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It was just a flobberworm.

Draco Malfoy walked self assuredly along the corridor to potions class. He was thinking, like always, in new ways to torment the Golden Three. His big bodyguards where on his side.

They arrived the class two minutes late but as usual there wasn't detention, nor taking off of house points.

The slytherin wandered his silver-grey eyes till he met them with three forms that were doing everything they could to not be noticed-and they were so NOT succeeding. Two of them were small, one of them with messy hair and glasses and the other one, more feminine, with bushy hair. The third one was tall and with hair so red it had reflects even in the dark dungeons. The blonde's gaze crossed each one of them. One pair of clever and calm brown eyes; another one of determined and truthful blue eyes; and finally two defiant emerald eyes, so bright that they were like jewels .The Golden Three.

He crossed the room and sat down on his seat, and put his schoolbag on the floor, every single move filled with elegance, of course. His gaze turned now to the blackboard, where the greasy professor was writing a list of the ingredients to make a dreamless-sleep potion. He turned his gaze lazily to his big idiot "friends". Dear god, they couldn't get their hands off the other. Kind of creepy, really.

When he turned his gaze to look again to the gryffindor section, he realized everyone was looking at him. He blinked. Well, he was handsome but not to attract so much attention.

Or maybe, yes.

The soft and controlled voice of Snape reached his ears:

"Maybe you would have the detail of doing as I said, Mr. Malfoy."

Draco blinked again. Then he looked around. Everyone was seated with a partner. And he understood:

"Sorry, sir."

He took his things and stood up. He started to move when he stopped and looked around yes AGAIN. Who was he going to sit with?

Crabbe and Goyle absolutely not(thank god).Pansy looked sad to not be able to be with him but she was already with Bulstrode. Not that he wanted ti sit with her.

Blaise. Where was Blaise? He looked for him desperately, for the options where reaching their end, and he found him by the Irish gryffindor git. Finnigan. His friend looked sheepish, as if saying sorry. Ha. Draco knew better. He was at the top of the world being by the slimy gryffindor's side. Too bad for him: he wouldn't be with Draco, who was much better.

By instinct, he looked at the Golden Three. The red head was suffering from trying(unsuccessfully)to stifle his laughter. His partner, Potter was looking very smug. Granger tried to hide how pleased she was by his situation. He didn't understand what could be so amusing.

Ahhhhh!!!! He DID understand!!

Longbottom. The only one who didn't have a partner. There wasn't a more dangerous person in the entire class.

Well, Snape. But for entirely different reasons.

With a heavy feeling at the bottom of his stomach, he went beside the fatty boy. He felt a little better when he saw that the boy appeared to be horrified, trembling. Good. Fear was respect and respect was power over someone. Draco let himself fall with elegance next to the gryffindor. After all, a Malfoy did everything with elegance. Everything.

"Start. Now."

Longbottom looked at him with eyes that seemed to be going to pop out of his face and stuttered:

"I-I'll g-get the i-ingred-dients-sss."

Class went on. Their potion was long since done. Longbottom moved constantly on his chair, like he wanted to be anywhere else but there(which was true)and he was turned around, facing the class, so as not to look the slytherin in the eye.

The blonde looked around the class. Pansy was playing with a strand of her hair, flirtily. Crabbe and Goyle were looking at the cauldron as if it had grown an extra head. Blaise and Finnigan had disappeared BOTH under the table.

His gaze turned to the other side of the room. Granger, as always, was hidden behind a book while her partner, a very silly gryffindor girl, was doing one of Witch Weekly's quizzes under the table. Potter and Weasley, ignoring the potion(taking advantage of Snape's weakness over the last months),were looking at something under the table and giggling.

*Girls*, thought Draco, *I bet it's a porn magazine. Those gryffindors are really desperate.*

How boooring. He looked at the way Longbottom was giving him his back and an idea crossed his mind. An idea that included the fatty boy and a dead flobberworm that was on the next table.***************************

Harry potter was in potions class and, for the first time in his life, he wasn't having a bad time.

Snape had it so bad that he hadn't made him seat apart from his friends. He had been really soft(considering it was him, of course)for a long time and Harry knew it was his wolfie uncle's fault. Since the beginning of the year Remus visited the dungeons very often. It was supposedly to compare class programs and such but Harry wasn't stupid. Well, maybe he was but he had an invisibility cloak, which had proved to be a very good way of meddling in other people's bussiness. Specially when the only possible danger was a werewolf who was too excited to hear or smell anything except his lover.

Taking advantage of the situation of the professor(who appeared every morning with love-bites and very tired, which led to very creepy rumors)the class had been getting relaxed and now Harry was doing something he didn't thought possible to do with Snape in the same room.

What the boy had in his hand was a caricature masterpiece, courtesy of Dean. Two weeks ago, he had started to explore that way his drawing skill. He usually drew professors and he was quite good at picturing them at their worst. But Harry's absolute favourites where Snape's. Boy, the man was a walking caricature himself.

This day's drawing was one called "Flirty Snape" and it was so good that Harry was thinking of paying for it. It showed Snape batting his eyelashes(or lack thereof) all painted in fluffy purple. Ron was stuffing his fist into his mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

It was then that Harry looked up, feeling he was being observed. Ah, it was poor Neville, looking at them with curiosity clear on his face. And behind him, moving in slow motion, the blonde devil was holding something slimy and disgusting with malice on his face and extended his hand to get hold of Neville's tunic. Without thinking, Harry shouted:

Watch out, Neville!! Behind you!!

The fat boy changed his expression to one of panic and turned very fast, stepping over the blonde and loosing his balance.

Everything was really fast. Neville hit the slytherin's hand and the slimy thing in it flew in the air, landing inside the cauldron. The gryffindor fall under the table, safe. Malfoy panicked but his face was soon hidden when the potion exploded and a funny bubble gum pink(or Barbie pink, as Hermione would say later)spread all over his face.

"What in hell..!!"

As he had his mouth open, the liquid slid inside it too. The grey-eyed boy changed his furious expression to one of surprise, his gaze connected with Harry's and he fainted.

With elegance, of course.

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