Author's Note: Hey Cameron McIntyre! Thanks for the awesome review. So in the Chapter, what will happen if our three Pirate crew went into the future.

Chapter 17 What Will The Future Hold Part 1

Jake: Wait a second, let me get this straight so in this chapter we're going to the Future?

Me: Yes Jake keep up.

Cubby: Yay!

Izzy: This is an awesome chapter so without further Ado Mr. Laquan start this chapter!

Me: Alright alright you three calm down I guess Cubby's excited your boyfriend's annoyed Izzy and I guess you're happy.

Izzy: Don't worry I'll take care of my boyfriend

Jake: Stay away from me

Izzy: Jacob Alex Hutchinson get back here right now young man

Jake: Your going to have to catch me first Izzy

Cubby: Just start the chapter before they kill each other.

Me: you got it Cubby!

Chapter 17 What will the future hold Part 1

Izzy's POV

We were all still sailing on the mighty Colossus, until a portal opened up.

"Jake, there's a portal opening." I said to him.

"A Portal? what's a portal doing in the middle of the ocean?" Jake asked me as I just shrugged my shoulders.

"Guys, I think we're being sucked into the portal." Cubby said to us as we all screamed.

"Ahhhhhhh!" We all screamed, as we were being sucked into the portal.

"Well, I guess this is another adventure for us." Cubby said to me as we all nodded our heads.

(Neverland year 2033)

As we arrived back on water, the portal closed.

"Izzy, Jake, when are we?" Cubby asked us.

"I don't know, but this gives me the heebie-jeebies right now dude." Jake said to him.

"Wait, is that Stormy and Marina?" Jake asked us as he was looking at the older versions of Marina and Stormy the mermaid.

"Stormy looks hot!" Cubby said as he was looking at Stormy.

" okay this is just so freaky one minute we were sailing, the next minute we are still salling but we see older women who are now Stormy and Marina.

"Come on, we got to figure out what's going on." I said to them as we started sailing towards Marina and Stormy.

"Hi Stormy, hey Marina!" Cubby shouted.

"oh my God Cubby Jake Izzy? How did you guys come back to Neverland?" Marina asked us as we were now confused.

"Wait what do you mean, come back?" I asked Marina.

"If you younger versions of Jake Izzy and Cubby are looking for your future selves, they'r toe somewhere in Neverland." Stormy said to us.

"Thank you!" I said to them as we sailed to Pirate Island first.

Cubby's POV

Once we arrived on Pirate Island, everything still the same. Well, almost everything.

"okay why is our hideout being renovated?" Izzy asked us.

Then once The hideout door open, an older version of Jake popped out.

now this Jake who is the future version of his younger self, was wearing his captain clothes which now I was confused.

"Hey Jake didn't you retired from being Captain?" I asked him as he nodded his head yes.

" yeah why do you ask Cubby?" Jake asked me.

"because that little boy looks exactly like you but he's wearing your Captain clothes." I said to him.

"Wait I thought you said there was an older version of me popping out of The hideout door." Jake said to me.

"I did, but apparently you're holding someone's hand." I said to him.

"Now David remember keep an eye out for Captain hook's son." Jacob said to his son.

"Wait I have a son?" Jake ask himself in shocked.

"Apparently you do." I said to him.

"Where is your sister?" Jacob asked his son

" Danielle hurry up we're going to be late!" Jacob said to his daughter.

" okay first I have a son, and now I have a daughter? this future is creeping me out." Jake said to us.

" I can't find mom's pixie dust, pouch." Danielle said to her dad.

"Izzy help her." Jacob said his wife.

"Wait did my Future self said Izzy?" Jake asked us as we nodded our heads.

"Danielle, I told you to wear it around your neck." Isabella said to her daughter.

" but it hurts around my neck." Danielle said to her mother.


"Yes sir!" Danielle said as she putted the pixie dust pouch around her neck.

"We better get out of here before we catch spotted." Jake said to us as we then accidentally stepped on a twig making a noise.

"What was that?" David asked his parents.

"It came from that way!" Jacob said to his son.

"Remember your training?" Jacob asked his son.

"Yeah if it's Captain Hook son, charge. if it's strangers, walk away." David said to his father.

"Here I go!" David said to his parents as he was walking towards this way.

"Guys we better go now before we get... Too late." Jake said to us.

"Dad, Mom, I found someone who looks exactly like you two, only younger. I also found Uncle Cubby." David said to them as they ran towards us.

Jacob's POV

As my wife and I ran towards our son found, I was actually shocked.

"oh my goodness look at us, we were so cute." my wife Isabella said to me.

" who are you guy?" Cubby asked us.

" we're Jacob and Isabella but you might know us as Izzy and Jake." I said to our old friend, as he was drooling.

"okay now this is the weirdest day ever for us if you guys are Jake and Izzy, what did I get on my 8th birthday?" Cubby asked us.

"You're kidding right? We're not telling you. But since you on the younger version of our Cubby, why not. Okay. we got you a new map." Isabella said to him.

" it was a new map! you are Jake and Izzy cool." Cubby said to us.

" and let me guess those two are our younger versions of ourselves aren't they?" Isabella asked him as we looked at our younger versions of Jake and Izzy.

"Hi!" Jake said as Izzy just waved.

"Okay we're sending you guys back home!"

"Oh come on Jacob, please can we stay a little longer please." Jake asked me.

"Come on honey, please let them stay?" my wife asked me also.

"Do you know what will happen if we let our younger selves stay in the future?" I asked my wife.

"The space-time Continuum will collapse!" David said to me.

"Yeah how did you know David?" I asked him.

"I've been watching, back to the Future." David said to me.

"Okay, that makes sense." I said to my son.

"Hey Jacob, where's my Future self." Cubby asked me.

"He's not here." I said to him.

"What do you mean he's not.. am I dead?" Cubby asked me.

"no Uncle young Cubby, you're not dead you just left Neverland.

"that makes sense wait I left never what now?" Cubby asked David.

"You left Neverland." I said to him.

"What do you mean, Cubby left Neverland?" Jake asked me.

" I mean our Cubby, went to the mainland." I said to Jake.

"So, so that's it? I'm not going to end up with Stormy?" Cubby asked me.

"Actually, you and Stormy broke up." I said to him.

"What? No, please tell me it's not true?" Cubby asked me.

"It's true I'm sorry you had to find out this way but, there's nothing I can do to save it." I said to him.

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