Chapter 142 Eden Academy

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At the house Tom and Sabine were watching Marinette fix Anya's uniform as Jin stands next to her.

"Can you believe it. Anya will be going to Eden Academy! This will be great!" Tom said.

"I know Tom but don't you think your going overboard." Sabine said.

"Your right. I have to prepare a treat for Anya!" Tom said and Anya smiles hearing that.

Sabine blinks and said: "What I mean that school is very demanding, the other students look down on other people that aren't nobles like them."

Marinette thinks about it. Oh man, they will chew her out. Those kids are about as bad as Chloe.

Anya got scared and looks at Jin. "I don't want to go to school."

"Calm down Anya. I have more of a historical backing at least." Jin said.

Jin looks at the papers and saw something. "Wait a minute a wife?!"

The others blinked and Marinette said: "But your not married."

"Is someone trying to sabotage me. I need to get a wife just to get Anya in the school." Jin facepalms.

"Well who are you going to get to be Anya's mother." Marinette said.

Jin looks around and saw something outside. "Oh man I just found the answer."

Yor was walking down the streets smiling before she got pulled inside the bakery.

"Hey Yor." He smiles.

"Jin." She said.

"Look I need a favor." He was a little nervous making her blink.

After he explained she said: "You want me to be Anya's mom for the interview?"

"Yes, I know your able to keep your compuser in crowded places. So please?" He said.

She smiles. "Of course. I couldn't let Anya down."

"Oh thank you." He said.

She blushes a bit. I can't believe Jin picked me to be his wife.

"Okay we need to be prepared more so Anya since she could make a mistake." Jin said.

The family prepared to the big day as they wanted Anya to succeed.

Marinette was at her bedroom and Tikki came out. "So your niece is going to that fancy school."

"Well yeah, but i'm scared she might get hurt but those snobs." Marinette said.

"Marinette have a little faith on her. She's a brave little girl, she managed to keep calm against a villain." Tikki said.

"Well yeah. But i'm just worried. And those guys that do the examines are just the worst." Marinette said.

"All we can do is watch." Tikki said.

The day of the examination

Jin and the family were together as they walked inside of the school with some other families there, they saw the statue and Tom said: "That is the founder of the school let's give him some respect."

They gave they're respects and Jin noticed they were being watched so the test began the moment they came.

This might be hard but they can do it. Jin thinks to himself.

He knows Henry was impressed with Anya's brave nature as she managed to save his students and Manon against a villain.

They arrived at the office and they saw Henry there along with Walter Evans and Murdock Swan someone that Jin knows will be trouble.

"First we will start by questioning Anya's parents. How did you two meet?" Walter asked.

"Well in school. We went to the same classes in Japan and met for a long time." Jin told the truth. "We were like two halves that got connected by fate."

Yor blushes hearing that.

He's trying to make a good look on them. Marinette thinks to herself.

"What about you madam?" Walter asked Yor.

"W-Well Jin is a very kind and caring man to take care of Anya in his age. I think he's the sweetest man I will ever meet in my life." Yor said.

"That is good to know you both love each other." Walter said. "I also know about your family the Dupains, as you have the best bakery in Paris."

"Yes. You could always count on our family." Tom nodded.

"But why would a beautiful woman pick a guy with baggage?" Murdoch said.

"That is rather uncouth, master Swan." Henry said.

"Now then how do the two of you describe your daughter?" Walter asked.

"Anya is a very excited and curious child. She even managed to pick up my home country's language." Jin said.

"Oh she knows Japanese." Henry was impressed.

"Hai sensei." Anya said.

Jin was surprised she got that part but it will help her get in.

"The only shortcoming I would say she's a picky eater. But she is a good cook in her right as a baker." Jin said.

"How would you describe your parenting skills Madam?" Walter asked Yor.

"Well you know i'm not her biological mother, I spoil her sometimes but I can be strict." Yor said.

Marinette sweatdrops since that might not happen.

"We heard that your daughter is a picky eater. What do you cook?"

"Uh c-cook?" Yor was nervous.

"I do most of the cooking since it's part of my family more. But Yor can be a great help." Jin said.

"Your joking?! What kind of wife doesn't cook?!" Murdoch said.

"How is that important here." Sabine said.

"Yes, man can cook too." Tom frowns.

"Well he should be strict with her before his daughter." Murdoch said.

Jin frowns at him. "What we do is none of your business master Swan." He has the look of a samurai.

Henry gasps since that's both elegance and strenght.

Murdoch got surprised at that look, this kid was looking down on him.

"Let's ask your daughter. Can you tell me your name?" Walter asked Anya.

"My name is Anya Kujo."

"What do you do in your free times?" Walter asked.

"We go out to museums, learn how to cook and I like to see papa sing." Anya said.

"Yes, I know your father is a great singer." Walter nodded. "How do you feel about your mother?"

"She's very nice but scary sometimes." Anya said.

"If you were to score your parents what would you give them?"

"A 100. Mama and papa are fun and I love them." Anya smiles making her family happy.

Murdoch got irritated seeing this happy family. "In that case how would you rate higher your new mother or old one?"

Anya got stunned and the others got shocked he would even ask that.

Anya was about to cry until she remembers something her papa told her.


They were at home and Jin showed her a drawing of his ancestor Mitsuhide. "This is Mitsuhide Akechi, he's my ancestor and he's now yours too, he's a great samurai that charged foward without any fear."

Any holds it and was amazed. "Could I be brave like him too papa?"

"Of course. You just need to believe in yourself." Jin smiles and patted her head.

Flahsback ends

Anya got serious and said: "I love mamas but it's no fair to pick one!"

"What?!" Murdoch got shocked at the reaction, he wanted her to cry.

The other two were impressed and her family smiled.

Marinette was happy since she managed to overcome that.

"Your mocking me!" Swan said.

"Excuse me." They saw Adrian's father Gabriel there at the door.

"Wait, your Adrian's father, what are you doing here?" Jin said with the others surprised.

"I am one of the ones that funds the school and came to see if my money is going to good use. But then I saw a teacher trying to bully a child." Gabriel frowns.

Murdoch falls down. "No wait! I wasn't!"

Henry frowns at him. "You disrespected our school with that question."

"Yes. So Swan I would suggest you know your place as this could be your last job." Gabriel goes away.

"Well we got enough for today so thank you for coming. "Walter defuses the situation.

"Yes, thank you for having us." Jin said as the family left.

Murdoch was scared out of his life since he just made a fool in front of one of the most important people in France.

"That girl has great potential." Henry said. "She has shown a strong will like her father. She has his elegance and bravery."


Jin and the others waited at home and they saw a letter, Jin opens it and they waited.

"She did it!" He said and they all cheered.

"Anya is in Eden!" Tom lifts her up.

"Way to go!" Marinette said.

Anya smiles at them.

"Wait, they might make visits to check on my "marriage"." Jin said.

"Well that would mean Yor would have to stay." Sabine said.

Yor blushes hearing that, she will be living in the same house as Jin.

"We still have a guest room she can use." Tom said.

Jin sighs, but at least Anya was able to get in.

Note: Heres the meeting with the teachers and Anya did better as Jin inspired her to be more like a strong samurai, Yor is the mother like in canon so that will be the same.