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A young boy with green and red hair was looking at his hands nervously and playing with a necklace before looking up. "Mom's going to be ok right?"

"Yeah. She's a tough woman Yuya." a man with red hair, and wearing a performer outfit told him as they were in a Hospital Hallway.

Yuya nodded but still looked worried. "Ok uncle Skip."

A pink haired girl patted his back. Yuya smiled. "Thanks Zuzu."

Zuzu smiled back before a doctor stepped out.

"How is she?" Skip asked.

She smiled, "Miss Sakaki did wonderfully, and delivered without any complications."

Yuya's eyes widened slightly. "Can I see her?"

The doctor opened the door for him. Yuya walked in. "Mommy, are you ok?"

A blonde haired woman with green eyes having sweat on her forehead with a man that has green hair, and wearing a performer suit like Skip turned over as she smiled tiredly, "Yuya..."

Yuya smiled and ran over to hold her hand. The woman held her hand for him to take. The man in the performer suit smiled before picking Yuya up so he could see the blonde woman. "Your mother is a little tired Yuya, but we have a surprise for you."

Yuya blinked hearing that. The blonde woman smiled softly. "Just wait a minute Yuya."

At that the doctor walked over with a smile holding a bundle in a pink blanket. The blonde woman took it and smiled.

"Huh, what's that?" Yuya asked innocently.

"This is you new baby sister." the woman smiled to him.

Yuya looked shocked before he turned to the blanket. He sees a newborn that has a small tuff of blonde hair.

"She's so little... and cute." Yuya smiled.

She softly opened her eyes showing she has soft red eyes. Yuya gasped at that. "I'm in love."

Both his parents chuckled at that as the man placed him carefully on the woman for him to be next to the baby. Yuya carefully moved to not hurt the woman as he tried to gently take the baby's hand. "What's your name?"

The baby reached a hand forward to where she managed to take one of his fingers in her hand. Yuya's eyes widened even more and he smiled before looking at their parents. "She's amazing."

The two smiled brightly at this.

"What's her name?" the doctor asked them.

The man answered, "Cassandra or Cassie."

"Cassandra." Yuya repeated before hugging her.

The baby or Cassie wrapped her arms around her brother.

"Well, it's safe to say they get along right Yoko?" the man asked with a smile.

"Yes Yusho." the woman Yoko smiled as Skip, and Zuzu walked in.

"How are you feeling Yoko?" Skip asked.

"Tired but happy." Yoko answered.

Skip nodded at that before smiling.

A few days later...

Yusho had took Cassie to You Show for them to see Yuya, and Zuzu's progress in Dueltaining.

"Alright, now I..." Yuya started before noticing Cassie and pausing in the middle of his move to smile and wave at her.

Cassie giggled at that. Yuya smiled even more only to blink. "Oh yeah... what was I doing again Zuzu?"

"You were in the middle of your turn." Zuzu told him.

Yuya blushed. "Sorry, Cassie's super cute though."

Cassie was looking over the field, and over seeing Zuzu's Melodious Monsters started giggling reaching out for them.

"You like that Cassie?" Yusho asked with a smile as Yuya summoned Odd-Eyes Dragon.

Upon seeing Odd-Eyes, Cassie only turned to it blinking.

"Ok Zuzu, my main performer Odd-Eyes Dragon is about to end this duel. Attack Aria the Melodious Diva!" Yuya called. "Spiral Flame!"

At that Odd-Eyes blasted the monster vaporizing it as Zuzu braced herself.

Zuzu: 0000

Winner Yuya.

Seeing the monster destroyed Cassie started crying. Hearing her crying Yuya immediately ran out of the room. "Is she ok, did something bad happen?"

"I think... She liked Zuzu's monsters." Yusho told him.

Yuya's eyes widened. "I'm sorry Cassie. I don't want to make you sad."

As he said that Yuya pulled his goggles over his eyes and looked down.

Zuzu rubbed his back, "It's okay Yuya. She'll learn that they aren't really gone, and knows about Dueling."

When she said that she summoned Aria, and that had calmed Cassie down reaching for her.

"I made her sad though." Yuya whispered. "It was my fault."

That was when he noticed Cassie was also reaching for him. Yuya hugged his sister close. Cassie hugged her brother.

"I'm sorry I made you cry." Yuya apologized.

Cassie pulled his googles off. Yuya gasped slightly as tears fell on Cassie revealing he was crying. Cassie at that used her other hand to wipe tears before placing her face near his cheek like she was giving him a soft kiss. Yuya started tearing up more but smiled. "You're so sweet. Thank you Cassie."

Cassie hugged him at that before yawning.

"Sleepy?" Zuzu asked with a smile.

Cassie reached to her. Zuzu smiled and offered her hand. Cassie took it smiling sleeply.

"I think she knows your her sister." Yusho chuckled to Zuzu.

Zuzu blushed at that before smiling. "When you're a little bigger Yuya and I can teach you all about Dueltaining. Ok?"

Cassie giggled before closing her eyes going to sleep.

"I think someone needs to go home and take a nap." Yusho mentioned before walking out with Cassie.

Zuzu smiled patting Yuya's back.

"Zuzu... how can I keep from upsetting her again?" Yuya asked uncertainly. "Monsters get destroyed when you duel and that made Cassie sad."

"She'll know that it's a part of dueling." Zuzu told him.

Yuya nodded uncertainly.

A few months later...

Cassie was with Yuya, and Zuzu in the park.

"Higher?" Yuya asked while pushing Cassie on a swing.

Cassie was laughing in joy by this. Yuya smiled pushing her a little higher.

"Be careful Yuya." Zuzu told him.

"I'm being careful, I won't do anything Cassie doesn't want." Yuya replied. "Besides, you're having a lot of fun right Cassie?"

Cassie was giggling.

"See Zuzu." Yuya smiled happily.


"Huh?" Yuya asked.

Zuzu looked shocked turning to Cassie who was giggling, "Yuya!"

Yuya's eyes widened. "Ca... Cassie?"

Cassie turned to him, "Yuya?"

Yuya picked her up and hugged her. "This is amazing."

Cassie hugged him back. Zuzu smiled seeing that. Cassie turned to her.

"You're an amazing little girl." Zuzu smiled.

"Zuzu." Cassie giggled to her.

Zuzu blinked in surprise. "That... wow."

She reached to her. Zuzu took her hand gently. Cassie giggled to them both. Yuya and Zuzu both smiled and laughed happily with her.

3 years later...

It had been 3 years since Cassie was born. Yuya was currently walking to You Show with her on his shoulders.

Cassie had gone a little change. Her blonde hair was growing, and has on a small black shirt with blue shorts with a pair of pink goggles on her head.

"What do you think we'll do today?" Yuya asked.

"I don't know." Cassie answered before smiling, "Maybe you, and big sis can help me pick my cards?"

"That sounds perfect." Yuya smiled. "Do you have anything special in mind?"

"Those monster cards that people don't use." Cassie answered.

"The ones people don't use?" Yuya asked. "You'll have to show me what you mean."

"You know! A blue card that needs a spell to summon." Cassie told him.

"Huh? Oh you mean Ritual Monsters?" Yuya asked. "Well... I don't really know how those work."

"Maybe big sis, daddy, or Uncle Skip knows?" Cassie suggested.

"I don't know, none of them use those cards Cassie. We can ask though." Yuya smiled.

With that they walked in to see the three of them.

"Hi you guys." Zuzu smiled seeing them.

"Hi big sis!" Cassie smiled waving to her.

"Someone looks excited." Yusho chuckled.

"Actually Cassie, and I are wondering if you three know about Ritual Monsters." Yuya told them.

"Ritual monsters?" Skip asked. "I don't think we do."

"I don't know much about them. Well I know a little but probably not much more than you or Yuya do." Zuzu told Cassie.

"Oh... So I can't use them?" Cassie asked.

"That's not what we said, we might not fully understand how to use them but the best teacher is experience." Yusho smiled. "We can see if there are any Ritual cards for you to try out."

Cassie nodded with a smile hearing that. With that the five of them walked into a back room with a bunch of boxes of cards.

"Whoa this is a lot." Cassie said amazed.

"It's not that many, and if we all work together we can find something for you that you'll be able to have fun using." Yuya smiled.

Cassie smiled at that. With that the five of them looked for some Ritual cards. Cassie soon noticed something in the corner, and reached but due to her being 3 years old she can't reach it. Zuzu noticed and walked over. "Here you go Cassie."

She grabbed it, and hand it to Cassie which is a Deck Box. Yuya, Skip, and Yusho walked over as Cassie opened it. Cassie pulled out a card.

Portal of Power

Ritual Spell Card

This card is used to Ritual Summon any Ritual Monster. Tribute "Skylander" monsters from your hand or field whose total Levels equal or exceed the Level of the monster you Ritual Summon, then Ritual Summon 1 Ritual Monster from your hand. If you control a "Skylander" Ritual monster when you activated this card, you can also banish "Skylander" monsters from your GY instead of Tributing.

"That looks right to me, it says it's a Ritual Card." Skip mentioned.

"Skylander?" Cassie asked seeing it.

"I've never heard of those cards." Yuya admitted.

She looked over the deck seeing creatures that look like animals, mythical creatures, humans, machines, etc.

"Do you want to try it out?" Zuzu asked.

"Yeah this looks great." Cassie smiled.

Yuya and Zuzu smiled.

Years later...

Just when things were perfect...

"Well the championship was supposed to start 1 hour ago, and the champion Yusho Sakaki still hasn't show up to protect his title!" the announcer cried as they were in a big arena for Yusho to have a match but Yusho isn't showing up.

Yuya was staring at the field in disbelief. "Dad..."

Finally fed up the opponent known as the Sledgehammer yelled "Yusho Sakaki has chickened out!"

The crowd went wild at the news at this.

"No you're wrong! My dad's not scared of you!" Yuya shouted.

"Then where is he little boy?" the Sledgehammer questioned. "If he didn't chicken out than why isn't he here dueling me?"

"You're not worth his time." Cassie answered. "He doesn't need to be here because it wouldn't entertain anybody."

"Wha-How dare you!?" the Sledgehammer yelled shocked, and angered at her.

That instantly made her lose her calm side starting to shake. Yuya took her hand reassuringly and smiled before Cassie swallowed nervously.

"You heard me, in fact... the Leo Institute is a stupid school!" Cassie shouted at him.

That instantly made everyone start clamoring.

"How dare she insult the best Duel School!"

"Get her out of here!"

"She doesn't deserve to be here!"

Yuya's eyes widened hearing them say that as they momentarily started to glow before Yoko put her hands on their shoulders.

"Let's go home you two."

They headed out where Cassie started crying from all the means things they said to her. Yuya hugged her gently before frowning and taking out his cards before running back to the stadium where everyone was cheering for the Sledgehammer.

"Yuya!" Yoko cried to him.

Yuya ran onto the field. "I challenge the Leo Institute's best duelist right now!"

(A/N (Ulrich362): He wants to defend his dad and protect his sister.)

His cry was fall on deaf ears by the cheering as the Sledgehammer was basking in the glory. Yuya ran and grabbed Nico Smiley's Mike before repeating his challenge while screaming as loud as he could into it. The crowd started yelling to get out.

"So my dad's afraid, but the best duelist at LID gets to just ignore me? He's the one who's scared." Yuya yelled before tears formed in his eyes only for him to suddenly collapse.

"Yuya!" Yoko who just entered cried concerned.

"Big bro!" Cassie called.

Yuya was still clutching the microphone but he wasn't moving or responding to anything.


Cassie was holding Yuya's hand as he laid in his bed worried for him. It had been several hours and was nearly midnight when Yuya slowly opened his eyes.

"Big bro!" Cassie cried seeing that.

Yuya looked at Cassie before closing his eyes. "They're awful... all of them."

Cassie got in the bed with him hugging him tight, "Are you okay?"

"I will be... once I find the other ones, and make those people pay for hurting you and insulting dad." Yuya answered.

Cassie look up in shock. She noticed Yuya's eyes had a red glow to them and his Pendulum was also faintly glowing.

"B-Big bro... Please calm down..." Cassie said having slight tears.

Yuya gently embraced her. "I promise, everything will be ok. You trust your big brother right Cassie?"

"Please... Don't hurt people." Cassie told him.

Yuya paused at that. "They hurt us though, made you cry and insulted dad. I don't want them to think they get to do that."

"It's not worth to hurt them if they do that to us." Cassie said burying herself on him.

Yuya closed his eyes. "Cassie, can you promise me something?"

She look up at him with tears. Seeing that Yuya frowned before shaking his head. "Forget it, come on. I'll read you a bedtime story."

She asked him, "Can I... Sleep with you tonight?"

Yuya smiled and moved over slightly to give her room. She laid down on the bed beside him. Yuya gently embraced her before kissing her forehead. "Goodnight Cassie, sweet dreams."

"Night... Big bro." Cassie smiled tiredly before closing her eyes going to sleep.

Yuya looked at her before closing his eyes as a single thought entered his mind. 'Reunite.'

The next day...

Cassie was cornered by a couple of boys at the side of her school.

"You really are a big mouth from daring to insult the Best Duel School." one of them sneered to her, "Suppose it's natural since they are so old-school, and care about trash like your dumb interest in Ritual!"

"And even saying that the Sledgehammer isn't worth your spineless old man's time! Just what got you so stupid!" one of the others smirked.

Cassie didn't say anything staying quiet with tears in her eyes.

"What was that?" questioned a voice from behind them.

"You just heard us." one of them said turning over.

It was Yuya along with a big boy beside him that has black hair, and looks like a giant. Yuya glared at them. "I challenge all of you to a duel right now."

"What so you can coward away like your dear old dad did?" one of them sneered.

Yuya's eyes narrowed before he activated his Duel Disc. "I'm not running, but you can apologize to Cassie and run if you still want to."

The big boy placed his hand on Yuya's shoulder, "Don't let your anger do the talking Yuya."

Cassie ran to her brother taking him in a tearful hug.

"Gong, Cassie... stay behind me." Yuya told them before glaring at the boys who were insulting Cassie. "Well, how many of you accept my challenge?"

"Just me, and I don't use that useless method. I use the method that is actually useful." the leading smirked activating his Duel Disk.

"Then go ahead and take your turn." Yuya told him before pausing. "Cassie, it'll be ok. I won't let anybody be hurt. I promise."

Cassie only nodded at that.

Yuya: 4000

Bully: 4000

Bully 1st Turn:

"Then I'm up." the bully smirked drawing, "And I activate, Polymerization!"


Normal Spell Card

Fusion Summon 1 Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, using monsters from your hand or field as Fusion Material.

"Fusion?" Yuya asked.

"This is gonna teach you not to insult the best Duel School because they teach you useful methods like Fusion!" the bully smirked, "And with Polymerization's power I'll fuse together my Possessed Dark Soul, and Frontier Wiseman! This way I can Fusion Summon my Dark Balter the Terrible!"

Dark Balter the Terrible

Dark Type

Level 6


ATK: 2000

DEF: 1200

"Possessed Dark Soul" + "Frontier Wiseman"
A Fusion Summon of this monster can only be conducted with the above Fusion Material Monsters. When a Normal Spell Card is activated, negate the effect by paying 1000 Life Points. The effect of an Effect Monster that this monster destroys as a result of battle is negated.

Seeing the fiend Cassie stepped back in fear into Gong. Seeing that Yuya moved to protect her.

"And now 1 face-down. So now what can you do Sakaki?" the bully smirked.

Yuya 1st Turn:

Yuya drew his card before looking at the field. "I'll start by activating the spell card Performapal Recasting."

Performapal Recasting

Normal Spell Card

Reveal any number of "Performapal" monsters from your hand and shuffle them into the Deck, then draw cards equal to the number of cards you shuffled into the Deck +1. You can only activate 1 "Performapal Recasting" per turn.

"That's a no as Dark Balter cancels your stupid spell." the bully smirked as he glowed. (Bully: 3000)

Yuya only frowned. "Is that supposed to upset me?"

"Since your plan is now useless." the Bully smirked.

"I never said that." Yuya pointed out. "In fact, you're the one who should be worried."

"What?" the bully asked.

"I activate a Ritual Spell, Supreme Gaze!" Yuya called.

Supreme Gaze

Ritual Spell Card

This card is used to Ritual Summon "Odd-Eyes Clairvoyance Dragon". You must also Tribute a monster from your hand or field whose Level is 8 or more.

"What? You use that Deck fattenting method too?" the bully asked shocked.

Yuya ignored him but closed his eyes. "I send Odd-Eyes Dragon and Performapal Sword Fish to the graveyard."

Yuya stated. "Dragon of dual-colored eyes, let your vision expand and encompass the world itself! I Ritual Summon! Gaze upon those who stand against you and see them for their true selves, Odd-Eyes Clairvoyance Dragon!"

As Yuya said that a larger aqua colored version of Odd-Eyes appeared with it's orbs now appearing to resemble crystallized eyes.

Odd-Eyes Clairvoyance Dragon

Dark Type

Level 8


ATK: 3000

DEF: 2000

This card must be summoned by "Supreme Gaze" and cannot be summoned by other ways. When this card is summoned return all facedown cards on the field to the owner's deck, this effect cannot be negated and card effects cannot be activated. Once per duel, if this card destroys a monster Special Summoned from the Extra Deck you can also apply damage equal to the difference between this card's ATK and the ATK of the monsters used to summon the opposing monster. If this card is destroyed add one "Odd-Eyes" card to your hand.

"3000?" the bully asked surprised.

"Exactly, and when he's summoned all facedown cards return to our decks." Yuya called.

The bully tried to counter, "Well too bad it's useless here! Trap card, Solemn Stri-"

"You can't stop this effect!" Yuya told him.

"Wait what?" the bully asked shocked as his trap was shuffled back to his deck.

"Now attack Dark Balter the Terrible, Blinding Blaze!" Yuya declared.

His Ritual Dragon attacked Dark Balter destroying it as the bully grunted. (The Bully: 2000)

"Lucky punk!" the bully grunted.

That's when he noticed Clairvoyance Dragon's eyes were glowing.

"When Odd-Eyes Clairvoyance Dragon destroys a monster from the Extra Deck, it also counts as attacking the monsters used to summon it, Transcending Gaze!"

Frontier Wiseman, and Possessed Dark Soul each appeared.

Frontier Wiseman: (ATK: 1600)

Possessed Dark Soul: (ATK: 1200)

Clairvoyance Dragon roared before blasting them both.

The bully was hit crying out landing softly on the ground.

The bully: 0000

Winner Yuya.

Yuya sighed before turning to Cassie. "Are you ok?"

Cassie looked over, and hugged him. Yuya embraced her gently.

"Yuya?" Gong asked him.

"You wouldn't mind if we go to the Strong Dojo? I want her to learn one thing there." Gong asked.

"Sure, no problem." Yuya smiled.

They walked to where they arrived at a Dojo where a small man looking serious was at observing the students.

"What did you want to teach Cassie Gong?" Yuya asked curiously.

"To not let those kids bring her down." Gong answered.

Yuya smiled hearing that.

"And here you can make sure that they won't bother you." Gong told Cassie.

Cassie looked around asking, "But... Wouldn't that be going against You Show if I go here?"

"I spoke to Daddy about it, and he, and Skip agreed on this." Gong answered.

Yuya however looked shocked. "Gong... what are you saying?"

"She can come here when she wants for help to stand for herself against them." Gong told him.

Yuya looked unsure. "Cassie... what do you think?"

Cassie looked around before nodding, "Okay."

Yuya frowned before nodding and hugging her. "Well ok. I'll see you at home?"

"Okay Yuya." Cassie nodded hugging him back, "I'll still be a student of You Show."

Yuya nodded before walking off only to frown sadly when he was out of everyone's sight as he headed to You Show. Zuzu was talking to Skip before noticing him, "Yuya?"

He looked up and smiled. "Oh, hey Zuzu."

"What's wrong?" Zuzu asked him.

"Oh, it's just a bad dream." Yuya answered. "I'll be ok."

"Where's Cassie?" Zuzu asked him.

"Oh... she's not coming to You Show much anymore." Yuya answered.

"Oh you heard about it. Me, and Mr. Strong didn't agree that she'll not come to You Show." Skip told him.

"She'll probably be spending more time there than here." Yuya admitted.

"She's still a student of You Show." Skip told him.

Yuya just looked down. "She'll probably prefer it there, nobody will insult her like they were doing while she was here... maybe everybody was right about You Show."

"No they aren't." Cassie said behind him.

Yuya's eyes widened. "Cassie? You're supposed to be at the Strong Dojo with Gong."

"But that isn't my Duel School. I belong here at You Show." Cassie smiled hugging him.

Yuya looked shocked before starting to tear up as he hugged her.

"And... Can I duel you?" Cassie asked him.

"Huh? Why do you want to duel me?" Yuya asked her.

"Gong told me that dueling you is like having a great time forget any problems I have." Cassie smiled.

"I... I don't know if that's true right now." Yuya admitted uncertainly.

Cassie took his hand.

"Cassie?" Yuya asked.

"I believe in you. Your my hero!" Cassie smiled to him.

Yuya looked shocked. "Ok, we can duel."


"Sir, you might want to see this." said a man in a suit.

A young teenage boy with glasses looked over. He handed him a report, a report indicating Ritual Energy far beyond anything ever seen in Paradise City before.

"A Ritual Spike?" the boy questioned.

"Yes, we weren't able to identify who summoned the monster but the energy was even greater than what someone from there would produce." the man answered.

"Keep watch for who would do it again." the boy told him.

The man nodded before walking out of the room.


Cassie was getting ready. Yuya was doing the same only to pause and frown. "Cassie... I'm sorry."

"Don't be." Cassie told him with a smile.

Yuya smiled.

"Ok you two, I'm activating the Action Spell Aurora Iceberg!" Skip called.

At that they appeared in a ice like location.

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