The Jaguar Versus the Wolf is a companion story to Orbiting Satellites - Book Two. It is all in Nahuel's Point of View. Read what was going on in Nahuels mind during the Jake-Nessie-Nahuel love triangle and what he was doing when Joham captured Nessie and Jake. I've tried to write it so that a reader will be able to read it as its own stand alone story, but I recommend reading OS Books One and Two first.

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The Jaguar Versus the Wolf

Chapter 1 - The Visitor

Orbiting Satellites Book Two, Chapter 1 - New Hampshire companion

Nahuel's Point of View

"Nahuel there you are," my Aunt Huilen greeted me, as I returned from a much needed hunting trip. "You had a visitor while you were gone." We didn't get many visitors here in the Brazilian Rainforest. Who could she be talking about?

Could it be Renesmee? When I saw her last September she looked like a ten to twelve year old girl. Given the quickness at which I had grown, if she followed the same pattern, she probably looked like a teenager by now. That idea got me excited.

It hadn't escaped my notice (or my Aunts for that matter) that Renesmee was the only female hybrid in existence, other than my sisters. Since I was the only male hybrid known to exist it seemed us becoming mates was predestined. She was too young to begin anything romantic the last time I saw her, but given her rapid growth I didn't think it would be long until we could begin something. When we'd returned to the Rainforest, after first meeting Renesmee during the Volturi misunderstanding, my Aunt talked to me about a possible future with the child. She mentioned that it wouldn't be appropriate to completely disappear out of Renesmee's life for a few years then return, springing myself on her once she was old enough to mate and expecting an instant connection. So I'd been going to visit her each year for her birthday as a way to stay in her life. The first two years my Aunt had accompanied me, but not since she found her mate, Roberto. He refused to restrict his diet around the Cullens, so they elected to stay in South America last year and I went alone.

Perhaps I'd made a better impression on Renesmee than I thought during my visit last year. Had she decided to come visit me this time? I couldn't see her family being okay with that, not without the rest of them coming too, or at least her parents, Bella and Edward, traveling with her. No. My Aunt only mentioned one visitor so it couldn't be her. Her family was overly protective of her. In their minds I bet they thought of her in her actual years. To them she was only turning three years old, too young to travel on her own.

"She said she will return after she's fed." My aunt stopped and tilted her head. She was thinking about something, asking herself if she should bother with whatever she was about to say. And yes, I knew her well enough, after one hundred and fifty-something years, to know that she wouldn't say whatever it was. "Did you see her?" she asked instead.

"You haven't told me who it was." Why was she being so mysterious?

"Jennifer, of course. Who else ever comes here asking for you?" She had a point; I should have known it was her. I wondered how much my facial expressions gave away my disappointment? But it would be nice to see my sister again. "Perhaps you already ran into her? She was headed to the nearby village to the South. That was where you went as well, wasn't it?" She knew full well that that was where I was. "Are you sure you didn't run into her?"

"No." Curious. I hadn't smelt her either. "We must have just missed each other. Where's Roberto?" Once he and Huilen solidified their relationship, and became mates, he'd become a permanent fixture here. It was strange that they were apart now.

"He didn't exactly say, but tomorrow is our eighteen month anniversary. I suppose that might have something to do with his mysterious absence." Yikes, that was a big smile for her.

"It's been a year and a half already? I hadn't realized," you'd celebrate such a stupid anniversary. While I didn't say that last part out loud, I think my eye roll gave my opinion away.

This line of questioning had been a mistake. While I found Roberto tolerable enough, my Aunts incessant ramblings of him was more than I could take. And she seemed to enjoy torturing me with it. That or she was trying, and failing, to change my opinion of him. Not that I didn't like him. I didn't know him well enough not to like him. What I didn't like, or understand, was how much his presence seemed to change my Aunt. For my entire life she had been my (almost) sole companion. I hadn't realized until she met him that she had been lonely. That she had been missing something from her life. That finding her mate would change her so completely. I wanted her to be happy though, and was glad she found him, even if it meant our relationship changed.

Thankfully Jennifer returned three hours later, rescuing me from my Aunt. She was my favorite sister, for the simple reason that she had been the least corrupted by our father, Joham. For how long it would remain that way was uncertain. She was the youngest, he'd had the least amount of time to influence her, but also she had me. I liked to think that I balanced out his negative views, at least a little. but she lived with him, I only saw her once or twice a year. I wished it could be more. Whenever I asked her to come live with me and my Aunt, that we could be her family just as much as him, she declined. I wasn't sure if it was totally his grip on her or that our sisters, Maysun and Serena, lived with him two. They were almost as bad as him. I didn't want her turning up like them… like him.

I'd have to try again this visit.

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