Chapter 20: Cal Mira

It was morning once more in Melromarc, with only a day passing since the trials of the former King-consort, elder princess, the bow and spear heroes, and their teams. After the victory party ended the shield and sword crew were allowed to sleep for the night in the castle.

The groups had to get ready for their next big quest to become better heroes, the specialized double XP event had activated in the Cal Mira archipelago and the heroes need to head over there to take full advantage of it.

Bakusquad was currently near the gates of the castle ready to move on out, Queen Mirellia and Princess Melty were there as well to say their goodbyes

"It's been a great honor meeting with you Sir Bakugou along with the rest of your team. I hope you do well on your journey to Cal Mira, and I shall get that supply of resources you require while you are out." the Queen says to the group as she hands Bakugou a small scroll, "Here's a map toward the archipelago."

Bakugou takes the map and inserts it into the map shield. Quickly updating itself and showing the directions toward Cal Mira.

Daven then asked, "Where's sir Ren and his crew?"

"Not to mention the 2 other doofuses," Rino added in.

The Queen was quick to answer them, "They all left earlier this morning. Ponytail slut and Bow bitch are heading off toward a ship to get to Cal Mira. Though Sir Ren decided to teleport to Mirso first to check on things in the region, he told me he may be spending there so you can easily catch him before he heads out again."

"So are we heading to Mirso first?" Neia asked.

Bakugou responds, "Not yet Blue. We just got back here after being gone for weeks, I want to make some stops at the shops first and see what they have new, especially with baldy, I want to put out some requests for him."

Neia and the rest of the crew nod back understanding their leader.

Neia then turns toward the princess, "Are you also sure you don't want to go with us Melty?"

"No, it's not my place to be an adventurer and fight in the front lines. I still have a lot to learn to become a proper Queen one day. Besides, I think I had enough of an adventure already in Siltvelt, so I might be adventured out for a while." Melty responds jokingly. Neia and the rest of the crew including Bakugou understands her reasoning, in the end she was still a young girl who shouldn't be continually fighting monsters to begin with.

The Queen then smiles as she looked at her own personal menu, "You have leveled up quite considerably Melty since I've lasted looked at your stats. Before I sent you back home you were just at level 13, now you're nearly at level 36." she commented.

Melty smiles nervously as she rubs the back of her head, "Well we did go through a lot in Siltvelt. Dealing with their wave and all of the Siltvelt soldiers trying to arrest and kill us. The bodies and XP kind of add up, especially since we share it." she answers her mother not wanting to put too much attention to herself and that she was basically on the front lines dealing with all of that stuff.

Neia then says, "Still I wished to learn more about water magic with you, I was just starting to get the hang of it."

But Melty smiles back at her, "Oh don't worry, I gave miss Scarlet a crystal ball before she left, and it will be under my crystal balls connection so we can communicate with each other distantly, so with that I can still teach you at the end of the day after I finish with my princess duties."

Neia smiles to that, "Sounds great Melty, I'll be sure to get a hold of you soon."

Melty continues her smile and nods toward Bakugou, "You guys better work hard out there to level up a whole bunch." she encourages them.

Bakugou just smirks back, "Ha, since when have I not worked hard?" he brags to himself.

"And he certainly won't let us slack off, or we'll never hear the end of it." Rino jokes.

Melty and the Queen giggled lightly with Mirellia finally saying, "Again I wish you all good luck, stay strong out there and continue your duty to save not just this country but the whole world."

And with that Bakugou nods back and he and the rest of his crew left to head their way out of the castle to continue on their journeys.

The bell rings once more to Erhard's weapons shop catching the attention of the legendary blacksmith. He smiles as he quickly recognizes the customers, that being Shield hero Bakugou and his squad, "Well look who it is. Feels like it's been ages since I last saw all of you. How about that trial huh?" Erhard happily says to the group.

Bakugou grins to that, "Ha, it was entertaining to no end. Also smart move on the garbage shield with Bitchwhore, that was absolutely brilliant baldy." he compliments Erhard which was rare from someone like Bakugou.

"Just doing my part kid. Heard about the Cal Mira event thing starting up again. I'm guessing you're here to check my wares before you head out?" Erhard says to the shield hero.

Bakugou nods then take's out a piece of paper he had in his pockets, "Of course Baldy. I also want this commissioned by you, these are mine and my sidekick's measurements and how I want them designed." he explains, and hands the curious blacksmith the paper.

Erhard quickly reads over it to see what the shield hero wanted, "Hmmm interesting. After Cal Mira, are you planning to head up north or somewhere mountainous?" he asked the shield hero.

"Let's just say we've been through a scenario that I like to avoid again and leave it as that," Bakugou says to the Blacksmith.

Erhard nods in acknowledgment and puts away the paper, "I understand, hopefully by the time you come back I'll have them all ready to go. But with that out of the way do you still want to shop?" he says and asked the shield hero.

"Of course baldy, and you better have some newer better stuff for us?" Bakugou says back which makes Erhard nod.

"Of course kid, I have plenty of new shields, armors, and weapons for you and your sidekicks." Erhard responds as he gets a good look at said sidekicks. He also noticed Daven the new addition to the team, "Ha, and I see you got yourself another one. And judging by the lack of a slave crest I assume he's from Siltvelt?" he asked the group.

Daven nods to him, "Yes, the name's Daven Serita, I hope my heritage doesn't bother you Sir?" he introduces himself, he knew that many humans in Melromarc were not big fans of demi-humans, like that Mald guy he fought with last night who he heard got a personal chat with the Queen after he sobered up last night. So he tried to be as civil as possible to not start anything.

But Erhard shakes his head and smiles, "Of course not, regardless of who you are or where you're from, I always welcome and help any customers. Especially those who are heroes. Admittedly though I was expecting the shield hero to bring something wild or crazy again. Just a normal Demi-human is a surprise to me." he responds to the cat rogue. Daven was happy to see that not all humans here in Melromarc are racist bigots. But then again he has known Rino for a long time now and she was further from the likes of Mald, Bitchwhore, and Piece of Shit.

Erhard then moved from his store desk, "Let me show all of you what I got."

Erhard then showed off many items he had in stock, old and new alike. After some time looking around the shop and seeing through the different things, Bakusquad got themselves a bunch of new stuff.

Neia got herself a newer stronger sword, one far more stronger and durable than the last swords she had. It wasn't as powerful as the dragon tooth sword she had, but there was probably little else that could compete with it, and that sword just got even stronger after Erhard upgraded it a bit. She also had her armor upgraded, surprisingly Erhard still had plenty of that giant spider silk left and after she and Bakugou leveled up, he was now able to upgrade it to be thicker and offers more defense than before, yet it not weighing no more than a pound extra. She was also given something called a Mana sword, which looked like a bladeless empty hilt, though Erhard stated that this type of sword is for enemies without physical bodies and a blade would manifest itself from her own mana. Despite the weird nature of the sword, Bakugou still wanted to get it, knowing such a thing could useful against something like the souleater from Melromarc's last wave.

Rino's staff-spear weapon was more or less reforged into a different type of enchanted metal, making it stronger and less heavy than before, allowing the girl to be more moveable with the staff. The spear part of it also got upgraded, with the blade now with a sharper and more powerful blade then the last one, and like Neia she was also given upgraded armor, armor that will allow her to add more enchantments to it, continuing to permit her to expand her magic potential than ever before while also protecting her from the elements.

And lastly, Daven was given a new set of equipment. His leather armor was replaced with light armor, similar in weight to Neia's and Rino's armor, but his armor was based around dark magic. This includes gauntlets that allow him to open and retract his claws from his hands and his armored pants allow him to hide and protect his tail for protection or allow him to catch an enemy off guard who might not suspect him of having one. He was also given a new pair of Sai's, ones made of higher quality metal forged by one of the world's best craftsmen, having greater stats than ever. Erhard also took inspiration from Bakugou with Rino's staff-spear and had designed it so Daven can attach the 2 Sai's together that make them grow a little bit longer, turning the two sai's into a 2 end spear-like weapon in case he is dealing with close counter-combat or for something when his Sai's are to short for.

And with that, the team was now wearing better equipment and held better weapons. Erhard is proud to see his sweat-inducing work being made to good use of the true heroes of Melromarc and was glad to see happy customers already admiring his work, "Well I say all of you look fantastic with your new gear and weapons. Now about the cost of it all I-"

"Here you go baldy." Bakugou interrupts and just throws a small heavy bag of money on the front counter surprising Erhard.

"But I didn't even give you the prices yet?" Erhard says confused by the interruption, the shield hero didn't even try haggling first.

"Don't bother, It's 300 gold coins baldy." Bakugou quickly responds.

"300 gold!? Look my prices aren't cheap, but no way is all the equipment that expensive?!" Erhard reacted, he among other merchants wouldn't mind a customer offering more than the original prices of their merchandise, but the 300 gold was way more than all the items combined.

But Bakugou was quick to respond, "It's not just for the equipment, I also want to copy every shield you have here, that extra should more than cover the prices of most of them."

"Oh, I see now." Erhard reacted, he heard about the cardinal heroes having such abilities. Mostly from his competitors who were pissed off to learn the Spear, Bow, and even the Sword heroes before went to their shops and weapon copied all of their spears, bows, and swords without paying a single copper, "Uh... Sure go right ahead and do that, I'll just count the money you gave me to be sure it is three hundred, there's more in the back too so you can go right ahead after you copied the storefront ones. Just make sure he doesn't eat anything again." He approves pointing toward a sleeping Kirishima resting on his father's shoulders.

With permission, Bakugou and crew go around the shop to weapon copy the shields. While he may have already weapon-copied many shields in Siltvelt, they certainly didn't have all the world's supply of unique shields or have them in the best quality by one of the world's best blacksmiths. While the shield hero crew was doing that, Erhard was counting all the gold pieces, he wasn't sure if the 300 gold would cover the prices of all the shields in his store, especially some of the rarer ones, but he didn't really care. Not only because it would take him ages to calculate the prices of all of them but the fact that Bakugou was already paying in advance for the whole thing with that large amount he was willing to look past it. He was also thinking the shield hero was just simply copying them, not taking his inventory away so he gets to keep all of his shields and still get paid for them. He really did hope though Kirishima doesn't try eating anything again, it took him ages to get the smell of his drool off that one shield.

Once Bakugou and crew finished weapon copying everything and Erhard finished counting to confirm it was truly 300 gold, Bakusquad was all set to move on, "Pleasure doing business with you 5, now go make yourself a killing in Cal Mira. And I'm going to have to make some newer shields soon, ones of greater quality than ever."

Bakugou grins at that, "Ha, you better baldy. Otherwise theirs no point for me to come back here again." he jokes.

Erhard grins with him, "Ha, and who's going to fix your equipment if it breaks for the millionth time again? Though considering your gauntlets are still in one piece this time, the self-repairing functions must still be working. But again we're always open up for business to you guys, so have fun out there." he finishes.

After Bakugou's team bows toward the blacksmith for everything the shield group all leave the store, now stronger than before.

Though the shopping trip wasn't done yet, Bakugou and crew continued to visit the many stores in the area for anything useful he and his crew could use, he certainly now has all the funds for them.

They also visit the magic shop where they bought a lot more magic material and equipment for both him and his team as well as obtained many new and more advanced spell books.

Rino also had her magic witch hat as well as her and Katsuki's cape upgraded. They also bought and installed many more enchantments to upgrade everyone else's equipment more and more, giving them greater power, statuses, and bonuses with all the magic.

After getting what they needed there the crew even visited the slave trader's tent to buy a bunch of things for Kirishima. Mostly dragon care related stuff as well as items that can help increase his already immense strength, they even upgraded his saddle, not only making it stronger but making it more comfortable to sit on than before.

Though the trip there did make Daven feel extremely uncomfortable, seeing so many demi-humans being caged up like animals to soon be sold off to slavery. It disgusted him, but he knew this was the reality of things around here and it was no different from how humans are treated in Siltvelt. It was a sad reality, but he knew this sort of thing won't be forever, he knew Bakugou would eventually do something about it, just as he did the same with the human slaves in Siltvelt. He probably won't be able to do the same plan as he did before, but he knew Bakugou would eventually do something to free the slaves here.

Speaking of slaves and Bakugou, the shield hero while looking at the various dragon equipment asked Beloukas multiple questions about his slaves as well as the prices on them. Despite his insistence on not wanting to buy and own slaves, he was still asking about such things with the merchant as well as information on other slave merchants across the country. Bakugou didn't buy any slaves that day, but Beloukas still answered his questions and even gave him some copies of paperwork involving his "inventory" as well as other things about the slaves. Information Bakugou knows will be useful after he comes back from Cal Maria.

After getting what they need from him, Bakusquad leaves the tent and once more goes about the capital to get what they need to help them on the trip.

By the end of the day, the Shield hero team was much stronger than before and was prepared for the big grinding event.

"BLLLLLLAAAAHHHHHH! Oh God my stomach, it feels like it's trying to escape my-Gggggggg-Blaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" moans Ponytail Slut who was looking green as he pukes off the side of a large ship.

It has been 3 days since Queen Mirella gave her farewells to the heroes on their trip to Cal Maria. Both the Spear and Bow heroes team's made it on the ship that's on its way to the chain of islands. It has not been a fun time for either Spear or Bow groups though

When they first got on the ship they tried to leverage their positions as the cardinal heroes to get a bunch of private cabins for themselves including the captain's own quarters. Such leverage might've worked weeks ago, but it was not working now. Rather than heroes to respect, the captain just saw a bunch of ungrateful spoiled brats trying to hog up the limited space they have on the ship with many other adventurers paying good money to get to Cal Mira themselves. The captain ignored the bow and spear hero's complaints and assigned them a single large cabin they and their teams will be forced to share the cabin together.

Despite the 2 heroes' protests, the captain pretty much told them that if they refuse the arrangement, they can just swim to Cal Mira. This finally forced the two to shut up, but they were still groaning in annoyance at the whole thing. The two hated each other almost as much as they hate Bakugou and Ren, and the two and their teams were now going to be stuck in the same space for the next few days. To no one's surprise, there was always constant yelling and arguing among the teams in the cabin.

Things were not much better outside of their cramped cabin. They became a constant subject of mockery from everyone on the ship, not only from many of the crew but also from the many other adventurers that were going to the same destination were constantly making fun of them for their appearances and what happened in the trials.

It was also an awfully boring time for them, being stuck in the open ocean without much to do, with everyone else on the ship not interested in dealing with the 2 heroes other than mocking them, and since they never bothered to learn the language and activate any language skills they couldn't read any books the ship offered. Most of the time it was them looking up at a clear blue sky or vast ocean with nothing to do.

Things continue to get even worse for them, after one night of the ship going through a rough storm that made the sea more uneasy than before. This uneasiness continued all the way to the morning, despite the storm being long gone with clear blue skies once more the sea remained rocky. This results in where we are now, with the cardinal Spear and Bow hero getting extremely seasick and having been sick since early in the morning, puking off the ship with their parties sitting around with them.

"Uggghh, man I know the food is garbage here, but I can't imagine-GggggBlllllaaaahhhh!" Bowbitch complains and pukes once more off the ship.

"Yeah-Ggggggg... It sucks." Ponytail Slut moans back while also scratching his still itching crotch despite knowing this will do nothing with the chastity belt still on. But as he looks around sickly he did notice something that seemed off that he didn't realize until now, "Say you know, I haven't heard any constant yelling since getting on here. Where-gggg... Where's Bakugou at, along with Neia and Rino?"

"He has a flying dragon dumbass-gggghhh. Why the hell would he be on this stupid God-forsaken boat when he can just fly to Cal Mira? And of course his fanboy Ren gets to go along with him-ggghhhh. God when are we getting to those stupid islands?!" Bow bitch insults back not in the mood to be hearing nonsense from Ponytail slut while holding what food he has left in his stomach.

"Oh yeah, I forgot. Disappointing, I wouldn't mind trying to talk to Neia and Rino again. Urgggh-maybe we can start a new leaf with each other and maybe we can-"

"Oh would you stop and get it over your thick head already! Hrrggghhh-They don't give a damn about you anymore! When will you realize that and shut up about those two already along with your loli fantasy with that stupid bird!" Bow Bitch snaps at Ponytail slut while gripping his stomach.

Ponytail slut of course was not going to take that lightly, "Why do you even care about what I think!? I didn't ask for your opinion!" he yells throwing Bow Bitch's words back at him that he said before when they were on there trip toward Siltvelt.

"Because for whatever dumb reason, I always end up getting stuck with you in this stupid game and I'm forced to hear all your stupid chats! I'm absolutely sick of it!"

"Well I'm sick of your constant complaining and boasting of how you're better than anyone else, and you don't hear me whining to you about it! Bow Bitch!"

"That's it!" Bow bitch yells and once again the 2 started to fight each other even when they are sick to their stomachs.

The ship's crew and a bunch of adventurers stood there watching the event and then the fight, they were all shaking their heads in disappointment that these 2 were the supposed cardinal heroes, not even bothering to stop the fight. This also includes the likes of Reichnott and his 3 protegees Raphtalia, Rifana, and Kiel who were also on the ship to Cal Mira to level up themselves.

The group were not impressed especially Kiel, "Man these guys are suppose to be the cardinal heroes? Wonder if that summoning thing really did screw up?" he says out loud with his team nodding in agreement.

Even Reichnott nods with him, "They lack any form of maturity. I hoped the trials and punishments would've made them take things more seriously and learn from their mistakes. But it seems Ault-Piece of shit's influence had rubbed off on the two too much. Hopefully by the next wave they'll realize they need to take things more seriously." he responds to Kiels' comment

Raphtalia then spoke up, "Well at least we still have the Shield and Sword heroes to help. Sir Bakugou and Sir Ren will protect us right?" she asked

After hearing the mention of the shield hero again, it was now making Rifana hum happily to herself, "Of course Raphtalia, Lord Bakugou will protect us all. From all the future waves and from evil men who try to enslave us." she responds as Rifana spins around in her fantasies again, with Raphtalia and Kiel just smiling back not wanting to ruin her fun.

Reichnott nods back, "I'm sure those two will do the best they can, but they're only 2 men, for the world to be truly safe all four cardinal heroes need to work together. This includes their team's as well."

The mention of teams caught Raphtalia's attention, "Lord Reichnott, do you think any of us have a chance to be a teammate of the sword or shield heroes?" she asked getting Kiel and Rifana's attention.

Reichnott smiles back at the three as he pushes up his glasses, "Maybe, it will be up for Sir Bakugou and Ren to decide. But if all of you continue to work hard out there and get better in combat, I'm sure the two may see potential and take you up in their teams to help save our world." he responds which got the three to look excited, that they may have the opportunity to join the team of a cardinal hero and become heroes themselves.

Rifana looked especially excited at the prospect of becoming a part of the Shield heroes team, "Oh that would be so wonderful. Imagine me being side-by-side with the shield hero, oh it would be a dream come true." Rifana says out loud daydreaming once again.


"Oh God that's disgusting, you stupid BLLLLAAAAAAHHHHH!"

Shouted Ponytail slut and then BowBitch who during their fight puked on one another, leaving everyone on the ship looking horrified and disgusted by the sight.

"And I think those two should be dreaming of getting a bath now." Kiel snarks at the sight with Sir Reichnott and the others nodding in agreement.

And not too far from them were 2 people watching and listening on, looking extremely disappointed in the so-called "Cardinal Heroes". They both look to be adventurers, one a man no older than his early 20s with red spiky hair and a large scythe on his back. The other was a beautiful young woman with blue hair and eyes and was shorter than the man with numerous bracelets with gems on them around her body. They have special plans once they get to Cal Mira and are eager to also see the Sword hero and especially the Shield hero they have been hearing all about.

Not long after they finished their shopping spree, Bakusquad fast-traveled to Mirso to pick up Ren and his group after he made sure everything was fine in the area he was the lord of now.

Thankfully Wyndia and Gaelion had been handling things fine, other than the Rabier knight unit incident, things have remained fine in the small but growing town. The young girl and elder dragon were happy that Ren, Bakugou, and their teams were all fine, with the whole thing of them being wanted by the crown getting taken cared of.

Once Ren was officially done there, he and his team along with Bakugou and his crew all fast-traveled to the nearest port they'd both been to before. Once at the port and getting a good look at his map shield, Kirishima grew into his giant form, and with everyone on board the dragon, he flies in the air and headed their way toward the archipelago.

For the next few days, it was pretty much endless flying toward Cal Mira. Only resting for bathroom breaks and at night when Kirishima needed sleep, the heroes would land and camp out on a remote island they find, then head back out the next morning after breakfast.

While riding on the dragon, the heroes and sidekicks had been talking with each other. Telling their adventures on both the sword and shield hero side of things. They were also training and advising one another on fighting as well as magic and spells. Both teams greatly benefited from learning all the tricks and secrets from each other. Even usually reclusive Bakugou was willing to offer advice and tricks (while expecting something back in return obviously).

Bakugou and Ren have also been experimenting on the new methods of getting stronger that the Spear and Bow hero had told them. While nothing about these methods was on their menu's or help screens, Bakugou knew there had to be something to these methods knowing Ren's method worked before. Bakugou eventually did what he has done before, by trying to believe such methods would work on the shield. And soon enough new menu's popped up on his screen with help messages confirming and informing him that these leveling up methods are real. And once Ren saw it working with Bakugou, he did the same, and after some time the same menu's and instructions popped up for him.

With proof now that all the methods worked, Ren knew he had to tell Bow Bitch and Ponytail slut about this development. Though he has doubts they would ever listen to him, and he knew they would never listen to Bakugou, and knew it would be absolutely impossible to get Bakugou to tell the other two about this development.

While there have been a few failures or duds from the experimentation that was expected, the majority were successes with Bakugou and Ren getting their weapons and themselves upgraded higher and better than ever before. The 2 cardinal heroes were also willing to exchange and share items and materials with each other to get items or ores one hero lacks or has a limited amount of, to increase their weapon's rarity, smelting, and many other things related to the methods.

Finally, after two days of flying across a vast ocean the shield hero identifies a large group of islands down below. With his vision amplified with the binoculars shield, he eyes the largest main island where a large city was on, "Alright everyone our destination is close, so get your stuff ready for a landing soon!" shouted Bakugou as he held on Kirishima's reigns as the dragon continues to soar through the humid blue sky.

Everyone quickly puts away all of their stuff and held on tight to the dragon as Kirishima finally descends toward the main island.

While looking small high above, as Kirishima flies closer to ground level, the island was actually quite large with even multiple villages outside the main city. So even outside the XP event this island was a self-sustaining settlement.

Kirishima was almost to the island when he finishes his descent, only a couple of feet above the sea. Bakugou doesn't want to accidentally cause a panic on the island with a giant fire-breathing dragon landing in the middle of the town and not noticing the people riding on his back.

Kirishima finally makes it up to the large dock, and after flapping his wings and hovering over the wide platform a bit he finally lands himself near the edge of the dock.

Many of the sailors and dock workers looked toward the dragon surprised and anxious to be seeing this large random dragon here.

But they then saw one person jumping off the dragon's back landing on the ground. And with just one quick glance they can tell this random person was indeed the Shield hero quickly recognizing the teen from all the crystal ball broadcasts. The workers calmed down, knowing the dragon was just his ride, and went back to work.

"Land ho everyone! Time to get your asses off the dragon now." Bakugou shouts as Kirishima lays down his wings with everyone sliding or jumping off the dragon.

Once everyone was on the ground with all of their stuff, Kirishima quickly transforms back into his toddler form and jumps on his father's shoulder.

Everyone looks around the dock and the island itself and was impressed by this area.

Rino was also quickly fanning herself, "This place looks nice and peaceful, but man is it humid." she complains out loud

"Of course it's humid Brown hair, we've been going nowhere but south the whole time what did you expect?" Bakugou responds to her. Rino smiled back knowing her team leader was just joking, though the heat was still a bit much for her.

"Here this might help a little bit. Melty taught me this." Neia says as she activates a small magic water spell, everyone around gains glowing magic discs above their heads as these discs begin producing a watery mist to rain down on everyone below the magic objects. Everyone appreciates this, quickly cooling them off. Neia is happy to see her water magic was starting to work properly

After everyone cooled off a bit, they were ready to head out into the city and find their places to rest at.

But once everyone made it to the start of the dock toward the street, everyone witnessed a well-dressed Nobleman and 2 servants of his walking his way up to the groups smiling with everyone wondering who his deal was.

The nobleman bows before the hero groups as he finally speaks to them, "Welcome to Cal Mira, Sir Bakugou, and Sir Ren. I'm Earl Habenburg, the caretaker and governor of this fine island and humble archipelago. I rushed over here as fast as I could once your dragon has been observed from the sky. Her majesty had informed me ahead of time that you would be here a few days earlier than the two other heroes."

"Yeah, and what do you want?" Bakugou demanded while crossing his arms.

The Earl was quick to answer him, "I'm here to escort you heroes to the inn you'll be staying at. And if you don't mind after we set you up with your rooms I would also like to give you a tour of the island. Since the event doesn't officially start in a few days anyway, I figure you might as well learn more about the history of this fine set of islands?"

Bakugou just shrugs, "Whatever, just don't involve me in stupid tourist traps."

Ren also nods, "Might as well find out more about the area we'll be spending a lot of our time in."

The Earl bows once more to the two heroes, "Thank you very much, it be a great honor. Let's first escort you to the inn then." he says to the hero groups, as the Earl turns to head toward the inn with the heroes following the nobleman.

After some time walking, the hero teams made it to the beautiful inn and the first-class rooms reserved for them. And this inn definitely wasn't barren, there were adventurers all over inside, as well as all around the town of all shapes and sizes from all over the world human and demi-human alike. Despite the land technically being part of Melromarc, the island was surprisingly tolerant of demi-humans. Makes sense in a way, as a set of far-out islands like this don't have the luxury of rejecting valuable tourists and hero customers.

After setting their stuff in their private rooms the heroes went with the Earls's offer and took the tour around the main city of the island.

The Earl went on about the culture and history of the island and archipelago. This included talking about the original inhabitants and how they developed the land. This eventually led them to a large totem pole in the middle of the city that the Earl was eager to show off, "And here is the ancient monument that depicts the original inhabitants of the island. A long time ago these pioneers helped develop and populate this region and made it into the training grounds that heroes and adventurers use today." the Earl explains as he shows off the totem pole.

The headpieces of the large pole were of a dog, a squirrel, a rabbit, and a penguin of all things. It did provide interest to the groups, wondering how much of this is true or is just a myth the current Islanders interpreted. Though Bakugou wasn't going to immediately dismiss, it considering demi-humans and this being a fantasy world with half-cat people, elves, mages, and dragons, anything could be true in this world.

The Earl then points his hand toward a short stone slab that was next to the totem pole, "And here is an old message left behind by former heroes who came to this island long ago. You're free to read it yourselves if it drives some inspiration." he explains to the heroes.

The shield and sword group huddled around the stone pillar to read what it says on it.

Though the words imprinted on the stone weren't in any normal writing, it was magic writing. Words embedded with magic that only certain users can read, this text has been found in many magic books where regardless of how well you can read the language of this world, it is only readable for those that can conduct the magic. So Daven can easily read a book on dark magic, but if Rino or Neia lacking a dark magic affinity tried reading the same book with magic writing in it, it would just be pure gibberish to them.

The same applies here with the pillar, the sidekicks are unable to read what it says. However, Bakugou was able to read the entire scripture on the ancient rock. To Bakugou it was mostly just a generic good luck platitude from the former heroes which didn't impress him, but at the bottom of the message there was also another part of the rock that was written like a chant of sorts. After reading the whole chant quietly, suddenly a glowing aura enveloped his body surprising him and everyone there.

After a few more seconds the glow finally dissipates. Everyone including Bakugou wondered what the hell that was about, but then Bakugou saw his menu pop up and stated : *Spell unlocked: Zweite Aura*.

Bakugou was curious as to what this spell was about and read the description info in his menu. It states that the spell temporarily boosts the stats greatly to whoever the spell was cast on.

Bakugou of course tested on himself, and as the spell is described on the menu, his stats increased to a great amount. As everyone looked in awe of someone gaining such a powerful spell from just reading ancient writing, Bakugou smugly smiles, "Ha, looks like those old timers left something useful after all." he laughs out loud.

Ren knowing how powerful that spell is from Brave Star online, he immediately rushes over to the rock pillar himself and to read the message and chant himself. It took him a lot longer to figure it out since he is still rusty on learning the language of this world, and the translation weapons don't work as well on these magic letters so he had to struggle to piece them together himself. But eventually, he was able to properly read the chant, and like with Bakugou before the letters glowed and enveloped magic on him with the same spell appearing on his menu.

Like Bakugou before Ren tested it out, but rather than himself he placed the spell on Scarlet. And it seemed the spell works on any of the cardinal heroes party members as Scarlet's stats greatly improved for a limited time.

Both heroes knew this skill will come in great handy in the future, and they also need to later find out what other things old heroes left behind to aid future ones. It made something come to mind in Bakugou's head. What would he leave behind to help future heroes? Not just the shield or even the cardinal heroes, but to all heroes in this world and other worlds. What legacy would he leave behind?

It was something he would have to continue to think about in his own time as the Earl continued the tour as everyone follows the noble.

After some time the tour was finished with the whole thing looping right back at the luxury inn again.

Once at the front of the large inn, the Earl takes a bow toward the heroes, "Thank you again for granting me the privilege of giving you a tour of this beautiful island. Once more the double XP event doesn't officially start until a few more days, about the time your other fellow heroes will be showing up. So you're free to do whatever you want during that time and I hope you'll enjoy your time here. If you have any questions or concerns you're free to get in contact with me at city hall and I will help you in any way I can. Thank you heroes and have a good rest of your day." the Earl finishes and bows one more time toward them then turns away and heads his way to city hall as he said he will be at.

After the Earl disappears into the city crowd Bakusquad turns toward their leader, "So what are we going to be doing now Sir Bakugou?" Neia asked.

Bakugou quickly responds with, "We do what we always do, be heroes. There's a job post office not far with a bunch of job offers. Might as well do as many as we can and visit the rest of this big island to help solve any more troubles. Plus I'm sure the locals will know about some secrets the island will have or good farming locations, and they'll be willing to reveal this to us if we help them. So let's get to it!"

The squad understood and nod toward Bakugou having no protests in helping people, and anything is better than being cooped up in an inn room all day. With a nod back himself, Bakugou heads his way with his team to the help center of Cal Mira.

After watching that, Ren thinks a little bit to himself until Farrie asked, "What are we to do now ourselves Sir Ren?" she asked with the others including Scarlet nodding wondering themselves.

After a few more seconds of thinking Ren says back, "I think we ought to follow Bakugou's lead. Not only to just help people and get more information on the islands, but I think it also gives me the time to get used to my new way of leading this team."

"What do you mean by that master Ren?" Scarlet asked with the others curious as well.

Ren was quick to respond, "For a long time, I wanted to do everything solo, with me doing my own thing while the rest of you remained in the background to do your own thing. And look what that led to when Piece of Shit was still in charge. No, I don't want to make the same mistakes again that forced you to do that, I need to take on better responsibility as your leader. So rather than going solo, we're going in as a unit to help the people of this chain of islands, and continue to work together once the XP event starts. So are all of you willing to pick up the pace with me putting in a tighter leash?" he finally smiles toward his team who all smile back and made slight bows.

"Yes Sir! We'll follow to wherever you want us to go and do our best." Farrie says back with the others nodding in agreement. With a smile on his face, Ren nods back and turns around with him and his team heading toward the help center, hoping he would get a couple of quests before Bakugou takes them all.

Soon enough, two days have passed since the Shield and Sword hero made it to the island. They've been quite active throughout their time there. Both groups were taking quests to help people across the island, not just the main city but with all the small towns and villages that populate the large island.

There was surprisingly quite a lot despite all the adventurers here, though of course these people are here for the XP event not to do quests so the cardinal heroes understood some of that logic. But it just meant more for them.

The quests were a variety of things such as killing off pests, repairing specific items or houses, some enchanting items, curse breaking, teleporting and moving around items, and numerous other things to help use up their times.

Most of the rewards were extremely small compared to the funds they have now, but what mattered more was all the advice and tips they hear from the variety of adventurers around the world that will helped out the heroes. Ren was especially keen to improve his skills as a hero and has to learn to work together with his group, learning stuff about what teams can do that he never knew about could be helpful. It also continued to help level up a variety of different shields and swords thanks to the new methods to gain power.

By noon of the second day the heroes had done pretty much all the quests the island could offer, so there wasn't much else to do but visit the shops around the island for anything useful or talk with various different adventurer groups about what they knew.

Things changed though once word got out that the ship that has the Spear and Bow hero in it was finally about to dock.

Unable to resist their curiosity, the groups head off toward near the ship to see what the damage was.

Once at the dock they quickly witness the sight of the two "legendary" cardinal heroes laying sick on movable beds as their teammates haul them away to the hospital as soon as they can to heal the two.

The Earl was also there to greet the two, but after witnessing them being dragged away he just shakes his head in disappointment and walks his way toward the hospital to properly greet the two this time once they recover.

Everyone else also shake their heads, but this wasn't a surprise to them at this point.

The heroes looked back at the ship and saw the rest of the passengers leave the ship, adventurers of all shapes and sizes including lord Reichnott with his 3 young protegee's all here for the same purpose as the heroes.

After that, the sword and shield hero groups split up to do their own things. Bakugou was shopping at a bookshop that was near the totem pole acquiring a bunch of books one wouldn't expect him to get. One book was on building construction, another was on land usage, another was on logistics and supply lines, and many more related to governance and developing an area.

It catches the attention of his sidekicks, "Sir Bakugou how are these books going to help us become better heroes?" Neia asked.

Bakugou was quick to answer it, "I'm going to be a lord soon after this, might as well know the ways of town building now. Never played any City sims, so I'm going to have to figure it out the long way."

"What's a city sim?" Daven asked.

But Bakugou quickly dismissed it, "Whatever it's not important. The point is, if I'm going to rule my own region while I'm stuck in this world until the waves stop, I might as well make it into the best damn region around." he responds.

The sidekicks sigh, not surprised by their leader's obtuse answers, but at the same time that's expected of him at this point. It would actually be interesting to them to see the results of this once the Queen gives him his land after they get back from this event.

"Come on! Come on! Work! Work you stupid rock!" shouted someone that wasn't Bakugou for once, everyone turns to the source and it was Ponytail slut and Bow Bitch now recovered from their seasickness along with their teams. They were now near the totem pole messing around with the magic rock with the message on it. They have been hitting the thing, casting spells, and pouring potions on the rock pillar to get what they wanted out of it with no luck. Thankfully the boulder's magical nature makes it nearly indestructible, so no one needs to worry about those fools breaking it.

The sight did amuse Bakugou as he and his sidekicks witnessed this after he purchased his books. The squad was wondering what they were even doing.

Things changed though once Ponytail slut and Bow Bitch quickly see Bakugou smugly smiling at their patheticness and quickly walk up to him.

Bow Bitch then says, "Bakugou how in the hell does this stupid rock work!?"

"Nice to see you all again as well. What exactly are you guys trying to accomplish here?" Rino asked with her and the rest of the group just as curious.

Bow Bitch ignored her, but Ponytail slut answered her while also facing toward Bakugou, "We got word that Bakugou and Ren got the Zweite Aura ability from this stupid rock, and we demand to know how in the hell you were able to get it Bakugou?!"

Bakugou could've just ignored them and moved on, but he was amused by the stupidity and wanted to amuse himself some more, "Have you idiots tried reading it?" he answers bluntly with his response.

Bow Bitch immediately points to his group, "My whole team read the stupid thing already and it's just a jumble of letters meaning nonsense." he responds with Ponytail slut nodding with his response.

"I meant read it yourself dumbasses." Bakugou responds back.

"What difference does it make if it's just gibberish?" Ponytail slut complains back.

"It's magic writing idiot, it can only be read by certain people so again read it yourself."

Ponytail slut then rubs of his head nervously, "Uh, well you see about that..."

"You can't read can you?" Daven answers for him.

"Nope, he can't at all." Rino responds quickly knowing from full experience of Ponytail sluts inability to read this world's writing with her and everyone else in his team forced to read for him of anything.

Bow Bitch refuses to believe this, "Stop with your stupid jokes Bakugou and tell us how you used that stupid rock to get that ability!?" he demands from the shield hero.

"Learn to read a book first idiots and don't bother me with this stupid shit! Paleface figured it out on his own without me babysitting him, so you dumbasses can as well!" he insults them back which was getting on the two heroes' nerves that this asshole was still treating them like dirt along with everyone else on this island. Bakugou then says back, "How about you idiots get a job request somewhere and bother those people instead!"

Ponytail was quick to respond to that, "What quests!? When we went to the guild and help areas, you and Ren hogged all the good quests from us!" Bow Bitch nods in agreement with him.

Bakugou and his crew rolled their eyes, they can't believe that the two would be this petty over that, and considering how much debt they had to pay off they shouldn't be picky about not getting "good quests" and be more focused in actually getting the money just to pay off the debts.

Bakugou decided to mock them again, "Hey you snooze you lose morons. Not like there were no jobs at all, I remember one quest offering good money for a noble looking for entertainment for his brat's birthday party. And you two be the perfect clowns for him."

After that Bakugou just turns away with his crew and were walking away just ignoring the 2 wannabe heroes who looked extremely pissed off at Bakugou.

"Hey, we're not done here Bakugou! What about the rock? Hey! HEY!" Ponytail shouts back but was just ignored. Ponytail slut grunts in annoyance at this whole thing knowing he can't do anything about it in the state of strength he was in now.

Bow Bitch on the other hand, was petty enough to not just grunt about it. While the shield hero's back was turned he readies an energy arrow attack and was going to fire it at Bakugou's back with the intention to injure him for a few days.

Bow Bitch fires the arrow, but thanks to Bakugou's shield abilities and normal reflexes he knew the arrow coming. With quick action, he not only stops the arrow, he deflects it right back at them.

The 2 heroes looked in surprise and before they had time to react.


The magic explosive arrow blew up in their own faces sending the two and a couple of their teammates flying around as they crash into buildings, carts, and stores in the square.

While they struggle to recover from that humiliation Bakugou and crew just laughed, "Man those idiots never learn do they." Bakugou mocks as he records the whole thing on his crystal ball shield.

After enough laughing the crew head on their way back toward the inn, they already heard the inn's staff were now passing out booklets on the rules of the event, so that will be important to acquire.

"Yo Kido!" But before they got near the Inn, they heard a voice and turn to see two adventurers approaching them after witnessing that whole fiasco. Bakugou recognized them among the people that got off the ship the spear and bow hero was on. One was a red-haired guy with a scythe and the other was a blue-haired woman with some magic gem-based ornaments on herself, "Hey kido that was quite the show on those two losers. Takes a lot for someone to go up against so-called cardinal heroes." the red head guy compliments Bakugou as he and the girl smile at him.

But Bakugou wasn't flattered, "Yeah and who in the hell are you two?" he demanded from these two strangers, he already has an odd feeling about these two and he certainly didn't like to be referred to with a nickname like "kido".

The redhead guy continued smiling as he explains himself, "Oh pardon me, the name is Larc Berg."

"And my name is Therese Alexanderite." the blue hair girl then says giving a light bow.

The sidekicks follow suit with their own bows, Neia raised her head to say, "It's a pleasure to meet all of you, the names Neia."

"My name is Rino." Rino says herself.

"Name's Daven." Daven says as well, though unlike his comrades, he looked to be on the cautious side with these random people just coming up to them like that.

Bakugou himself trusted them even less and just huffs at them while Kirishima continues to lay on his shoulder staring back at the two with his father.

Neia then started the conversation, "So you two are adventurers as well, here to level up in Cal Mira?"

Larc was quick to respond, "Yeah me and Therese are here to get in our best shape and help make a difference in the world. Be interesting to know about the best the world has to offer as well."

"Sounds great, we're pretty much here for the same thing," Neia says back, always happy to have a pleasant conversation with people outside of her group.

"So why seek us?" Daven asked with him and Bakugou still having doubts.

Larc continued, "Like I said before it takes a lot to go against the so-called cardinal heroes like that not even flinching. We figure that maybe we could form a party together to help each other out to get stronger."

Theresa nods with him, "I agree as well, the more the merrier I say.".

Neia nodded to this idea, thinking it be fun to have more people on their team. But she didn't say anything else as she and the two adventurers turn their heads to see what Bakugou had to say about it since it's ultimately up to him in these matters. She also remembers to be careful in these sorts of situations, especially after what happened to her and Bitchwhore so it was best to leave her team leader on the subject.

But he just continued his typical Bakugou snarl, not showing any enthusiasm for the idea.

Theresa's smile started to disappear, already getting the feeling the hero was not interested.

Larc on the other hand continued smiling as he spoke up again, "Say Kido you never told us your name? Don't keep us hanging here?"

Bakugou growls again after being called "kido" once more, but finally answers the annoying jock, "The names Katsuki Bakugou idiot. How do you not recognize who the hell I am?" he responds and insults the guy.

"Katsuki Bakugou huh?..." Larc said and was silent for a few seconds to process the information, then "Hahahahahaha" he just laughed ignoring the rest of what Bakugou said which was confusing the young hero, "Hey Shield Kido if you are looking for an alias, I wouldn't go with the shield hero's name." he continues with a straight face.

This surprised the shield group how someone can't recognize the shield hero after what happened in Siltvelt and the trials that happened recently, and how blunt Larc was on it as if he was certain this is not the shield hero.

It confused Bakugou as well, but it also started to boil something in his blood, and was growing mad.

Rino was quick to point it out, "But this is Sir Bakugou the cardinal shield hero."

"Hahahahaha, him! This guy the shield hero!" Larc laughs again which makes Bakugou grind his teeth.

Theresa turns her head back to her partner, "It's really not that funny Larc. But I do have to agree that it's a bad idea to use such a conspicuous alias as the Shield hero's

"And why is that?" Bakugou asks barely holding back his anger as smoke starts coming out of his palms.

Larc was quick to answer with a more serious look on his face, "The Shield hero has a reputation. He's one evil scumbag, he steals, scams, blackmails, kidnaps, and murders anyone he doesn't like. Even murdering a king in cold blood. A devil in human clothing."

Bakugou grips his fists harder and growls louder than before.

Larc then smiles again to say, "Obviously I haven't known you for long, but I can already tell you're nothing like that creep Kido." Larc still oblivious then raises his arm out and without even asking shakes one of Bakugou's smoking hands, "But if you are insisting on calling yourself that, it's nice to meet you shield Kid-"


Before Larc could even finish, Bakugou throws a literal explosive punch with his other hand right at Larc's face that sent him almost flying across the street as he rolls across the ground until his momentum stops. The adventurer now lays aching on the ground.

Everyone looked horrified by the sight, from the townspeople, the sidekicks, and especially Theresa who runs toward her partner, "Larc!" she shouts.

All but Bakugou himself who was back into a less pissed but still mad domineer as he spits at the ground and approaches the down adventurer he blasted away.

Despite the painful punch Larc was fine as he rubs his stinging face with Theresa comforting him, "Larc are you ok!?" she quickly asked with fear in her tone.

Larc moans through the pain as he slowly stands himself up again with Theresa holding his shoulder, "I'm ok, but damn that hurt!" he responds as he rubs his face, but as he looked forward he saw Bakugou approaching him, and any friendliness he had before was long gone, now and looked just as pissed as Bakugou was right now, "What the hell is wrong with you!? I was trying to be friendly and you nearly burnt my face off!" he yells back at the shield hero with the two now near chest to chest with each other.

"You shut your stupid mouth! I get goddamn isekai'd in this world and get treated like shit by an idiot former consort, an indoctrinated church, and a whore former princess! To being called a villain and devil over and over again for things those pieces of shit made up! And I proved them wrong a long time ago! I will not be insulted to my face by some dumbass moron like you!" Bakugou yells back as he taps his finger on Larc's chest multiple times.

But Larc just yells back, "Good lord! I was only trying to look out for you kido so you wouldn't get into trouble! Is this some stupid game or a joke you're playing, trying to copy the shittest person on the whole planet!? Because I don't find it funny in the very least shield Kido!"

"SHUT UP WITH THE DAMN KIDO SHIT! My name is Katsuki Bakugou, got it! KATSUKI BAKUGOU! And I will not be called anything else but that farmer boy!" Katsuki yells back once more with Kirishima growling with him on his shoulder.

"Farmer boy?! Where the hell did that even come from!?" Larc yells wondering about that nickname.

"Because that stupid weapon you have on your back is damn farming equipment! You might as well have gotten yourself a pitchfork farmer boy!"

The two then locked their heads with one another, "Watch your mouth buddy! This scythe has saved my life more than once, so don't insult it! You better apologize for all of this so you don't end up on the receiving end of it Kido!"


Larc finally lost the last of his temper as he grabs for his scythe, "That's it! Now you messed with the king you get the-"

"Larc! STOP!" shouted a voice who turned out to be Theresa who was grabbing hold of Larc's arm before he takes out his weapon, "Larc, please let's stop this now. This isn't worth it, you're making a scene." she begs to him with a lot of worry in her tone.

Larc did stop himself as he looks around the area and saw the townspeople staring at him and Bakugou. Larc wanted to teach the giant brat a lesson, he knew drawing attention to him and Theresa was something he wanted to avoid. As much as he hated doing it, he stands down, "Fine, you're right, this is not worth the trouble." he agrees to his partner as he places his weapon back. The two adventurers begin to just walk away, but not before they were out of sight, Larc wanted to shout out some final words to Bakugou, "You know I thought we could've been friends here and work together when the event officially begins. But you're nothing more than a giant asshole. Your partners have got to be mentally the strongest people out there to be able to tolerate you! Hope you eventually sink in your own ego!" he scolds back as he and Theresa continue walking away.

Bakugou's response was flipping the bird and yells, "Hope you end up eating your own shit later losers!"

Finally the two were now out of sight, and despite the awkward scene, the townsfolk went back with their day with a story to gossip about later.

Bakugou just huffs to himself again, back to his usual snarl. With Kirishima he also calms down, and sleeps on his father's shoulder once more.

The sidekicks weren't surprised by Bakugou's reaction and being the center of attention once more. Though Neia still felt weirded out by the situation, "Sir Bakugou, I really shouldn't be shocked at how you acted and Larc had it coming, but did you really have to go to that extreme to a guy you barely know?" she asked.

"Hey like I said to farmer boy, I've worked hard to get to where I am now after all the shit those bastards did to hold me back. I'm not going to be insulted by some dumbass loser like him in my face. Besides if that wasn't a factor, I didn't trust them anyway. I know they're hiding something from me, I don't know what it was but there is something behind those stupid smiles. No way I would ever get involved with them." Bakugou answers back

Daven nods with Bakugou, "I agree, The fact they randomly come up to us like that and try to be buddies with us, that tells me they have an agenda on their hands that they needed us for. Though I would've been a little less blunt in rejecting them like that." he says out loud.

Neia sighed slightly, while she didn't mind more friends. If Daven and Bakugou could tell something is wrong with them, then maybe it was for the best considering the likes of Bitchwhore exists who try to hide their evil sides with a friendly face. But she wished Bakugou didn't have to make a scene where those who don't know any better will look negatively at them.

Rino just shrugged at the whole thing, not surprised at this point.

Bakugou then just turns away back to the direction they were going before, "Whatever, let's just forget those idiots and move on and learn the rules of the event." he orders as he walks his way back to the inn with his sidekicks following suit.

Back with Theresa and Larc, they continue to walk their way while Larc rubs his face, "Damn that attack still hurts!" Larc complains out loud.

"Larc I thought we were supposed to keep a low profile and not draw attention and you had to practically alert half the island from that little stunt?" Theresa scolds Larc for what he has done.

"All I did was be friendly to the little bastard! How was I supposed to know he get offended by me saying a nickname to him? It was probably for the best, I rather not get stuck grinding with the likes of that asshole." Larc defends himself not letting a grudge like that go.

Theresa sighs to herself as she pulls out a bright red sapphire from her pocket, "I still would've liked to see if he do a commission for me. I can tell from those gauntlets of his that those weren't something you can just buy from a shop. I could've asked if he made them himself, then ask him if he build something for me with the gem, but no way I can now after your little episode with the hero."

"Ha, no way he deserves to be called a hero. But I guess now he is high on my list of who the devil of the shield is." Larc responds back

"Those companions of his though? They seem friendly enough, why would people like them be with such a monster?" Theresa wondered.

"Who knows, they might have thick enough skin to tolerate the guy's bullshit. But let's just forget about him now."

"We still should find a group that can help us out. We can solo level fine, but it be more efficient for us if we temporarily join a group to help take on large groups of monsters or the bigger bosses." Theresa says back.

Larc sighs again, "Your right of course. This is a big island with people from all over who can be of help. Let's continue looking."

Theresa nods back and the two adventurers continue walking around to find any group that might need their help and will in return help them back to level up faster.

On the morning of the next day, the event officially started. Everyone who was participating was given their brochures the night before. Listed on them were the rules of the event as well as providing some context as to why this event is happening in the first place.

They're numerous islands around the archipelago all filled with many different kinds of monsters. The double XP affects all living things including the animals and monsters themselves, so as they level up from killing each other quickly their life cycles also speed up so they breed a lot faster as well. So with the population explosions, other than letting adventurers level themselves up in the event, it is also there to control the overpopulation of monsters who might eventually attack the mainland when they eventually run out of room and resources. So with that, there is no limit to how many monsters you can kill in the event, and with some private wildlife reserves the Earl controls on the mainland there is no fear of eradicating entire populations on the island and is actually encouraged if possible, that was how fast the monsters are breeding.

And as for the rules they were pretty lax, namely no instigating fights and attacking other participants, which is a red flag to get barred from participating in the double XP event. There was also a major rule of no stealing kills from other participants. If one adventurer spent a good amount of time attacking a boss monster but then another adventure pops up at the last minute to deal the final blow, he would take all the experience points the other adventurer worked hard for. That kind of behavior is strictly forbidden in the event.

Other than some minor things, everything was free game on how to kill the monsters with all weapons and magic allowed. And to travel from island to island many service boats hang around the island shores to help transport the adventurers around. Though this wasn't a big deal with Bakugou since with his dragon he and his team can just fly around.

And fly they did once the event officially started for everyone. Rather than waiting in line with the transport boats, Bakusquad simply got on Kirishima and flew off toward the hunting islands.

They first landed on the island furthest out from the other islands, knowing these will be the least crowded islands so there were no worries of competition.

As of right now, Bakugou was at level 71, Neia was level 47, Rino was level 49, Kirishima was level 53, and Daven was at level 45. So they had a lot to do to level up.

The first set of enemies were giant tropical beetles that emit poisonous gas and giant man-eating hornets. They were surprisingly fierce but nothing the groups can handle as Bakugou and Rino blasted and blew them up, Daven and Neia sliced them up, and Kirishima just outright eats them.

Bakugou made Kirishima remain in his teen form as well as restricting him from using his fires unless he needs to, for the former he wanted his dragon to get strong in his teen form to not be too reliant on his adult form, and for the latter not only to make him not reliant on his fire either, but the last thing they want is to start a giant forest fire in one of the islands and get them kicked out of the archipelago.

And despite the giant bugs being pretty much fodder, they provide a huge amount of XP points. The group quickly saw how this event attracts so many people.

But bugs weren't the only things that were on the island, there were also of all things vicious giant man-eating squirrel enemies that attacked in groups right from the high tropical trees. And despite the enemies being a lot stronger than the bugs, Bakugou and crew continue their streak of murdering the bloodthirsty monsters and gaining a lot of XP from them. It helped Kirishima has a powerful sense of smell along with Daven's dark magic, they always knew when these things were coming.

There were also boss variations of the Squirrels with massive fat boss alphas, with lots of HP and attack power with their powerful teeth usually behind a dozen or so minion squirrels. But these barely flinch the shield crew as despite the alpha's giving a tough fight, the heroes were stronger and will only get stronger as time moves on.

What's also great about all of these kills minus the XP was all the loot they dropped especially from the big guys, providing all sorts of things from materials, items, and even weapons based on the monsters. Most weren't of use to the team, but of course they're always traders and buyers for these kinds of things. Bakugou and the other cardinal heroes also benefited from all the monster parts they get out of corpses, allowing them to gain more weapons and abilities from all the different things they kill on the islands. So they knew they need to find as many different monsters on the islands as possible to gain more and more abilities.

This is what makes it necessary to move on to another island rather than remain on the same island for the entire event even when they're still plenty of monsters on it. Which was eventually what Bakusquad did when they were getting bored of killing the squirrels and bugs.

They hopped on Kirishima again and flew off to another island.

This island had more people on it, but not too crowded and despite it looking not much different from the island before, it had a different ecosystem.

There were some of the same enemies like the poisonous giant beetles, but there were new enemies as well, this island was now filled with ravenous meat-eating rabbit-like creatures that were as big as wolves and traveled in packs. They were more agile than the squirrels and were more direct attackers, but like before these were nothing to the Shield team as they coordinated together to deal with the enemies no matter how many kept jumping at them.

They also encountered some purple blob-like slime creatures in an open plains area of the large island. Like the bugs before, they were pretty much fodder enemies that still provide a good amount of XP. But while grinding on the fields Bakugou knew something was off and saw he was no longer gaining XP from the slimes, "What the hell is up with this bullshit!? This better not be another damn hydra situation!" he shouts out with the others wondering why this is the case.

They then saw a random arrow going through one of the slimes Neia was about to kill.

"So that explains why?!" shouted a voice. Everyone looks over to where it came from and up on a hill was Bow Bitch and his team not looking happy to be seeing Bakugou again with the feeling mutual with Bakugou.

"Hey what happen to my XP!?" shouted another voice, Rino then taps Bakugou's shoulders and pointed to his side, and unfortunately it turned out to be Ponytail slut and his team also here on the same island.

And just to make things more complicated Ren also appears on the scene with his group, turns out all four heroes by an unfortunate coincidence were all on the same island farming, "Guys we can't all be in the same area, we need to split up to gain XP." Ren says.

"We know that Paleface, why point out the obvious?" Bakugou shouts out loud.

Ponytail slut nods and says, "For once we agree on something so why don't you three just leave."

"Like hell I will Ponytail slut." Bakugou shouts back.

Bow Bitch then says, "You need to leave too Moto-Ponytail slut, we know I was here first."

"No I was, I found it first!" the spear hero argued back.

Ren sighs to himself, "Look why don't we find out what times we came in to see who truly did come first?"

"That's a dumbass idea Paleface, the last person will just make up the earliest time to win by default," Bakugou responds back

Ren quickly responds to that, "Good point, maybe if we say the times at the same time-"

But Bow Bitch interrupts, "We don't need to waste time on that crap, I had to go through a lot of shit last night entertaining some nobles brat, for going through all of that shit and with you two taking up the good quests I'm entitled to this area and the whole island."

Bakugou snickered a bit after hearing that, 'Oh God, I can't believe he went for that stupid birthday quest' he laughed in his head.

Ponytail slut then interrupts, "Now wait a minute! I was also entertainment in that horrible birthday party, so I'm just as entitled as you!"

"No your not, I got to that party first and was there longer than you were."

"Well I was the one who made that bratty kid laugh more. Especially after that awful flaming juggling ball balance act."

"I had to get through worse shit than you at the party. Have you forgotten when they basically made me into a pinata and hit me with sticks?!"

"You know what? Where in the hell in the rules does it even state anything about entitling yourself to the islands? I want to see some damn paperwork on such crap!" Ponytail slut yells back.

"You can't even read the language here dumbass!" Bow Bitch insults back.

"Neither can you liar! So you're full of crap!"

"You're the one full of crap! Besides I have the biggest party so they need the XP more than your two cheerleaders!"

"You have just as many as Ren teams so don't give me that bullshit! Besides the girls are of lower level than your team so they need the XP to catch up more!"

"Maybe they be better leveled if they had a better leader and you weren't such a dumbass!"

Ren finally butted in, "Alright already! We're not getting anywhere at this rate. I'm sure we can find a compromise, why don't we divide the island and each hero can stay in one corner -"

"No way! You'll already know which corner has the most monsters on here and you'll hog it all to yourself!" Bow Bitch interrupts, annoying Ren greatly who was just trying to help the four of them.

Bakugou himself finally stepped in, "Alright you idiots! There is only one way to deal with this issue." he says then cracks his neck, "We have a four-way brawl and the last one standing gets the island." he continued.

All 3 cardinal heroes immediately widen their eyes in fear of the idea of fighting Bakugou directly again, "Uh, maybe we can just draw straws or play rock, paper, scissors as a less violent alternative?" Ponytail slut suggested, being the one least excited about fighting Bakugou again so soon.

But Bakugou immediately dismissed it while cracking his knuckles, "No randomized bullshit! You want something, you fight for it with skill! So who's ready?!"

Ponytail and Bow Bitch quickly look nervously at each other for a few seconds and both just groaned, "Ugggh, fine keep this stupid island, I know there's a better one not far next door." Bow Bitch moans not finding the idea of being humiliated again worth it.

"Ye... Yeah same here, this place was getting slim on pickings anyway." Ponytail Slut also said taking advantage of the situation with the two just heading out.

Ren sighs at this whole event, he didn't want the situation to end with the threat of violence, but at least it's done now. He then looks back at Bakugou, "I'll just head off myself. So the island is yours."

"Just stay on the other side of the island and keep out of my hair paleface," Bakugou says as he and his party just leaves the field into the forest again.

Ren sighs again and has to think of other ways to get the heroes to get along with one another.

After a few more hours after that whole event, Bakugou and crew continued killing and grinding monsters on the eastern half of the island with Ren remaining west while Ponytail slut and Bow bitch already moved on to different islands.

Bakugou eventually had enough of this island and he and his crew finally moved on to another island. But this only lasted a couple of hours when it finally got pitch black at night, everyone was tired from all the killing and just called it a day. They flew back to the inn, had dinner, and went to sleep to re-energize for tomorrow.

On day 2 it was early in the morning with the Cardinal heroes ready to head off and leave for the islands.

But before Bakugou and crew could get on Kirishima and head out, Ren had told them Queen Mirellia has something she wants to say to all the heroes and their groups via Scarlet's crystal ball.

The four cardinal hero groups were now together, as the crystal ball activates from the table, as the image of the Queen appears and finally speaks to the heroes, "Greetings, I apologize for interrupting your leveling, but it's come to my intention that things are still rough around you 4 heroes, both from the word of the Earl and Sir Ren himself who was asking for advice from Melty. I understand that you heroes are not fond of one another, but some cooperation has to be made to some degree, or else all of you may be dealing with problems in the future you won't be able to handle yourselves. So we need to do something about it."

None of the groups liked hearing that, especially Bakugou who was wondering what this is even about, "So what the hell do you have in mind Queeny?"

Mirellia nods to that answer, "I think as a start, to rebuild relations between the heroes they should all get to know their parties more and the parties themselves know more about the other heroes. I suggest for today for say just 2 hours of the day you four can switch around your parties with one another."

"WHAT!?" Shouted everyone including the heroes and sidekicks.

"That's a stupid idea! No way!" Bakugou shouts not trusting Ponytail sluts and Bow Bitch's teams with his sidekicks not trusting the 2 "heroes" back, with those two heroes and their teams also just as against the idea.

Ren himself didn't like the idea either, but in the back of his mind he still couldn't forget his promise to Fitoria, so he needs to put in effort himself to unite the heroes. So maybe following along with Mirella's ideas might help out, "Perhaps there is some merit to this idea. We can learn more about each other and how we run our teams together. If it is only for one day and just 2 hours with each hero it shouldn't be that bad right?" he agrees with the Queen.

Mirella from the image nods to that, "Of course it shouldn't, perhaps we can make it somewhat of a competition of sorts, where you can judge how the other team's work with you, as well as how the teammates think of the other heroes. It be a good way to reflect on each other and know our shortcomings to improve on." the Queen continued.

It still didn't help the attitudes toward the heroes. Though with Bakugou while he still thought the idea of this thing bringing the heroes together was stupidly naive. He did see this as an interesting idea of learning from the other heroes, some secrets they could be hiding or at the very least on the islands they had been grinding on. He also found the idea fun of his sidekicks showing up how much better they were at being heroes than they were. And as for the contest idea, despite him being a competitive guy himself, he didn't think much more of it since it was going to be obvious Ponytail sluts and Bow Bitch's team will already be biased against him, so he knew he was getting a bad rating from them regardless of what he does, but it would be fun to see what the other groups think of each other with all the juicy criticism.

After tapping his chin a bit Bakugou shrugs, "Eh, why not. Let's see how you idiots handle true sidekicks at work."

Bakugou's team was not as enthusiastic about it though, especially Rino and Neia, "You're not serious are you Sir Bakugou? You know who you're going to be lending us to right?" Neia argued, she and the others don't mind temporarily switching with Ren for a bit, but the idea of being stuck with Ponytail slut and Bow Bitch for two hours each didn't sound like fun.

But Bakugou just dismissed it again, "Oh you 4 will live, you've been through worst than these clowns. Might as well learn and be observant to set up your reviews on their shitty leaderships. And If they try anything you can't handle, just let Kirishima eat them." he responds back. The sidekicks still didn't like the idea, but knew they are not going to be winning an argument with Bakugou. So they sigh and nod back understanding their leader.

Ponytail Slut thought about the idea some more and now realize this would mean he can reunite with Rino again as well as meet with Neia, he thinks about this being his one chance in getting one of his teammates back from Bakugou's grip. Not to mention he would be with Scarlet as well. He finally agrees, "You know what, maybe this isn't too much of a bad idea after all."

Bow Bitch however was still against it, "This is just a waste of time, I don't need to be lecture by random people on my leadership skills, and I prefer to be with people I trust to be on my side." Bow Bitch responds.

'Ha, don't you mean those that will just suck up to you?' Bakugou mutters in his head.

Mirellia though knew this would happen and then said toward the bow hero, "If you are willing to do this one task Bow hero as well as the other heroes, I'll award all of you 1000 silver each."

The promise of money quickly got Bow Bitch's attention again. He may still hate this idea, but he and Ponytail slut were not in any position to argue against monetary rewards. They still have large debts to pay and they prefer to not get involved in any more bratty noble kid's birthday parties. After a few more seconds of thinking about it, the bow hero groans and reluctantly accepts it, "Fine we'll do it for the day." Bow Bitch agrees without much enthusiasm in his tone.

Mirellia nods one more time to this, "Perfect, now just switch your teams with one another for 2 hours and then switch again until you're back with your original hero. And once you get back together, the teammates can review the heroes and the heroes can review the teammates. I hope you all have fun for the day." she finishes as the Queen cuts off the call.

Within the hour the team switch-up had already started. Bakugou was now with Ponytail sluts team, Ponytail slut with Bakugou's team, Bow Bitchs with Ren's team, and Ren with Bow Bitches team.

With Bakugou things have not been fun, the two girls Bitch and Bigger Bitch looked hardly enthusiastic being with the guy who is the leader of the "peasant trash" that made them look like this with their bald heads and their new names branded on their heads.

Bakugou didn't have his hopes up either, just telling from their stats they were pathetic to any of his sidekicks.

Though the true colors of Ponytail Sluts "loyal" team became present when Bakugou finally stops not far from a group of giant elephant-sized frogs that were just jumping around near a large lake catching the giant bugs with their huge long tongues.

While hiding in bushes Bakugou coordinates the girls, "Ok so I'll spring up from above with the large bull alpha where I'll blast him into bits, it'll get the attention of the other mucus-covered bastards, and while they are distracted trying to eat me in the air, attack there backs while they are not looking. Best to get on them and stab the tops of their heads."

The girls however were disgusted by the idea, "Ew gross, no way am I going anywhere near those slimy things." Bitch complains which is already annoying Bakugou.

Bigger Bitch then added, "Yeah I just took a bath this morning, so no way am I going to ruin that along with this outfit."

"Why bother, you two look ugly already along with your shitty personalities." Bakugou mocks the girls which made the two groan in anger to be reminded of their states right now.

Bakugou then just continued, "Just do whatever the hell I say and shut up." he ordered them, not helping with their opinion of him. Bakugou then holds out his hand, "Ok, one.. Two.. Three!" he shouts and blasts himself out of the bush and as planned lands on top of the giant alpha frog and fires an AP shot beam right through its skull killing it instantly. Bakugou jumps himself away in the air and just as planned the giant frogs focused on him and tried to catch the hero with their tongues.

As Bakugou dodges the long tongues or blocked them with his shield, he was hoping the frog's numbers would start to dwindle. But the number has stayed the same with no other frog but the one he killed being dead.

He looks around to see what the hell is going on and when he sees his "team" rather than doing what he says and killing the frogs while distracted, they were standing there cheering out for him exactly like cheerleaders, "Go go go! Go Katsuki go! Kill those dirty frogs and bring us ladies happy-"

"SHUT THE HELL UP AND KILL THESE DAMN THINGS ALREADY!" Bakugou yells at them immediately startling the girls who were never yelled like that before. But rather than taking out their weapons to attack, the two started casting supportive spells at the shield hero.

Bakugou was not amused, "Not buffs idiots! Use your damn weapons and kill the stupid-" but unfortunately Bakugou's rage at them had distracted him from the frogs with the bottom of one of his boots getting caught in one frog's sticky tongue, "Huh?!" he stutters, but before he could react the frog's tongue in a blink of an eye sucks the shield hero in and swallows the hero whole.

It was a big surprise to bitch and bigger bitch, "Is... Is he really dead now? Oh crap, how are we going to tell and explain this to her majesty?!" Bitch reacted fearing what worse punishments Mirellia will enact on her if they were the ones to allow the death of one of the cardinal heroes.

Bigger Bitch on the other hand was smiling, "Ha, good riddance I say, one less devil and asshole to deal with. We'll just tell the queen we did our best and that there was nothing we could-"


But suddenly that one frog's entire body just explodes into a million pieces, some of which got on the girls, "Oh god no! It's all over me! Gross! It smells exactly like that swamp Piece of shit dragged us through!" Bigger bitch whines with her and bitch now covered in the frogs slime and guts.

And from the area of what is left of the dead frog, the shield hero stood tall from it alive and well and covered in frog slime, and was mega pissed off.

Bakugou then blasts himself in the air again getting the frog's attention, but rather than waiting for useless help he blasts himself directly at the frogs while dodging the tongues, and once right near the frog's faces, he blasts his giant explosions right in-between one frogs eyes instantly killing it.

And with just as much force, he kills the other frogs with great fury and force using the agility and power of his quirk and the defense of his great shield.

One by one the number of dead frogs kept increasing. In less than a minute he killed off all of the frogs, all covered in their blood and slime.

After some heavy breathing he turns and stomps his way pissed off toward Bitch and bigger bitch.

The girls gave nervous smiles at the hero, bitch tried to calm him down, "Uh good work out there Sir Bakugou, you showed those stupid frogs your-"

"SHUT THE HELL UP YOU USELESS IDIOTS!" he interrupts and snaps at the girls, "I gave you two explicit orders and I expected those orders to be followed! You not only stood there and cheered like suck-up idiots, but you also didn't follow any orders and did jackshit!"

Despite the shouting making Bitch silent, Bigger Bitch was willing to defend herself, "For your information asshole, we're supposed to be the hero's support, not be their lap dogs! Sir Moto-er Ponytail slut never had us doing any of this crap! Like a real man, he did all the work while we give him our magic and mental support! You're just too dense to understand that, and I'm going to be sending you my cleaning bill for ruining my clothes, just look at this! I have dead toad all over me!" she yells and whines to Bakugou.

The girl struck a nerve on Bakugou, very similar to what Larc did days earlier, he was ready to just blast her in the face the same way as well. But then he suddenly stopped himself when he noticed something a little ways away behind her and Bitch. He then lost a bit of his anger and smirks, "ha, Very well, if you want to be just the support then be the support. But don't cry to me if you can't defend yourself worth shit." he mocks them and walks away to clean himself of the dead frog slime and blood.

Bigger bitch smugly smirks back thinking she had won the argument, "Ha, and Myn-Bitchwhore thought that she was the only one to get her way with men with words. We can now have our way for the rest of his time and then we-"

But then suddenly the girls felt a huge rumble behind them and as they turn to see, in their horror it was another one of those giant frogs right behind them, alive and hungry.

Before she could react to it by drawing out one of her swords, bitch gets quickly eaten by the frog and swallowed whole.

Still hungry, the frog now stares at frightened Bigger Bitch, "AHHH! Sir Bakugou! Help! Help!" she screams and runs toward the hero she just told off.

But the frog didn't even move and like any normal frog, it just launches its long giant tongue at Bigger Bitch's back, and just like Bakugou before it sucked her back in and swallows her whole.

The frog then just laid there going to wait a few hours to digest its food.

"Help! Help! Get us out of here!" But even inside the monster's stomach Bitch and bigger bitch continue to scream at the top of their lungs for Bakugou to save them.

But Bakugou had been just ignoring them as he removes the frog gunk from himself. He activates the soap shield he got from Siltvelt, which he was surprised such a thing existed, and with the shield's ability it removes away the blood, guts, and slime from the frogs and removes the moisture from them out of his body and armor. He then took out a perfume potion of sorts and drank it down. And with it, the horrible smell on him was gone, and just like that it was as if Bakugou was never inside a giant frog.

But speaking of the inside of a frog, he finally turns back and walks toward the frog with the screaming girls inside it with a giant smug smile on his face. Once right at the frog that was now docile after feeding, the shield hero leans on the monster's stomach, "So having fun now are you supports?" he mocks the girls inside the giant amphibian

"You stupid bastard! Get us out of here!" Bigger bitch yells out from inside.

"It's dark and disgusting in here! It smells like a swamp and oh God! Their dead bugs everywhere!" Bitch also whines from inside.

But Bakugou took the time to continue his smug mocking, "I don't know, like you said yourself I'm a bit dense, aren't I? And by your own words, you are just here for my mental support and I have to say you're doing a good job right now, my morale is higher than ever. Good thing to you I gave that acid resistance buff earlier or you be melting from the stomach acid, as it lasts for now anyway, but if you're just my support and I'm not yours, I can just turn it off now."

"NONONONO!" the girls cried together inside, "Please just get us out of here Sir Bakugou we're both sorry for what we did and said earlier! Please! Our weapons are not working inside here get us out now!" Bitch begs from inside.

Bakugou continued his smug talk, "That depends, you and Bigger Bitch will have to say this to me first."

"Say what to you?!" Bigger bitch asked angrily from inside.

"Say that you two are worthless whores just as bad as bitchwhore and that I'm the best hero there is," Bakugou demands from them.

"We are worthless whores like bitchwhore and you're the best hero there is!" the two girls immediately shout together.

"Didn't quite hear that, mind saying it again." Bakugou smugly asked of them.

"We are worthless whores like bitchwhore and you're the best hero there is!" the two girls shout again.

"Still a little phony, say it again.

"Ugggh... We are worthless whores like bitchwhore and you're the best hero there is!" the two girls shout once more now getting annoyed.

Bakugou still kept it going, "Still could use more effort, how about you say it with more-"

"WILL YOU JUST GET US OUT OF HERE ALREADY!" Bigger Bitch shouts no longer having the patience for this nonsense.

"Say the magic words one more time or I'm just going to leave." Bakugou mocks them again.

"WE ARE WORTHLESS WHORES LIKE BITCHWHORE AND YOU'RE THE BEST HERO THERE IS!" the two girls shout one more time as loud as they could.

Being amused enough, Bakugou finally ends this. He blasts himself over the docile frog's head and blasts an AP shot through its head like he did with the first frog. It instantly kills the thing and it falls down dead with its mouth now wide open.

As Bakugou lands himself he witnesses the two girls pushing themselves through the frog's mouth, alive and mostly unharmed, but were now completely coated in the frog's slime, mucus, dead bug carcasses, and stomach juices.

Bitch was just happy to get out of it, Bigger bitch looked absolutely pissed off at Bakugou, "Look at me! I'm basically a slime ball now, and everything I have on me is ruined! And this is all your fault!" she whines at the shield hero.

But Bakugou just ignores her, "Whatever, we need to get a move on. I heard there's a cave with giant cockroaches in it not far from here. Might as well explore and see why some people have been avoiding it." he mocks as he moves toward that direction not giving the girls much of a moment to catch their breaths.

Bigger bitch groans and growls with a deep deep anger at the shield hero and all Bitch can think about is, 'I really should've remained at my parent's company.'

On another island with Ponytail slut he was currently fighting against some dog-like monsters referred to as Karma Dogs with wings and sharp claws. But it was just him fighting the thing alone, in the background it was Bakugou's sidekicks just standing there looking annoyed.

This has been the same with the encounters before, Ponytail slut told them to stay where they are and while he fights and kills the monsters himself, they would cheer for him and offer any support spell.

Except there was no cheering from anybody and were not offering any sort of buff or support spells. They were forced to be spectators at this point. Neia and especially Rino were getting annoyed at how Ponytail slut kept talking down to them. Before they even started grinding he kept trying to be super friendly to them and act as if nothing happened before these last few weeks. They also noticed how distant he was acting around Kirishima and Daven. They understood Kirishima after he nearly ate him once, but Daven hasn't done anything directly toward him so it felt off. Rino knows why and is not happy with Ponytail Slut about it.

After some time Ponytail slut finally deals the killing blow on the monster dog thing. With the battle won, the spear hero turns and smiles to his temporary crew, "Alright another victory for the cardinal spear hero! Haha!" he cheers and raises his hand up to the girls for a high-five.

But there was no high-fiving back, just cold stares from Rino and Neia, "Yeah, Sir Bakugou could've killed that thing 3 times faster. So I'm not that impressed." Neia dismissed him with the girls just walking away from him. Daven and Kirishima were also rolling their eyes, toward the spear hero who was just ignoring them.

'Jeez, tough crowd.' Ponytail slut says in his head. But despite their coldness, he still wanted to talk with them, he thought showing off his new skills would warm them up to him again but it was obviously not working. He quickly took a deep breath and finally made up the courage to talk to the girls as he approached them, "Neia, Rino look can't we just talk about this?" he asked them.

The two girls stop with their arms crossed, "What's there to even talk about Ponytail slut?" Rino demands from him.

Ponytail then speaks to them, "Look I know I made some mistakes, and did some stupid things. But at least let me have another chance to make it up to you 2, we can just start over and.."

But then Rino quickly interrupts, "Second chance for what?! I thought I made it clear to you that I wanted nothing to do with you or your whores ever again! Are you that dense that you think asking me again and again will just change my mind? And you're not doing anything much different than when I was stuck with you."

"Rino come on, how many times have I said that I'm sorry?" Ponytail speak out with his former partner.

Neia then decided to but in, "You never said what you are even sorry for! Just over a week or so ago you and your team attacked us while you tried to kill sir Bakugou. And in the trial you continued to defend that evil bitch when the evidence was obvious! I still like to know why you defended her and not me when I got accused!?" she throws back at Ponytail slut.

"I.. I... Things have just been confusing lately, I'm attempting to gain some sort of train of thought with everything, Trying to do what's best for everyone." Ponytail slut responds trying to defend himself.

Rino didn't buy it, "If you're just looking out for us?! Then why didn't you ask us what we wanted or our opinion on anything!?" she demands.

"Uh, wh... What do you mean?" the spear hero asked confused.

"You never asked us girls, if we didn't want to fight at all! You never asked us if we wanted you to do all of the killings! You just made up your own mind on what you wanted us girls to do and forced us on the sides to be your made-up audience." Rino answers back at him.

"Well I... I just don't want you to hurt yourselves and get dirty then-"

"Again you never asked us what we girls want to do on our own! We're not some pretty dogs you trout around and show off, me and Neia are living breathing people and if we want to fight in the front lines then that is what we want to do! And if you're so concerned about everyone, then why have you been ignoring Daven?!"

"Daven!? When was this about that guy?" Ponytail slut asked confused.

"Since we switched parties you haven't acknowledged him once, and just ignored him along with Kirishima. Is it because he's not a girl you can show off and attempt to fuck that he barely matters to you!? Are you that shallow!?" Rino scolds him once more.

Ponytail tries to think of a good defense, "Well I... I didn't have any need to-*slap*"

But Rino interrupts with a hard slap in the face, "If you didn't have that chastity belt I kick you in the nuts again, hope it still itches too!" she yells at him and without another word walks away again.

Ponytail slut turns his head to Neia, "Neia I-"*slap*"

But Neia just slaps him across the other cheek and without a word leaves with Rino.

Ponytail slut continues to look dumbfounded that nothing he says is working on the girls.

He thinks to himself as he watches the girls walk away, "Man this is going to be harder than I thought. Maybe if I got them both gifts after the Queen awards me, after getting something for Ele-bitch, and bigger Bitch I can get something for the two as make-up gifts, then maybe if there is a special event I can then-"

Unfortunately for Ponytail slut, Rino and Neia had sharp ears thanks to Bakugou's buffs and Rino just says, "Kirishima sick on him."

Ponytail was confused about what Rino just said. But then he heard the sound of flames behind and as quickly turns to see a giant size Kirishima as he stomps his way toward the spear hero with an open mouth.

Ponytail Slut immediately panics, "Nononono! Stop Stop! Down boy! Down boy! Down boy!"

But like once before, Kirishima swallows him whole while he dropped the spear. Kirishima then swings his head all over the place with Ponytail slut yelling and screaming inside his mouth, "Neia! Rino! Help! Help me!" he screams as the dragon throws him around like a chew toy.

The two girls watch on enjoying this with Daven walking up to them to watch, "You know I might've gone to help him, but since he didn't even call my name, I guess he doesn't need my help." the rogue warrior says out loud with sarcasm.

Rino then turns around again, "Alright then, let's just grind some monsters while we wait for the time to switch again." she says to her friends.

Neia then said, "How long do you want to leave them like that?" she asked pointing to Kirishima still swinging around the screaming Spear hero.

Rino just responds with, "I say until Kirishima gets bored and spits him out again. If he does eat him, he'll eventually come out on the other end just as shitty as before."

Neia and Daven nod in agreement not caring what will happen and just left to kill monsters on their own and then collect their parts for their true leader to use himself.

All the while Ponytail remains in Kirishima's mouth screaming while the dragon had its fun.

In another part of the island, Ren was leading Bow Bitches crew. They were going through a dense jungle to find another area of monsters as the sword hero led them the way chopping any branches blocking their path.

Things have not been peachy for the sword hero, with Bow Bitch's squad not remotely happy to be there and would continue to express anger and frustration in their faces to be with the same guy who helped humiliate them in the trials and being beaten by his giant filolial in the battle before the Pope. With the only words coming out of their mouths just being insults or bragging about how much better they were and Bow Bitch was.

Ren tried to be civil with them, but he knew no matter what he said it wasn't going to get through their stubborn heads.

All except for one of them, the young girl named Rishia. She's been relatively quiet, but she is the nicest in the group. Being very polite and understanding of their temporary leader and followed his orders without any complaint or insult.

However the longer he was with the rest of Bow Bitches team, the more he saw how toxic it really was. Not only from everyone else in it being just giant arrogant assholes but how they treat Rishia with Mald acting the worst around her always yelling and demeaning her.

It was getting on his nerves, he may have originally not wanted any partners when he was first summoned and would've dropped them if they didn't keep up at the start. But he would've never allowed his own teammates to treat each other like crap. The fact that Bow Bitch would allow this toxicity was dropping Ren's opinion of him lower than it already was.

A mad Mald finally opened his mouth again, "Do you even know where the hell you're even going!? You got us lost again loser! Lord Itsu- the Bow Hero wouldn't have gotten us lost!" he yells at Ren who was not in the mood to hear him again.

"We're not lost. I can hear ocean waves not far from here, we'll be at the shore soon." Ren responds with an annoyed tone as if he is dealing with a bratty child who'll complain about anything.

"The Bow hero still would've gotten us there faster! We be leveling up already if he was back in charge again!" Mald continues his insults.

The rest of the team sans Rishia nod in agreement, "He also would've gotten us though a path without so many bugs in it!" the blonde warrior also yells out. Ren was pretty much tuning them out and prayed that these 2 hours be done and over with.

Rishia though finally spoke her mind, "Please guys Sir Ren is just trying to help us level up here, can we just give him a chance to-"

"Shut your damn mouth!" Mald yells and aggressively pushes Rishia to the ground now sitting down and looking up in fear at the large man. Getting everyone's attention including the Sword hero who was looking just as mad as the rest of the group, but for different reasons.

Mald continued to yell at the poor girl, "I don't need to be lectured by some trash noble of a trash family that can't afford shit now!" Mald yelled and was about to kick the frightened girl in the face.


But before the metal boot got to her face, Ren just in time blocks Mald's boot with the sword. Mald looked on surprised and confused, then Ren quickly moves the tip of his sword right near Mald's exposed throat, "Listen here you fat trash loser! I don't care how things work under Bow Bitches leadership! Right now you're under my leadership and I will not tolerate you or anyone else's bullshit on your own teammates! You throw your hand on her like that again and that'll be the last use you'll have with your hand!" Ren threatens him.

A frightened Mald was forced to nod back yes in agreement to save his own literal neck.

Ren then lays down his sword and turns himself back toward Rishia and extends his hand, "Are you ok?" he asked the girl.

Rishia was still surprised by the act of kindness, one she hadn't felt since the Bow hero saved her and her family. She takes his hand to get herself back up, "Yes I'm fine Sir Ren. It's nothing." she responds still acting quiet and shy.

"Well why not stick closer to me now and be my extra set of eyes and ears for the shores? Come now, let's get to the shore before the switchover starts again." Ren says he turns back to the path as he slices through more of the jungle brush with Rishia now following close to the Sword hero.

Not far behind was the rest of the team who continue to express their anger, especially Mald who allowed himself to be humiliated like that in front of everyone else and was now gritting his teeth in anger toward the sword hero, "I hope damn Bow Bitch eventually enacts his justice and kick this pansy's ass soon." Mald says to himself as they continue in the jungle.

On another island in a grassland area, some adventurers were trying to kill off some aggressive penguin-like creatures.

But as they were fighting them, they saw something strange happening. Anytime they got close to killing them, a random arrow comes out of nowhere to deal the killing blow, gaining none of the experience points from the death of the bird.

No one knew what was causing this or who this kill stealer was, but whoever it was. They're going to make him suffer.

And little did any of them know, that kill stealer was up high on a cliffside looking over the plains, and it was none other than Bow Bitch, using the high ground and the distance to steal kills away from the unexpected adventurers.

Right beside him was Ren's team looking on disappointed in their leader's unsportsmanlike behavior and clear rule-breaking. It didn't help their attitude when he constantly hear the Bow hero talking down to them, insulting them, or just being a giant asshole, all at the same time praising himself for how awesome he is and being the arbiter of justice. They wonder how anyone would tolerate such a guy. Even the once so-called shield devil was friendlier to be around.

Scarlet was especially not happy to be around him, "This is against the rules Bow guy, we're supposed to not be stealing kills from other people." she tries to speak up about it.

But Bow Bitch didn't care, "Oh shut up, you probably wouldn't know a good strategy if it hit you in your tiny bird brain head. Not like these losers will know any better and I the cardinal Bow hero will be needing those XP points more." he insults and then brags to himself.

Scarlet so badly wanted to just kick him in the crouch, but Ren told her to behave herself and be the better girl than these useless losers. So she restrained herself.

The rest of Ren's party could barely stand this either with Fierra expressing her opinions, "Says the same loser with the name Bow Bitch." she jokes with her and the rest of the team laughing.

Bow Bitch was now gritty his teeth in anger, "Stop calling me that! Under my team leadership, you'll refer to me as the Bow hero! You and the rest of your squad should know your places already and know who is in charge! Now let's go, unless you idiots are too dumb to understand that order like Ren does." He yells and ordered the group as they made their way down the hill.

But Scarlet could barely tolerate this jerk anymore especially after insulting Ren like that. She did notice the hill was pretty steep with Bow Bitch walking down the hill in an unsafe matter jumping over rocks and branches. She smiles smugly and while the Bow hero wasn't paying attention the bird girl throws a small wind attack while Bow Bitch jumped himself in midair.

And before he could notice and react Bow Bitch was pushed by this strong force of wind and tripped forward, from the momentum he starts rolling down the steep hill. He yells in pain while quickly rolling down the hill until Bow Bitch finally smacks right into a tree. He will live, but with bruises on his face.

Ren's team laughs at their asshole leader's expense, with Scarlet especially smiling happily that she got back at the Bow Hero for his constant insults.

After enough laughing the group slowly walked down the hill to pick up their no doubt injured leader. They hope to at least grind a little more before these awful two hours are done and over with.

Finally the first 2 hours had ended, and for all the groups they felt like it went on forever. But only a third of this day was done. Once the group's rendezvous, they switched up the parties again.

Bakugou now had Bow Bitches team, Ren had Ponytail sluts team, Bow Bitch had Bakugou's team, and Ponytail slut had Ren's team.

Unfortunately for Bakugou things weren't much better than before, not only was there now more to deal with, the Bow heroes team was a collective group of asshats that don't even pretend to tolerate him. All except for Rishia who actually does listen to his orders with no snide remarks back.

On a new island, Bakugou and his temporary team were at a rocky cliffside area there to kill some giant crab-like creatures that like to borrow through the cliffs walls.

Bakugou produces some loud noises or blasts at the walls themselves to flush out the crab monsters while he and the group kill the rest.

Bakugou was somewhat glad that at least this team is willing to fight rather than be cheerleaders. Though their fighting skills are left to be desired. The group mostly fought through brute force without much coordination, and would never follow a simple order. All but once again Rishia, who seemed to understand fight coordination and uses her magic quite well.

Though this just made the rest of her team jealous that the Shield hero barely had to yell or raised his voice at the young girl while they would get a constant scolding from the shield hero.

Including right now, "Come on you idiots! Pick up the pace and do what you are told! If you were trained dogs I send you right back to the pound as soon as possible over how useless you are!"

Though with Mald, unlike the others he wasn't afraid of shouting back at the shield hero, "I probably would be fighting better if you didn't break my arm months ago!" he yells back referring to what happened in Tervain.

But Bakugou just brushes him off, "Not my fault you followed around an idiot and went along with his stupid schemes."

Mald was growling in deep anger, he wished to just decapitate the shield devil and be done with him. But he knew full well how out of his league he was with the cardinal hero who not too long ago kicked the Bow hero's ass.

The blonde woman of the group then tapped on Mald's shoulder to get his attention and she points up toward one part of the cliff with a lot of loose rock hanging off it.

She winks at him with Mald evilly grinning back, knowing what his fellow teammate has in mind. He knew it would be hard for the Queen to point fingers at them if the devil died in an accident.

Mald and the rest of the Bow Hero team continued killing the crab monsters.

Bakugou had pretty much given up the asshats, knowing it was a waste of time as he and Rishia continued on with their business.

But while Bakugou finished off any other crab monster after blowing up its face, Mald saw he was under that cliffside, Mald nodded to the blonde adventurer who was already aiming to fire. Mald then yells, "Lord Bakugou! What's that over there!"

Bakugou was annoyed the hear the asshole's voice again and looked to where the large former noble was pointing at, but he just saw just more of the same cliff and rocks.

While Bakugou wondered what he was even pointing to, the blonde warrior fires a projectile magic arrow at the top of the cliff.


The attack caused a large explosion that started a small avalanche right below the shield hero.

"Sir Bakugou look out from above!" Rishia shouts and attempts to run toward the hero to help.

But Bakugou just looks up to see what was happening, but his reaction had zero worries in it and was more annoyed than anything else.

"Ugh... Airstrike shield, second shield," he says and cast his spells with the two energy shields appearing above and in front of him. "Shield prison!" he also shouts at Rishia who gets covered in the magic metal ball. And with the magic shields, the giant rocks slide down past him and her harmlessly.

Unfortunately for Mald and the rest of the Bow hero team, the rocks that they intend to kill the shield devil with had now quickly piled on them now all getting drowned in the rocks.

The group was now all buried under all the rocks, still alive but they will be sharing bruises with their hero leader tonight.

All but Rishia who was unharmed thanks to the shield prison that dissolved away.

Despite being confused as to what happened she quickly ran up to Bakugou as soon as possible, "Sir Bakugou, are you ok?" she asked.

"Yeah I'm fine, but let's not waste time worrying about me and just move on." he casually says as he turns and walks away.

Rishia though was still worried about the others, "But what of the rest of our team?" she asked while walking with Bakugou.

"They'll be fine, I don't have time waiting on losers. You shouldn't either," he responds coldly.

Rishia was hoping she didn't anger Bakugou as she would want to avoid with the Bow hero, so she just goes along with him and follows the hero to wherever they needed to be.

Bakugou had a mixed opinion of Rishia, even though he can tell she had the potential to grow strong and improve, and even had somewhat of a brain. But on the other hand, this was the same girl who allowed herself to be a pack mule to Bow Bitch who tolerates the rest of his team to treat her like shit. He wasn't anyone's social worker so it wasn't his business, but inside he hoped Rishia will finally realize what she is really a part of and move on to something that won't restrict her ability and talent.

The rest of Bow Bitches team were also finally getting themselves out of the rocks as they push the boulders out of their way while groaning in pain.

They and Mald turn to see the shield hero and Rishia just walking away from them like trash. It pissed them all off on how they were being treated, and that stupid girl was getting all the attention once more. They especially Mald will not tolerate this any longer, they'll find a way to eventually get rid of that stupid girl, they just need the right time to do so.

Near a familiar lake, the Spear hero walks around victoriously spinning around his spear surrounded by a bunch of dead bugs, expecting the sound of applause only to get pure silence from his bored audience.

He was annoyed that yet again he was getting nothing from his team, but he still kept a smile on himself as he approached the filolial princess, "Scarlet I have to say those red eyes of yours make you look so cute!" Ponytail slut gushed at Scarlet who looked unamused. Ever since the switch to the Spear hero's control he had been dotting on Scarlet like she was some sort of purse dog. Scarlet may like being praised a lot, but Ponytail slut was way too much for the young girl, especially with how close he gets to her.

"Yes Spearguy, you told me that three times already, when do I get to kill and eat something?" Scarlet complains back just as uninterested in speaking with the spear hero.

"Now now Scarlet a girl like you shouldn't have to fight dirty, especially with your adorable little dress. I can kill everything for you, I just need your angelic voice to support me." Ponytail slut ensures her as he continues to smile cluelessly ignoring the girls' feelings for him.

"Why should I support you ever? This adventure of yours is boring and your leadership rules are just as boring." Scarlet insults back, she enjoyed fighting and killing things, especially anything related to dragons, but Ponytail slut continued to keep her away from any sort of fighting. Same with the rest of the group who were just as unamused as Scarlet.

Ponytail slut did look upset that Scarlet didn't think highly of him and rationalized it, "Oh don't worry about it scarlet, we'll find some bigger monsters soon and I'll give you an even better show to watch."

"Watching stinks, and you stink just as bad as the dragon." She insults again this time making Ponytail slut look disgruntled.

"I didn't really have a choice in that." he mutters out loud still having recent memories of getting stuck inside the dragon's mouth earlier with what smells like gasoline on his body from the dragon's saliva. He then approached Farrie, "I hope you're enjoying yourself as well miss Farrie." Ponytail slut flirts, attempting to romance her and goes off trying to kiss her hand.


Only to get a slap across the face from the warrior girl, "I have a boyfriend in my hometown you know!" she shouts at the startled spear hero. Like with Scarlet, Farrie had been dealing with Ponytail slut continually trying to hit on her.

'Man, what's with some women in other universes? You try to do everything for them and they still get mad at you either way.' he says in his head after rubbing his cheek from the slap.

As for the rest of the males in the group, the Spear hero barely paid any mind to them, as if they weren't even there. They weren't amused by this either nor by his crappy leadership.

Ponytail slut once again tries to get the girls to appreciate himself, "Come you two, I'm trying to do what's best for everyone. Why don't we find another location with bigger monsters to fight?" he suggests.

"What's the point in finding bigger monsters if I don't get to fight any of them?" Scarlet complains again.

"Scarlet how many times do I need to tell you, a beautiful young girl like yourself shouldn't need to fight and get dirt-" But out of nowhere from behind Ponytail's spear and arm got entrapped in a giant tongue.

The surprised Spearhero was wondering what this was, but before he could even think about this thing, he was suddenly sucked away toward the lake. The next thing anybody knew he was inside the mouth of a giant frog as the spear hero screamed and squirms halfway inside, "Help! Scarlet! Farrie Help! My spear is stuck!" he screams for them.

But like what happened with the shield hero team, the Sword heroes team just ignored the Spear hero and were now walking away with barely a response.

Scarlet was especially happy to be rid of him, "Glad I don't have to hear him anymore." she says out loud. Then her stomach grumbles with everyone hearing it.

Farrier smiles at her and says, "Why don't we find some good monsters to kill while we wait for him to figure out how to use his weapon in a frog's mouth. Then we can cook and eat some of them after."

Scarlet smiles at that, "That sounds great! Ya! Now time to kill something!" She shouts and transforms into her large bird form. The group jumped on her and she speeds off away.

And all the while the spear hero remains in the frog's mouth trying its best to swallow the college kid with the spear blocking its throat, "Come on guys! Help! Ugh, Why is everything trying to eat me today!?" he moans as ponytail slut continued to struggle with the frog, hoping he'll eventually get rescued by a team that has already abandoned him.

On another island, near a borderline of an open field and a forest up in the tall trees was the Bow hero alongside Bakugou's team, with him jumping across on the large and strong branches.

At first, it seemed like it was a way to kill monsters from above or find unique ones hiding in the trees, but the sidekicks quickly saw this was barely the case. While there were still some killer giant squirrels to fight in the treetops, Bow Bitch was using this position to snipe out even more kills from other adventurers from below, all of who wondered what this XP thief was.

It disgusted the hero crew. Ever since they switched parties, Bow Bitch has been nothing but a giant asshole to them with insults and self-platitudes of how good he was, all the while stealing people's hard earn XP without a second thought.

It disgusted all of them. Daven and Rino were also noticing something off about some of Bow Bitches skills whenever an enemy attacked from the treetops, any skill that he used was always inconsistent in its timing. It was always when one of them was in near danger of falling out of the trees that the skill suddenly finished 'cooling down.".

They wanted to test it and see if it really was the case, after they asked Neia to time the skills, she was suspecting something as well.

"Come on and hurry up! They'll start looking up here soon so we need to move on." Bow Bitch announced referring to the people he was sniping kills away.

The group reluctantly followed, Daven and Kirishima from their enhanced senses both detected something already, and the team quickly knew it was more of those giant killer squirrels and stood their ground on the strong branches. The monsters quickly ambushed and attacked.

"Wind strike buckshot arrow!" Bow Bitch shouts and fires a close-range arrow that attacks like a shotgun of sorts instantly killing three of the squirrels in close range.

It was the ability Rino and Daven wanted him to use, knowing that had a cooldown time.

The sidekicks were dealing with the squirrels fine, but Rino was now intentionally holding back to prove her and Daven's theory as Neia counted.

One squirrel was running across the branches toward her, she could've easily blasted it away with an attack spell, but the mage lets it get close and it attacked by trying to bite at her as she used the spear staff to block its mouth, "Bow Hero! Kill this thing already I can't hold it for long." she yells but also lies to force the artificial danger she was making herself while also close to the strong tree branches edge to make it more intense.

But seeing the false opportunity, Bow Bitch just shouts while readying his bow toward the suppose struggling mage girl and responds with, "My buckshot attack needs to recharge for another 20 seconds! You need to hold it before-"

Then Daven teleports right behind the attacking monster squirrel and sinks in his claws to of skin, Rino pushed it off and Daven teleported away with the squirrel.

Before Bow Bitch could respond to what was going on, Daven pops back on the same branch a few feet away from Bow Bitch with the giant killer squirrel and lets it go to allow it to now attack the Bow Hero.

Bow Bitch panicked and fires a buckshot arrow right at the pouncing Squirrel, killing the thing instantly. A good 10 seconds that Neia counted before the ability could cool down by the bow heroes own words. They all now knew what was going on.

Bow Bitch though was pissed by that random event, "What the hell were you trying to do!? You could've killed me with that thing!" he yells at Daven, but Rino, Neia, and even Kirishima walked up closer from the other tree branches.

Rino then spoke up, "How about you first explain why you were lying about your skill cooldowns? I could've been killed there and you didn't help when you clearly could have." she demands from him with the sidekicks staring back demanding answers.

Bow Bitch was trying all he could to think of whatever excuse he could find but it was hard for him when the evidence was against him, "Well.. I.. I just had.." he stuttered for a second until he made a big sigh, "Ok fine, I just thought it would be good for us for the situation to get more intense, so that way it would've made the save a lot more cooler, but you idiots had to screw it up. If we were in the public eye it would've been a great story for everyone to tell, but it seems none of you idiots get the bigger picture." he explains and insults the crew.

But the excuse barely helped his case, "So you would've risked the lives of other people and let things get worse first just to look cooler?" Rino scolds back with Neia and Daven shaking their heads in disgust, with even Kirishima growling at the bow hero.

"Of course, no one is going to care if a fight like that happened in 2 seconds, it wouldn't make a good story." Bow Bitch argued back but it still wasn't convincing anybody.

Neia responds with, "Sir Bakugou never had to resort to such things to look cooler, he did it by being an actual competent hero and he was also strong enough to fight off monsters on his own rather than stealing the kills of others."

"Why don't you idiots shut the hell up and if you love to be with that bastard so much go back to sucking his dick for me would you. If not let's just find some better hunting grounds already." Bow Bitch insults back as he just turns away to jump himself across some more branches.

The sidekicks continued staring and shaking their heads in disgust, now they were convinced that Bow Bitch was worse to be with than Ponytail slut was.

But as Bow Bitch jumps across the branches, he finally lands on a very weak and loose branch and the thing quickly breaks off.

The bow hero panicked and jumped himself to safety on another branch barely gripping it with one hand. The other hand had his bow, so he was unable to grab hold of the branch as he loses his grip, "Guys help me! Cat guy or whoever you are! Teleport here to pick me up!" he ordered

But Daven just smirks with the rest of the squad, "Not right now Bow Bitch I like to wait when the situation is tenser to make it a cooler story to tell."

"I'm serious here! And I told you already to not call me Bow Bitch!" he screams at them, but to his luck, the branch also had a normal-sized ant colony on it and did not like the intruder on their tree and swarmed then started biting on the bow heroes hand.

"OW! OW! OW!" he shouts from the sting of the bites, making Bow Bitch quickly lose his grip completely, "AHHH!" and falls and hits through a bunch of branches on the way down until he lands flat on the ground. Like before at the hill he'll live, but was now aching all over with a hand now covered in ant bites.

The crew was still up in the trees and continue smirking at the bastard's expense, "Sorry my teleport skill was also cooling down." he says out loud to mock the Bow Hero's own words with the girls and the dragon laughing.

Back on the ground Bow Bitch tries to get himself back up from the hard fall. But as he attempts to get back his footing, he quickly saw he wasn't alone now, it seemed all the screaming from the fall got the attention of a large group of adventurers, the same adventurers he was stealing kills from. And they weren't happy, "So you're the XP thief huh? Let's see if we can punch them back out of you." the large adventurer says as he cracks his knuckles along with his large threatening group of friends.

Bow Bitch panicked and attempts to get up to defend himself, "Wait you can't attack me I'm the cardinal Bow her-" but he gets interrupted with a punch in the face with the rest of the adventurers gaining up on him to beat up the XP thief for payback.

All the while the sidekicks continue to watch from above and enjoy the bastard getting the karma he deserved, "So when does your cool-off expire?" Rino joked to Daven.

"Eh, hard to say, maybe 10 minutes, maybe 30 minutes, perhaps an hour. It'll depend on how much Bow Bitch can take." Daven jokingly responds. The crew continued watching the beat-up, when the Bow Hero's true health is threatened they'll intervene, but right now they just watch on and waste the rest of the time they are forced to deal with him watching Bow Bitch get beat up. They didn't care what he'll yell at them about afterward, this show will all be worth it.

With Ren things were relatively uneventful, Ponytail sluts team smelled of a dirty swamp and were useless to him. He wouldn't have cared if this was before his journey as a cardinal hero, but now with him trying to work more with everyone including his team, it greatly annoyed him how useless these two girls were. All they did was cheer for him and maybe give him a buff here and there.

Such teammates he would've kicked out of his party long ago, even before when he didn't fight with them, his team at least helped out and actually fought on the battlefield. It was pretty clear to him that Ponytail Slut only kept them around as eye candy to his make-believe harem.

He can't imagine how much worst it would've been with Bitchwhore around and wonder if she would've tried to manipulate him as well if she had the chance. Such thoughts Ren wants to never think about, and just wishes the time with them to be over with.

And soon enough 2 hours once again pass. Everyone was about done with one another and are glad this whole thing is almost done and over with.

After the switch, Bakugou now had Ren's team, Ponytail Slut with Bow Bitches team, Ren with Bakugou's team, and Bow Bitch with Ponytail Sluts team.

With Bakugou things have actually been pretty smooth, unlike with the other teams, not only was Ren's team decently competent, but they knew how to follow orders and fight including Scarlet despite her erratic behavior sometimes.

They were able to fight as a cohesive front and kill monsters big and small alike. Maybe not as smoothly compared to his real team, but the sword team was able to hold on their own.

They were busy fighting a flock of more penguin-like monsters, being extremely aggressive and fast.

But the team fought the monsters off without too much issue, Ren's team took care of the smaller birds while Bakugou and Scarlet went after the boss alpha.

Scarlet's powerful kicks kept the monster at bay as she kicks its rubbery stomach over and over to keep it stunned. Bakugou then jumps from behind after blasting apart 2 penguin monster minions and fires an AP shot on the monster's spine to do massive damage.

The Penguin monster turns and attempts to kill Bakugou with its sharp beak only for Bakugou to activate his explosion shield which results in the bird getting an explosion on its face after bashing into it and breaking a chunk of its beak off.

As the monster tries to recover while screeching in pain, "Kick its back!" Bakugou ordered at Scarlet and as the young girl did what she was told and kicked the monster right at it's spine where Bakugou fired his AP shot on, causing the penguin monster's spine to crack.

And in coordination, the rest of the team attack the injured monster at different angles after they killed off the fodder. And with all the attacks combined with Bakugou's explosions, the monster finally falls.

And after one more explosion in what was left of its face, the monster was now dead.

Bakugou smiles proudly at this, with his foot on the deceased monster, "Ha, another so-called Alpha down! Not half bad at all team Paleface." he brags and then compliments the sword hero team, they were surprised to hear the usually very demanding and high expectation hero. It was also really nice to them they had someone not trying to hit on them, ignore them, or just insult them like their previous temporary leaders. They were happy and proud to get recognized for their skill by someone who actually knows what they are doing.

Scarlet especially smugly smiles back in her human form, "That was great Shield guy. Would you say that I'm better than the Dragon now?" she brags to him.

But Bakugou just laughs, "Ha, not a long shot kid."

Scarlet's smile immediately disappeared and looked annoyed after hearing that, "How can I not be better than that stupid smelly dragon?" she asked the shield hero who just looked amused as he absorbed the parts and drops of the monster.

"Well first he knows when to keep his mouth shut, second he can breathe fire, and third he has more brains than your little bird brain." Bakugou jokingly mocks back.

Scarlet immediately responds to that last part, "How can he be smarter? I can talk and he can't?"

"In my old world a wise man once said, the ability to speak doesn't make you intelligent. Besides he also can fly and you can't." Bakugou quoted and mocked back.

Scarlet didn't say anything back and groaned to herself in annoyance to be reminded of her lack of ability to fly.

The rest of the team laughed about it knowing this was just playful banter rather than hateful insults from Bow Bitch.

After another light laugh Bakugou turns down toward an old dirt path, "Alright enough chit chat let's get a move on. I'm still evaluating all of you remember so don't disappoint me when it matters." he says back as Bakugou walks down the path with the Sword team following close behind.

The 2 hours weren't even halfway over yet and they already know who deserved the highest rating of the hero leaders.

With Ren, much of the same story was being told with the Shield hero team.

They were able to coordinate and fight with each other well. Though what did catch Ren off guard was how active and aggressive all of the sidekicks were, having no fear of fighting forward and head-on. They seem to be a team that is always pushing forward, which was a big change of pace to his squad where he tries to play it safe with them even after he agreed to himself that he would be a more active leader.

It made Ren feel a little bit of pressure on him, rather than dealing with jokes he was leading a team of professionals looking to him for his leadership. But despite the expectations, he remained cool and lead the way as much as he could.

The sidekicks can tell Ren wasn't fully used to leading, but they can also tell he was trying hard and seems to have learned some leadership advice from Bakugou. They were thankful for a leader that treated them like living breathing beings rather than cheap tools or pretty displays, that alone gained a lot of respect from the sidekicks. And were happy to follow Ren's lead as they did with Bakugou's. It was strange though to hear things more quietly than usual with Bakugou's sound volume always high up.

With the 2 other cardinal heroes not much else has happened between them.

Bow Bitch was sick of this switching teams thing at this point and like with the other heroes, Bitch and Bigger Bitch were useless to him and he so wanted to just mute them for good from all the complaining they did when asked to do any sort of work. He has no idea why Ponytail Slut would allow himself to be such a pack mule. The horrible smell from them didn't help matters either.

And speaking of Ponytail slut, things almost got violent with him and Mald. The whole team didn't get along with Ponytail slut one bit, finding him to be a useless idiot that barely made them do anything and was constantly hitting on the women of his team as well.

Even Rishia despite her attempt to be friendly with the Spear hero, it always felt uncomfortable to be around him.

But what made things get violent though was with Mald getting sick of all the preferential treatments she was getting from all the other heroes while they were treated like dirt and were being more aggressive with poor Rishia and constantly yelled at her.

And despite how dense he usually was, even Ponytail Slut saw how toxic the group was, and he finally confronted Mald about his treatment of Rishia.

Mald didn't take it well and the two had a shouting match that almost lead to an outright brawl between the two.

Mald eventually backed down, afraid that he would just get humiliated again today after what happened with the shield hero, not to mention what the Queen had told him before, so he barely forced himself to back down, with Ponytail Slut keeping Rishia close to him.

And after 2 more hours, the team swapping was all over.

Pretty much everyone sighed in relief from the whole thing, glad that it was all over, with everyone never wanting to do such a thing again, no matter how much they were paid.

After going back with their respective cardinal leaders, everyone just went off on their separate ways and worry about rating everyone once they get back to the inn.

All four cardinal heroes listen to what they could from the other heroes and any secrets or advantages they have with some more successful in collecting data than others.

And after a couple more hours of grinding on their own, it was finally night out with everyone going back to the main island.

With everyone back on the main island and inside the luxury inn. Both the heroes and their teams came together in a large room to write down their list of ratings, as well as compliments and complaints they had for each other.

Once everyone was done all the ratings and opinions of the heroes and teams were out for all of them to see.

For the heroes' ratings and opinions of the teams, overall Bakugou, Ponytail Slut, and Ren all hated Bow Bitches team, all 3 agreed they were never pleasant to work with, were barely ever cooperative, and were always criticizing or mocking their leaders for the most minor things while sucking up to Bow Bitch where he wasn't even around. They collectively agreed Mald was the worst among them. Though they made exceptions with Rishia, the 3 agreed she was the only one who wanted to work with and put effort into cooperating with their leaders, all despite her teammates treating the poor girl like garbage. To no one's surprise, the Bow Heroes team had the lowest rating which angered Bow Bitch himself, knowing this would mean his own leadership skills were being criticized through his team's poor score.

With Ponytail Sluts team, the other heroes' opinions weren't much better. Bow Bitch, Ren, and Bakugou found the girls to be useless, always shouting meaningless cheering, not wanting to do any work, and constantly complaining about being told to do work. None of the heroes were impressed and can't imagine how much worse it would've been if Bitchwhore was still around. Ren and Bow Bitch had also particularly criticized how horrible they smelled as well. They were rated the second lowest team, this saddened Ponytail Slut that his perfect girls were being unfairly bullied by these 3 bastards (at least in his mind anyway.).

Bakugou's team was actually rated pretty high all things considered, Bow Bitch criticized how they would undermine his authority and ignore his orders multiple times including letting him get beat up, but he can't deny they were strong and coordinated, if they listen to him they could be seen as a competent team, but he still gave them a poor rating for there supposed insubordination. Ponytail slut surprisingly gave them a good rating despite what happened to him earlier, he admits that they were all powerful in their own rights and have the right to not listen to him for his faults. Almost everyone was surprised to hear that from the arrogant Spear hero, but it barely changed the minds of either Neia or Rino dismissing his faint praises as more desperate attempts to woo the girls back, which the other heroes saw through as well, including Bakugou who quickly saw how he barely mentioned his dragon and Daven. But despite that, Ponytail maintained his rating. Ren was pretty straightforward and gave good praise to the entire team including the males of the team. So overall the Shield hero squad was the second highest-rated team.

Last was Ren's team whom all the heroes gave their praise for how coordinated they were in following orders and were all competent enough. Bow Bitch admits they were the team that gave him the least trouble, though he complained about Scarlet talking back constantly. Ponytail slut to no one's surprise gave praise to the girls especially Scarlet, and Bakugou was blunt to say they were the only team worth anything but his own. So overall Ren's team was ranked the highest.

Now to the group's opinions on the heroes they worked under.

All 3 groups but his team hated working with Bow Bitch, all finding his arrogant showboating to be almost unbearable and giving no sort of respect to the companions. They all also noted Bow Bitches breaking the rules of stealing kills. Bow Bitch was the worst-ranked hero by the teams which made the Bow Hero grit his teeth to hear that.

Ponytail sluts ratings were also negative all around, from his womanizing tendencies hitting on all the female teammates, him ignoring the men, and insisting to do everything himself while everyone just watch, it left no good impression on them. Once more he was ranked the second-lowest hero.

With Bakugou, not surprising him Bow Bitch and Ponytail sluts team gave him a bad rating, saying he is a loud asshole that yells at them for the smallest things, claiming he is basically a "slave driver" to them. They say that he has no care for there well-beings with the frogs and rock slide incidents as there sited events. All but Rishia who admits it took time to get used to the likes of Bakugou, she confesses that despite his brooding nature, she knew he has a deep respect for those that can hold onto their own. That just leaves Ren's team, they also commented on his loud and strict nature, but they also acknowledged him as a good leader who knows what he was doing, and if they weren't already loyal to Ren they would join his team if they got the chance. So overall despite the heat he got from the 2 teams, Bakugou was ranked second to best team leader.

Once more that left Ren, surprisingly no one they didn't have any major complaints to Ren other than from Mald, claiming he was "an incompetent idiot with no sense of direction", but no one listened to him. Almost everyone acknowledge that Ren mostly knew what he was doing and treated his teams with respect. They were expecting him to be a lot more reclusive, but he was a lot more open than they expect from a supposed lone wolf. To no one's surprise, he was ranked the highest overall hero leader.

This marked the end of the teammate exchange rankings, but one person took a huge issue with the ratings, specifically his compared to Bakugou's, "Wait a minute! Why am I ranked far lower than Bakugou!? How could you prefer this asshole over me!?" he whines at the groups.

"Well you're not helping your own case right now." Rino snarked back with a few others lightly laughing with her including Bakugou

"Face it Bow Bitch, everyone thinks you're shit and that you are a shit leader." Bakugou mocks back.

"No I'm not! You're the biggest asshole in the whole damn game! And do you have any idea what I had to go through today dealing with everyone else's stupid team's!?" Bow Bitch continues to complain.

"Hey at least you weren't eaten twice today. Uggh! Being in that frog's stomach was awful!" Ponytail slut responds.

"Shut up! Your team was useless! Bakugou's wouldn't follow an order worth a damn and left me to pretty much die! And Ren has that stupid bird!" Bow Bitch yells at everyone still not letting this go. The three heroes decided to say nothing and just shake their heads in disapproval toward the Bow Hero.

Bow Bitch had it though, "Urrggh! I had it with this bullshit! I knew this team switching thing was a giant ass waste of time! I'm out of here!" he yells at everyone and just leaves with his group following suit. All the other heroes still felt bad for Rishia, being treated like a lapdog like the rest of her team, treated as the runt of the group.

Bow Bitch opens the door to leave, but as he opens the door right on the other side was the Earl himself with a group of large bodyguards surrounding him. And the Earl didn't look happy at all, the bow hero was confused, "What the hell are you doing here!?" Bow Bitch demanded from the nobleman.

"Sir Bow Bitch, we've had numerous reports and eyewitness accounts of you blatantly breaking the rules of the event, specifically stealing kills from other adventurers." the Earl explains to the cardinal hero.

But Bow Bitch denies it, "Yeah and what proof do they have? Sounds like a bunch of slanders to me."

But the Earl just takes out a crystal ball and it showed off a recording of Bow Bitch firing at other people's kills and bragging about it out loud.

The bow hero looked confused and bothered that he got caught red-handed with a recording of him committing the action, and so close to the scene as well. He knew the only people who would get that close was the companions and he immediately turns his head pissed off to the room, "You damn tattletales! Who in the hell did this!? Are you working with the snitch who blabbed before the trial, because when I find out I'll-" but then he was interrupted by the large guards grabbing hold of the whiny Bow Hero's arms and lifts him from the ground, "Hey! Let me go! Do you have any idea who I am!" he yells at the guards and noble.

But the Earl didn't care, "Normally such behavior would get you kicked off the archipelago, but since you are one of the cardinal heroes, as an alternative punishment you'll be taught over and over about proper etiquette in participating in the event." he lectures him as he and the guards move away from the door dragging Bow Bitch with him.

"No! No! I'm the damn Bow hero! I will not be treated like some damn child! Let me go now! Let me go!" Bow Bitch continues to whine as he is dragged off with his team following him by an escort with the other guards.

After that fiasco was done Bakugou gets himself up from his chair and he transforms his crystal ball shield back to normal, "Well that was entertaining, made this whole stupid day worth it. Now I'm out of here now, come on team!" he says and orders with his group following suit.

Ponytail slut also got out of his chair, "I still need to find a way to get this smell off me and the girls, I hope the queen gives us that silver reward soon enough I may need to buy strong stuff and maybe something that can slip through the cracks of the belt, damn this thing still itches!." he complains as he leaves as well.

It was now just Ren again, after a quick period of silence the sword hero face palms himself, "This day was a disaster! It feels like any attempt I try to get us to work together, it just made us more divided." he complains out loud wondering how they'll get along before they end up being the ones hunted down for XP.

On the next day, it was now past noon, with the heroes out grinding monsters once more.

Though the other heroes noticed how almost zombie-like Bow Bitch was, barely able to keep his eyes open. From what they heard of his punishment, for breaking the event rules he and his party were forced to listen to long long lectures about event etiquette and why it is wrong to steal other people's kills, which went on until 6:00 am. So the Bow Hero team barely got any sleep and refuse to sleep in to allow the people he hates to get stronger faster than him.

But other than that things had remained mostly uneventful for the shield hero as he and his party continue the grinding and leveling up, yesterday was terrible for all of them but thankfully it allow Bakugou and his party to head out toward the places the other heroes were at to kill and grind specific monsters or explore the areas the other heroes missed.

Things got interesting during a fight in some old ruins with more of those vicious monster rabbit creatures, a large group of them huddled around a large alpha.

Bakugou drew most of the attention of the alpha and the main group, blocking their jumping attacks while firing back at them at the same time.

Rino fires her magic blasts from a distance while the alpha was distracted, Daven blinded it with his energy blades and crippled its movement by stabbing it deep in the leg with his Sai blade weapon, while also teleporting to protect Rino at the same time from any rabbits attempting to attack her.

Neia was also there to slice the monsters, killing many of the little minions at a rapid pace, while also cutting away chunks of the alpha's health with her electrified blades.

Kirishima was pretty much just killing and eating the stragglers and outliers of the rabbit horde.

The blind crippled Rabbit alpha had no chance of surviving as Bakugou blasted it over and over after he blocks or dodged each attack like nothing. And with one more big explosion, Bakugou dealt the final blow to the alpha killing the large beast, while the sidekicks took care of the rest.

Once more Bakugou was proud of himself and his team for how far they have gone, from killing living balloons to now fighting huge monsters like nothing.

But as they were just finishing the cleanup and loot pick up, Daven hears something in his ears, "The bushes! 10 o clock!" he shouts with Bakugou and the rest of the squad turning toward that direction with them all holding their weapons tight ready for another fight.

But as the individual came out from the bushes, it turned out to be a familiar face, "No need to worry Sir Shield hero, it is just me." said the individual who turned out to be Lord Reichnott now dawning adventurer armor and smiling toward the hero, "I hope I didn't scare all of you."

The group sighed knowing everything was fine, "Ha, I don't scare easily four eyes." Bakugou brags with his sidekicks just smiling back.

And right behind Reichnott from the bushes were his 3 protegees Raphtalia, Rifana, and Kiel now decked out in combat armor with Raphtalia holding a sword, Rifana with a bow, and Kiel with a small one-handed ax. They all look up excited to be seeing the shield hero again with Rifana blushing.

The three quickly bowed toward the hero, "It's an honor seeing you again Sir Hero." Raphtalia says to him.

Bakugou didn't have much of a reaction, though Neia decided to speak up, "I see all of you have gotten a lot stronger than before, you guys must've been leveling very well ."

Reichnott then spoke up, "Of course, though we kind of hit a roadblock of sorts. I've been trying to look for you this past hour for something."

"Yeah, and what would that be?" Bakugou asked.

Reichnott continued, "I'm sure you already know about the level 40 cap. And to get to the point my 3 protegees have all recently gotten to the level cap in just these 3 days. And unfortunately Cal Mira has no dragon hourglass so they have unfortunately hit a wall. But since you can teleport almost anywhere you were at before, if you don't mind perhaps you can teleport them back to Melromarc's hourglass so they can get their class-up upgrades?".

Hearing that made Bakugou scratch his chin, "What's in it for me? I'm already swimming in money so that's not going to cut it." he asked the noble.

Reichnott smiles to that, "Well you did say before the trials that you owe me something for overthrowing Aultcray, why don't I cash it in now?"

"You kidding me four eyes? You have a favor to me the great Katsuki Bakugou, and you're wasting it on that?" Bakugou jokingly mocks the nobleman who continues to smile.

"Well right now I have no other use for it so I might as well use it now. I'm sure I can still help you in the future and gain more favors when you get your territory to govern, your region will need some trade routes soon and the Reichnott territories are there to help." Reichnott responds back

Bakugou finally shrugs and shakes his head, "Sure whatever, but just for the upgrades. But you got to do something very special for me next time to give you another favor."

Reichnott smiles at that and turns toward his protegees, "Excellent, ok then Rahptalia, Kiel, and Rifana. You'll be under the shield hero's care for a little bit." he says to the 3 young demi-humans.

The three nod to that and all walk up toward the shield hero, despite already meeting him they still looked nervous being next to someone who they saw as a God their whole lives.

"I'll be gone for a few minutes, don't die on me while I'm gone." Bakugou jokingly says to his crew.

"We already survived being with Ponytail slut and Bow bitch, so we'll be fine." Rino jokes herself with the rest of the crew nodding back.

After nodding back himself Bakugou activates the map shield and after setting them up to be a temporary part of his group in just a few seconds he and the 3 demi kids teleported away.

In a blink of an eye, they fast traveled hundreds of miles over an ocean back to Melromarc's capital right next to the former 3 heroes church cathedral.

Bakugou wasted no time and the group just went right in. The church was still occupied by numerous soldiers, though they noticed they're now some religious people in the church as well. Bakugou knew these were the new followers of the newly established Melromarc four heroes church, here to train themselves and help reorganize the church and remove any of the three heroes' church's influence and corruption. One major difference between these followers that even the demi kids noticed was that there were also some demi-humans among the followers, something no one would ever imagine seeing with the three heroes' church.

And while walking down the halls, the demi kids nervously try to speak with the shield hero, with Raphtalia being the bravest one, "Uh.., so Sir Bakugou, how are you doing lately?"

"Fine I guess," Bakugou responds bluntly and to the point, not being a guy for small chats with people he barely knows.

Raphtalia continued though, "That's good I guess. I hope you are doing well after everything you've been through."

"Ha, I don't break easily round ears, all the bullshit those idiots put me through is nothing I can't handle." Bakugou brags to the kids.

"Oh my, so brave and strong," Rifana says quietly to herself still in awe of the shield hero.

Kiel then excitedly says, "Yeah you're so cool! We've seen your fights from the crystal ball recordings, man your comeback from the Spear hero duel was awesome!"

Bakugou smiles to that, "Ha, that was nothing compared to what I did to that loser back in the woods before the battle with the church." he's happy to see he has genuine fanboys now, and rather from religious dogma it was from his own accomplishments, rather than praising him as just the shield hero, they were praising him as Katsuki Bakugou who happened to be the shield hero now.

Raphtalia and Kiel were happy to hear the shield hero speaking to them without issue, considering all the rumors they heard before of how uncooperative Bakugou could be.

Rifana herself while blushing eventually spoke out to ask something, "Say uh... Uh, Lord Bakugou, I'm wondering, are you open to gaining more companions in your party?"

Bakugou was a little surprised to hear such a question, but he didn't take it that seriously, "That depends if they are worth the effort of me bothering with, and they be a useful asset to me. What would any of you three add to the table?" he says and asked.

Raphtalia then speaks out for her, "Well I'm good with a sword and dark and light magic, Kiel is good with his ax and earth magic, and Rifana is good with her bow and wind magic."

Bakugou scratched his chin after hearing that, he hasn't seen the kids in action so he can't judge their usefulness yet, but with Neia he already has a swordsman close range fighter, and Rino already provides light and earth magic not to mention Daven and his dark magic, so having an extra sidekick with the same abilities would be a waste of a spot. When he is building an army formation or building up his town he wouldn't mind, but to be in his main squad they need to be something unique.

A long-range fighter with a bow though could be useful, Rino may be his long-range attacker, she was more of the artillery blasting hard in a wide area, and having a simple sniper could have its uses. He did find it ironic the girl who is an expert with a bow admires the shield hero so much. Wind magic is something unique as well, granted Kirishima has it as well, but that had been his minor affinity compared to his main with fire, not to mention there can only be so much you can teach a dragon with wind magic and it's not something he can just barf out of his throat like fire.

It's something to think about, but Rifana herself was not on his mind, he doesn't want to drag another kid in his dangerous adventures after all the crazy things that happened with Melty in Siltvelt.

After enough walking they made it to the dragon hourglass with the same soldiers as before next to it, "Lord Bakugou, it's you. Have you come for services with the hourglass?" the soldier quickly asked the shield hero.

"Yeah give these three class up upgrades. How much for each of them?" Bakugou quickly explained and asked.

"Oh don't worry about paying Lord Bakugou, the shield hero and his party members are allowed to do whatever they want with the hourglass free of charge." the soldier responds.

The three demi kids looked surprised to hear they were referred to as companions of the shield hero.

"Hey hey, I'm just doing a favor for Lord four eyes. Just give them their upgrades already." Bakugou responds wanting this to get done with already, he did not want to be seen by people, thinking he has demi-human slaves now that didn't know any better.

The soldiers nod, "Of course, you three this way toward the hourglass." the soldier requested as the 3 demi-kids follow suit.

Soon enough they were around the giant hourglass base as the soldiers begin the rites for the class-up ceremony. In a few seconds, the base of the hourglass starts to glow as the class-up ceremony starts.

The 3 demi kids were given their options as to what path they can class up to, with some unique ones being opened because of Bakugou's presence.

The three were quick on their decision and picked the class and path the three wanted.

Once they made their choices, the hourglass glowed again as the energy consumes the area with light. After a few seconds the glow dies down and once it's extinguished the three demi kids have become stronger than ever with their new classes and can level up again.

Once the process is all done, they left the podium toward the shield hero, the three then kneeled and bowed before their shield hero, "Thank you again for this lord Bakugou we can't thank you enough." Raphtalia thanks the shield hero.

"Indeed he is a true hero." Rifana also comments with her cheeks blushing again.

Bakugou just smirks and shakes his head, "Come on, all I did was teleport you brats thousands of miles and allowed you to touch an hourglass without charge, save the platitudes when I actually do something awesome." he jokes to the 3.

"Just helping us demi's out is awesome. You have to look hard to find anyone else but Lord Reichnott around here to get them to allow a demi to use the hourglass without paying anything." Kiel responds.

Raphtalia then says, "We are all indebted to you Sir Bakugou and we hope to repay it soon."

Bakugou still didn't see why this was such a big deal to warrant this kind of praise, but he wasn't going to complain when it was something he did, rather than the words of a thousand-year-old holy book written by a corrupt church.

But as they got themselves up, something strange happened to the 3. Their entire bodies glowed and in just a few seconds these glowing forms had grown larger, now just about Bakugou's height.

The shield hero wonders what happened, but it quickly became apparent what this was after the glow disappeared just as fast as it appeared, and it reveals the 3 demi kids again, but they were not kids anymore. All 3 were now full-grown adults, with mature bodies and heights.

Despite the minor shock, Bakugou quickly calmed down realizing what this was. He had been aware of Demi-humans' ability to age up when they reach a certain level long before he went to Siltvelt and learned about an awful truth of how the military there would enforce such things as child soldiers to fill up their ranks when low on manpower. Daven was lucky enough to avoid such a fate and grew up naturally in the spy corps.

It was also a small surprise for the 3 demi's as they look at each other and themselves for their sudden age boost. But were also happy to see themselves as grown-ups now, "Wow Raphtalia this is weird, but I like it. Now we are truly bigger and stronger than before." Rifana says to her friend who happily nods back, not only for how much bigger she has gotten that they can protect kids like what they used to be, but also how much more feminine she became, thinking now she can be seen as more appealing to Bakugou, or so she thought anyway.

"Indeed we have, man I feel really energized now." Kiel also responds as he throws his fists around to check out his new and improved body.

Not only were the 3 bigger and older, but they had sexually matured as well, passing right over puberty with all three with curvier waists and fully developed breasts.

And to Bakugou's surprise, it was indeed all three of them as he quickly noticed the supposed "he" Kiel has an extended chest under his leather armor, "Wait? You're a chick?" Bakugou immediately questioned Kiel.

Kiel quickly notices her now extended chest and immediately wraps her arms around them in embarrassment, "Oh God, I'm sorry about this!" she quickly shouts with her true sex now exposed for everyone to see.

Both Rifana and Raphtalia smile and pat their embarrassed friend on the back, "It's okay Kiel, there's no need to be embarrassed about this." Raphtalia says to comfort Kiel.

"But what will people think of me now that they know I'm not a guy, how weird will that be?" Kiel responds still nervous. Kiel may not be trans or anything like that, she still saw herself as a girl, but she was raised in a more masculine lifestyle by her father. So everyone not close to her figured she was truly a guy and went along with it to fit in more.

Bakugou then decided to comment on the subject, "Forgot what idiots think, make them see what you really are through your actions. This whole country once saw me as the devil and look at me now after only a few months of heroing has done."

while not completely clear of her nervousness, hearing that from the shield hero gave some comfort to Kiel as she smiled at the hero. Perhaps she should follow Bakugou's example and continue doing what she does best for herself and her friends regardless of what people thought before.

And just as usual Rifana smiles toward the hero, finding his words to cheer up her friend warming her heart. Same with Raphtalia, though in a less romantic respect.

Bakugou then transforms his shield again back to the map shield, "Alright enough gender stuff, let's just get back to the islands." he tells the demi-kids now young adults as they gather together. And like before they teleport away instantly.

In a blink of an eye, they teleport hundreds of miles back to Cal Mira on the same island as before, with Reichnott and Bakusquad waiting.

The 3 demi warriors walk up toward their master as Reichnott smiles at the three, "My my, you have all grown so much, I'm so proud of all of you."

The 3 nod happily toward the nobleman, "Thank you Lord Reichnott. It's all thanks to the shield hero, now we can continue leveling up." Raphtalia says with the other two nodding back.

The rest of Bakusquad also looked happy to see this as they walk up to their leader, Neia then said, "Looks like that's another good deed to add for the day hero. You think they might be potential sidekicks one day?"

Bakugou shakes his head to that, "Hey I don't just let anyone in the Bakugou agency. But hey there's always the possibility, I have you here after all."

"Hey!" Neia jokingly shouts with Rino and Daven slightly laughing.

The mood changed a bit though once everyone heard more voices from the bushes Reichnott recognizes, "Ah, looks like the 2 finally made it back." he says out loud.

The two individuals revealed themselves, and they were none other than Larc and Therese, "Sorry we took so long Reichnott, we had to just-" Larc apologizes, but he stopped himself when he quickly notices who was there with him, his fun attitude quickly changed to anger, "You!"

"You!" Bakugou shouts back, his attitude also now changed back to his pissed-off state.

Despite the attempt to stop the two from Neia and Therese, the 2 men stomped their way next to each other and locked their heads in an angered stare.

"What the hell are you here farmer boy!? I thought I made my point to you days ago!" Bakugou yells at the adventurer.

Larc then yells back, "For your information asshole I'm here with my temporary party! These are good people we helped to level up together, and we don't need the likes of you around them!"

"For your information moron, I helped these former kids get their class ups! Have you looked at them yet!?" Bakugou yells back.

Larc then made a glance at the three now scared former demi kids, while still recognizable, Larc was surprised to see them all grown up now. While he is happy to see his new friends get stronger and more mature, he didn't want to believe that it was this asshole that made them this way, "No way could you be responsible for such a thing asshole! Are you here to just scam them out of there equipment Kido!" he continues yelling and accusing him as their heads locked harder than before.

"Call me Kido again farmer boy and there won't be a face left to feel any pain!" Bakugou yells as smoke comes out of his palms again.

Larc was about to grab his scythe until Rifana then runs up to the two, "Wait a minute Larc, it's true! Sir Bakugou did help us level up, he's the cardinal shield hero and he teleported us back to Melromarc's capital to do the upgrades! Please calm down!" she yells at the warrior.

Raphtalia and Kiel nod with her to confirm it, while the sidekicks readied their weapons out just incase this gets violent.

Thankfully despite his annoyance, he didn't want to think the three were lying and as he clutched his fists Larc backs down, "Alright fine! Even though you deserve it, I'm a better man than you are and won't attack you for helping people out." he says back at the hero barely holding himself back.

Bakugou then turns his head toward Rifana, "What are you three doing with this idiot anyway!?" he demands from the weasel girl.

Rifana didn't know what to say looking nervous not wanting to say anything to offend the short temper hero, "Uh... Well... They... They.."

Then Raphtalia spoke up to help her friend out, "Sir Bakugou, Larc, and Therese are our teammates of sorts. Right before the event started the two were asking around for people to help level up in the event. They encountered us and Lord Reichnott was happy to accept the offer, thinking we can all benefit working together leveling up." she explains the situation.

Bakugou quickly turns his head to the Lord who was smiling and nodding to confirm it. Bakugou then saw through why he approached him this way in the first place, "Ha, I see four-eyes, you knew about my little spout with this idiot and immediately used up that favor to get on with it as fast as possible knowing I wouldn't accept it if I knew these morons were involved with you? I admit, that wasn't half bad thinking." he surprisingly compliments the lord though still with anger in his tone with the sight of Larc still around.

Reichnott smiles once more, "Well your little spout wasn't exactly a quiet event. And a noble must know how well to use their resources and make sure they aren't wasted and used well." he responds to the shield hero.

Larc though had enough of being anywhere near Bakugou, "Let's just keep moving, my tolerance of this guy is pretty limited right now."

"Larc please!" Therese shouts at Larc, not wanting hostilities to continue and make another scene.

Bakugou turns himself around as he walks toward his sidekicks, "Same here, I've already have to smell the bullshit coming from the 2 cardinal idiots, I don't need to smell even more from this dumbass. Come on let's go!" he shouts toward his team.

The sidekicks knowing there wasn't anything that will change his mind, nodded and follow their leader.

With that, Reichnott and his group head off in the opposite direction with the two powerful adventurers.

Rifana looked a little depressed though, "I didn't even get the chance to properly say goodbye to him, I hope Sir Bakugou doesn't see me as rude or uncaring?" she says out loud as she holds her hands together.

Raphtalia and Kiel quickly comfort her, "Don't worry Rifana, I doubt this will be the last time we meet them. If we keep getting stronger, we'll be able to help out with the kingdom more and encounter him again." Kiel says to comfort her friends with Raphtalia nodding in agreement.

It helped lightened the weasel girl's mood and smiled back.

Larc was getting annoyed by hearing Bakugou being mentioned again, "I don't know why any of you want to associate yourselves with the likes of him? That guy can barely be talked to without getting offended by something." he says out loud at his team.

Raphtalia went on to defend Bakugou, "It's not about one's words or their attitude Larc, it's by one's actions. Despite all the bad things the former king and elder princess did to him, he's helped so many people of all kinds and races. He deserves the title hero."

Larc wasn't changing his mind though, "Well I still don't see it, but let's just forget him and move on, I need something to get all of this rage out." Larc responds.

Reichnott nods to that, hoping for a change in subject, " Of course, let's not burn away any more daylight and find that watering hole where some of the monsters are reportedly gathering around to level up more." he says as the rest leave the area and follow the lord.

It still ate at Rifana about Bakugou's words earlier of the possibility of adding more team members to his group, could she really be accepted by him one day to be his new partner, and will that later on lead to him proposing for marriage?"

4 days later after that encounter, Bakusquad continued grinding monsters and collecting their drops. Their momentum continued as the team proceeded with their coordinated attacks. They became effective killing machines in every encounter no matter how big or how many monsters are thrown at them. And these encounters were finished faster and faster with each level up the team was gaining.

They killed so many that much of their equipment was starting to get worn down from the slicing and stabbing. But thankfully the continuous killings kept on dropping items, materials, and even weapons, Bakugou quickly uses them to repair, upgrade, or create new items with his blacksmithing skills once more making the crew as deadly as before.

Eventually though, they had to stop themselves after so much once the sun nearly sets.

The crew flies back to the main island to finally rest, but once they got there they were invited to a special bar for a big party many adventurers had come together to celebrate how successful the island grinds have been so far.

Bakugou of course accepted it, with the crew just happy to join in on the drinks as well, from all the killing they've done in the last few days.

Once at the bar it was a live event with dozens of adventurers of all shapes and sizes enjoying their time, eating, drinking, and just talking with one another.

The shield squad had quickly indulged themselves with everyone going at it with the drinking.

Bakugou had been the most conservative in drinking only a few glasses, the rest of his squad have been more indulgent in their drinks, thanks to some of Bakugou's toxicity bonuses even lightweights like Neia can indulge without getting plastered immediately, but even then they still can get drunk with the young elf woman already getting red on her cheeks. Rino and Daven could hold their liquor fine, but even they are enjoying the buzz.

Other heroes were at that party as well. Notably Ren and his crew, who were eating and drinking all the same, except Scarlet, "Come on Master Ren, just a little?" she politely ask her master.

But Ren wasn't comfortable with her drinking Alcohol despite being technically a full-grown Queen Filolial, she was still only a few months old with the human appearance of a young girl, "Scarlet no. We don't know what it could do to your young little liver. There's plenty else to drink why not have some of the non-alcoholic juices they have available? I'm sure they taste better than alcohol", Ren excuses trying to give Scarlet other options. But it just annoyed the bird, thinking she was royalty now so she should be treated more like an adult, and adults drink alcohol all the time right? That was what she thought anyway, but there was no arguing with her master, and continued to just drink the lemonade.

Tensions did grow a little that night when Lord Reichnott and his crew arrived, there was some silence when Larc made his appearance with everyone there, knowing about his "relation" with the shield hero.

But despite some angry snarls from each other, the two kept their distance from one another knowing starting a major fight here could risk them getting kicked off the island.

It was disappointing to Rifana who wanted to talk to the shield hero again, but she knew there be opportunities later, right now she and the rest of her group were here to celebrate and enjoy themselves for all of their hard work. Today was special for the former three demi-kids because with their adult bodies they can now healthily process alcohol, so this would be their first time drinking alcohol.

And after a few drinks like the shield squad, some could hold their liquor better than others. Rifana was already plastered mumbling about her so-called future husband among other random things. Raphtalia was already red in her cheeks doing all she can to keep her mind straight, and Kiel was handling hers the best still being able to hold conversations despite the buzz.

But if things weren't crazy enough two other "heroes" showed up. None other than Ponytail Slut and Bow Bitch who heard what was going down in this area and wanted to be a part of it as cardinal heroes. However since they weren't invited through the Queen's rule of no free party invitations, they had to pay an admission fee out of pocket to get in. And despite their financial situations, the two bit the bullets and paid, not wanting to be left out of something Bakugou and Ren were a part of.

Despite the circumstances, Ponytail Slut started to quickly himself as he as well as Bitch and Bigger Bitch quickly got drunk themselves and were indulging in the expensive party.

Things were less cheery for Bow Bitch, pretty much everyone gave him the angry eyes, with his reputation as kill stealer almost public knowledge across the island now, so his drinking was less for fun and socializing and more for him to forget how shitty his situation is right now.

His party wasn't much different especially Mald who indulged in drinking again. And after getting a good sight of Neia and Daven again with Rino conversing with some other mages and Bakugou was over at the bar, the drunk arrogant man stumbles himself to the two.

Neia and Daven quickly looked annoyed to be seeing the same asshole all over again as he slammed his fist on their table, "You stupid demi's! Why do you have to drag your stench everywhere and ruin everyone's good time!" the racist man rants drinking directly from a glass bottle.

The two sidekicks were just annoyed by this, "Your stench isn't much better, you smell like a pig yourself and got the fat to prove it." a buzzed Neia insults the man back with Daven smiling beside her.

"Hey it's not fat! It's muscle! And you stupid demi's think you can just ignore me!? Because of you I had to pay extra fines placed on my bill for fighting you at the Queen's party and for saying lord Itsu-the bow hero's old name! You know how much that cost me!? And on top of that her majesty warned me if I start anything with you stupid demi's again she'll change my legal name too!" Mald ranted at them but the two barely cared, they were too drunk to even bother.

Neia continued talking back, "It's called having manners dumbass, if you had known yours, you wouldn't have gotten shit on by the Queen. Besides if I could I can kick your ass any time as Daven did to you. He already kicked you in your ugly face haha!"

Drunken Mald grew angrier and slammed his fist on the table once more, "Is that a challenge you stupid demi!? Why don't you prove to me that you're somehow stronger!?"

Buzzed-drunk Neia smiles at that, "Sure, how about an arm wrestling match?" she challenges the equally drunk Mald who grins at the idea.

"You're on demi!" he agrees. Mald quickly sits himself on the table ready for the challenge.

A bunch of people were also watching the challenge, all to see how such a thing would go. Mald looked physically bigger and stronger compared to the shorter and thinner Neia. But even they knew appearances aren't everything and even then they can see Neia has some muscles of her own.

The two challengers grip their hands together ready to see who's strongest with Daven acting as the referee. The cat rogue raised his arm out and says, "Ok, on a count of three, one... two... three!"

But right after Daven shouted three, Neia almost instantly threw down Malds arm on the table, instantly winning the challenge like that. She was definitely stronger than she looked.

The crowd cheers to Neia's quick victory with the buzzed elf warrior smiling and nodding back.

Mald though despite his shock from instantly losing wasn't going to take the loss like that, "Hey that wasn't fair! I wasn't ready yet!" he complains to Neia.

"Daven counted to three dumbass, how were you not ready before he counted?" Neia questioned the sore loser, with her drunk mind wanting to just mess with the pissed-off man.

"I just wasn't ready yet Demi! This doesn't count, I want a rematch!" Mald continues yelling at the girl.

Neia shrugs and decided to go along with it and puts her arm out for his "rematch" as Mald smugly smiles doing the same.

Daven once again counted down, "one... two... three!"

Mald immediately goes all out trying all his might to win this time. But despite his intense struggle Neia was barely reacting to it and was using her other hand to pick up a drink.

After gulping it, she looks back at the struggling Mald who was already cheating using both his hands trying to get Neia's arm to even bulge.

Neia then smirks and said, "Oh sorry about that, I forgot we already started." And with barely any effort she instantly forced Mald's arm onto the table.

The crowd once again cheers to Neia with the drunk elf girl happy to hear them.

But Mald continued to act like a sore loser and can't use the same "not ready" excuse, "That wasn't fair! You must've somehow cheated with the shield devils abilities and boosts!" he rants to Neia, who just shakes her head to the pathetic man.

Daven even brought up, "How's that any different than relying on Bow Bitches passive abilities, and you used both hands in the last round so you were blatantly cheating."

"You shut the hell up fleabag!" He yells at Daven and turns back to Neia, "Let's settle this like real men and challenge me to a duel outside the restaurant and see if you're as all-powerful as you think you are!?"

"No thank you." Neia casually says back.

Mald looked baffled and angrier, "What!? You can't just refuse a duel like that you stupid demi!" he yells back almost at his wit's end.

Neia just once again casually responds with, "I just did, you're not worth my time."

Drunken Mald had it and finally grabs for his sword, "I'll show you who's worth your time!" he yells and throws his sword toward Neia's head.

But before anyone else could stop Mald, Neia with just her two fingers stops the descending blade, surprising Mald that she was now strong enough to do just that. And before he could try anything else, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" Mald screams as Neia electrocutes him through the sword. And like at the party before, once Neia finishes the smoking moaning man collapses on the ground in pain.

And as if nothing happened Neia and the crowd went back to normal as everyone goes back to drinking and enjoying their time. While Mald gets dragged back to Bow Bitches table once more making a fool of himself.

"Ha dumbass loser!" Bakugou says still leaning on the bar enjoying the whole show. He loves it when his sidekicks do these things without him lifting a single finger.

As he looks around the bar he noticed a basket of Jawbreaker-sized red berries. After spending time on this island, he found out these things are called Rucolu fruit, these things are said to be so concentrated with alcohol it is worth a full barrel of wine, to just get something drinkable you had to dilute it in water first.

It made Bakugou curious about the thing, thanks partly to his somewhat drunk state he wonder if he can handle eating a whole one himself. He got the idea after he witnesses Kirishima gobbling one whole. The first one didn't have any effect on him, a barrel of wine to a dragon in his true size would be nothing, but then Kirishima kept eating a couple more, and soon even the dragon was starting to feel the effects of drunkenness from the many berries he ate as he waddle's around the bar counter barely able to carry himself up.

Bakugou thought it looked amusing, it was always fun to see how animals react when they're drunk from alcohol. He wondered, 'If my dragon can handle these things, maybe I can myself.' he says in his buzzed head.

So for the big test, he activates a couple of toxicity-related skills as well as drinks some specialized potions. He then picks up one berry and inserts it into his shield and unlocked *Rucolu shield: raises alcohol tolerance by 20%* he then quickly picked up a second one for consumption, though the barkeeper quickly noticed and looked terrified at what he knew Bakugou was going to do, "Wait Sir Shield hero! Please don't eat that! It could easily kill you from how much alcohol it contains!" he warns the hero.

But Bakugou shrugs, "I know what I'm doing Barkeep, I handled far worse!" he responds and ignores the warnings.

Bakugou then swallowed the berry whole. At first Bakugou didn't know what the big deal was, the berry had no real side effect. It was actually quite sweet with barely the taste of alcohol in it. But things changed rapidly in a few short seconds, as the berry's effect took in, Bakugou felt great pain in the stomach as the huge amount of alcohol quickly bursts itself from his stomach.

The shield hero now felt a huge amount of pain in his abdomen like a massive stomach ache, he grips his stomach already instantly regretting eating the berry. But despite the pain he was handling it a lot better than people who would eat the fruit whole, he was barely able to keep himself up trying his best to hold out from the worse of it.

The barkeeper and some of the adventurers including his sidekicks around him were all watching nervously wondering if the shield hero was dying or not. But despite his upset stomach and the moaning, Bakugou kept himself up which still surprised the barkeep, "Sir Bakugou are you ok?" Rino asked with a lot of fear in her tone.

Bakugou just looks up angrily at his sidekick, "Grrrr-Damn it! I'm fine- I just need to- Damn it I just need to-!" Bakugou then couldn't take it anymore and immediately runs toward the nearest trashcan and pukes into it, even he could only tolerate the berry for so long.

After he finished puking, Bakugou lays himself on a seat, moaning in annoyance that he made himself look like a fool in front of everyone.

But despite that, the adventurers around were impressed that the hero could tolerate such a thing for so long and survive. Everyone continued with their times at the party with the barkeep looking at a facepalming Bakugou now dealing with a splitting headache, "Don't feel bad about yourself hero, I don't think I've seen anyone human or demi-human alike tolerate the rucolu for that long." he says to the hero trying to cheer him up.

"Shut up barkeep and get me something sweet!" Bakugou yells back not in the mood from supposed pity.

"Just took on a rucolu and you're still wanting an alcoholic drink afterward?" the barkeep asked jokingly.

"Just give me a damn drink!" Bakugou yells at the Barkeep who smiles toward the hero and looks around to find something sweet for him.

But as Bakugou waits someone he didn't want to see was stumbling his way to the Bar, Ponytail slut. He smugly smiles at the recovering shield hero, "Ha, that was quite pathetic Bakugou, can't handle some alcohol and food like a real man." he mocks the shield hero.

Bakugou was ready to blast the Spear hero's face off, but stopped himself as he witnesses Ponytail Slut grabbing one of the berries, ignorant of what they are.

The Barkeep noticed as he was approaching back with the Shield hero's drink, "Wait Sir Spear hero don't eat-!"

But before the Barkeeper could finish, and with Bakugou putting zero effort to stop him, Ponytail slut swallows the berry whole. He then continued his mocking, "Ha, see that's how a real man holds his-Ggaahh...!" But that stopped once the berry kicked in, but unlike Bakugou before, Ponytail couldn't remotely hold the berry's alcohol content.

Ponytail's face instantly turns purple and was foaming heavily out of his mouth as if he has rabies. The Spear hero couldn't even speak anymore and just falls backward. He lies on the ground, unconscious, and continually foaming out of the mouth with his team looking on in horror.

"Some real man huh?" Bakugou jokes out loud as he ignored the down Spear hero

"Sir Moto-Spear hero! Someone get him to the hospital as soon as possible!" yelled Bitch, panicking that the Spear hero's health was truly in danger when it looks like he was suffering from a stroke from the berry.

She and Bigger Bitch grabbed his arms and dragged the foaming hero to the nearest hospital to treat him.

Everyone else just continued their time and enjoyed themselves.

Bakugou drinks his sweet alcoholic beverage wanting to relax once again and forget about the berries.

Then his dragon dragged himself on the counter again, with Kirishima casually grabbing and eating another berry whole again like nothing.

"Ha, show off." Bakugou says quietly at his drunk dragon while rubbing his head.

"Master Ren, can I drink the alcohol lemonade at least or try one of those berries?" Scarlet asked once more.

"Scarlet how many times did I tell you no," Ren responds back.

"But that stupid dragon gets to eat them?" Scarlet points out.

"Well I'm not Kirishima's par-master, I'm yours and I don't want you drinking or eating that stuff," Ren responds once again with his filolial continually pouting as she drinks on her kid's lemonade.

It was definitely an interesting night for all the heroes.

It was now 2 days after that party and the grinding continued for everyone.

Well almost everyone, Ponytail Slut was sent to the hospital after passing out from eating that berry. It was seriously affecting him, the doctors had to literally pump Motoyasu's stomach just to get the berry out before the alcohol content permanently damages his body.

He thankfully survived, but for those 2 days he had been suffering from an extremely bad hangover from the berry's alcohol content still in his system and had to spend them in the hospital until he recovers.

Everyone else though was active and sober the morning after, Ren and Bow Bitches group didn't drink a huge amount so they were ok in the morning. But for Bakugou and crew, thanks to the shield hero's numerous status effects, everyone's alcohol levels went down considerably overnight with everyone getting sober and not suffering from any effects of a hangover.

They also heard that Mald was ordered into the Earls's office knowing the Earl had a direct line to the Queen. Everyone knew he was in deep shit after his episode at the bar.

Bakusquad kept up the same routine as usual with them rapidly killing the monsters from their abilities and teamwork making quick work of even the biggest mook.

However Bakugou noticed something he didn't like to see by noon the day after the bar party. He was no longer gaining any levels. Bakugou started to notice he was gradually leveling less and less over time and the same applied to his teammates, but it was still a significant amount, but now even from the biggest and most powerful enemies they were barely increasing his levels despite the high XP. And the other cardinal heroes are nowhere to be seen on the islands they grind on so that excuse is out of the window.

He had heard from the Earl that after a while, grinding in the same area for so long and through so many levels you eventually stop progressing your levels. Bakugou compared it to some games where you gain fewer and fewer experience points the longer you stay and grind enemies in one area and level up, to prevent the player from getting overpowered in the early parts of the game.

As of now, he was now level 90, Kirishima was level 84, Rino was level 82, and Neia and Daven were both level 80. So they were now all significantly stronger than before so Bakugou was still satisfied with the results. He knew though they were all getting near the 100-level cap, he had heard rumors of ways to break the 100-level cap to keep leveling after that, but he wants a confirmed source on it or how it was even possible before going on any wild goose chases. He would have to keep researching to find any lead, but in the meantime he knew he had to work in advancing his skills and his many shield to compensate for it, along with getting his sidekicks stronger.

Bakugou figured that since the monsters still left drops when they die, they should now prioritize gaining as much stuff as they can, not only to use the materials to create upgrades and create better weapons and armors but for Bakugou to continue to experiment with the Bows and Spears methods of leveling his weapons and stats. Not to mention there were still many unique monsters they haven't killed yet, so they will do what they can to find them to gain more shields before their populations get wiped out.

So for the rest of the day and the day after that, they were now grinding for drop items, so they were now attacking certain populations to get things Bakugou might be lacking in, they also quickly visited every single island they haven't been too yet to kill off any new monsters they haven't encountered before.

Right now in the evening, they were in the middle of fighting with something called a Karma monster Dog, a strange-looking demonic dog creature with sharp fangs and claws with wings and horns on its head like a bull. The sidekicks remembered Ponytail Slut fighting something like it but what they were fighting now was a lot bigger and stronger than that one. It had advanced strength and agility and can conjure up multiple smaller versions of itself to overwhelm its opponents

It would've been a scary monster for any low-rank adventurer, but this was nothing to Bakugou and his crew. The crew continued working together as Bakugou provides the defense and the explosions, Daven attacks its weak points and like with the rabbit monster he cripples its movement on the legs, Rino provide magic boosts and agro blasts as she and Kirishima dealt with all the familiars, with Neia attacking both the mooks and the monster with her dual swords dealing heavy damage with her increasingly potent electric attacks.

The monster kept spamming dozens upon dozens of its familiars but can't keep up with how fast the sidekicks killed them as none of its teeth or claws can pierce through the shield hero's body as it forced itself to attack now literally blind at the shield hero after Daven stabbed out its eyes, only for it to shatter its teeth when it bit into Bakugou's shield.

"Magic chains!" Rino shouts as magic chains come out of the ground to wrap around the dog monster.

"Electric surge!" Neia shouts as she grabs one of the chains to electrocute the monster stuck in it.

Bakugou then extends his hand out to the now extremely weakened monster dog with its mouth still stuck on the shield, and he shouts, "DIE!"


And from that explosion, the monster dog boss instantly dies with its head blown up.

After that, it was a fast clean-up for the sidekicks taking out the last of the living familiars quickly.

It was another victory for the team as they cheer with each other in killing the boss monster without much effort.

Neia walks up to the dead boss monster's corpse, "Any more good drops Sir Bakugou?" she asked her leader Bakugou.

However after Bakugou absorbs the drops he looked disappointed to see that pretty much all of the drops were all items he already has a huge surplus of. After so much item grinding the last two days, Bakugou pretty much has over 20 of everything from drops more than he'll ever need even for experimenting, "It's the exact same shit we got from the last set of dogs we butchered. This whole thing was a big waste of time." he complains, then he started rubbing his chin thinking about the whole thing, "Perhaps that's a sign we should finally stop grinding for this crap now, we're just wasting our times at this point." he continued.

The sidekicks understood the feeling, Daven then spoke up about their current roadblock situation, "So what do we do now?"

After a few more seconds of thinking, Bakugou made up his mind and smiles, "Simple, why don't we finally take a vacation. For real this time." he announced.

It surprised the crew, "What do you mean vacation Sir Bakugou?" Neia asked.

"I mean no more grinding shit, and no wave is happening in a while in Melromarc so we have no hurry of going back right now especially with Paleface and the losers still grinding. Since we're in a tropical paradise already, let's just enjoy ourselves for once with no bullshit for a couple of days. No complaints out of you I hope?" Bakugou responds being completely serious about it.

The sidekicks were also tired from all of the grinding and agreed that they could use some rest as well and are up for this real vacation. The 3 nodded to this, "Sure, let's go for a real vacation." Rino responds for everyone. Kirishima also didn't complain as he already shrank himself down and jumped on his father's shoulder to rest, already taking advantage of their small vacation.

Bakugou smiles once more as he rubs his dragon's now small head, "Alright Kiri, let's just go on one of the boats for once. As of now we start our vacation!" he announced and he and his crew walk their way toward the island shore to the boats back to the main island to begin the vacation.

Five days had passed since Bakusquads vacation officially started. It was a time for rest and enjoyment for the crew. Right now, they were not worried about heroics or training. This was now a time for all of them to enjoy themselves, they knew this was something they won't get in a long time, so they might as well enjoy it now while it lasted.

From enjoying the beaches, the spas, the numerous restaurants, and many other fun activities they had on the island to enjoy. At night though Bakugou still does his experimenting and Neia talks with Melty through Scarlet's crystal ball for some more water magic tips and training, but other than that it was just fun and relaxation for the crew.

And just 2 days after the start of the shield hero's team's vacation, Ren Amaki eventually decided to follow Bakugou's way and start a vacation for him and his team once they encounter the same problem as Bakusquad. Ren was now level 84, Scarlet was 81, and the rest of the sword hero team were all within the high 70's and were no longer leveling up after that. They also farmed a bit for resources like the shield team, but Ren got bored of this a lot faster with it only lasting half a day. The sword team follow the Shield hero's lead and started their own vacation.

The same can't be said for the Spear and Bow hero teams, with them forcing themselves to grind as much as they can to catch up to their rivals, especially Bakugou.

Ponytail slut recovered from the berry incident but was lagging behind everyone else in terms of himself and his levels when he still insists on doing everything himself while his teammates did nothing.

Bow Bitch was just as far behind as well, and along with that he continue to spark more trouble from the native islanders and visiting adventurers, but instead of stealing kills he was now trying to claim large parts or even whole islands for himself as his own personal hunting grounds and everyone else would be barred from entering them. But all this accomplished was him getting yelled at by the populace who ignored any of his claims and earned more scolding from the Earl who was nearly ready to have the Bow hero kicked out of the archipelago as he forced more hours-long lectures on the bratty hero.

Ren and Bakugou were also hearing rumors of them having trouble with some of the bigger bosses on some of the islands, the same bosses they and their teams can easily kill like nothing. It didn't surprise Bakugou, though Ren worried if those two are going to be able to keep up with the waves as they get stronger and stronger. He wished to give them tips to grind more efficiently, but as usual the 2 refuse to listen thinking they were above help and were doing fine.

They have also been hearing that they went to almost every shop on the island related to magic to get them to remove Bow Bitches Balding curse, Ponytail Sluts enchanted chastity belt and pink hair, and both brandings on their foreheads. But these went nowhere not only with the curses applied being from the Queen's best mages so no off-the-street mages are going be of much help, but most of them also know about the trials so they were not going to be on the crown's bad side for releasing the heroes punishments. And if those weren't factors, many that could possibly do it were charging huge amounts of gold to even think about breaking such powerful curses, gold neither Bow Bitch nor Ponytail Slut have.

But right now that didn't matter to Bakugou and Ren, they can worry about that nonsense with them later as the heroes and sidekicks enjoy their well-deserved vacations.

Right now both hero teams were at a civilian beach, all doing just normal beach-going things.

Rino in a dark pink 2-piece bikini with a short skirt around her bottom piece and wearing reading sunglasses, was currently in her little area laying back on a beach chair with an umbrella shading her from the intense sunlight. Not too far from her was Kirishima in his teen form resting while laying on a large hot boulder basking himself in the sun.

Rino was reading a novel from a favorite series of her's she's read since a little girl that was a major inspiration to take up adventuring. It was about a young witch who started as a farm girl who grew stronger and stronger with her magic, by the book volume she was on now that young witch can fight off greater demons like nothing. As she read and reread the novels of this series, she thinks to herself how much she has pretty much become this witch now, starting from a farm girl to being the companion of a cardinal hero, and one who knows what he is doing.

She wonders if she can fight off demons like her literary hero, though she has already beaten and permanently scarred Bitchwhore, who is pretty much a demon herself, so she might already be there. She also wonders if one day people would write books about her along with Bakugou and all of her new friends. Rino the magnificent sounds like a good title to her.

The mage girl then lowers her sunglasses and out in the ocean she witnesses her friend Neia wearing a dark blue one-piece swimsuit was currently on a board-like device she bought with her own money the locals called a "wave rider", though Bakugou called it a surfboard which is a term none of the locals heard of before, regardless of how loud he about it, thinking they were correcting him on the wrong name.

But regardless of what it's called, the elf warrior was pretty much doing as the name implies and surfed and ride the waves, using the Ocean waves themselves and her own growing water magic to glide across them. It was a fun sight for Rino to see how casual the originally insecure girl was now acting confident and enjoying herself.

"Heads up!" Neia shouts as she manipulates the waves with her magic to make one large localized wave, and as she maintains her balance on the wave, the body of water crashes right into an empty shoreline with the momentum of the force of the wave not stopping the surfing elf as she continues to slide across the open sand.

She didn't seem to be slowing down fast enough as she approaches Rino which the mage noticed, and with a wave of her hand, she manipulates the sand in front of her to make a small mound.

Neia launches herself right on the mound, after a few seconds of airtime Neia lands back on the ground with the surfboard, and thankfully with that airtime the momentum of the board finally stops itself short a few feet away from Rino.

"Thanks for that," Neia says to Rino as she picks up her board and inserts it in the sand.

"No problem, looks like you've gotten the hang of water magic. I guess you can call yourself a true water elf now." Rino compliments back happy to her friend has gotten so far with her magic.

Though the mention of water elf sparked something in Neia as she looks out to the Ocean, "Yeah, I guess so." Neia responds and Rino quickly noticed something off from Neia, not only from her less than enthusiastic tone but a lack of a smile on her face. Now she had a face of slight discomfort as she sighed and just sits down staring toward the wide open ocean.

"Are you ok Neia?" Rino asked wanting to know what was going on.

After a few seconds Neia responds, "It's nothing Rino, it's just-*sigh* it's just that.. looking at the ocean like this reminds me of home. It's so strange how I've become a completely different person after my exile, but despite that I still can never go back."

Rino now felt guilty bringing up the subject "Neia I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-"

"No no, please this has nothing to do with you. I should've moved on a long time ago and stopped thinking about it. By the Gods, in some places I still lack a backbone."

Rino then walked up toward Neia and sat next to her friend, "Don't say that Neia, there is nothing wrong with missing home, and never say never, thanks to Sir Bakugou you did the impossible in your people's eyes and become one of the biggest badasses out there. Just think about all of those haters' faces if they saw you now, they would now look stupid. And besides, you have a new home here now, with a new family that cares about you regardless of who you were before. In the end, isn't that all that matters?" Rino says to comfort Neia as the young elf woman smiled again feeling better, she really did have a true friend that she can always trust.

And after seeing his sister Neia looking sad like that to finally start cheering up again, Kirishima walks off of his rock to Neia and rubs his head on her side to express his love toward his family as well.

After that Neia laughed, "Hahaha, oh Kiri, you and everyone else in team Bakugou make everything feel better for me." She thanks and rubs her hand on Kirishima's head comforting the young dragon with Rino smiling back at the two.

"Die!" shouted a familiar voice that catches the three's attention and smile back toward it.

"Speaking of team Bakugou." Rino expresses and a bit away across the beach was an epic volleyball game going on.

One side was team Sword hero with Ren with his sword now a tiny pen-like object hanging around his swimsuit's waist, Scarlet now in a black and purple kids 2-piece swimsuit that also had a skirt like Rino's, and 2 of his partners fighting on one side. And on the other was Bakugou who himself is in a pair of swimming trunks with his shield transformed into a small bracelet-like object around his arm, Daven who is also in swim trunks that had an opening for his tail, and two other random beachgoers volunteering in the shield hero's side.

They were mostly playing normal volleyball, but the teams were allowed to use their magic and abilities to boost themselves.

Like anything else Bakugou took the whole thing as a legit challenge and was playing as hard as possible to win, despite this being for fun. Bakugou just blasted a volleyball down on the ground within Ren's side bouncing from the impact.

"Ha! That's now 18 to 12 Paleface!" Bakugou brags with Daven high-fiving him, almost everyone else just shrugs knowing this is Bakugou just being typical Bakugou.

Another beachgoer acting as referee picks up the ball at the side and tosses it up in the air to start the next round.

The game was erratic as the two sides use whatever they could to overpower the other side, with boosts and magic galore occurring all over from both sides, from Bakugou's explosions, Scarlet's wind powers, Daven's teleportation, and Ren's newfound strength.

It was quite the spectacle for many people just watching, including the rest of team Bakugou.

"Nice to see everyone else is having a good time out here." Neia says as her mood changes for the better.

Rino nods and smiles as she watches on especially on the shield side, "Yep, everyone having fun and looking good doing it." she says back as she focuses her eyes on Daven. Despite being half-cat the young mage woman was enjoying the sight of the shirtless muscular rogue that showed off some of his battle scars.

Neia smirks at this knowing what her friend was thinking, but kept silent to not ruin her mood and continued to watch. All the while Kirishima licks his wings from all the salt from the ocean breeze.

Back at the game, the two heroes kept hitting the ball back and forth trying to maneuver the other, with Bakugou using his explosion powers to pack a punch in his slams as well as get himself some air time. While Ren uses his now fast reflexes and agility to keep an eye on the ball to keep it from hitting the ground, just like in any sword fight he would have to block, dodge, and strike at the right moments.

"Die!" Bakugou shouts again slamming the ball down.

Ren slides on the sand and hits the fastball in the air on his side, "Scarlet hit it!" he shouts.

Scarlet then quickly jumps in the air and without much thought she kicks the ball, but it went far out of bounds away from the game.

The ball then slams right into the side of Kirishima's face in the middle of his licking. Kirishima quickly shakes his head from the stinging from the ball and looks angrily and growls at the dumb bird that did that.

Scarlet smirks back sticking her tongue out, she may not have planned that and just overshot her aim, but she still took in the enjoyment of hitting the dragon with the ball.

"Hey learn to aim you stupid bird! The goal is here!" Bakugou yells across from the net.

Scarlet then sticks her nose up at Bakugou to say, "Well sorry shield guy, I got distracted by the stink from you and the dragon. You two ought to think of getting a bath for every-*SLAM*OW!" but she got cut off after she gets a volleyball impact right on her face with the force of it knocking her down and sliding her a bit across the sand.

Scarlet quickly got herself up being ok but with a reddened face from the impact of the rubber ball as she angrily stares at the one who had thrown it, or more specifically knocked the ball with their tail, Kirishima quickly got his revenge as the dragon laughed to himself and turns back to the rock to bask in the sun again.

"Looks like someone else here stinks worse! Hahaha!" Bakugou mocks the bird princess who angrily throws the ball back at the referee not wanting to say a word about her humiliation.

Once back in her position the game continued, as the teams hit the ball back and forth at each other with team Ren doing all they can with team Bakugou in the lead in terms of points.

This kept up for a good long minute as the two sides kept up the pressure on each other with their magic abilities.

But things changed when Bakugou hits the ball extremely high up in the air as he launches himself in toward it, he grabbed the ball with one hand and blasted himself forward downward with the other hand falling fast toward the surprised-looking Ren and crew.

Once dangerously close to the ground and net, Bakugou shouts once more "DIE!" then blasts and launches the ball out of his hand.

With how fast and strong the ball was now falling, Ren and his team panicked and jumped out of the way.


The intense ball finally impacted the ground making a big crater in the sand on Ren's side.

It was quite the show as Bakugou safely lands himself on the ground thanks to his quirk. Despite the intensity and shock of the whole thing, technically no rules were broken and the ball landed within the lines so the ball was still good with the referee declaring the winner, "that's 12-20, team Bakugou wins!"

"Ha, hell yeah! Even without my whole squad, I'm still the best around!" Bakugou gloats as he high-fives Daven and the 2 volunteers.

After getting themselves up Ren and his team despite the loss still kept their smiles and were cool about the loss, knowing this was just a game and they still had fun with it and put on a show for everyone there.

After about an hour later everyone continued having fun at the beach with everyone doing activities with one another, Scarlet in particular was in the ocean swimming and doing deep dives exploring the underwater world.

Ren was currently just laying himself on the beach to relax in the sun, tired of games like volleyball despite Bakugou's insistence on more games just to show off. But Ren just wanted to relax for a bit and maybe get himself a little tan. Hoping that at least would stop the paleface nickname.

But while he relaxed in the sun, Scarlet came running out of the water toward him still wet from being in the ocean. She then says to him, "Master Ren, there's a lot of cool stuff underwater, theirs's even an underwater building of sorts down there."

The mention of that caught Neia's attention who was in earshot of the two, "City? Were there any bright lights and movement there?" she asked hoping this wasn't what she thought it was.

"No it's like one of those ruins places like on the islands, but it's just one building. It did sort of have a red glow to it, but nothing was moving in it." Scarlet responds to Neia.

"Oh that kind of city, sorry about that," Neia says back somewhat relieved.

The mention of this city did draw Bakugou's attention after he finished up beating another group of people in a beach game and drew his curiosity.

"That sounds interesting Scarlet, if you want to play around in it just be careful," Ren says back, thinking it could be just Scarlet's imagination running wild again, but if it was true, he wasn't going to look either way, he and underwater do not go together.

Scarlet was persistent though, "But the building is closed, so I can't even get inside it. Let me take you to it master Ren and we can get in and explore the inside together."

"Wait what do you mean explore together?" Ren asked knowing he wasn't liking where this was going.

"Come on master Ren let me show you." Scarlet persists and grabs his arm and drags him toward the ocean.

"Wait Scarlet no! No now is not the time to be doing this! Wait a minute!" Ren raises his voice as the girl drags him across the beach with the sword hero trying to resist but can't overpower the girl's strength.

It was an amusing sight to watch from everyone as Ren tries all in his might to not go into the ocean.

"Scarlet no! Not now please wait for me to... Uh for me to.." Ren continues to raise his voice as he was trying all he can to think of something to say back without exposing his embarrassing secret.

Scarlet eventually drags him near the water where the waves extend out the most before receding back to the ocean. Ren finally panics, he wished to not have to resort to this, but Scarlet gave him no choice, "I said Stop!"

Scarlet's slave crest finally activated again and it zaps the bird girl making her let go of Ren as she held onto her chest in pain while Ren moves away from the water. The act drew everyone's attention after Scarlet quickly recovered from the shock.

"Ow! Master Ren why did you do that?!" Scarlet cries while rubbing her upper chest.

"Scarlet when I say stop I mean stop, I thought I told you about this many times before, I can't even breathe underwater like you." Ren justifies himself, inside he still didn't like keeping the slave crest on her, but acts like this is why he kept the slave crest on.

"I just wanted to show you the underwater city, it looked cool and maybe we can find some cool stuff down there like some super duper god water or something?" Scarlet responds still not understanding why Ren refuses to ever go anywhere near the water with her.

"Well that's fine Scarlet, you can go there by yourself and play there without needing my help," Ren repeated.

"I told you already master Ren, the building is locked up so I can't go in. That's why I wanted you to come?"

"And I told you already I can't breathe underwater, and to not mention the... the... the pressure, yes the pressure of the water would probably kill me too."

"But don't you have that suit thing from that penguin boss we killed a few days ago?"

"Oh that, I.. Ah... Lost it, yes I accidentally lost that thing a while ago so I can't go down there." Ren lies continuing to try to make up whatever excuse he could.

Scarlet continued to look on disappointed, just wanting to do another adventure with her master and see what was in the thing below the water.

The talk of the city or whatever it was got into the shield hero's curiosity and turns toward Neia, "Blue why not go with the bird and see if any of this shit is even true?" he asked of his sidekick.

Neia nods and walks up to Scarlet who was happy to go together to see what she was talking about.

Around half an hour later Neia and Scarlet rise back out from the water back to the shore.

Neia approached Bakugou, "It's true, there are some underwater ruins down there, the doors won't open though, I think it might have some cardinal magic involved in it since none of mine or Scarlet's magic work on it, and we can't physically force them to open.

Bakugou rubs his chin with curiosity, he wants to find out what this thing was, now knowing this is real and not something the dumb bird made up, "Ha, fine then. I guess I'll look to see myself. Blue do that spell to put a bubble around my head and I'll go down there to open the thing." he requests to his sidekick.

"Sir Bakugou I barely have a hang of that spell, it can just pop halfway down and your lungs will get crushed, it's too dangerous for me to use now," Neia responds knowing her limits.

"Well I can't go down without air and safety from the pressure so what do you suggest then?" Bakugou asked her

Rino then spoke up to respond to that, "Don't you have that bodysuit thing with the funny red hat from the boss drop? I thought the description said it can allow the user to safely dive deep underwater?"

"Uuuuggghhhhh" Bakugou moans knowing what she was talking about. Bakugou activates his shield and from his inventory pops out the suit Rino was talking about as it lands in the sand.

Bakugou picks it up and it was the strange suit he got after killing the killer penguin alpha boss, the suit was a large human-sized penguin suit with buttons for eyes and had a Christmas Santa hat on its head. Bakugou moans again hating the idea of the design of the suit, "No way am I wearing this stupid thing!" he shouts out loud and threw the thing back on the ground.

What's exactly wrong with it Sir Bakugou?", Daven asked wondering why Bakugou would act so childish about a suit.

"It looks so stupid, I wouldn't be caught dead wearing this thing! It doesn't even make any sense! Why are there Christmas hats in this world? In a place where Jesus wasn't even born at!" Bakugou responds in his typical Bakugou attitude.

"What's Christmas?" Rino asked.

"And who was this Jesus guy? Is he a friend of yours back at home?" Neia also asked.

"Ugh! Forget about it! The suit still looks stupid and that is that and I won't be caught dead in it.

Ren then chimed in, "Would it be so bad if it was just painted in a different color?" he joked finding Bakugou acting like this to be somewhat amusing.

"Of course it won't... Actually not a bad idea." Bakugou brainstormed and before anyone could wonder what he had in mind, Bakugou pops out a bunch of crafting and paint items and immediately went to work on the suit on the stop.

It was a weird sudden tone shift from Bakugou and he speeds himself to make "improvements" to the penguin suit.

In just two short minutes Bakugou was done, "Perfect! Now that's more like it!" Bakugou shouts as he shows off the newly designed suit made for his Bakugou taste, the Santa hat was gone and the suit was now all red with painted flames and explosive sparks all around the suit with stenciled in eyebrows above the button eyes to make the suit look like it has an angry face. Now resembling more like a red hawk than a penguin anymore.

Everyone looked absolutely dumbfounded by the whole thing, "Me and my big mouth." Ren says quietly, after witnessing another Bakugou's antics, more than one he needs to see today already.

After that whole thing was done Scarlet, Neia, and in his newly designed suit Bakugou were now swimming underwater, on their way to this strange underwater building the bird kept talking about. Thankfully to Bakugou he also applied quick-drying paint on his suit so it wouldn't wash away in the water.

After 10 minutes underwater they find what they are looking for, it was a large underwater structure, and Bakugou could only theorize how it could've ended up like this from powerful magic, extremely bad weather, or sea monsters. He knew he'd have to prevent other countries from suffering from the same fate.

Once right by the building Bakugou in the suit approached the closed doors, and can already feel this thing's magic. Once he touches the door his shield glowed and right out of the weapon a stream of magic energy is being siphoned through the doors and finally opened up by itself.

The act surprised the 3 knowing such a place had to be of some importance if it was something only a cardinal hero could open up.

Wanting to find out Bakugou, Neia, and Scarlet head right in. Surprisingly despite the whole structure being completely underwater and doors wide open, most of the inside had no water and had breathable air in there. It doesn't make much sense physics-wise, but Bakugou wasn't going to question a world with magic in it, but even with that logic, it must've been some powerful magic to last this long considering how old these ruins were.

The three swam toward the center of the large room, noticing a red glow from even under the water. Once on solid ground, Bakugou takes off his newly designed penguin suit as he, Neia, and Scarlet walk up the structure.

Once at the top the three nearly gasp in surprise to see what it was. A dragon hourglass. Just like the ones in Melromarcs and Siltvelts cathedrals, still intact and still draining down the sand in it.

"Sir Bakugou, what could this mean?" Neia asked out loud afraid of the implications of this.

"That's what I'm trying to find out, you think I'm just going to stare at it?" he responds as he walks up to it while still being cautious.

And once he was close enough a beam of light from the hourglass strikes the shield, similar to how it did back in Melromarc and Siltvelt for registration of the cardinal weapon to them. Once the beam disappeared Bakugou quickly looked into his menu to see if anything was different. And one thing definitely was different as his eyes widen a bit in surprise.

"Sir Bakugou what's wrong? What is it?" Neia asked hoping it wasn't what she thought it was for the sake of this island.

"Get my suit quick blue!" he orders

Back on the beach after another half hour since Bakugou went into the Ocean, the crew and sword group were all waiting for the 3 to come back and hear about their underwater city adventure.

But unexpectedly the 3 had teleported right back to the beach with fast travel with Bakugou out of the redesigned penguin suit as he carries it with his arm. He now had a serious demeaner on his face with Neia and Scarlet looking worried themselves already knowing the situation at hand.

"So what did you find down there?" Rino asked with the others curious as well.

But Bakugou answers with, "Vacation is over now. Theirs a wave coming here in Cal Maria in just 3 days.

Authors note: I'm deeply deeply sorry for how long this chapter took to be released, I know some of you might be tired of me saying this, but I have no one to blame but myself. Though admittedly I was struggling a bit to come up with material for this chapter, their is only so much you can describe fights of grinding monsters and I knew I wouldn't be able to fit the Cal Mira wave in the chapter. Still I'm a bit disappointed in myself with how slow the story has been with releasing chapters with this year being the worst in terms of the amount of chapters being released. Though I shouldn't willow in self-pity and just move forward and do better with releasing chapters and updating the story. So thank you for all of your patience, and yeah I admit a lot of this chapter might be fillery with a lot of comedy in it and not to much in terms of fights, but thankfully the next chapter will involve the next wave of catastrophe and the end of the season 1 part of shield hero so that will be fun to look forward to. Thank you once more and hopefully see you soon.