Yes, I'm going on an anime spree.

"Thanks a lot" Jotaro had grumbled, holding the room keys that the receptionist had given him. It has been half a day since defeating the Empress and the two other Stands and their users. Half a day since Joseph rid himself of that thing on his arm. And no one had saw it! So they were still skeptical about that part, but at least they believed him when he said that he hadn't killed any doctor!

Jotaro tosses a set of keys to Polnaroff. "You and Avdol will share a room. Kakyoin and myself will share a room. And," he tosses the last pair at a startled Joseph, "you'll have the third room to yourself."Joseph gapes, putting a hand over his heart, pouting.

"Me? Alone? You'd leave your poor old man who is growing older and older, who needs company and family and love and care, all alone?" Polnaroff laughs at this, and Jotaro just coldly looks at his grandfather.

"So you admit at last that you're going senile, you moron?" Jotaro's muscles twitch slightly, his version of a smile, and he turns his back on the elder. "All right. I'm going to bed. It's late." He pulls his hat further over his face and stuffs his hands in his pocket, walking down the hall. At least they got rooms on the first floor this time. So if they need to make am escape, they don't meed to fall out a window.

Joseph retires to his room. The other's rooms were right next to each other, while Joseph was separated from them by an empty room which was having it's plumbing repaired. Absolutely wonderful.

"Eh- who cares!" Joseph exclaims, throwing his hat onto the desk. "I can have some peace and quiet!" He throws his bag onto the bed and hisses, grabbing at his arm. A sudden flare of pain had gone through it. "What?" He hisses. He twists his arm, and looks at the spot of pain, the spot where the Empress had started to grow on his arm. "Hmm...that wasn't there before" he mutters, gloved hand tracing a bruise-like circle on his arm. "Eh. It'll be gone by mornin'." He also ignores the slight pain he has in the area between his prosthetic arm and the stump it attaches to, something he hasn't felt since he accidentally got water on it in the middle of winter and it frosted over when Holly in college. He shudders. That had been a painful day. But at least Suzie Q took good care of him!

He takes a shower and wears a white shirt and dark brown pants, leaving the suspenders aside to put on in the morning. He took a shower because he wanted to maximize his sleep and not take a shower tomorrow! Also, his arm had kind of smelled like tar. . .

He lies down, turning on the fan and turning off the light, snuggling into the pillow and wrapping the thin blanket around his muscular body, inhaling the warm scent of India. He closes his eyes, not seeing the strings of gold that reach out from the dark bruise-like spot he had been examining earlier, creeping up his neck and down his torso and arms. If someone had looked at his star-shaped birthmark on his neck, they would of seen it lit up with veins of gold. And Joseph would not be ready for what would happen that full moon night.