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Manhattan, New York

"You wanted to know how history will remember the Avengers, Iron Man?" Captain America beamed, clasping Tony's shoulder warmly as the crowds ecstatically cheered Earth's Mightiest Heroes. "Well, here's your answer."


Four figures stalked silently through the shadowed labyrinth. Their leader was a young steel-eyed woman whose deep dark skin contrasted with the shimmering white of her costume. She held her hand up wordlessly as they came to a corner.

Behind her filed three others. First was an imperious man with pointed ears and glistening bronze skin. He wore little save a pair of green-scaled trunks and a perpetual scowl.

Behind him in turn, crept a seven-foot-tall jade giantess. Bringing up the rear was a blond-haired woman decked head to toe in Asgardian armor and wielding a great Uru hammer.

"Is all this skulking around really necessary, Captain Marvel?" hissed the scowling man. "Can't you simply scout out the area in your other form?"

"Negative, Namor," the white-clad woman answered curtly. "No telling what kinda sensors they have set-up around the target."

Captain Marvel peered around the corner. In the chamber beyond hovered a figure clad in futuristic green and purple armor, a look of cold contempt etched upon his azure faceplate.

"Eyes on Kang," whispered Marvel. "She-Hulk, Thunderstrike, you two circle around and wait for my signal. Namor, with-"

"Face me, so-called 'Conqueror'! Face the Prince of Atlantis if you dare!" Namor bellowed, leaping from the shadows. "IMPERIOUS REX!"

The Sub-Mariner soared upwards, propelled by tiny fluttering wings sprouting from his ankles that defied all known laws of aerodynamics. His mighty hands reached for his quarry's throat, only to pass through empty air as Kang's image shimmered out of existence.

"Neptune's beard!" Namor swore.

In an instant, four lumbering scarab drones came crashing through the chamber's walls. Clawed mechanical tendrils surged towards the Atlantean like striking asps.

"Finally, the boring part's over!" the jade giantess crowed as she tackled one of the robotic scarabs, hurling both of them across the chamber.

"She-Hulk, wait!" Captain Marvel implored futilely, before turning to her remaining comrade. "Thunderstrike, fry those robots!"

"WHAT!?" blurted the hammer-wielding blond. "But… What if I hit She-Hulk and Namor!?"

"Never mind!" Captain Marvel snapped, a glowing white halo forming around her. "If you want something done right-"

The entire universe froze in place as Marvel's physical form dissolved into a beam of pure white light, lancing towards the nearest scarab. The nanosecond the living light touched the robot's glinting chassis, it transformed into a surge of crackling electricity; simultaneously frying every circuit in the mechanical menace before moving on to the next as a beam of light once more. One by one it struck each marauding mechanoid until…

"-you have to do it yourself," snapped Captain Marvel as she resumed corporeal form less than a sliver of a second later.

It only took a moment for the smoking scarabs to come careening down, one after the other like falling redwoods with a pitiful metallic screech.

"Awww," sighed She-Hulk. "That was over way too soon."

Beep… Beep…

The optical sensors of the four prone scarabs began flashing in time with their beeping.


"HIT THE DECK!" cried Captain Marvel, all four heroes taking cover behind the scattered debris.


"Simulation: terminated," said J.A.R.V.I.S.' clipped monotone as the lights rose, the labyrinth's steel walls sinking back into the Training Room's floor.

High above in the control booth, stood Wasp and Captain America.

"Congratulations," beamed Wasp, before her cheery smile collapsed into a frown. "You're all dead."

Avengers Mansion, 890 Fifth Avenue

Two Years Later