It had been years since Venus and Mars had been colonised, years since the harsh environments of both worlds were tamed. To an extent. Mars was still partially uninhabited, due to the lack of gravity, but the colonizers found a way to thrive, in domed cities. Same with Venus, though their domed cities seemed to float, like Cloud City in Star Wars. But it worked and became home to many people.

That was the way of the world that Tom Corbett, Mike Samson, and Linda Carlton were born into. Tales of adventures in space, of exploration of other worlds, of close encounters with danger, it all thrilled them, inspired them, gave them a purpose. All three were quite young when they decided they wanted to be astronauts, and all three planned and worked hard to get there. And of all the colleges to attend, Sanford Institute was one of the best.

Robby Hoenig and his best friend Harry Smith were also planning on going to Sanford Institute, but for a different reason. Sanford was not only known for its astronaut program, but for all the sciences as well, and Robby and Harry were looking at exploring the sea. Robby's parents were both marine biologists, and Robby wanted to follow in their footsteps, while Harry not only wanted to explore, he also wanted to preserve the wonders of the sea.

Arden Blake, Sim Westover, Terry Landry, Peggy Lane, and several others, though, were looking at going to Cedar Ridge University, the neighboring college and the one that specialized in the arts, literature, and music. Psychology and sociology were also majors one could get at Cedar Ridge, and many did. But those who entered Cedar Ridge had dreams in mind and were determined to achieve them.

And though their paths would cross, they would find that they crossed in the most unusual way, and many secrets were revealed, many of which were wanting to stay hidden. But while many wanted to explore the vastness of space, these people soon found that there were mysteries to be still uncovered on Earth.

(Author's Note: All characters belong to their respective owners. Robby Hoenig's first mystery will begin posting on June 14th, the first mysteries at Sanford and Cedar Ridge will, hopefully, begin posting sometime in September or October. Be on the lookout for these, and the continuation of the other four books! I also wanted to post something in honor of the successful launch of the Dragon rocket. Thanks for reading, and have a blessed day!)