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Sleepovers are kinda the best, right? Staying up all night with your best buds, laughing at stupid things because you're super delirious, clonking out at, like, 5:03 in the morning and waking up two hours later feeling more energized than ever – wait, that last one may not apply to…a majority of people, actually.

Like Laney Penn, for instance. That strictly did not apply to her.

Laney was definitely not a morning person. If she did not get her required thirteen hours of sleep, she was a menace to deal with the following day. You thought she was sarcastic and kinda mean before? Get acquainted with her after she's only had two hours of sleep. It was a whole 'nother level that – if you had even a lick of sense – you would not try to tangle with.

Another thing to note here is that she has basically had two versions of this sleep deprived state. You had Mode A, where she was really irritable, sarcastic, and sometimes made physical threats that she would occasionally act upon. And then there was Mode B, which was basically the equivalent to a kitten. I'll let you decide what that means. Now I'm sure you're all a little curious as to what Mode A might entail, but that wouldn't make the best story, so I'll stick to Mode B for now.

So, back to sleepovers. The Grojbandians had gotten together one Friday night to just goof off and forget about their academic responsibilities for a few hours. They stayed up incredibly late, thanks to Laney's scary taste in films, and ended up falling asleep to the "Coraline" theme at almost six in the morning. But, surprisingly, when Laney woke up, Corey was nowhere to be seen, and the kitchen lights were on. Which was a little odd, considering that he was almost as much of a "not morning person" as she was. She took a glance at Kin and Kon, who were sprawled out across the floor, respectively twisted like pretzels, and decided she'd rather go find her best friend/possibly boyfriend instead of messing with them. There'd be plenty of time for that later.

Sleepily, she made her way into the kitchen. Laney practically knew the Riffin house like the back of her own hand. After all the countless band practices, summers, not to mention the several playdates her and Corey had when they were tiny (well, tinier, in Laney's case), she basically had the layout burned into her brain.

She found Corey in the kitchen, leaning over the counter and watching the toaster with a scary amount of intensity for eight in the freakin' morning. The blue-haired teen suddenly realized that he wasn't alone in the kitchen anymore, and he glanced over at Laney, smiling softly.

"What's up, Lanes?" He asked, nodding for her to step closer. The kitchen doorway was actually pretty far away from the counter.

Laney shrugged. "I just woke up, like, two minutes ago. So, nothing yet."

The two were both slouched over the counter at this point, Laney half asleep and Corey's eyes shifting from the toaster (with the pop-tarts in it) and his best friend. He couldn't decide if she looked depressed or adorable. Probably a little bit of both. Their relationship was sort of in that "undefined" stage, but he was acting like less of an idiot now, so do with that what you will. Maybe he'd officially ask her out sometime soon.

You know how when you're super tired that sudden loud noises are way more startling than usual? To be completely fair, loud noises are always sort of startling, but when you're half asleep – like our dear Laney is – that startling factor just gets amplified by fifteen.

So, the toaster goes off. And Laney, in her sleep-deprived state, jumped back and fell on the kitchen floor with a sharp squeak.

Corey tried to laugh as quietly as he possibly could, which resulted in a low wheeze. He quickly unplugged the toaster, crouching down by his bassist to help her up.

"Holy crap, that was hilarious," he whispered through a fit of laughter. "I have never seen you get that freaked out!"

"I'm awake now," Laney mumbled, running a hand through her messy bangs. She looked up at Corey, who was still wheezing, and shot him a quick glare. "If you tell anyone about this, I will break your kneecaps."

Corey jokingly raised his hands in surrender. "Hey, don't worry; this stays between us!" He playfully ruffled her hair, much to her annoyance, before extending his hand to help her up off the floor. "And besides, I need my kneecaps to be taller than you."

She raised an eyebrow, smirking. "Why? Because you know that I would kick your butt if we were the same height?"

"No," Corey shook his head, "because couples with a major height difference are cute."

"Touché." Laney mumbled, blushing.


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