In Addition to St. Vins: Pie Eater and Swifty's Story written by Polecat

Disclaimer: I do not own anyone but their parents.
"Dude, you got the cash?" a brown haired boy anxiously asked his friend. The other boy nodded, pulling out several bills from his pocket.

"If my Dad find out, man, I'm so dead."

"Don't worry, Swifty," Pie Eater said climbing into the drivers seat of his Rav4. "Nobody can touch us."

Pie Eater had no worries when it came to matters of breaking the law. His father was a high priced lawyer and Swifty's father had a place in the justice system. Swifty nodded, climbing into his usually shot gun position; he didn't have as much confidence as Pie, but in another twenty minutes he'd have no worries at all.

***** ***** *****

The car sped down the empty street at remarkable speed. The driver was now the passenger, gripping the dash board and hooting out the window. Swifty ground his foot into the gas pedal, the scenery zooming past not going nearly fast enough.

"Dude hit the gas!"

"It won't go any faster!"

"Whooo! This car sucks!"

The police cruiser set back behind the trees took off in an instant once the cranberry colored vehicle sped past. Swifty saw the flashing red and blue lights, a small part of his mind telling him to pull over and stop but a much bigger voice telling him to go faster.

"Faster, dude! Out run him! Go go go go!"

***** ***** *****

"Eric Tanaka and Brandon Valerio, for possession of narcotics, under the influence of narcotics, driving under the influence and resisting arrest, I would have you both locked behind bars until you are 21 years old age."

Pie Eater hung his head, avoiding the stern gaze of his father; Swifty kept his eyes planted to the floor and bit his bottom lip to keep it from quivering.

"But," both boys gasped, Judge Monaghan looked down at them coolly and sternly. "Because I feel neither of you would learn a thing from your mistakes behind bars, I will sentence you to Saint Vincent's until you both graduate at the age of 18. You're being released into the custody of your parents until your sentence begins on the fourth of October."

Pie Eater nearly whooped as he bounced to his feet and hugged Swifty tightly. "Dude, I told you nobody could touch us."

"Yeah, only because our Dad's bribed the judge," Swifty nodded towards their fathers at the back of the courtroom. "They paid off everybody. The judge, the press, two prestige men of the court cannot have word leaking out that their sons are speed addicts. They'd lose all respect."

Pie grinned, "Which is way were so untouchable."

"What do you think they're gonna do to us once we get outta St. Vins?"

The smile faded from Pie Eater's face, "Damn, dude."

"I'm gonna be shipped off to Tokyo."

"Eric," Mr. Tanaka barked at his son.

"Brandon," Mr. Valerio followed suit.

"Damn, man.... damn."


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