Chapter 91

It has been one full week since Salem's coming. One where she had brought the near-unstoppable Monstra, an army of Grimm, and had enhanced her own power by utilizing the Demon God Pillar to turn herself into one. By the end of the fight with her, many were dead, the front half of Beacon Academy had been destroyed, with more than a few people traumatized by the ordeal. Not helped that repairs would take who knows how long. For both the school and of course, the city of Vale itself.

Even so, despite all the mourning, life had to move on. Both for the people and those who participated, alongside the one who started it all.

"And done." Holding a small orb in her hand, Ishtar looked at Ozpin inside the basement of Beacon Academy. Placing it on a pedestal while wiping her hands. "With this, she's essentially trapped in there."

"Hmm. I see." Despite seeing the orb, all of this still felt unreal for Ozpin. So many years of fighting. So many years of failure. So many years…of wondering if this war would ever end. Yet here and now, beneath his school, Salem was here within this orb. Trapped after her defeat by the Servants who faced her within the Monstra, and soon after captured and imprisoned thanks to Ishtar and Ereshkigal, with minor aid from Chaldea itself.

From what Ozpin has been told, this orb will keep Salem from regenerating her body and entrapping her within her smoke form, unable to regain a physical body. And while her mind is still active to a certain degree, an additional spell had been placed to lessen Salem's thought process. Making it so that Salem will be incapable of higher thinking and the like. Unable to even form a cohesive thought.

Instead, she has been limited to simple emotional feelings to ensure she couldn't cause any trouble. Making it so that she won't be able to plan or fully realize the situation she's in. Granted, Ishtar and Ereshkigal could have just killed her instead. Even Chaldea, as while Salem's immortality is a bit tricky, it wasn't anything they couldn't handle. The only reason she was left in this condition is primarily because…Ozpin himself asked them to.

'Despite everything we've been through…I can't really imagine myself killing you…Not like this anyway.' Not to mention, for all the fighting they've done, the misery Salem inflicted on him and others, and all the deaths caused by her actions…Ozpin couldn't find himself to ever truly hate Salem. It was a strange feeling. Of course, in all honesty, it wasn't as if Ozpin still loved her. No, no, after all they've been through, Ozpin could never love her. Not like before. Nor could he forgive her for the crimes she's done throughout the ages.

'And yet, I suppose there's still some part of me that…doesn't wish for her to die. Not like this anyway.' Vengeful. Angry. Full of spite and rage towards the world. To the point where she decided that even if she wished to die, she'd only do so after taking the rest of the world with her. Even now, when limited to simple emotional thoughts, Ozpin could see her smoke form slamming into the orb with rage. Still full of hate as always.

"...can she hear us?" Ozpin then asked.

Ishtar looked at Ereshkigal who nodded. The former turned to Ozpin and said, "She's capable of hearing. She might not understand entirely, but considering she's a hybrid of a Grimm, she should still be capable of emotional understanding."

"Understood." Facing Salem's imprisoned form, Ozpin then placed a hand on the smooth glass and rubbed it. As if sensing him, the smoke viscously attempted to attack his hand. Shaking the orb just a bit as the smoke collided with the glass prison she's held in. "...can you…leave us for a bit?"

"Sure." In understanding, Ereshkigal nodded as she then grabbed her sister. "Take all the time you need." A portal opened up and the two sisters then left. Knowing why Ozpin asked them to leave, where once the two vanished, the headmaster faced Salem with a sorrowful look.

Sighing, Ozpin said, "After all this time, it seems this is how it ends." In response, Salem rammed herself again in a futile attempt to attack Ozpin. She didn't know why though, seeing as she's been cut off from actual thinking or even remembering properly. But the thousands of years of anger and hate towards Ozpin guided her into doing so.

Yet even as she continued to attack, Salem could still utilize the ability to sense emotions like the Grimm. Whereas she attacked, she could feel what Ozpin felt. Pity and sadness.

She didn't know why.

So she continued to attack while her ancient foe rubbed the glass orb. Parts of him contemplated killing Salem still, if only because of her current pitiful state. Yet another part of him wished for Salem to remain like this. Not out of some sadistic desire or an act of cruelty. But instead, for reasons that confused even Ozpin, he simply wished for Salem to be here so he could…talk to her. Be with her. Not out of love or friendship, but for one reason only.

"Maybe…" said Ozpin as he looked at her softly. "One day, you can let it all go. The hate you've accumulated. The anger and rage." It won't be easy though. For thousands of years, Salem has kept these emotions. Even when reduced to this, it wasn't as if she'd let them go anytime soon. But Ozpin, even when knowing it might be futile, wanted to try it out anyway. To see if perhaps, one day, he could slowly help her out. So that one day, when she truly does die, it won't be as a monster. But instead, a person.

Whether it worked or not, Ozpin honestly didn't know. He might just be working on a futile goal that will never work out. And if so, Remnant's new Goddesses have left him a small dagger that could kill Salem whenever he wished it.

A dagger that he kept in this room alongside Salem, with other defenses to ensure nobody could ever free her. Where only he could enter and speak with her in the coming days and years to go by. Chances are, one day he'll return and kill her if Salem couldn't change. But until then, Ozpin had every intention to continuously come down here every day and speak with her.

Of what's happening in Remnant. His students. Even the old days when the two had once been together. And who knows, just maybe, these stories can sooth Salem into something that wasn't full of spite.

"I suppose we'll just have to wait and see." Ozpin told Salem within the empty room they resided in. "After all, we have all the time in the world."

"And so we're done here I suppose." Sitting on a bench, while eating some ice cream, Ritsuka, Gudako, and other members of Chaldea were simply relaxing underneath the sun. Their time here is over.

"Is it?" Goredolf thought otherwise. "Because last I checked, we came here to deal with the infestation of Grimm that was coming to our world! And everything we did here had nothing to do with that!" Sure helping save lives was nice, leaving Goredolf with a nice feeling, but it also wasn't part of their original goal here.

"Well…" Gudako then shrugged. "Nothing we could really do about that." The second they got here, they eventually learned about the trouble these people were in and like always, decided to help out. Plus, it wasn't as if it was a complete waste of time. Something Kadoc decided to mention.

"We learned about the Servants here and managed to stop Gilgamesh." I mean, having the strongest Servant being under the control of some witch isn't exactly a good thing. Heck, it was a horrible situation seeing as how Gilgamesh had countless weapons with some more than capable of breaking through the Storm Border's defenses. Needless to say, the Captain didn't like the new holes and dented metal that had to be fixed.

"Right. Him." Rolling his eyes, Shirou then asked, "How's he doing?"

"Well, in fact." Answering Shirou's question is Da Vinci, who had been joyfully licking her ice cream like a child. After one more lick, Da Vinci said, "We've been doing some tests and as suspected, there was some taint, a curse you could say, that got rid of his mind and controlled his body. Like a puppet."

"Would explain why he wasn't good at aiming." Or at least, not as good as usual. Gilgamesh may not be a fighter in a traditional sense, but he knew how to hit from afar and which weapons to use in a certain situation. But as far as Rin could see, the Gilgamesh they fought, while not sloppy, wasn't as creative and held little capability in defending himself.

As such, while it was difficult, they eventually got him down from the sky and captured him. Though the last part was mainly because sometime during the fight, Gilgamesh just...stopped fighting. Reports from the Servants revealed this occurred some time after Avenger died. Likely cutting the two off, making Gilgamesh's body cease function. At the moment, his body was being kept within a specialized containment unit until they could transfer his mind, stuck in a Grimm Beetle for some reason, back into his body. Removing the taint that came from Angra Mainyu, who thankfully, has been defeated.

"It's a bit of a shame." Mash then said, recalling Angra Mainyu and the reports that mentioned the other Servants working for Salem. "To think they would work for Salem, in spite of the fact they had been with us before then."

"Eh. It happens." After all, in Akuta's mind, Servants change allegiances depending who they work with. It was just the natural order of things.

"But hey. At least we know that not all the Servants worked with her." Pepe also added. Referring to those who stayed and helped fight with them.

"Yes. Yes. All good." Goredolf then frowned. "But none of that actually helps us with dealing with the Grimm invasion." Because the answer wasn't going to magically fall onto their laps.

"Hello everybody." It was then Holmes walked towards them with a big smile on his face. "I am glad to say that with some team effort, we have discovered a way to ensure no more Grimm come to our world." Goredolf slapped his face as the world just seemed to love mocking him at times.

Holmes, who didn't seem to notice, just smiled as walking beside him is Sion who also looked rather chipper. Raising a brow, Kadoc asked, "And how did you figure that out?"

"You might want to come onto the ship. We have a guest inside." With such an answer, everyone followed Holmes into the Storm Border. Where upon entering a certain room, they discovered the occupant inside.

"What the-"


"Did not see that coming."

An occupant everyone recognized as Demon God Pillar Haagenti. Or what was left of him anyway. Unlike the previous Demon God Pillars Chaldea has faced, who were massive and imposing, with an aura of sheer power that intimidated their foes, here, this one is less so. Only a small piece of him remained, one eye only with the rest damaged and oozing, with readings claiming the magical power Haagenti had was below that of even a Servant. In other words, the last of Goetia's Demon God Pillars was no threat and at their mercy.

"...oh…you…" With Haagenti not even caring, noticing them and speaking weakly.

Blinking, Mash turned to Holmes and said, "I-is that-?"

"It is. Scans show he is the genuine deal." Holmes told her and the others. "And as for how we found him, well, it seems he managed to just barely escape the destruction of the Monstra." Though he clearly wasn't in the best of shape, seeing as what his current form is like. Why, when Holmes found Haagenti near the field miles away from the Monstra, he was near dead.

It was then Haagenti noticed them, his eye squinting.

"…to…mock…me…?" Haagenti then spoke, sputtering out more 'blood' while making a sound reminiscent of a cough. His one good eye looking at them before blinking pain fully. If one looks closely, you'd see strane blotches on his flesh with strands of a black gooey substance on him.

After a bit of silence, Gudako then spoke up. "Not really. If anything, we're…surprised."

"Heck. What happened to you?" Ritsuka asked.

"You seem quite ill." Pepe added in, actually sounding a bit sympathetic. Haagenti just scoffed. Still, he decided to answer regardless. If only to explain his current appearance.

"Was…attacked…Grimm." The others seemed to be a bit skeptical of that. Of course it made sense. After all, while these Grimm can be seen as the equivalent of a Demonic Beast, it was doubtful they could bring down a Demon God Pillar. So further explanation is required. "Argonauts…weakened…" Memories of Amity and the mass explosion came to mind. "Then struck by…Grimm…that could-…absorb…mana…"

"Absorb mana." Now that was an interesting ability. And as far as Rin knew, not too many creatures could do that. Though she had an idea on which creature. "According to the reports we got, those who faced Salem in the Monstra mentioned how there was a specific type of Grimm that could absorb mana."

"The beetles, according to Asclepius." Holmes recalled the report and how it mentioned Spartacus's mana was being drained by the small Grimm. Beetle-like Grimm in fact. Where they attack by latching stands of black goop to steal the magical energy from their target. And last Holmes checked, Servants and Demon God Pillars are made and wield quite the amount of magical energy.

"I suppose that would explain it." Even Da Vinci was surprised when she learned how Holmes discovered the Demon God Pillar and how weak it had become. With the answer being that it had been put in a position where Haagenti was used by Salem. It certainly explained how she became a Grimm God Pillar now. Likely due to Salem having absorbed his energy into herself.

"Alright then, so we have a Demon God Pillar." Yet while Haagenti's presence explained certain things to Goredolf, it didn't actually explain anything. Primarily, "But how does this actually explain the solving of the Grimm invasion back home?"

"Because Haagenti here has some insight on the situation. Don't you?" Da Vinci looks at the Demon God Pillar who then grunts. The small genius looks at the others and said, "From what we learned from him, apparently a deal between Gaia and Remnant was made."

"What? Are you serious?" Because to Kadoc, that sounded very ridiculous, insane, and outright unbelievable.

"Is it?" Akuta shrugged. "I mean, if earth has a will, then why not Remnant?"

"Yeah, but," Kadoc had to think a little on how to respond. "Such a reasoning just feels…like a bad plot device." One you'd see in some third-rate film with a poor script. Or a terrible fanfiction story like the ones he'd sometimes read online. All in all, nothing worth reading about in the first place if it featured such a thing.

"Right." Deciding to move on from the discussion, Da Vinci just held her tablet. "Anyway, from what we learned from Haagenti, he came here through a portal of sorts with many 'leftover' creatures from our world. And he actually knows a way to close the link between the two worlds." Haagenti had studied the portal on the chance he could use it for himself.

"And he just offered all this information willingly." Even Pepe couldn't help but feel a little suspicious at that alongside the others. I mean, considering what the past Demon God Pillars tried to do before, along with Jason confirming he wanted revenge when resurrecting his body, it's natural that Chaldea would have some doubts on Haagenti just willingly giving this information.

Fortunately for them, Haagenti had no intentions to betray them or even lie. Instead, it merely 'coughed' out blood while looking at them. Wheezing out, "I'm…incapable of…doing…anything…Even…h-healing is be-..beyond me."

Holmes nodded while speaking up. "It's true." Leaning towards Da Vinci, he tapped on an icon which showed an image of Haagenti. The readings on him were very low. "While Haagenti here won't die, the strain, stress, and abuse on his body has made his ability to heal malfunction all the way to outright incapable of doing so." Similar to Servants where if they took too much damage they can't properly heal themselves.

"So…is he dying?" Mash asked.

"No." Da Vinci answered. "But unless he gets outside help, he's more or less stuck like this. And even with assistance, he won't be able to recover any mana nor regenerate into his original form." The damage done to him had been permanent. Overall, he would never regain the former power he once had.

"Wait a minute." It was when he heard Da Vinci's words, Kadoc realizing something. "You said outside help. Does that mean-" It was then Holmes finished Kadoc's sentence.

"We'll be patching him back up."

"WHAT?!" Goredolf then cried out in surprise, with everyone else feeling similiair, if lesser, amount of surprise at hearing the news.

"Those were the terms." Holmes explained. "He would aid us in ensuring no more Grimm enters our world with his knowledge, and in turn we help him in his recovery."

"Where he then kills us afterward." Deadpanned Kadoc while crossing his arms. Holmes was about to say more, but Haagenti beat him to the punch.

"No…I…won't." Everyone looked at him with Ritsuka, stepping forward.

"Do you actually mean it?" While still cautious, Ritsuka alongside his sister and Mash have seen many enemies they once faced join or at the very least, no longer attack them. And while it might seem optimistic, Ritsuka felt the Demon God Pillar was being genuine.

"...yes." Grunted Goetia's former subordinate. "Even with…aid…I woul…ot…even be…a threat." Just speaking hurt Haagenti. And while magecraft could heal him, the constant drain on his mana alongside being caught in that explosion on Amity, without even gaining a chance to heal, had taken such a great toll on his body. So much that his Spirit Graph itself is permanently fractured. If anything, the best he could attain was a body that no longer hurt, that was about it.

"Once…healed…just leave…me…alone." Better to live in calm isolation than fighting. While there was still some anger in Haagenti, especially towards Medea (Lily), Haagenti was just tired. So tired. Especially after spending so long being bitten, drained, and maimed.

As such, Haagenti decided he'd aid Chaldea, and in turn, they'll drop him off on some no-name island where they would then place a powerful barrier to ensure he didn't escape. Even put a geass on him in a contract they're making. That was alright by him, as the barrier would also keep anybody out at the same time. Allowing him to finally achieve a measure of peace without anymore fighting. Something Chaldea didn't mind one bit.

"Then that means our mission is accomplished." Mash stated as she looked towards Goredolf, Holmes, and Da Vinci.

"It…appears so." It felt unusual, but Goredolf is taking what he can get. Giving a good chuckle. "Well then, it seems mission accomplished. I suppose we can go now."

"Oh, but why now?" Da Vinci whined a little while keeping a mischievous look on her expression. "I mean, come Director, can't we stay in this dimension just a little longer." She still wanted to see this world's branch of scientific progress for study. "It's not like we're on a deadline."

"That's correct. We first need to stabilize Haagenti here properly so he can tell us how to close the link." That, and Holmes also wanted to see what, ahem, recreational substance this world had. He already heard rumors of one which used bits of Lightning Dust to 'hype up' a man.

"Yeah G-Man!" Gudako joined in. "I still haven't gotten to see the cool mechas."

"Live ones. Not ones online or on video clips." If anything, Gudako and Ritsuka were both very eager to see these Paladins. I mean, sure, they've already seen Kintoki's Golden Bear, the Olympian Machine Gods, and some of Edison's inventions. But you know what, there's no crime in seeing more. Not to mention these mecha-shift weapons were also neat.

Nearby, Shirou was already looking at a few pictures of said weapons and ready to scan them when he saw the real deal for his Reality Marble. May as well get some sweet souvenirs before they leave. With Rin thinking the same. While some of those Dust crystals seemed mundane, she saw a few that looked exquisite. Others around then giving Goredolf a look, wanting to relax here in this other world and didn't want to hear a no. The pressure making the Director gulp before sighing.

"Well...fine." Goredolf relented while the two Masters high-fived. "I suppose a break is needed." Plus, he wouldn't mind checking this place out for a bit. Maybe even buy some new cooking tools. "Though soon, we'll need Sion to help out."

"Not anytime soon you won't." Kadoc then told Goredolf. "Sion is a bit busy right now." Kadoc added to Goredolf who blinked.

"Huh?" He asked confusingly. "What do you mean by that?"

"It seems someone here has met their alternative counterpart." Akuta said, though didn't exactly clarify things which only made Goredolf blink. Pepe decided to take over from there.

"She means Sions actually speaking to this universe's version of herself." Pepe chuckled while briefly pondering if he had his own version here. As for Goredolf, he balked.


"-and so, after meeting Shiki and…the annoying girl with him, they helped me out with my semblance problems." Sion, the one from Atlas, finished speaking her story to her other self. "Heck, they even kicked my dad's ass when he tried to experiment on me. Jerk."

"Huh? My dad was nice to me. Guess this shows that different versions have different lives." Sion, from Chaldea, nodded with a smile. Recalling her loving doting father. "Anyway, nice to see how you made good friends. For me, up until Chaldea, I didn't really have any." Everyone in the Atlas Institute is far too focused on their work than to make friends. The closest anybody got was work-buddies and that was it.

"They are sweet…ish." While also having oddities about them. Still, Sion, or Sion R (emnant) as she calls herself to ensure she and Sion E(arth) don't get themselves confused, shrugged. "I talk to them occasionally whenever I can."

"Busy with work." Sion (E) grinned with Sion R doing the same.

"I can get a bit obsessed with my projects."

"Totally understand. Been there myself at times." Sion (E) admits while then overlooking something on the holographic screen. "And I must say, trying to make a new generation of human androids sounds quite interesting."

"Not as much as how you've accomplished dimension travel." Sion R gushed as she gazed at some of the schematics that her alternative counterpart gave her alongside a few other projects. "These blueprints you've given me are incredible. So awesome!"

"Hehehe. Thanks." While Sion (E) really shouldn't be doing this, she never was one to care much about rules. And hey, technically she's only showing these to herself. So all was fine in her opinion. And if anybody tries to complain, maybe she'll use this mecha-shift gun Sion R gave her. Well, until she made it anyway, seeing as how her counterpart only gave her the blueprints. But the sniper/sword seemed neat to use. Been a while since Sion (E) used a weapon anyway.

"Anyway," Sion (E) decided to ask something, hoping her counterpart would oblige. "How are things back home?"

"Alright." Sion R tells her. Looking at a tablet on the other side of the holographic screen the two spoke through. "News has already spread that this Salem woman was beaten. And while there is still some worry, which is attracting Grimm, the military is dealing with them with public order being alright in both Atlas and Mantle. Helps that the Winter-Ops have been making a good impression down in Mantle."

"Ah. The Winter-Ops." Shame that they, and the Servants in Vacuo, couldn't help them out during the battle with Salem. Along with the few others out there. Having every single Servant that had landed here in Vacuo would have ended the battle much sooner. Sure Salem turned herself into a forgery of a Demon God Pillar, but against over two dozen Servants, she wouldn't have lasted long.

As Sion (E) thought this, she then overheard Sion R say something that caught her attention. "-lso strange when studying Ironwood's new arm. So gankly and strange. Especially since it can stretch and is all orange."

"I'm sorry, what?"

"Congratulations Glynda. To think it's finally done. Salem defeated." Speaking to the deputy of Beacon, or its remains, James Ironwood smiled as he spoke to the Huntress who smiled back.

"Admittingly, we needed help. Lots of it. But it seems these Servants, the new Goddesses anyway, managed to capture Salem's soul."

"And according to this video I saw, it seems they got help when Ozpin used the Relic of Destruction. Quite the view count." It was posted online everywhere. And while Ironwood felt it was risky, very risky, that Ozpin even used it, considering the circumstances the general supposed it made sense. After all, Ironwood doubted any normal weapon would have left a dent on the Monstra. But a weapon made by a God, certainly.

'Granted, there was a risk of people becoming suspicious about the sword…' Thankfully, it seems that most viewers merely assumed Ozpin used his own power instead of believing some strange sword could do such a thing. Magic, as people were saying. 'At the very least, they won't go after the sword now.' Just bug Ozpin for a bit on his capability, Ironwood thought as he tapped his desk. Smirking a little as it seems Ozpin would deal with the media for a bit now.

"Oh, James." Glynda then spoke, catching his attention.


"I almost forgot to ask. Your…arm..?"

Ah, right. That. Still orange. Still…whatever it was. Ironwood then sighed. "I have no idea what it is to be honest. All scans and studies have proven nothing. It's just…there. For who knows how long." If anything, Ironwood was just glad it wasn't doing anything…weird to him. Unless you count the occasional whisper and chuckle. But Ironwood decided to keep that to himself. Last thing he needed was to seem like some kind of loon.

As such, the arm was here to stay.

"But anyway, how are things back at Vale?" Ironwood then asked with worry. "I understand things must have been…difficult over there."

With a sigh, Glynda took off her glasses and rubbed them before putting them back on. "Needless to say, despite having achieved our goal in defeating Salem permanently, the fact is many did die. Especially when Salem had transformed the Monstra itself into smoke to come right atop of Beacon's front steps."

Those who died were already being honored with funerals being set up. In a month, Ozpin alongside herself and a few others will partake in the funeral to give their condolences to the brave men and women who fought. At the very least, their deaths weren't in vain.

"I apologize that I couldn't be there." But because of rules and regulations, Ironwood couldn't even send in a ship to give aid. Only Astolfo, Mordred, Spartacus and Sieg who, from what he heard from their reports, did alright. "Those four aren't causing any trouble, are they?"

"What makes you say that?"

To answer, Ironwood took out his scroll and connected it to his console. There he then showed many images of the pictures Astolfo sent to him.

"..." Images of Astolfo dressed in female clothing that suited him a bit too well, with Cardin blushing. Another with Sieg in his Fafnir form atop of Beacon and shrieking. Spartacus chasing after Oobleck for some reason with the poor man screaming in terror. Mordred throwing toilet paper in Ozpin's office and many more images of pranks and the like. One even having a giant bull biting down on Qrow's cape, the latter mortified while his nieces laughed. That one he liked.

Giving a slight chuckle, Ironwood said, "It seems they've been having some fun after the fight." And during, since Astolfo even sent a selfie of him fighting Salem. With a video clip showing the battle against her with Mordred sending a red laser of sorts at her. Impressive, so to say.

"And I'll also be giving them a stern talking to." Glynda grunted. "For Heroic Spirits, they sure seem to enjoy fooling around."

"Now you know how I feel." Yet Ironwood couldn't say he hated it. If anything, while reluctant to admit it, Astolfo being around made him feel a bit calm at times. A strange feeling. Still, ignoring Astolfo's shenanigans in Vale, it was great to see he and the other Servants showed Salem who was boss. Now if only that maniac Jason gave back his ship. Especially since he wrecked the one he stole!

'I'll file a complaint to him later.' Alongside the bill and interest fee for the destruction of the first one. Who knows, if he's lucky the high number will give that scoundrel a heart attack.

"Anyway, how is your kingdom doing James?" Realizing Glynda is asking him a question, Ironwood answers fast.

"Alright." He responded. "If anything, next to Vacuo Atlas is doing well. And with the threat now over, there has been talk of helping out now. A bit late but-"

"Better late than never." While Glynda disliked how the Atlas council didn't offer their support during the battle with Salem and her army, at least they were willing to come support Vale. The city was still in ruins, and that wasn't even mentioning Mistral. Sure the city itself wasn't destroyed, but the Academy is while most of the city and its infrastructure is in shambles from the Grimm that entered. Thank goodness the vast majority of the citizens had left before that happened.

Relocated to different cities across the continent to ensure their numbers didn't go past capacity for others. Maybe the citizens could go back to the capital when the City of Mistral is being rebuilt. Though for Haven, that'll take time to put back together.

"At the very least we can now use this time to relax."

"Agreed." While there are still Grimm and these Phantasmal Beasts out there, the former no longer had a head to lead them while the latter were rare and can be handles by the Servants stationed here. They were a great asset, especially towards Mantle since they defended them quite a bit. Maybe relationships could improve now.

'Speaking of which, I wonder how they're doing?'

In Siegfried's apartment, who was cooking a little with help from Brynhild, thankfully is focusing more on Sigurd as the two cooked together, set down the cutting board while moving the vegetables he cut into a pot full of water and potatoes inside it. Pouring them in, he smiled while raising the temperature to get the water nice and boiling. Putting a lid on it while nodding to himself.

"We have some time before we can eat. So enjoy yourselves in the meantime." Inside his apartment are most of the remaining Servants here in Atlas. From his new honorary niece Jeanne d'Arc (Santa) (Alter) (Lily), to the rest such as the Valkyrie sisters Ortlinde, Hildr, and Thrúd who came with Brynhild. Where as per usual, gave a jealous look at Sigurd and occasionally him as well. Likely because he's in the same kitchen as Brynhild.

Not that Jeanne (Lily) noticed, instead more focused on something else. Eyes sparkling with her hand reaching out towards a plate full of cookies, "Then since the soup isn't ready, can I have this?"

Siegfried lightly slapped her hand away. "No spoiling your dinner."

"Ahhhhh." The child Servant whined a bit with Siegfried then giving a slight chuckle.

"Very well. Just one however." Instantly Jeanne (Lily) grinned and snatched a cookie and put it in her mouth.

"Mmmm." Enjoying the sweet, Jeanne (Lily) then walked back to the living room where the television is on. There, the local news explained Atlas would be giving funds to Vale and even Mantle, the former since a huge battle occurred there. Noticing the news, Siegfried then sighed.

"Shame we couldn't go with the other four." His 'son', Astolfo, Moredred and Spartacus. "We could have helped quite a bit."

"Indeed we would." Sigurd agreed while placing a casserole into the oven. Interested in trying these new cuisines. "Still, what's done is done. And at the very least I'm proud to see that the other Servants did well in facing Salem and that mighty beast of hers." Fafnir was huge, but the Monstra actually dwarfed the legendary dragon.

Which made Sigurd actually a bit upset that he missed out in facing such a creature. More so when Astolfo sent text messages with little pictures of both him and the Servants facing a 'Grimm God Pillar Salem', and for some reason him in numerous different clothing styles he wore.

"I think this outfit would look better on big sister." The Valkyrie sisters enjoyed the fashion pictures more, while glancing at Brynhild who lightly blushed at their comments. Thrud looking at Astolfo's skirt and saying, "This would compliment your legs big sister."

"Oh. And this," Hildr points at an image of Astolfo in a black dress. "Would show the world how mature you are."

"Indeed." Ortlinde nodded. "Any clothes this man wears, will suit you much better."

"Oh, stop." Brynhild turned away while becoming beet red. Weak to praise, especially from those close to her. Sigurd then smirked, leaning a bit closer to his wife with a teasing glint behind those glasses of his.

Smirking as he said, "You know, I do believe the outfits would and will make your beauty shine."

Stammering, Brynhild covered herself a little. "S-S-Sigurd!"

'Ah, love.' Now if only Siegfried could meet his wife again, then maybe he'd be like those two.

Hildr narrowed her eyes, then a quick glimpse at one of the images Astolfo sent gave her and the other two an idea. With a sinister idea, Hildr then said, "Why, Sigurd, do you mean this outfit would look great on her?"

A bit to entranced by the sight of his beloved, Sigurd just agreed. "Why yes, it would."

"Really?" Ortlinde then made a smile that Sigurd couldn't see, yet still made him shiver, made him realize he made a mistake. "Big sister, what do you think of this outfit?"

"It's what your beloved chose for you." Thrúd added on the extra oil to the flames. Brynhild then turning to see this outfit while Sigurd prepared himself to see what trick his sister-in-laws pulled this time.

"My!" Brynhild blushed further as Sigurd slapped himself in the face, while the Valkyries giggled. On the scroll they showed, it revealed Astolfo in a bunny outfit where in the background, Sieg is seen moaning while the men in Beacon swooned.

"You have quite the interesting taste, 'brother'." Hildr gave Sigurd a mocking grin with the rest of her sisters doing the same. While feeling a bit sorry for him, Siegfried simply moved on with a light chuckle. It seems the little 'war' between husband and sisters will continue on and on no matter what. Entering the living room, Siegfried sat next to Jeanne (Lily) who seems to be busy with her scroll.

"Doing something fun?" Because like any child, she clearly didn't care for the news on the tv.

"Just talking to Altria (Lily)." Her honorary sister, just as Sigurd became their honorary dad. With Brynhild becoming their honorary mom, the Valkyries becoming their honorary aunts while Siegfried and Sieg are their honorary uncle and nephew respectively. The two Lily Servants like their new family already. "Later on, we'll be going down in Mantle to help out." They were going to take down a bad guy with the Happy Huntresses.

The group of female Huntresses more willing to trust her and Altria (Lily) than the grown-ups.

"Altra (Lily)?" Thinking a bit, Siegfried snapped his fingers. "Isn't she with that boy, Whitley?"

"Her Master, yes." Jeanne (Lily) acknowledged. Happy that her 'sister' has a Master of her own. "Right now, she's helping Whitley out with his dad along with Tachie." Tachie? Ah, right. Mash's double-ganger. It still surprised the dragon-slayer how similar the young maiden looked like Mash, even with a different color scheme and disposition.

"And what are they doing?" Siegfried asked.

"Teaching Whitley's dad a lesson apparently." Jeanne (Lily) responded.

Elsewhere, at Schnee Mansion

"Gah!" Barley preventing himself from crying, Mr. Jaquess Schnee found his face slamming the hood of a car. With Atlasian police officers already surrounding him. The one gripping him, with a stoic yet stern face, is Tachie of the Ace-Ops.

"For your many crimes, extortion, family abuse, unethical care for employees, along with provided evidence of hidden illicit activity in your office, you are under arrest." Tachie told him as Jaquess struggled to break free, only to find himself slammed onto the hood of the car again.

"Wow. We actually got him." Marrow of the Ace-Ops said, not even hiding the smirk he had at seeing Jaquess Schnee get long overdue justice. The rest of the Ace-Ops felt very much the same.

"About time." Harriet chuckled at Jaquess's misery. "He's been getting away with his crimes for a bit too long. Near the speedster, Elm gave an elbow jab towards Vine who took it very well.

"I bet by morning, the faunus all over will be cheering."

"No need to bet when we know it'll happen." The stoic man told Elm.

"Exactly." The leader of the Ace-Ops, Clover, came over to the duo and put his arms around their shoulders. "It seems long overdue justice has been served." Clover then turned his head and called out, "How does that feel, Winter?"

"Winter?!" Immediately Jacques turned to see his daughter, his son, and his female friend just outside the Schnee mansion home. His wife looked satisfied as she drank some wine before pausing, then throwing it away. Winter herself has a rare smile. As for Whitley…

"Whitley! Whitley my boy!" Jacques then called out to his son. "Hurry! Call the lawyers to deal with this mess. That your mother made a mistake." To think, his own wife had recorded him. But this could be solved, dealt with even. The vile businessman then saw his son staring right at him, thinking Whitley would help out.

"...wanna go back inside and play video games." He then told his friend who nodded.

"Of course, Master." Altria (Lily) agreed. "It'd be a pleasure."

"Great." Turning to his mom and elder sister, Whitley then called out, "You guys wanna join."

"Of course dear."

"I suppose siblings should get along. Especially for a celebration." Naturally, nobody would be helping Jacques as his jaw dropped, watching his family leave him to his fate. Though it was far from his family who's happy about this situation.

"Correct Winter. How correct." From nowhere, Klein appeared with the biggest grin on his face. "Shame Weiss isn't here, but I suppose we can tell her the jolly good news later." His eyes turned red where Klein then snapped out, "That her old man is finally being put away. Hurray!"

As the family of three along with Klein and Altria (Lily) then left back, Jacques could only desperately shout out to them to no avail.

"Hey, Tachie!" Clover then called out to the Winter-Ops member who looked at him after kicking Jacques into the prison van. "Wanna go bowling after this?"

"...sure." She shrugged, being more verbal these days. Everyone then went their own way as Jacques could only scream in fury. By morning, news would spread all over with celebrations all around, especially for faunus while the SDC also made a new partnership with Gila Gilgamesh of the Uruk Multinational Corp.

It seems things were doing fine in the Kingdom of Atlas.

Though that didn't mean everything was all just dandy either. Because as the Schnee family walked back to their house, Winter then recalled something Ironwood told her. Since this Salem woman is dealt with, she and the Ace-Ops will be assigned to deal with a mission involving Argus. Despite word having it that most of the citizens, including the Atlas officers who were stationed there, reports have been sent that activity is still occurring in the city. 'But what could it be?'

"A little to the left. More. More. Mo-No, wait!" Little did anybody know, some big things were happening in Argus. Very much big things, seeing as how the Nobu's who obeyed their master and creator, Nobunaga, is already enacting her next plan.

"Nobu!" Or at least she would, if things hadn't gotten complicated. As a giant mechanical skull fell down and landed on the ground with a crack forming onto the floor. With a few miniature Nobu's being squashed flat.

Grunting, Nobunaga yelled at her chibi army. "Come on! I said move it to the left! Not the ground!"

It's been a while since the devestatetion that hit Argus. After the King of Jerks wrecked her targeted conquest, there was rubble and trash all over. Along with dead bodies. Gross.

Still, while most of the people left after the destruction, Nobunaga actually stayed. Having seen an opportunity that she realized could help her. Primarily, with so many of the citizens leaving to different cities, this meant the resistance that challenged her is all but gone. That squawking little woman and her normal Atlasian troops ran off along with the citizens. Her Nobu's that turned on her to join the enemy sidelines are also gone.

'Meaning I can rebuild this city. Bigger. Stronger. More powerful than ever!' Nobunaga thought with a huge sinister grin. Observing how already her Nobu's were remaking her mecha, forging new weapons for themselves, and painting everything a nice red color to symbolize her takeover.

Tall buildings had turrets on them, her chibi army had new rifles that they carried, and from the refixed trollers came out the Mark 3 mechanical chibi Nobu's with built-in Dust cannons. All in all, Nobunaga was having a great time in making her own city-sized fortress with all her loyal (and dumb) followers with her. Shame she didn't have her other allies that usually came with her, such as Chacha, Monkey, or even her brother whenever a GUDAGUDA event happened where all sorts of shenanigans occurred.

"But, eh, can't have everything." Nobunaga said aloud with a chuckle.

"Nobunobu!" Said chuckle then turned to a frown when a Nobu soldier came and gave a report to Nobunaga. One that made her upset.

"What!?" She shouted. "What do you mean the Dust mine we found has been sealed?"

"Nobu. Nobunobu!" The answer she got wasn't good. Making her snarl.

"Gaugh! Them again!" Everyone in the city was gone. However, that didn't mean everyone forgot about Argus. Not to mention the fact that the description her soldier gave her matched only one group of people.


"The Shinsengumi have accomplished another great goal!" Hijikata Toshizou grinned while patting one of the few surviving Chibi Nobu Shinsengumi on the head, making it giggle. "It'll take Nobunaga weeks to access that mine again, while we now have plenty of Dust and munitions we took."

All the Shinsengumi Nobu cheered with Okita softly clapping her hands. Watching Hijkata celebrating with their little team as one of the Nobu's gave him some fresh pickles to eat.

It's been some time since she and the few members of the new Shinsengumi had to leave Argus. Primarily, to guide the civilians to safety towards the nearest city, which wasn't close by the way. Thankfully, everyone managed to cooperate well with the small loud lady declaring she could take everyone else away in their stead. While obnoxious, at least that woman had the sense to put aside patriotism and pride for the people.

This allowed the team to return back to Argus.

…or Nobuvile as it's now called. At least by the Shinsengumi Nobu, as Nobunaga has completely taken over the city and may as well be the new ruler. No doubt that if Archer has her way, she'll probably try to advance towards the rest of Remnant in due time.

'Thankfully, we've been doing well in blocking her supply routes, ambushing her Nobus, and so on.' Even better, is the fact that Atlas would be investigating the city soon. Meaning back-up might just come and help them all out.

While Okita and Hijikata are good, two of them versus an entire army with Nobunaga's new toys would be tough, even for them.

"Ow! Careful Kanata. That stings!" Okita then turned around to see the only two civilians that remained with the Shinsengumi. Two that made her smile, as she grew to like them both.

"S-Sorry grandma. But not like you weren't going to feel any pain in the first place." Helping his rejuvenated grandmother Tsukumo Fujimiya, Kanata is helping in bandaging her knee. The now youthful teen had tripped and scraped up her knee.

"Here. Let me help." Okita walked to them to assist her Master. She wasn't sure why, even now, but she liked these two. Especially Kanata, as she felt reminded of something when looking at him. A past Holy Grail War perhaps?

"Sure. Thanks for the help, Saber."

"Please. Call me Okita, Master." Whatever the reason, she wanted to stay with him, even when the Masters left. To be his sword and protect him, killing his enemies too. And while she didn't feel as close to his grandmother as him-


-she didn't hate her either. Even if lady Fujimiya is a bit haughty for her taste. After helping with the bandaging, Kanata stood up and wiped his hands. "So then, you have the Dust we stole from Nobunaga's mine, right?"


"Great. Then that means you can stay materialized." While Kanata didn't really understand some of the stuff Okita told him before, Master, Holy Grail, mana supply, he did understand that he didn't provide much mana. So Dust was the next option.

"I can. And I'll need it since I imagine Nobunaga will start sending troops after us."

"Really?" Crossing her arms and tilting her head to the side, Tsukumo didn't look convinced. "Why would she?"

"Despite sometimes acting the fool, I imagine all our constant hit and run tactics will make her reach her breaking point." Where Okita is certain Nobunga will try and nip them in the bud before they become too problematic. "We should expect the mechanical Nobu guarding the mines she has."

"Where is she even getting these Nobu from?" Kanata exasperated. Instead of Okita that answered, it was Hijikata.

"Nobody knows, and you shouldn't ask. Cause trust me, it's just plain weird." It had been one thing with the original chibi versions of the self-proclaimed Demon King. Then came silver. Gold. U.F.O Riders. Tanks for legs. Giant mechanical versions. Giant mechanical versions with laser swords. If anything, best to let some things remain a mystery.

For one's own sanity.

"Well, for the time being, we should just eat." Grabbing some pickles that a Nobu gave her, Okita offered some to her Master. "Want some?"

"Uh…sure." Shrugging, Kanata grabbed one along with Tsukumo. Taking bites of the pickle as they all sat down on the table of the house they were in.


"Aw man. Them again!" Only for Kanata to moan while Okita gave a brief nod to one of the Nobu's. Nodding, it held its gun and instantly fired out the window. The Apathy Grimm that had tried to catch them died from the headshot.

"Hopefully that was the last one. Because I'm not going down in the sewers again to check." Grunting, Hijikata took another bite of his pickle. "It smells down there."

"The consequence of making our base from a ghost-town." With formerly dead bodies that had been inside them all, here in Brunswick farm. Thankfully, after setting up simple graves, the bodies were removed and the little town became the Shinsengumi's new base. Where they continued resisting and fighting against Nobunaga.


"Hahahaha! Together forever! Isn't that right!" It was at this moment Adam wondered if he should just revert back to his killing ways on this annoying lady.

'Nah. She might be a fool, but she's no slouch in a fight.' Anybody who can kill over a dozen hybrids of Grimm Frost Giants on their own is bad news in Adam's book. For someone who acted goofy and insane most of the time, beneath that eccentricity was a woman who could bring the pain. Jaguar Warrior proved to be the baddest fighter of them all within the White Fang, with many who challenged her learning the hard way. Even Asterios showed fear towards her at times.

Speaking of the big lug, Adam then turned his head toward his friend. "How's the food?"

"Good." Asterios responded with a nod.

"Great." Adam patted the Servant. "Glad you like it."

"Same here." The two bulls then felt uncomfortable when Jaguar Warrior wrapped her hands across their shoulders and pulled them in for her hug. The duo grunting at the same time at how she ignored a thing called personal space.

The worst part is, she isn't even the most annoying person here.

"My. Look at that kids." With a shit-eating grin, Roman Torchwick and his rather strange band of characters looked at the White Fang trio. Everyone inside the restaurant had met each other by chance and were eating food. With Roman being very amused at the moment. "It seems someone shows just how into cats they are."

"Cats are nice." Jack said while holding her knife and unsettlingly chopping her hamber into little pieces before eating them. "They're so fluffy."

"I play with them all the time." Alice giggled.

"...cute." Little Hassan whispered.

"...why are you idiots here again?" Adam had already thought he would never see Cinder or the other fools he worked with from Vale ever again. Instead, here in this no-name city, he's meeting one of his old 'co-workers' who's as vexing as always. His little partner was eating ice cream in a way as if she was trying to make him jealous.

"Ohhh...Tasty..." It seems to be working wonders on Asterios. Who looked at the ice cream with yearning. Neo saw this...then promptly ate her treat making the bull Servant then frown.

"Hey now, no need to be rude." Raising his hands in defense, Roman acted all innocent. "I just came here to meet some buddies of mine. Junior and his little twins. "And to relax after that fiasco at Mistral."

On that, Adam could understand. That crazy witch Salem and her pet abomination. To think that Cinder had been connected to someone so dangerous. Ugh! He feels like a fool for even working with Cinder. Hopefully that bitch and her group have dropped dead somewhere.

"Our daddy has been taking us all over this city." Alice said, having long since accepted Roman as their honorary father and Neo as an honorary sister. "It's been great."

"He let me stab a few people." Jack made a troubling statement. Asterios giving a serious look at Roman now, wondering if he was doing something shady and manipulating Jack.

"Woah!" Actually feeling nervous under Asterios's gaze, Roman quickly answered. "Some upstart killers tried to attack me. I knocked them out. She," Roman pointed at Jack, "Was the one that did the stabbing." Neo covered her mouth. "Along with Neo." The two got along great.

"Right." Also saying a curse, Adam then turned away to eat his food. "I'll just ignore you now."

"My." Chuckling, Roman leaned on his table. Ignoring how Little Hassan went near him to take out his scroll to play games. "Someone has calmed down. Last I recalled, you would have threatened me or made an attempt to kill me."

"And he just might. Unless I get to you first." Entering the room is Sienna Khan. who is less than happy to see a human criminal here, especially when she arrived to take a break. "Honestly, I can't relax for one minute without human scum wandering."

"Yees. Racist much." Roman mocked. "I thought you guys were all about equality."

"Eh. Not with guys like you." Jaguar Warrior bluntly told him while drinking milk. "You seem like the type to belittle faunus anyway."

"And last I checked, you're still a thief." Adam added.

Roman shrugged. "Well not all of us can be people who help others. If anything, I'll be staying true to myself. Cheat. Steal. Lie. And survive."

Neo clapped her hands a little.

"Thank you Neo. Glad to see I have someone who believes in my words."

"But father. Lying is bad." Alice then berated Roman.

"And stealing isn't any good." Jack did the same, with Little Hassan looking disappointed at Roman. The thief rolled his eyes. Kids. Always such a handful. Just yesterday they convinced him to buy from a grocery store instead of robbing it for that sweet apple pie they had. What is he, a normal person now? Gross.

"Heh." Adam smirked while elbowing Asterios. "Someone's whipped." The bull Servant smiled and laughed a bit.

"Ugh." Already Roman could feel his reputation taking a hit. He then noticed Jack looking at someone. "What are you staring at?"

"Our playmate from before. Look." Jack then pointed excitingly at someone, with Roman and even Adam turning to see who it was.

"..." Sitting down nearby, wondering how he ended up with thieves and former terrorists, Oscar just continued to eat his ramen silently. Feeling so awkward at how he ended up in this situation. All he wanted was to eat. Not feel nervous by watching that creepy girl Jack looking at him in excitement while waving her hand with a knife in it. He also didn't like Alice's mischievous look. Last time they met, she wanted to put him in a dress so they could play their little game.

'And something tells me that I won't escape if I stick around.' Without any subtlety, Oscar then called out, "Check please!" Time to go back home and just watch some good old television. As Oscar stood up to leave, he then pondered on the chance to perhaps travel somewhere else.

With his aunt nice and safe, Oscar felt he could leave her to make his own path. And why not start in Vale, where he could be of use while utilizing his training. With that idea in mind, Oscar decided to tell his aunt he knew where he was going.

'Though she might complain that I don't have a chaperone.' It was then that while Oscar was in thought, he bumped into someone. "Oh. Sorry."

"Eh, don't be. It happens all the time." The person he bumped into is a small old lady with robotic eyes of sorts. Futuristic goggles in Oscar's opinion which are a nice blue color. "Anyway, nice to see you have manners. You wouldn't believe the amount of rude people I've met."

"Sounds rough." People can be jerks.

"It is. But a good whap-" The old lady then waved her cane, which had a skull on top, like a weapon. "-to the knee shuts them up." Well that was certainly a way to silence people. "Anyway," The old lady continued. "Where are you going?"

"Home. Well, an apartment really."

"Funny. Same for me." Not like those two were the only ones of course. Many people, those from Mistral, found themselves homeless unless they could afford an apartment. Thankfully for Oscar, he and his aunt managed to get one just in time before they were all filled up.

The old lady then looked at her scroll before checking Oscar and asking, "Young man. I don't suppose you can walk an old, defenseless lady back to her home, can you?"

Old. Yes. Defenseless….Maybe because Oscar has been training with a legendary Huntress, that Oscar could get some kind of 'feeling' on whether a person was strong or not. And this old lady didn't feel weak whatsoever.

Still, that didn't mean he had to be rude. "Sure. I'll walk you Miss…"

"Maria. Maria Calavera." The revealed lady named herself while smiling. "And I have to say, it's nice to see young people willing to help out their elders." As Oscar accepted that compliment, Maria looked past him and grimaced. "We should probably hurry it up though now."

"Hm? Why?" His answer came when he heard a loud crash. Turning around, inside the restaurant was a brawl.

"Gah! Jack! Help your old man out!" Roman screamed as Sienna began chasing after him with a wicked grin.

"What's the matter? I thought you could handle kitty cats human!" She then kicked him in the back and sent him tumbling onto a table. Seems he must have upset her. With many faunus wanting a piece of the thief as they all began standing up and clearly ready for a fight. Not that they were the only ones doing so.

"Come on everyone. No need to fight. Let's play!" Suddenly toys and books materialized and slammed into humans and faunus with some screaming as the toys came to life. With others being stuffed with candy in their mouths. Nursery Rhyme, even if well-intentioned, making things worse.

"Wanna…Play..?" The only thing that seemed normal was how Asterios and Little Hassan were just talking. Ignoring the chaos happening behind them. Like how Adam was fighting Neo and Jack began to pleasantly throw knives (not-letahally) at people for fun. Scaring them.

"...yeah, let's get going." Oscar grabbed Maria's hand as the two ran off from the brawl happening. On the bright side, even with this the White Fang's reputation would still be considered stellar for them considering all the good work they've been doing.

"And done." In the meantime, some good work was being done on Merlot's Island. Or as it is now called, the shapeless isle. Where Peter Port and many workers have at last finished collecting the last of the green ooze that was harming this island's natural environment.

Wiping his hands, Port looked at multiple beautiful, and cute, women. "There we go ladies. As promised. We have assisted in cleaning up the land. In two weeks, seeds and animals will be brought here to start spreading life."

"And as a bonus," Stepping up is Oobleck, who had the opportunity to assist in cleaning and overlooking any potential history this island had. "We have brought someone who can help kick starting the weather to give good rain for the newly fertilized land."

Hearing her cue, Erice stepped out along with Voyager. The Maiden holding her hands up where the sky began to darken a little, where droplets of rain began to fall.

"Nice." Voyager, having bonded quite a bit with this world's Erice, smiled. "Can you make a rainbow?"

"Maybe later Voyager." Erice told her little friend, having taken a liking to the child. Especially with how cool he is with all those fancy abilities. Apparently he was a being called a Servant, with Erice surprised she was one as well back in his old home. "For now, I have work to do."

"And work you shall." Stepping forward is Stheno. "As our agreement states, we'll be working you to the bone to give our new home a nice beautiful look."

"And later protection so no would-be heroes or nuisances will come for us." Euryale added with a playful smirk. "Unless they have permission, or our new followers we've been making, then nobody is allowed here."

"Worry not. We will spread word that this island will be off-limits to the public." Oobleck adjusted his glasses, taking his work seriously.

Snickering, Euryale swayed her hands. "I doubt that would stop men from trying to lavish their empty souls to see us. But thankfully," The second Gorgon sister glanced back. "We have some nice guards."

"Great." One of the 'guards 'rolled his eyes. "You know, last I checked, I'm still working with Ozpin." Sure the bastard lied, something Qrow is still peeved at, but he's moving past that a little.

"Qrow!" The veteran Huntsmen then kneeled over when a small, but powerful elbow hit him in the side. "You should not refuse my sisters." It was Ana, who frowned at her ally's gruff actions.

Her older-self, Medusa, nodded. "It'd be for the best anyway Mr. Brawen."

"Unless you wish to be made their slaves like those fools." Gorgon scoffed while glancing at an area where multiple men gladly began making sculptures of the Gorgon Sisters. Not entirely by their own will though, as they had been 'charmed' and made to work. The only reason nobody was complaining is because these guys are criminals who have done less than savory actions.

"Ugh. How did I get roped into this?" Right. Qrow remembers now. Because Ana wanted to take him to meet her sisters, where he then made that stupid comment that he'd gladly work with such beautiful ladies. Eyeing Medusa and Gorgon a bit, which he wasn't ashamed of.

…Apparently it was the two shorties that called the shots, and instantly put him under a geass contract, or whatever its called. Damn luck.

"Worry not Qrow." Ana then attempted to reassure him. Having taken a liking to Qrow after all the time they spent together. "You'll see that working with my sisters is great. You'll get to visit your family and friends on vacation days while also serving my elder sisters with pleasure."

"..." That didn't fill him with any hope. At the very least he can leave this damn island almost whenever he wants. But now he went from ditching the job he had with Ozpin to this job. With two bosses that were certain to put him in the wringer. Well, at least the beach view here is nice.

In the now flourished land of Vacuo, Ereshkigal and Ishtar walked inside their temple/school. Having finished bringing life to another area in Vacuo after their visit with Ozpin.

"Ah. This is the life." With the two laying down comfortably on their chairs. Ishtar herself creates a drink and sips it. "Salem's gone. Our new kingdom is flourishing. And our reputation has gone up once again. Even better, we don't have to worry about those stupid lizards ever coming back."

As per the agreement with Ozpin, in exchange for also giving him access to the Relics, they would be allowed to take them off his hands later and put them somewhere nobody can get them. Of course, if he ever truly needed them, then they'll give it back. But considering he's now keeping his greatest foe locked up, he won't need them anytime soon.

"It is nice that Ozpin can relax I suppose." Ereshkigal thinks back at how some of the dead people she's seen whenever she visits the underworld, actually knew Ozpin and his many identities. "Not often we see a human fighting for this long."

"Well, he can rest now. And if he ever desires it, we can help him have eternal rest when he wishes for it." Ishtar doubted Ozpin wanted to continuously reincarnate now that his mission is sorta done. I mean, he didn't exactly unite humanity, as there's still problems here and there. But he only tried doing that so that if he summoned the Gods, they wouldn't smite humanity. Well, now the Brother Gods can't come, as this is their home now.

"Ah. It feels so good to be worshiped again." The masses cheering for them. Praising their name. Ishtar missed that feeling.

"It is…nice. I suppose." While she said it softly, Ishtar knew Ereshkigal also liked the worship. Especially since she can actually hear said worship instead of being stuck in the underworld with no benefits.

"Yep. Worship. Influence. Even new powers." Ishtar then created a glass orb which then showed many children, like a dark skinned girl with her father and dog, along with a light-skinned girl with blonde hair playing with her divine bull. Some wolfman faunus watching them with a smile.

Before Ereshkigal can comment, suddenly the two hear a slight explosion. Instead of feeling concerned, Ishtar had the glass orb show what actually happened. Where with it, she then saw the cause of it.

"Oh brother." The orb vanished with Ishtar then stretching her arms and legs a bit.

"Nothing important I assume?" Her sister asked.

"Nope. Just two idiots brawling it out." It only took a second for Ereshkigal to know who Ishtar meant and giggle. Rolling her eyes, Ereshkigal got into a nice comfy position like her sister and closed her eyes.

"Then I suppose we can let the others handle it."


As for why the new Goddesses of Remnant weren't concerned, it was because what happened wasn't some attack or angry mortal man being dumb. Instead, it was two men acting dumb.

All the way across from the temple/school, in Vacuo's own CCT Tower itself, were said dumb men. Genius extraordinaire, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Alva Edison. Two men who have worked day and night to make technology so that Remnant didn't foolishly rely on Dust twenty-four seven. But instead rely on the power of electricity itself.

With both men having made much success in their goals. What started out as barely seen videos has now become a way for young talented geniuses to visit with professional scientists themselves, actually asking to chat with them online. Atlas itself is already willing to pay in the thousands just to see some of their work.

"I told you, I should be the one to speak with them. Not you, you blundering fool." Tesla shouted at his eternal rival.

"Hah! As if!" Edison growled. "Not only will my words reach them compared to a thoughtless idiot as yourself, but as a 'faunus', I can spread equality just by visiting them. So take that!"

"Yet I was the one who found the virus in the CCT!"

"With me being the one who eradicated it."

"While I upgraded the CCT's defenses."

"I could have done better clown!"

Edison jabbed a finger at Tesla's chest.


"Ahhhhh!" Tesla shocked him in retaliation. Not that Edison would take it lying down. With his fur poofed up, the 'faunus' growled and shouted, "United States…Punch!" Edison slammed his fist against Tesla's cheek.

"Aw! You little!" Once more, the two then ran to each other and started throwing fists, knees, even some of their powers against one another. Not even caring as some of their attacks hit the CCT which caused some damage and explosions to happen.

"Man. Here we go again." Billy the Kid chuckled as he saw the two men battling it out in what could only be described as two overgrown children slapping each other in the face. "This is, what, the seventeenth time they've fought?"

The 'mother' of the two overgrown children, Helena Blavatsky, sighed. "I stopped counting after their thirtieth argument." She then pulled out a map. "I just decided to let them deal with it while I travel across Vacuo." She then grinned. "I've found so many ruins. All of them are worth studying."

"I've just been hanging with the locals." Robin Hood tells them. "It's actually nice to just talk to people without having to worry about anything." The Archer then frowned. "Though it is annoying when occasionally, I'm mistaken for this thief guy."

"The resemblance you two have is uncanny." Billy saw the photo of this Roman Torchwick thief. It was surprising to say. "Makes me wonder if I have a counterpart."

"Maybe we did but they're dead." Helena told him while writing on her map. She then looked up to see her friends still arguing on who would be the one to present their work to Atlas. How silly. They could (begrudgingly) work together to advance science. Yet when it came to representing their work and what ideas they wanted to share, neither could agree on it.

"-ersized fizzball!"

"-iotic spark-plug!"

Great. Now they've reduced themselves to name calling. As Helena prepared to stop them, and maybe bput a sleep spell on them, someone suddenly came down and slammed into the two.

Crack! Snap!

"Ahhhhh!" Both men screamed as they felt their bones break. Now on the ground whimpering, everyone else saw the culprit that caused this standing on top of them. A check-over revealed the assailant to be the Queen of the Amazons Penthesilea. Who didn't even seem to care that she harmed her fellow Servants. Let aside that when she stepped down, she ignored the cries of pain when her sturdy metal-guarded boots crushed Edison's nose and Tesla's left hand.

"Here you go." Walking to Helena, Penthesilea handed the Caster a package. "This is what you ordered."

"Ah. Thank you." As Helena grabbed it, both Robin and Billy looked at one another. The former then looked back at Penthesilea and then decided to ask what the two were clearly thinking.

"Uh, Penthesilea…"

"Yes?" The Amazon turned towards him.

"Right. Um. Well…ahem." Deciding to get it over with, Robin just sucked it in and asked, "Since when do you deliver…packages?" Billy nodded. Because last he checked, it was only her alternative-self from that strange universe that did this. Not her.

"The Grimm and Demonic Beasts, few that come, are utter weaklings. Not worth my time to even fight. Let alone find." Penthesilea bluntly told them. "So, I decided to challenge myself with an activity worth my time."

Billy furrowed his brows. "...deliveries?"

"Indeed." Penthesilea grabbed the empty box that Helena emptied for some supplies she ordered, then tossed it behind her where it landed on Edison's head. "I have discovered that with the improvement here in Vacuo, people have taken a liking to ordering things online. But it takes time, the distance being vast and the creatures that can stop them."

"So you decided to take up the job as a challenge?" Robin asked with Penthesilea nodding.

"That is correct" She told him. "And I find it perfect to keep up my training and helping others."

"Well, if you like it then sure." Billy told her. Who knows, maybe she'll even start up a business like her alternative self if she kept this up. "Anyway, I think I'll be going now. I hear some students need help in shooting, and I may as well show them a thing or two." Fun being a teacher.

"Nice to see we're alike." Robin also taught some up-and-coming Huntsmen on how to make traps and hunting. Even if Salem is gone, there are still dangerous creatures out there. Best to be prepared. "Shame we couldn't help out in Vale. Sounded like fun."

"I can understand the sentiment." Penthesilea sighed. "Perhaps this Salem woman would have been a challenge. Including her many Grimm." The fight would have been epic as she crushed their skulls and tore off their limbs. Even if weaker than her, it would have served as a way for her to vent out any stress she had while fulfilling her desire to fight.

"Well…ugh…too late for that." Standing up, while wincing, both Edison and Tesla got up. Doing their best to ignore their injuries and hoped they'd heal fast. "But I concur. Had my genius been there, we could have done much."

"Like make a bomb." Edison proposed, following up after Tesla. "One that could have obliterated the Monstra from the inside out."

"That does sound neat." And awesome in Billy's eyes. Nothing better than a cool explosion. Sure shooting something is neat, especially a head shot. But one looks much cooler walking as an explosion happened behind you. Like in the movies.

"I heard Sanzang did well in the fight. Maybe she saw an explosion or two during the fight." Robin Hood told the others of what he heard. "Speaking of which, where is she? Even Nezha?"

"-and this is my cousin…Starr Sanzang." It was an awkward meeting for Sun, just a bit. Nothing bad of course. But yeah, there was no denying that Sun finally met his last family member to show off the girl he was hanging out with, and kinda dating(?). There was some clear differences. But it was only now after meeting his older cousin after many years was that Sun realized his cousin bared certain similarities to Sanzang herself. Same height, hair-style, eye color, even a similar weapon. The only thing the two had that was different is the clothes and, ahem, chest size.

"..." Something Starr noticed as she saw her look alike being much more well endowed while Sanzang whistled with a tinge of red across her cheeks. For Nezha, she rolled her eyes.

Wanting to move on from this awkwardness, Sun then said, "A-Anyway, I was around and I thought I'd, uh, see you. After…well…you know…"

"It's alright Sun. I know that you've had troubles that made coming to see me difficult." Starr told her cousin, reassuring Sun she held no ill-will towards him. "And if anything, it's nice to see you met a very nice girl." Ignoring the similarities the two women had, Starr clearly thought the two were boyfriend and girlfriend.

Sun merely coughing while Sanzang gave a slight giggle while pressing her finger tips together.

Starr then saw Nezha, who happened to be close to Sun, then smirked. "Or is it two girls?" Sun sputtered.

"W-Wha-?" Sun attempted to say something, but Sanzang beat him to it.

"She's just a friend." She insisted. Which made Nezha a bit ticked off.

"No. He is. Destined. Rival." Nezha then got even closer to Sun. Then smirked towards Sanzang and gave a prideful glance. "Closer. Than. Partners."

As Sanzang began growling at Nezha's actions, especially when the latter taunting her, Starr giggled at how Sun made some nice friends. Both them, and those boys who were currently in her dojo and teaching some of her students hand-to-hand combat. All while Sun rolled his eyes but accepted his situation. Not like he hated it.

'And it's nice that I got to see Starr again.' Been way too long. He should start meeting her more often. But for now, he's fine with the way things are.

"Ahhh! Water!" Neptune then ran out of the dojo followed by Sage and Scarlet. Then numerous students with a flood of water breaking through the dojo doors. Apparently, some students had been messing with an entire box of water Dust. Sun laughing as he saw Neptune get hit by the wave while his cousin shouted at the mess that she would have to clean up.

Yep. Sun didn't mind if things stayed like this for a bit longer. And while thinking this, he wondered how his other friends back in Vale were doing.

"Wow. So this is where they've been hiding." Ruby Rose spoke quietly as she and everybody with her are behind her. From her reunited teammates, including Blake, all the way to Team JN_R alongside EMIYA and Blackbeard with a few others around. All of them in the one place they hadn't expected to come in a while.

"I think this place suits them." Coco checked out the ruined buildings. Being one of the teams to come on this mission. "It's dark and dreary. Like them." Behind her, Coco's teammate Velvet Scarlatina giggled while Fox Alistair and Yatsuhashi Daichi liked the joke she made.

"Yeah." Blackbeard agreed. "A total wasteland. Just like how it's a waste of time for us to be here."

"You should know why we're here." EMIYA berated his partner. Still wondering how he and Blackbeard of all people seem to always be stuck together on missions. "Because they are."

The last remnants of her group. Frankly, EMIYA can say he actually forgot about them along with everyone else. Well, almost everyone. Team RWBY and JN_R having still recalled them, but only because they met the members personally for a bit. During the battle in Vale, where afterwards the group then seemed to have vanished. It was only thanks to some word on the street that all of them are here of all places. Good old Mount Glenn. Maybe later on EMIYA could assist in culling the Grimm's numbers. Or not. The place actually didn't seem to have many Grimm to encounter. Everyone has only spotted one Beowolf so far, which didn't last long.

Safe to say Salem had picked up most of the Grimm here when coming to Beacon. Maybe a new expansion can begin here again.

"Hey. Look at that." Yang then pointed northeast, grabbing everyone's attention. While the students put up their guard, EMIYA used his superior vision to check it out and grunted.

"Seems we have them."

"Finally." Yang slammed her fists together. "Time for some action."

"I'm with ya there sister." Nora grinned while holding her hammer. "I need to break someone's bones. And Grimm just isn't cutting it anymore." By the side, Blackbeard weeps in joy.

"Oh. If there isn't anything better than girls with cool weapons ready for a fight." Just like in anime. "I need a picture of this." Before he could grab his scroll, a rapier is aimed at his throat.

Weiss looks at him with a scowl. "I'd rather you didn't do that."

She's heard of this scoundrel's actions. Her and many of the girls here, who also frowned at him. Knowing of his reputation among the boys. The latter whistling and leaving Blackbeard to himself who yelped at this unearned and clearly undeserved hostility.

"Do we stab him?" Eeping when even Penny Polendia of all people had her swords out. Though mainly because she wasn't certain if she should do so or not.

"No Penny. We don't." Ruby tried to dissuade her friend, who has since gotten improvements. Having a new look after Penny left back to Atlas and was allowed to visit Ruby again since Salem's defeat. Her father not minding at all if Penny met her wonderful friends.

"Yes." Blackbeard, ever the fool, then tempted his own fate as he instantly took a picture of Penny. Loving the cute robot girl and her cute naïve self. Too bad for him that Ruby saw his quick snip.

"On second thought, maybe a little stabbing won't be bad."

"Very well friend Ruby." Penny then aimed her Floating Array at Blackbeard. Not even hesitating while Blackbeard paled. "I will stab the man." Her swords then glowed a bit.

"Eh?" Blackbeard then blinked before then shrugging. I mean, only magical attacks can hurt him an-yyyoooowwwww! Then, silently, Blackbeard felt the swords dig into him, unaware they had Dust and was forced to scream silently as they stabbed into his butt. Making many all around quietly laugh with EMIYA gaining a slight chuckle out of the scene. That man never learned.

Nearby, Yang herself chuckled before seeing Blake. Raising a brow, the blonde fighter walked up to her partner, placing a hand on her hip. "Something up?"

Flinching, Blake turned toward Yang. One could see a bit of guilt in her eyes, something Yang recognized. Even knowing the reason. I mean, Blake did leave the team for a bit. Only returning because…Yang then folded her arms. 'Actually, she only just came back a few days ago.'

And annoyingly avoiding her, Ruby, and Weiss these past few days. Well not anymore, as Yang quickly blocked Blake's poor attempts to escape. Though tried to act calm, even if she felt a bit irritated that Blake was trying to run again.

"You aren't leaving until we talk." May as well pull the bandage off and get this over with. Because Yang is sick of this awkwardness that always occurred. Something Blake seems to have known as well, sighing.

Yang saw a few differences with Blake. A change in outfit like everyone else. But mainly, no longer wearing a bow. With Blake looking at Yang and finally speaking after all this time. "I…um…I just…hah." After a few pauses, Blake just sighed and decided to just get it over with. Realizing that trying to hold it in wasn't doing anybody any good, so, better to start talking. "I haven't been avoiding you because I hated you." Blake answered. "I only did that because…well…"

"You kinda ditched us." While Yang didn't mean to make Blake wince, she also didn't care to much since it was true. While the anger she held towards Blake leaving, when even Weiss came back, wasn't as strong as it used to at the beginning, is still there. Having been annoyed when Blake never called, sent any messages. Heck, she didn't even bother introducing herself when a few days ago, she came back to the surprise of her team. Only to not even visit them properly.

So, yes. Yang still felt annoyed at Blake.

…but Yang is willing to listen. She was mad, but not enough to just turn away. As such, while leaning near a ruined building, Yang listened.

"..." Noticing this, and wanting to actually speak after all this time, Blake relented. "I just felt…guilty for leaving you. For not coming back until now." Gripping her sides, Blake continued. "So when I came back, I thought it might have been best to…"

"Not talk to us?" Yang sarcastically said.

Blake's face scrunched up.

"Yeah. Pretty sure that didn't make any of us feel better." If anything, it was only because Ruby asked EMIYA to come to the trip here without mentioning them did Blake even bother showing up. Even then once Blake realized this, she just straight up ignored them.

"I-I know. It wasn't right." Blake admitted. Hugging herself. "Honestly, I just thought that you guys would have been…better without me."

"Really? Is that what you think? I'm offended." Blake turned to see both Weiss and Ruby having gotten closer. The former looked none too pleased by what Blake said with Ruby frowning.

"W-Weiss-" Before Blake had a chance to talk, the former heiress beat her to it.

Raising her finger and saying, "And here I thought we were friends." Putting her hands on her hip, Weiss scowled. "Apparently not."

"No. I…I didn't mean it like that." Blake tried correcting herself.

"Then what did you mean?" Weiss insisted.

"It's just that-I-!" Struggling to even say her words, eventually Blake shut her mouth and clenched her fists. Then, she opened her mouth and quietly whispered, "I just…didn't know what to do." Ultimately, she panicked. "After what happened in Vale, I left because I got lost. And just went back home, uncertain what I could do. Not helping when I realized what I did was stupid."

Leaving without explanation. Not even giving a hint of where she went. Let aside saying a good-bye.

She only came back because her parents convinced her to return, and even then she couldn't get the courage to face her team face-to-face. It was pathetic. Something Blake was fully aware of.

"Blake." Ruby then spoke up. "I won't lie and say I wasn't mad when you left us." The cat faunus flinched, yet understood. "But that doesn't mean we just want you gone from our lives."

"Yeah." Yang then punched Blake in the shoulder. Not to be mean, just to get her attention. "If you leave for good, then you'll really have a reason to be scared about." Yang didn't do good with people leaving her. Last thing she wanted was Blake to do the same.

"Plus, do you actually want to ignore us for who knows how long?" Ruby leaned closer to Blake, while also keeping an eye out to ensure she couldn't escape. Not that she had to worry about that, as it seems Blake stood still without considering running. Just thinking over Ruby's words, and her own feelings.


"Oh come on. Just be friends again!" Interrupting this reunion is Nora. Who rolled her eyes at the silliness of it all. "You all clearly want to get back together. So do it."

"Uh, yeah." Staring nervously and holding his sword tight, Jaune agreed. "Personally, you all are just putting this off for too long."

While the two members said their opinion, for Ren, he just sighed. Not because he thought Nora and Ren were wrong per say. But instead, because of one thing. 'They totally ruined the mood.'

Still, their words seemed to have some effect as the four girls began to smile and laugh. Granted, they still had their problems to work through and talk it out later. But knowing them, Ren figured they'd be just fine. Ruby then straightened herself and said, "Alright. Once we finish with this mission, we can go back home. Maybe even have dad make some cookies for us." Plus Tai also promised to cook their favorite meals. Ruby salivating at some fine food when she got back home.

"And have Qrow visit as well." Yang added. "Haven't seen him in a bit. Though might be because of his new job." Something about having to guard a bunch of girls on an island. Well, Qrow always told Yang he would have loved protecting beautiful ladies. So guess he got his dream job.

"I just want to see that adorable puppy again." Weiss thought of Zwei, still loving the fluffy little corgi.

"Ugh. Him again." Blake would rather not. "I had enough of dogs. Especially in Menagerie."

"Huh?" What did Blake mean by that? "Care to explain." Yang may as well ask.

"Er, well," Blake tapped her chin. "Apparently, there was some giant dog with three heads back home. Weakened apparently, because it had cracks all over its head. "But it could still fight like crazy and could spit fire while having no body for some reason." A creepy giant floating dog head. Even Ilia, a firned Blake met up with along with her family, found the situation weird. "There were other monsters, but that one was the leader." As the girls talked a bit, EMIYA made a grunt as he recognized what that creature was through Blake's words. Thank goodness it was weakened. Otherwise, EMIYA can imagine that Cerebus would have caused a slaughter.

Anyway, a few minutes later everyone stopped talking. Instead, focusing back on the mission at hand. Primarily, the building which everyone now saw had many Grimm at hand followed by actual people, guards from the looks of it. It was quite clear who the leaders were.

Someone dangerous.

"Ughhhhh-huuhuuu!" Or someone weeping in this case. As Tyrian Callows, one of the most dangerous assassins on Remnant, cried his heart out in agony. Had it not been for Cinder, the Grimm would have pounced on him by now. "Whhhhyyyyyy!?"

Although she was very tempted to just let the Grimm come by this point.

"Can someone please shut him up?" Mercury begged, having had enough of the crying. Covering his own ears to not listen to this sobbing thats been going on these past few days. "I can't take it anymore."

"Then you do it." Emerald shot back. "Because I'm not going near him." Mercury then looked back at Tyrian, sobbing. Seemingly vulnerable. Then Mercury saw a small rat going near the scorpion faunus.


It had the sharp end of Tyrian's tail go right through its back. With Tyrian then bringing the rat's body toward his hands where, while still crying, he began ripping it apart limb by limb in a messy fashion. Blood and little rat guts spilling all over the floor. Making the situation rather nauseous for the weak-willed who saw this.

"" Mercury wasn't going near that mess.

"Then deal with it." Emerald told him while stepping back before facing Cinder. Who at the moment really wondered if she needed to even bother with Tyrian at this point. "Please tell me you have a plan."

"Yeah." Mercury chipped in soon after. "Because staying here with the waterworks isn't something I signed up for."

"I don't think any of us have." Stepping forward is Hazel, the Hound by his side where the silent giant oddly petted it like an animal. "But nothing we can do about it. Unless any of us have developed the ability to revive Salem."

News has already spread that Salem had been killed. Granted, she wasn't, but Ozpin and everyone else ensured not a peep came out of Salem being alive. Sure there were doubts within Salem's former members that she was truly dead, yet the fact is Salem is indeed gone when the Monstra died with Salem not seen after. Making it a shock that the woman had actually been defeated. Something Tyrian took harshly and frankly rejected with failure.

"I can't believe this is how it goes." Watts muttered, cursing. "Join up with the most powerful woman in the world. Then she ditches us when she gets better allies, who all died with her along with them."

"With us now wanted." Cinder growled, recalling how their faces are now all over the wanted lists. Thankfully, it wasn't as if everything went downhill for them. "At the very least, we made an alliance with those fools from the Crown." The leftovers anyway.

"Yeah, those idiots." Mercury shrugged. "Their powers are pretty cool though."

"And dangerous." Hazel narrowed his eyes. "Their leaders, Jax and Gillian, only care for themselves with their top-ranking lieutenants being the same."

"That's not even mentioning the duo's semblances." While Watts didn't think highly of the two, he knew a dangerous semblance when he saw one. Jax having a strong one with his brainwashing and Gillian with her capability of absorbing aura. One wrong move and all of them can fall to their control and whim.

"Which is why we're keeping our distances from them with a wary eye." As if Cinder would just let the two control them. While they were useful, she would discard the so-called 'true leaders' of Vacuo if they got out of hand. Still, they were useful in providing manpower with Cinder's control over the Grimm being used in keeping them in check.

Plus, it helped that they had a grudge against the Servants. Apparently the Crown, or the leftovers anyway, had lost against the Servants living in Vacuo. How the Servants were there, Cinder didn't know. But she knew the Crown remnants were forced to run, yet the humiliation of them cowardly escaping left an anger in them. Cinder could use that.

But they were straying from the topic. They needed to focus on other matters. "Watts. How is the virus in the CCT?"

"Not well." Watts grunted. "I don't know how, but it seems that someone actually managed to upgrade the CCT defenses." It couldn't be Atlas, as they were incompotent with cyber security. But that's besides the point. "With it gone, we can't cause any 'leaks' on our location."

"Damn." There goes the idea of having Watts hack into some systems and 'leak' their location somewhere else while they get away. Cinder hated to admit it, but trying to lead a group was harder than it looked. Maybe that was why Salem only ever had a few people to command at a time.

"Sallleeeemmmmm!" Especially when some of them were loons. Cinder was now more than ever willing to set Tyrian on fire. She may only be a half-maiden, but it was enough. 'And later on I can find Amber and Ozpin later.' The former being at Beacon where Cinder had Watts hack security and found images of the girl happily training students while in a wheelchair. Oh, Cinder couldn't wait to meet Amber again, get answers from her, then kill her and her new students. As Cinder then got ready to make a new order while thinking this fantasy, suddenly, an arrow hit the wall furthest from everybody and brought Cinder back to reality. The arrow catching everyones attention.

Mercury raised a brow.

"Wha-" Then the arrow exploded.

The wall collapsed and smoke filled the room. What was left of Salem's inner circle coughing as they had no idea what happened.

"We have you now!" Then, the answer came in the most annoying voice Cinder recognized. Inside the room now is Ruby Rose. Her and her annoying friends who had managed to quickly get up to their position. As for how they got past the guards and Grimm on the ground, all one had to do was listen to the fighting.

"Eat it turkeys!" On the ground, Blackbeard crushed the men with ease. "Unless your a hot chick, I will show no mercy!"

"..." Cinder blinked, wondering if she heard that right.

"Don't bother trying to make sense of it." Jaune then told Cinder while holding his sword. "Only EMIYA understands him."

"I'd rather not." EMIYA responded back, his weapons out while glad his explosion arrow did the trick. Still, had he wanted to he could have killed everyone in this room had he used a more powerful Noble Phantasm. But it seems he got just a bit softer since staying here. But not to soft.

If they try to kill his students, he'll kill them.

"I suppose a fight is inevitable." Hazel dramatically ripped off his sleeves. Knowing that escape wasn't possible in this situation. Unless they fought back anyway. "May as well get it over with."

"At least we can go down fighting." Personally, Mercury wasn't even sure if anybody here could win. Seeing videos of these Servants exploits. But like hell he'd also surrender without a fight. He might as well bring his A-game in this battle instead of acting like a wimp. Emerald must have thought the same, as she also takes out her weapons and preparing herself to deal with the Servants and students.

"Try not to get carried away." Emerald told Mercury while keeping an eye on the enemy. "Otherwise, I'm leaving you."

"Thank goodness I upgraded my gun." Nearby, taking out a new gun that can fire bullets made from the flesh of a Demon God Pillar, Watts felt confident he could at least take one or two Servants down with him. Or at least the students. "I suppose testing my new weapon is in order." It also helped that at long last Tyrian finally stopped crying.

Seeing those who were here to attack them, along with being the ones who were part of his Goddess's downfall, Tyrian growled. "I will avenge my goddess!" Now, he's filled with a need for revenge instead of tears. With the realization that the enemies of his Goddess are here, Tyrian stopped the water works and simply got up. Snarling as he poised for battle, ready to kill those he deemed a threat.

And all of them were a threat.

"Grrrrrr." The Hound also got up, transforming into a more humanoid shape itself. Of course, as strong as Cinder's group is, they wouldn't be enough against the Beacon students and two Servants.

Which is why Cinder already had a contingency plan.

"Come out!" It seems that Salem had left behind a few contingencies here and there. And as it turns out, somewhere in Mistral on the outskirts, for one reason or the other, Salem left behind a special group of beings in an underground bunker. Why she didn't take them, Cinder didn't know nor cared. But she found them to be too useful to just waste and leave.

From the shadows, out came creatures EMIYA recognized. "Tch." He scowled. "Shadow Servants."

'Servants' that weren't exactly as strong as true Heroic Spirits. Having ranked down parameters with weakened or no Noble Phantasm. Their main threat were their numbers and whatever skills they may retain from what Servant they should have been summoned as.

With Cinder and company having quite a bit with them., with the Shaow Servants outnumbering the heroes. Each having diffrent forms, weapons, and a hostile gaze towards the intruders. Quite clear that they had them both on the off chance the Crown attempted to betray them, and as a way to deal with any Servants they came across. "Now then." Cinder took out her swords and aimed them at Ruby and everyone else. "Shall we dance."

"Then just letting you know, you've been out way past midnight." Ruby smirked with her scythe raised. Both sides all glaring at one another, each with their own advantage. Then, like so, both ran at each other with a yell. It seems another fight was about to begin. Yet as this fight began, elsewhere, another group was out doing their own thing.

Yawning, Jason looked up at the sky. Relaxing on the soft green grass on the hill he was on while observing the ever moving clouds and the blue horizon sky that stretched on and on. Appearing quite satisfied with the view.

"Enjoying the sky?" Appearing over him is Medea (Lily), with Jason grunting. "Come now, no need to be shy."

"Like hell I'm shy." More worried if anything. "I just want to enjoy this view in peace, okay."

"Then you should have chosen a better time." Nearby, also on the grass, Castor didn't seem as pleased. "The stars are a much better view than this. Wouldn't you agree sister?"

"I do." Pollux agreed. "Stars are far more wondrous, where you can even match the constellations."

"And also because you can see stars related to you." Jason could see what they wanted. And he wasn't having it. "Besides, we're in another world. I doubt the stars here would match the ones back home." The Dioscuri twins sighed at that, knowing it was true.

"Besides," Chipping in, also relaxing with the rest of the Argonauts, Atalante actually agreed with Jason for this bit. "Nothing wrong with seeing the fresh blue sky. It's actually refreshing." So soothing, back when she was a child in the wild.

"As long as I don't see clouds and hear thunder, consider me okay with this." Asclepius had also joined. Though he had a blanket under him to ensure no germs from the dirt got on him. Everyone else is all lying down, having joined their leader in this simple view of the sky.

"I suppose relaxing and crap is good for the muscles." Caenis would rather fight, but even she knew great warriors needed to calm themselves and enjoy the little things before a battle. Nearby, Heracles grunted, agreeing with Caenis. Even when he wasn't talking, one can tell he's pleased. Just glad that there is no more fighting. Just the Argonauts taking their time to appreciate this day-off without any troubles.

No villains to face. No pressure on whether to return back to Chaldea. None of the problems humans face everyday whenever they live. No more are the eight here, the Argonauts. Instead, they're just friends and teammates taking a chance to ease themselves. With Jason taking the day in stride, without even thinking about Vale.

'Because heaven knows if I do, I have work to be done.' Papers. Finance. Migration. Papers. Collateral damage reports. Complaints. Small-time crooks. Lost supplies. Papers. So on and so forth. Jason had every intention of course to do his job, but not today. Because today, he relaxed with his friends and watch the sky for no reason at all.

"Funny." Jason then chuckled aloud. "To think, after such a long time, we've finally reached this point in time. With very little to bug us."

"I actually heard how some of Salem's allies are still around." Asclepius shrugged. "Even if that's true, compared to their boss, they won't be much trouble."

"A bunch of rats with nowhere to go. Not even worth fighting." Caenis snickered.

"Honestly, I had my fill of fighting for a lifetime." It would be by this point, far before then too, did Atalante believe the Servants would have vanished by now. Instead, here they all remained, feeling the cool breeze of the sky without a situation. Like Chaldea, here, they had a chance to enjoy themselves before vanishing.

Even better, they wouldn't be forced away if the Association tried to get their Master to send them back to the Throne. How could they seeing as how all the Servants were not only in another world, but technically had no Master.

'And while we may fade away eventually,' Atalante turned to see Medea (Lily) happily poking Jason on the cheek, the latter doing his best to ignore her. Until she began pouring syrup into his mouth, to the twins and Caenis's amusement. 'At least it won't be today.'

Atalante wasn't the only one who thought this. From Ascelpius who wished to continue making medicine, Caenis who wondered how many people or beasts she could kill, all the way to Jason who, after swallowing the syrup and pushing Medea (Lily) away, smiled before the blue sky.

'I got a kingdom. I have allies and friends. Heck, even my reputation has improved…sorta.' It seems many people were demanding Ozpin be king since the stunt he pulled, but overall, it seems the immortal didn't really care about being king. Actually still allowing Jason to continue and simply helped him along the way. Not that Jason minded, as he needed to get used to this new worlds politics quick. At least before Atlas came to help deliver supplies to the city.

'And maybe demand I compensate them for the loss of their ship and the New Argo.' Neh, he'll let future him deal with that crossroad when it comes down to it. Right now, he just wished to continue doing what he wanted. In this situation, watch the skies a bit longer. Then once they were done, maybe get something to eat.

Tilting his head, Jason then sat up and faced Heracles who gave him a nod. As always, Heracles seemed to know just what he was thinking. Truly, he was his best friend. And even if he'd never admit it, Jason saw the rest of the Argonauts, when they weren't trying to examine him, beat him up, insult him, or get his name on a marriage license, as friends. True companions till the bitter end.

With nothing willing to change that.

"Got you!" Jason then felt a fist slam right into his face and sent him right onto Heracles body. Everyone sitting up in shock while Jason rubbed his cheek.

"Wh-wha-!" What was that? Was it an enemy Servant? A new foe? Someone he pissed off again?

"There. That should end all hostilities. Right Cursed Arm?"

"It's Grimm Arm now."

It seemed to be the last one. Because there, standing before everyone is none other than the apparently not quite dead Hassans. Serenity and Grimm Arm, both who glared at Jason who could only stutter out, "Y-You're alive?!"

"No thanks to you punk!" Grimm Arm glared at the twins. "Or you jerks as well!" Neither looked remorseful, though they did appear just a bit bashful. Like everyone else, they thought these two were dead.

"You survived.? Well consider Caenis impressed.

"Yes. Barely." Wasn't easy. "Then we had to walk a long distance away." Which wasn't any easier in Serenity's eyes. From trying to find a town all the way to forced to dig for Dust with their bare hands instead of stealing it like any normal person. "But we managed to crawl all the way from Anima for one purpose."

"To what? Punch me?" Jason incredulously asked.

"...yes." Grimm Arm nodded. Having had this petty, childish grudge, for quite a while now. One that has now been accomplished. "And now we will go." He and Serenity were done here. They punched Jason, and had also secretly acquired some stuff from Jason's ship before they came here to punch him. A silly thing really, but hey, that was just part of their revenge.

"Be careful what you drink." Serenity chuckled as she followed Grimm Arm. Giving her own warning to the Argonauts. "We may have touched your drinks." She also entered Jason's room and touched all his stuff. Though she made it so that her poison won't kill him. Instead, he'll just find himself very itchy when he went to bed tonight.

Like so, the two then left, leaving the Argonauts behind.

"Some people. They can't just let things go." Jason muttered, ignoring the 'Really' look from Heracles' expression. Not helped that Heracles bet this won't be the first nor last time someone will come and try to get petty revenge on Jason. But maybe this would just be a part of the Argonauts new life here in Remnant.

"Ugh. Well, I guess we should just go back to what we are doing." Jason then got back onto the grass next to Heracles, with Medea (Lily) quick to lay down next to him. This time he allowed it. He'll be spending a lot of time here with her and everyone else. Just another day of the story he has here.

Dealing with people with a grudge. Checking up on Chaldea and what they'll be doing. Returning to Vale and having to ensure the city will be up and running again with the people nice and safe. Perhaps deal with any leftover threats as well. So many problems, yet so many allies to rely on here. Even so, Jason could bet that eventually, fate will bring another disaster on his feet sooner or later.

"Hehe." All in all, this wasn't a bad life.

Hmm. At this point I believe I should say something to see you all off. Well, all I'll say is, I'm amazed anybody has stuck around to read this story after all this time. Not that I hated it, or writing this story. Won't deny it had its faults, from characters to plot holes. Heck, I couldn't even be bothered explaining what happened to Sigurd's sword, how Ironwood deal with his new arm, what has Blake been up to, the question if Cinder's group could escape again, Nobu's plan to take over Remnant and so on. But eh, this was my first major story. And while I do have regrets how some things turned out, I still liked it and ensured most of the loose threads have been resolved.

Granted, I suppose there's still the Anthology side-story I made, but eh, kinda tired of that to.

Anyway, whether you liked the story, hate it, or are just indifferent, you do you.

In the meantime, it's finally time for me to relax, close the laptop, and stop doing fanfic for a while. I have another story planned, and I need to finish the draft which is also almost done. But for now, I'd rather play video games. It seems Jason's story has come to an end here at long last. Whether he can become the best king with his friends is up for you to decide. All I can say is, his future here in this world will still have many problems, disasters, and fun times ahead. See ya.