most important tool for a magical to have, after all, how would you use magic if you couldn't focus it in the right direction.

It was a subject that Harry researched a bit after the war against Voldemort. He never researched how wands were made, but he was interested in their history and how wizards even used magic before their creation.

He knew that it was possible to use magic wandlessly to some extent, but he never really knew where was the limit as Harry never tried to learn wandless spells. It was a pretty large surprise to find out that in some parts of the world people didn't use wands or preferred other types of foci.

So while wands really helped with focusing your magic, you could still learn to perform most of the spells without it. Of course, it would take much more time, but Harry could see the benefits of such a process.

After all, that was exactly what Harry did when he arrived in this world, even if Death did something so he would be able to use some types of magic wandlessly much easier. Sometimes Harry wondered if he would rather have his old magic and wand back or stay with his current abilities that only grew with time.

Now though, Harry had a very hard task before him.

Building his new wand without any experience in wand-crafting whatsoever. He could already feel the headache that would come in the nearing hours.

They arrived in a very small village an hour ago and after renting a single room in an inn, Harry decided to work on something to get his mind off his more depressing thoughts.

He could work on some new rune matrixes or even recreating more spells, but Harry decided that it was high time to finally try his hand at wand-crafting. After all, he finally gathered a wood that was highly magical and responded well with Harry's own magic.

It turned out that taking a few branches from the colossal Weirwood tree paid off. Now Harry had all the required ingredients and maybe it was time to find a way to combine them to create the long-awaited wand.

Harry still wasn't sure if it would even help with focusing his magic, but it wouldn't hurt to try. There wasn't much to do during their trip to White Harbour so it wasn't like he was wasting time.

With a sigh, Harry reached into his pack and pulled two enchanted bags, one small and the other a bit bigger.

After he opened the first bag he reached in and brought out one Weirwood branch that was about as long as Harry's arm. He had about ten more branches inside as he really doubted that his first try would be successful.

The second bag possessed more precious cargo, at least in Harry's opinion. After all, this was the bag that held any remains of the Alpha Demon that Harry and Ralnor defeated in the Mossovy forest.

Fur, meat, bones, and some organs. They took it all as it was pretty much the first supernatural creature that Harry defeated in this world. The Undying Ones didn't count as Harry's entire trip to the House of the Undying was a mistake...

The young wizard shook his head to banish those thoughts from his head and reached inside the bag.

This time he brought out a pretty large wooden box engraved with runes. Opening it, Harry looked inside and released a breath of relief when he saw that the cargo was still mostly in good condition.

It was a pretty large organ, about half the size of Harry's head. It was completely black with red lines running along its length. Its deformed form would definitely scare people that never saw such things before, but it was expected.

After all, it wasn't every day that you saw the heart of an Alpha Demon.

This part of the large beast responded the best to Harry's magic, so the wizard hoped to use a heartstring while creating a new wand. How he would bend those two ingredients, Harry didn't know, but he could only try and hope that it would work.

"You really have no clue how to do this huh?" Ralnor stated with an amused smirk after he materialized next to Harry.

"I never thought that I would need the knowledge of wand-crafting. My old world had enough people who could make them if mine ever broke," Harry said as his eyebrow twitched in annoyance.

Ralnor chuckled in response, "Calm down, I meant nothing by it. Still, you must have an idea how to start or you wouldn't be even trying."

Harry sighed before shrugging, "I will just form a wand from the Weirwood branch, probably the same length as my previous wand, and then make some space inside it to put the heartstring. I doubt it will work but it is a start. After that, I will try adding some runes and when we get back to Braavos I will speak with Maran. He is much better with enchanting objects than me. If there is anyone who can make it work, it is him."

Ralnor hummed in agreement before falling silent. Harry knowing that this was the end of their short conversation, began his work. He just hoped that he wasn't wasting his time and resources on this.

It took an hour of using magic and a small knife to create something that at least resembled his previous wand. The white color of the Weirwood tree made the wand look a bit better, but without proper tools or spells, it would never be perfect.

Harry was fine with that as long as the wand worked.

Hollowing out the prepared stick of wood was a lot harder. There definitely was a spell for things like that, but Harry couldn't be bothered to create a spell like that from a scratch.

So after another few hours of very careful work, the task was done and Harry finally could place the heartstring inside his new wand. This again required Harry to be very delicate, but at least it went much faster.

At last, Harry fixed the hole in the wand and placed his finished work on the table.

"Will it work?" Ralnor asked, breaking the silence.

Harry frowned lightly, "To be honest I have no clue. I feel some connection with it, but it is nowhere close to the bond with my old wand. Oh well, let's just try and find out eh?"

Ralnor nodded and Harry again took the wand in his hand.

For his first attempt, Harry decided on a very simple spell with an incantation and directed his magic into the wand, "Lumos."

A small light appeared on the tip of the wand and just as Harry smiled in triumph, the light flickered before dying out completely. Frowning Harry pointed the wand at one of his coins and attempted a weak transfiguration.

Again the spell worked in the beginning but the transformation stopped midway. With his frown deepening, Harry canceled the flow of magic and watched in surprise as the almost transfigured object very slowly returned to its basic form.

"Okay, that's new," Harry murmured as he looked at the wand in his hand.

"Certainly," Ralnor said after hearing Harry's reaction, "When you attempted transfiguration before, it always returned to its basic form instantly after you cut off the spell. Here the process was a lot slower. What the hell does it even mean?"

Harry nodded in agreement. Out of all the results, he definitely didn't expect this. The wand obviously worked to some degree, but Harry had no idea what caused it to fail during the spells or why it had such an effect on transfiguration.

"Like you, I have no idea," Harry finally replied, "There is definitely something wrong or lacking in the wand, but at least it is working to some degree. Yeah it could have been better, but I am still happy with what I got. After all, I expected it to fail completely."

"When you put it like that, it makes sense. Anyway you should probably get some rest, it is already late and we got a long trip before us," Ralnor said, before disappearing again to let his companion get some much-needed sleep.

The journey to White Harbour wasn't too interesting. Even though Westeros was currently enjoying one of their longest summers, the entire north was still pretty chilly. Thankfully the warming runes still worked so Harry didn't mind too much.

What Harry did mind, were the random strong blow of wind that almost made him crash a few times. He might have flown during rain or some weaker storms, but this was something entirely different.

The thought of where the hell those bloody wind came from was running through Harry's mind almost every day. The young wizard was really glad that he decided to fly at a lower altitude or he would have never got past those random currents.

Ralnor was mostly amused by this entire situation, but it also began to annoy him when the winds slowed their travel speed.

The only upside of their trip was their short visit to Winterfell.

The huge castle complex that spanned across serval acres was definitely beautiful. At least to Harry as it made him remember Hogwarts, the one place he would always call home.

Neither Harry nor Ralnor knew much about the ancient castle apart from the fact that it was the seat of power of House Stark, the Wardens of the North, and considered to be the capital of the north.

Inside the walls, the complex was composed of dozens of courtyards and small open spaces. Getting inside wasn't a problem as Harry just needed to find an empty space to land and transform. He didn't stay long, as they only made the stop here to resupply, but at least now Harry could say that he visited one of the most important places in Westeros. Even though he didn't do anything apart from some quick shopping...

After leaving Winterfell, Harry returned to the White Knife as the river lead straight to the White Harbour.

It took Harry two weeks of lazy flying and walking to arrive at the harbor city of the north. It was much larger than Winterfell, but it was expected from a major port.

Harry already had a lot of experience with cities like that, so it didn't take him much time to find a good crew that would be sailing to Braavos in a few days. Now he only needed to wait for it to depart, at least this would give him some time to figure out what was wrong with the wand.

...And that was all that happened," Harry said after he finished explaining to Maran his latest trip to Westeros. Of course, Harry didn't tell the old man about his reaction to Bloodraven's request as it would raise some questions, Harry didn't want to answer.

Harry's passage through the Narrow Sea back to Braavos was fast and uneventful. With good winds, they managed to arrive back at the Free City in a week, which was almost unheard of. Harry and Ralnor didn't complain as at least one part of their trip was relaxing and now they were back in Maran's shop.

"Bloodraven you say?" Maran spoke after a moment, "Didn't think that I would ever hear this name outside books. The man definitely has a very interesting history, but I would have never thought that he would become a part of a tree and get the abilities of a Greenseer."

"You are not the only one surprised, trust me," Harry said dryly.

Maran waved him off, "Whatever... I am more interested in the White Walkers, if they really exist then they might be a problem. You didn't find anything that would confirm their existence?"

Ralnor shook his head, "We didn't stick around for too long. After Harry was cut off from his ice magic we just decided to get away from this place as soon as we resolved our problem."

"Ah yes, the severed connection. I have no idea what could have caused it. The White Walkers would be a good answer, but I need to search through some of my things to make sure," Maran said after a moment.

"You think you can figure it out?" Harry perked up.

Maran shrugged, "Who knows. There are many legends written down in this world and like we all know there's always a bit of truth in them. I will need to search through some things and probably ask a few people, but I am sure, I can at least give you something. Just give me some time."

Harry released a breath of relief, "That's good to hear. Any kind of information is welcome. Now with this topic done, I have one more thing for you," he said before placing the wand on the table between them.

"What is it?" the old man asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Like I already showed you, I can use a lot of different types of magic. Some of them are pretty easy to use, while the others... not so much. That's why I want to create a tool that would help me focus magic more directly for those spells that need more control. I already created this and while it works to some degree, it is far from what I want," Harry explained quickly.

"Interesting," Maran murmured as he inspected the wand, "Tell me what it already does and what is the problem."

So Harry did. He explained everything he discovered about his new creation and how it messed up most of the things it shouldn't. He even performed a few quick demonstrations so Maran could see the problem for himself.

"I have a few ideas, but to implement them we would probably need to craft this wand from the start. I am not sure if it is going to help, but we can at least try. I hope you have the required materials."

Harry nodded "I do, there should be enough for a few more attempts," with the more important topics finished, Harry leaned back in his chair and threw another question towards his old friend, "So are you coming with us to Myr?"

Maran smiled in response, "Of course I do. I stayed in Braavos for long enough and there is nothing holding me here. I already started packing things and even found a crew that would take me, and you if you want, to Myr in a week's time."

"We will take the offer," Ralnor responded, beating Harry to it, "We aren't in a hurry and this will give us enough time to work on the wand and find some information about the land beyond the Wall."

Harry nodded in agreement and from there their conversation turned to some lighter topics.

The beginning of 295 AC

Like Maran said after a week they left the grand city of Braavos on a large trading ship. It wasn't as fast as some of the vessels Harry cruised on, but it wasn't the worst. The trip was pretty enjoyable with more than one person to speak with all the time and the free time on the ship definitely didn't go to waste.

Maran kept his word and found everything he could on the legends and myths of Westeros.

They found mentions of the Others, White Walkers that controlled the dead and ice. Some parts said how they came when it was cold while the other described how they brought the cold and snow with them. Which stories were true, no one knew, but at least it shined more light on their abilities and character.

Harry, Ralnor, and Maran decided to accept that it was probably those white beasts that took Harry's control of ice away as there was nothing else that in legends that could have such effects. They speculated that maybe the wards and enchantments around the Wall caused the change, but there was nothing to support that theory.

They stopped their research on that as everything else they found in legends wasn't of use to them. That was probably the reason why Maran already scolded Harry a few times for not trying to get more information from Bloodraven before they left.

Neither Harry nor Ralnor could argue with that, the younger wizard acted rashly and now they would need to contact the old Greenseer again if they wanted more accurate information.

Of course, they didn't really need it now but in the future, it would certainly be useful.

Apart from their research, Harry and Maran tried to make some progress with the wand. With the use of runes, they created two new versions that definitely worked better.

On their first try, Maran mostly tried to use his experience in enchanting to add some stabilization runes and make the wand more in tune with the demon heartstring.

In return, Harry felt a better connection with the wand, and almost all of the basics spells worked without a problem and were a bit easier to use than wandlessly. Transfiguration also began to work a bit better, but the results were still far from what Harry wanted.

Their second attempt improved on what they already had, but this time Maran tried to add a rune matrix that would help the wand bound with the magic of the wielder.

It didn't really work but from the improvements alone the wand gave slightly better results.

Unfortunately, after more testing, Harry realized that his elemental magic couldn't be used with a wand. Everyone in the group was confused about why it worked like that and had no idea how to fix it for now.

Currently, Maran was working on some theories that would help with the wand, so for now Harry decided to drop the subject and relax for a bit. After all, they just arrived in Pentos, where they would need to wait two days before going back to their journey to Myr.

The city like almost all of Free Cities was huge with massive walls as its most prominent defense. Even then the city was regarded as one of the most vulnerable of the Free Cities. The serval lost wars to Braavos definitely didn't help with their image.

As Harry walked through the city he couldn't help but notice the high number of "free bond-servants", which was just a fancy name for slaves after Braavos imposed abolition of slavery in Pentos. Like always Harry hated this entire situation, but there was only so much that one person could do.

That was why Harry decided to give some of his coins to the beggars that lived around the bazaars. He had a lot of money so a few coins wouldn't hurt him and it would least make him feel a bit better.

Finally, his long trek led him to the exit of the bazaar where he noticed a girl, two or three years younger than him, sitting against a wall and crying quietly.

She was definitely of Valyrian descent, the long, pale silver-gold hair, violet eyes, and overall good beautiful appearance were a dead giveaway. Not that looks like that weren't common in Pentos, quite the opposite as Pentos had a high number of people with Valyrian looks. So many that Harry didn't even bother with applying his standard cover. After all here he was just another person with an almost pure Valyrian appearance.

Even then Harry felt like the girl was more than just another Valyrian. So to satiate his curiosity Harry slowly approached the young girl.

"Is everything alright lady?" Probably not the best way to start a conversation with a crying young girl, but Harry had no idea how to address this situation without sounding weird. Most likely he still did...

The silver-haired girl stopped her sobbing for a moment and looked at Harry with a bit of fear. The young wizard already got this kind of reaction from some beggars so it wasn't anything new.

"No need to be scared. I only wanted to see what's wrong and maybe help if I am able to," Harry quickly added hoping to calm the girl down.

The young girl was still reluctant, but finally, she began talking, "My brother, Viserys, left me here to wait. We were running out of money so he made the decision to sell the last thing we had remaining after our mother. It made him so angry."

That explained some of the things but raised even more questions. The girl obviously wasn't a normal beggar, if she even was one, Harry only needed to look at her clothes to see this. They were dirty and a bit destroyed, but apart from that, they were of quality one would expect from nobles.

Still, that was not enough information, even if Harry already knew how he could help, "And what's your name lady? I'm Harry."

The girl frowned, be it from the change of the subject or the question, "Only Harry?" The young wizard could hear the incredulity in her tone and he couldn't blame her. After all, Harry wasn't exactly a name someone with his appearance would have.

Still, Harry nodded and replied, "Just Harry. I fear that not everyone has some fancy names."

The girl didn't look convinced, but at least she decided to shyly introduce herself, "I am Daenerys of Hou-" Harry didn't know what made her stop, but at least now he was sure that Daenerys wasn't a normal girl. It would be nice to know, what House she belonged to, but it wasn't too important and he had other methods to find out.

"So Daenerys, what was the item your brother decided to sell that made him so angry?" Maybe the item would give him some clues.

The silver-haired girl didn't look too happy with the question and- after a long pause, Harry thought she wouldn't answer, "It was a crown. The crown of our mother Rhaella."

Wait, Rhaella? Crown? And she belongs to an important house if she didn't want to give its name. She has a Valyrian appearance... No, there is no bloody way. What are the odds that I would meet the exiled Targaryens that I heard about in some rumors? Harry held back the snort that almost escaped from his mind, Of course, I would. Potter's luck at its finest...

Harry had nothing against the Targaryens... Well, the Mad King was an exception, but it would be hard to find someone who would like the king after they found out what he had done to the Seven Kingdoms. From what Harry knew, those two exiled Targaryens were the last of their House and it would be a pity if they would die because they couldn't survive without money.

The question was what Harry was supposed to do now. He already decided that he would at least leave the exiled princess some funds, but should he do more?

No, it wasn't his place to, and Harry didn't really know what he could do for them, again he was only one man and his adventures weren't too safe for untrained kids. Besides he was pretty sure that sooner or later someone else would take interest in the exiled duo. It was only a matter of time and Harry could give them the means to last to this moment.

Crouching before the girl, Harry removed an unenchanted pouch and put a noticeable larger amount of coins in it. If she and her brother spent it carefully, it would last them for at least a few months.

"Here, take this Princess," Harry said handing Daenerys the pouch. The girl's eyes widened at the title, making Harry chuckle, "You need to be more careful with your secrets Princess, but don't worry I mean no harm to you. This pouch should help you and your brother, make sure to spend it wisely... Now I should probably get going, I wish you luck in your life Princess and I hope to meet you again in the future."

With that, Harry used Deanerys surprise to swiftly walk away. He said and done his part, only the future would show if he helped in any way.

"Here we are, the city of Myr," the Capitan of the ship said when Harry and Maran decided to find out how much longer it would take to arrive.

"In the last few years, the city changed a lot. Some say that it is the best place to live in this part of Essos and I got to agree, the new magister definitely did a great job," the man continued.

Harry raised an eyebrow, he completely forgot about the fact that there were some rumors about Myr with all the shite he was doing lately. Like always the younger wizard decided to find out what it was all about.

"The new magister?" he questioned.

The Capitan nodded, "Oh yes, he arrived in Myr about five years ago with some other men. No one really knows how it all happened but soon he was the new magister who took most of the control from others. Nowadays it is him that controls most of the city and with the changes he implemented, most of the population supports him. The other magisters can't do anything, they already lost enough."

"Intriguing," Maran said, as truly it was, "What is his name?"

The Capitan laughed awkwardly, "Aye, I forgot to tell you. He is...

At this moment he noticed a small source of light next to him and when it disappeared he saw a small note.

The kid would be dead in the next month, so I decided that it would be funny to see what you would do in his situation.

An avid fan of your life, Death.

PS: I gave you something so you could remember your past life. You will discover it in time. Oh, and expect quite a surprise later in your life, I can't wait for your reaction.

... Lord Sirius Black, the new magister of Myr."

No... You didn't, Death. You fucking didn't do it. It must be a coincidence...

This is for this chapter.

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