Chapter 1 A rider in France

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At night a young man wad in his room, his name is Jin Kujo, he's 15 years old, he has short brown hair and brown eyes, he wears a black jacket with red stripes on the sleeves with a black shirt, blue jeans and black shoes.

His room was a basic one being white with a bed and desk with a computer on it, but he has posters of all the kame riders on his walls to show he was a fan but his favourite was Ryuki, he was now sitting on his bed with a suit case and he opens it, it has the all of the kamen rider decks from Ryuki including even Abyss deck along with Alternative and Zero, on the top of the lid is the buckle with the Alternative decks next to it, he was happy to have them since he was a huge fan of Ryuki so having them along with the Alternative decks made him so happy.

"I'm glad to have these and good thing I modified this suit case to hold them all."Jin said and then he closes it.

Jin then goes to his window look outside, some maybe wondering about his parents well Jin is a orphan, his parents died in a accident a long time ago when he was 12 but they were able to make sure he would get the house and have somewhere to go, he was thinking about something that he always wanted to be a hero, after his parents were gone he wanted to do help people like how the Kamen Riders did it.

Jin then sees a shooting star and made a wish:"I wish I can be a hero like the Kamen Riders."then it twinkled and he was covered in a blinding light.

Jin opened his eyes to see he was in a alley with his suit case next to him and a duffle bag with clothes in it and he said:"where am I?" he then notices a note and picks it up and reads it:"dear Jin, you wish is granted now you have a chance to be a hero in this world, you have access to all of the decks along with the Advent Beasts but don't worry they won't be needing food since their more docile in comparison but have their own will, along with mirror world not being harmful so good luck."Jin was in shock, he has the Advent Beasts that are now more like Dragon Knight and he has Mirror World.

He then notices a broken mirror and when he looked at it he saw all of the Advent beast's looking at him, he then picks up the suit case and duffle bag and jumps in, when he entered mirror world he saw all the beast's looking at him, they nodded and made noises to tell him that he was welcomed, Jin was so happy and he got excited.

"Yeah, oh man now I noticed, I don't have a home, well I guess we will have to find a new place while I go to a new school."Jin said, then one of the Gigazelle approach him and gave him a card, he takes it and it said Shuffle vent with the image being the rider symbols spinning around and the symbol on the corner has all of them except Alternative."Shuffle vent I guess it means I can swap the deck in the middle of a figtht, well thanks you guys."and the beasts roared in happiness.

Then they heard a sound and Jin runs to another part with the beasts following him, when he arrived at a garden and noticed the Eiffel Tower and said:"okay I'm in Paris, good thing I'm pretty good in French in my old school."he then looks to a window and saw a guy wearing a top hat with a moon on it and a suit and his face was pale.

He was next to the tower and said:"Now I the great Magician of Misfortune shall make the Eiffel Tower disappear."

"Not today."Jin said, he then opens the suit case, the belt was gone and he takes out Ryuki's Advent deck, he could feel the weight and the material, it was different now, he points it at the reflection and then the buckle appeared and went to his waist."Henshin."then slots the deck in the buckle, then three reflections came to him and formed the suit transforming him into Kamen Rider Ryuki.

When the Magician of Misfortune was about to make the tower to vanish with a wand he then heard a voice:"hey magic man."he turns back to see Ryuki jump to the air and land in front of him.

"Who are you, your not Ladybug or Cat noir?"Magician asked confused seeing him.

On the other side of the garden was a little girl watching it, she has messy dark brown hair pulled back into two ponytails, golden-brown eyes, and two upper front buck teeth, she was amazed at seeing the new hero.

"Manon."she looks to her right to see Alya who goes up to her."it's dangerous to be near the supervillains, if your mom finds out Marinette will be in trouble."

"But theres a new hero."Manon said.

"Wait, what?"Alya said surprised and sees Ryuki."Oh my gosh, a new superhero."she then takes out her phone to film the fight.

"I am Kamen Rider Ryuki."Ryuki said while doing a pose, he didn't know who Ladybug or Cat noir are they must be the heroes of this city.

"Ryuki, well not matter it seems before I do my most amazing act I must take you out."Magician said.

"Oh yeah."Ryuki said and then he charges at him.

Magician uses his wand to make chains to appear and sends them at Ryuki, Ryuki stopped to see them and rolls to the side to avoid them but they came back.

"Let's kick it up a notch."Ryuki said then he takes out a card for Sword vent, he opens the Drag visor and places the card inside and closes it.


Then a sword came from the sky and Ryuki grabs it, it was the Drag Saber and Ryuki cuts down the chains making them vanish surprising the magician, Ryuki then goes after him and engages him in close combat using the sword only to counter his magic, Ryuki throws a couple of punches at Magician who was able to dodge a few but then Ryuki does a spin kick sending him to the ground.

Magician got up and said:"I will not allow you to ruin my show."he then uses his wand and makes multiple knifes appear around Ryuki.

"Woah."Ryuki said then he takes out another card and puts on the visor.


His shield appears on his arms and he used them to block the knifes as they rained down at him, when they stopped Ryuki got up and he was fine.

"Nice try, now magic man I'm going to my own magic act, I will make a dragon appear."Ryuki said.

"What?"Magician said confused.

Ryuki takes out a card for Advent and puts it on the visor.


A mirror like portal appear next to Ryuki and then came Dragreder roaring surprising everyone, it then hit Magician sending him away and knocking him on the floor.

"He has a dragon, that's so cool."Manon said excited.

"This is so amazing, what will he do next."Alya said.

"Now let's end it here."Ryuki said and he pulls out another card with his symbol on it, he places the card on his visor.


Dragreder goes to Ryuki and flies around him, Ryuki goes into a pose while preparing himself, he then jumps into the air with Dragreder flying around him, he then goes to a flying kick position with Dragreder behind him, Dragreder then shoots a fireball sending Ryuki flying towards Magician with a fire kick.

"Rider Kick."Ryuki said.

Ryuki then hits Magician causing an explosion to appear, Magician was then sent flying to the ground again, he was fine despite the explosion only having a few burnt marks, his wand falls to the floor and Ryuki picks it up, Ryuki then snaps it into two and to his surprise a dark butterfly came out of it and Magician turned back to normal.

On top of a building was Ladybug anf Cat noir and they were stunned at what they just saw while blinking.

"Well looks like were not the only heroes around here anymore."Cat Noir said.

"But who is he, later we gotta catch the Akuma."Ladybug said.

Ryuki was looking at the Akuma then a yo-yo catches it, he looks behind to see Ladybug and Cat Noir with Ladybug pulling back her yo-yo to her and she opens it to reveal the akuma was normal again.

Ryuki was interested in these new heroes, goes up to them while Dragreder went back to the mirror world and said:"well nice to meet you both you must be Ladybug and Cat Noir."

"Yeah, were pretty famous, so what's your name?"Cat Noir asked.

"I am Kamen Rider Ryuki."Ryuki said.

"Well nice to meet you Ryuki, it's interesting to meet another hero."Ladybug said.

"Yeah me too, say I'm new here so could you tell me about that butterfly?"Ryuki asked.

"Oh, sure, you see theres this supervillain called Hawkmoth that has the power to turn other people into villains by using their negative emotions and he sends them to attack us."Ladybug said.

"I see, well you guys can count on me."Ryuki said.

"It will be cool to have little help, plus with those karate moves and that cool rider kick would be interesting to see again."Cat Noir said the he did a karate sound making Ladybug roll her eyes but Ryuki chuckled.

Then their miraculous beeped and LadyBug said:"Well we better go see you next time Ryuki."and they ran.

"Oh yeah, bye."Ryuki said confused."well I better go too."he goes up to the guy that was once the villain."Look I kow you must have been cheated on but doing this won't get what you want, so if you have a dream don't give up on it and just keep trying."

He thinks about, he then nodded and said:"your right, thanks Ryuki."

"No prob."Ryuki said.

He then goes running to a hidding place so he can go to the mirror world.

In Hakmoth's lair, he was angry and said:"Ladybug you might have won this day with a new ally but next time you won't have the same luck and you Ryuki I will find out the secret behind your power."

With Jin he found a school he can go to, he was able to find a way using his Advent Beasts help to make some papers for him, but now he was walking around the mirror world about something important.

"Where am I going to live, I should have asked for a house in that wish."Jin said then he passes by a bakery called Tom and Sabine Boulangerie Patisserie and he stopped, he looks to see a paper on the door, it was in reverse but he could tell they wanted help."bingo."

In the real world Jin enters the bakery and looks around, he then met a big man with moustache and a chinese woman and he said:"welcome to my bakery young man what can I do for you?"

"Oh, well you see I saw you were asking for help and I came to see if I could work here."Jin said.

"Really, well let's us introduce ourselves I am Tom Dupain and this is my wife Sabine."Tom said.

"Nice to meet you both my name is Jin Kujo."Jin said.

"Well Jin why made come to apply for that job?"Sabine asked.

"I just came to Paris and needed a job I have experience in baking and cooking."Jin said since he worked for a restaurant before in his world.

"Really, what about your parents?"Tom asked.

"My parents."Jin said and he sad at that reminder, they noticed his look and got worried."their not around anymore."

They were shocked to hear that with Sabine with a hand over her mouth, they then turned around to talk, after some time waiting they turned around and Tom said:"well Jin, your in luck."

"Wait really?"Jin asked.

"Yes welcome aboard, and do you have a place to stay?"Tom asked.

"Well no I was going to check if there is anywhere I could live."Jin said.

"Well we have a extra guest room so we can let you stay here until your have enough money to live on your own."Sabine said.

Jin couldn't believe it, he smilled and said:"thank you so much, I won't let you down."

Then someone came to the bakery and Tom said:"oh Marinette, you came here just in time."

Jin turns around to see Marinette and she said:"In time for what?"

"Marinetter let's us introduce you to our new helper Jin."Sabine said.

"Wait, someone came for the job."Marinette said surprised.

"Yes, nice to meet you Marinette my name is Jin Kujo."Jin said.

"Oh well nice to meet you Jin."Marinette said.

Then Alya came in and said:"Marinette you won't believe what happened."then she noticed Jin and stopped.

She was staring into him with a blush and she said:"Who is he?"

"Oh sorry my name is Jin Kujo I just arrived here at Paris."Jin said.

"Well nice to meet you Jin, my name is Alya C├ęsaire I'm Marinette's friend."Alya said to him.

"Oh, we also offered Jin a place to stay here."Tom said.

"What, but what about his parents?"Marinette asked then she noticed her parents giving her signals to stay quite and looks to see Jin looking down."oh I'm so sorry."

"Don't worry you didn't know, I'm just happy to find somewhere to stay until I can get my own place."Jin said.

"Well the let me welcome you here."Marinette said and they shook hands.

Next day Alya was showing Marinette and their friends the video of Ryuki fighting the Magician in class before the teacher comes and she said:"Can you believe we have another hero here in Paris."

"He looks so dashing."Rose said.

"And really cool."Alix said

"Well it's nice to have someone to help Ladybug and Cat Noir."Marinette said.

Then the teacher came and said:"class we will be having a new student joining us."

Everyone got interested and then came in Jin, Marinette and Alya were surprised, he goes in front of the class and said:"hello everyone my name is Jin Kujo, a pleasure to meet you all."

"Very good Jin, now why don't you find a empty seat."The teacher seat and he nodded.

He finds one and sits next to a blond guy and he said:"nice to meet you I'm Adrien"

"Nice to meet you too Adrien."Jin said with a smile.

Jin's journey of being a hero has started now he must be prepared to fight he evil of Hakmoth along with Ladybug and Cat Noir.

Note:Hope you all enjoy the first chapter of this story, I'm a fan of Ryuki so I wanted to make a story with it and Jin can use all the decks except Femme and the Alternative decks are going to be used by someone else, and this will be a harem with Alya being the first now who are the others well you will see next time.