A/N: Written for Fictober 2019. The fics I write for this challenge don't follow Fictober's official prompt list.

Just a drabble I edited up for completion during Fictober. A bit late, but hey.


The box opens. On white plush, cobalt and vermilion gem rings sit side by side.

Fate picks up the vermilion ring. She kneels and carefully holds Nanoha's shivering wrist steady while she slides the ring on.

Nanoha's hand covers her mouth. Moonlight behind her illuminates her unshed tears.

"You told me my eyes remind you of the first time you fell in love with me," Fate explains. She holds the box firmly and flexes her finger. "Let's relive that feeling forever. I want us to see each other's eyes when we're apart."

The ring's sparkle sets their feelings into stone.