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And a wedding.

"I do"

The room was full of people. Friends, family and acquaintances of the couple filled the benches, and hearing that last sentence a chorus of sobs echoed, and practically every woman present began to cry. Heavily. In the third row, a boy with dark hair rolled his eyes and put his arm around a red-head's waist, comforting her awkwardly. One row behind and with no apparent reason, Mrs. Weasley was wetting her third handkerchief, as if it was the big day for one of her children. In the first row, a man with honey- coloured eyes made a fake sob followed by a hiccup. Instantly all the other occupants of the row sniggered, except a girl of bushy brown hair, who glared at them.

The tall old man who was in front of the couple smiled and his eyes twinkled.

"Then, by the authority vested in me by the Ministry, I now pronounce you husband and...husband"

A burst of laughter echoed throughout the room.

"You may kiss the groom" continued the old man, amused.

The newlyweds looked at each other, smiling. The dark-haired one took the blonde's face in his hands and kissed it gently.

Everybody got up and applauded. Everybody, that is, except for Mrs. Weasley, who kept sobbing uncontrollably on her husband's shoulder.


A photographer appeared seemingly out of nowhere and walked to the altar. Lifting an enormous camera, he said:

"The photos! The photos! The family photos!"

Two figures seated at the first row got up and approached.

"Siri!!" said one of those figures, the black-haired one "Congratulations!! I'm so very much happy!" and he threw himself at the other man's neck, who still had his hand covering his just-husband's cheek.

"Thanks, Harry" he said smiling. And hugged the twenty-year-old man.

The blond figure rolled its eyes and looked at the blonde just-married person.

"Congratulations, father. You're finally with who you want. It took you almost 25 years but you managed it. I'm surprised" He tuned his gaze to the back of the room, where a tall, blonde and beautiful woman got up, smiling "And mother was just as happy as you were. Unsurprisingly"

"Indeed" said the blonde man "Between us there was nothing more than friendship, really"

"Except for me" said Draco, smugly.

"The alcohol can do that to you" said the blonde man, dryly.

"Aaahhhh!!!!" screamed Draco, covering his ears "My young and virginal ears aren't prepared to hear something like that!!"

"If there's anything virginal AT ALL in your body, I'd be surprised" answered Lucius, expressionless.

"Would you PLEASE look at me?" pleaded the photographer.

"Spoilsport" muttered Draco, standing beside his father.

Meanwhile, Severus Snape and Remus Lupin...

"Do you want to do it, Sev?" said Remus, in a dramatically romantic tone. Snape gave him a sadistic smile and approached the rope hanging from the ceiling.

"For seven years of humiliation at school, Black. Congratulations" and pulled on the rope.

Instantly, 12 kilos of rice descended over the happy family. A second later the photographer pushed the button.

FLASH! And the photo that they could never forget about in all their lives showed Sirius openmouthed, the Malfoys with their typical "let's remain calm-until we get them" expression and Harry, good-natured as usual, laughing his head off.

When they exited the room and began walking in the gardens of the Malfoy family, Sirius murmured something like "Snape has made a prank. And to me, no less. I will never recover", that got a laugh out of everyone. Mrs. Weasley, still crying, congratulated them twice. Sirius beamed at her and Lucius arched his eyebrows politely.

Suddenly Hermione, Ron, Ginny and Blaise appeared out of nowhere.

"Nice party" said the last, coolly "So where's the champagne?"

"Later, Blaise" said Lucius, severely "Gentlemen know the champagne comes at the end"


"Ever heard something like that before?" whispered Ron to Hermione. She laughed.

The couple got dragged away by some of the invitees.

"Is everyone here?" asked Ron. "No" answered Hermione "Professor Sinistra's sister is very ill, so she couldn't come. And I think three slytherins are missing...and Seam too"

"No, Seam wrote last week" commented Blaise "Apparently he's in the Nile with someone called 'Andy', who is even more innocent than you, Harry"

Everyone laughed.

"Not much of an innocent now" said Draco, smugly.

Ron looked disgusted "I could have lived without that, Malfoy"

"Pansy's missing, too" said Harry, sadly.

And suddenly they heard a voice:

"No, my dear Harry, I'm here!!!!" From the right appeared a blonde blurry figure that threw itself at them.

"Oh, I can't believe it! You're all so cute, missing me and all! Would you believe they've ordered me to write the column about the wedding?"

"How could we possibly NOT?" said Hermione, mockingly.

Pansy ignored her.

"You're in Witch Weekly, aren't you?" asked Ron.

"Oh, yes! I couldn't have any other work"

Draco smiled "Harry has every number. He reads everything you write"

"Not true" said Harry, blushing "I buy them for the cooking recipes"

"He' such a good cook!!!" said Draco, with an admiring tone "At first my father forbid it because that's elves work" Hermione narrowed her eyes "But one day he cooked breakfast and when we tasted!"

Everybody laughed.

"Where's Oliver?" asked Ginny.

"He's in for the tournament, you know" said Pansy, and turned her gaze to Harry and Draco "You two got away just because of the wedding..."

"Yeah, the trainer cursed a lot but let me go" commented Harry.

"Mine made me do more exercise" complained Draco "But seeing that we won against Krum's team last time..."

"Against us you won't be that lucky" said Harry, challenging him.

"We'll see" answered Draco, with a dangerous glint in his eyes.

The others looked at them like seeing a tennis match.

"Are they always like this?" asked Ron in a bored tone.

"All the time" answered Blaise "Followed by a long session of...bed" And smiled seeing the discomfort of the gryffindors.

Suddenly there was a great commotion in the way that came from the village.

"What happens?" said Ginny while they approached.

A luxurious red car was entering the gardens. The driver was dressed fashionably well and wore a pair of very cool sunglasses. The man got out of the car and approached them.

"Daily Prophet journalist" said in a professional voice "May I ask you a few questions?"

"Sure" said Draco, coolly.

"First: why haven't you called me in two years, you idiots? Being away is not the same as not-being" He was reproaching them that, but they could detect some amusement in his undertone.

Ron blinked and turned to Draco "Do you know this guy?"

"No" Draco looked really puzzled.

The young man smiled and took off the glasses. Harry gasped: he would recognize those brown eyes anywhere.


Neville's smile got even broader "Guys, you recognized me!" and he hugged all of them. Of course, only Pansy looked unsurprised.

Draco was openmouthed and murmured "Longbottom" under his breath. Ginny was talking with a young witch, saying: "I went with him to the Yule ball, did you know?". Harry was laughing.

Suddenly from the side appeared a very beautiful woman. She shook her long blonde hair and smiled, showing a row of perfect white teeth.

"Hello. I am Narcissa Welsh(AN. Remember, I wrote this before the fifth book)" and she lifted her hand. Neville kissed it like a gentleman. She laughed softly "I'm sure I could give you a very unique point of view. I'm the first wife of one of the couple"

"I'm sure" repeated Neville, offering his arm "May I escort you inside, milady?"

Narcissa smiled with satisfaction and accepted it. They walked away.


"Uhhh...that was the 'men hunter' look of Mrs. Malfoy" said Blaise.


"All right" said Draco, hyperventilating "all right. No, not all right. That was NOT Longbottom and that was NOT my mother flirting with him. And I need a VERY large cup filled with something VERY strong" and he walked away, deeply traumatised.


"Malfoy's family is very unusual, isn't it?" commented Ginny, distractedly.

"That's the understatement of the century, Ginny" said Ron. And they all laughed and followed.


Remus was making noise with the glass trying to bring the attention of everyone to himself. Everybody complied.

"Well, as everyone knows, I'm the best man" he said, standing up "but that's only because Sev doesn't know how to make optimistic speeches" Everybody laughed "But you never know, today he's demonstrated that he can play a prank" more laughter.

"If someone had told me 20 years ago that someday I would be making an speech in Siri and Lucius Malfoy's wedding I would have ended up in San Mungo because my head would have fallen off from the hysterical laughter" Laughter "But here I am. Raising my glass to a couple that I should have forseen at school. But of course" he said, winking "I was too busy trying to catch Sev" Even more laughter.

"There's no one alive who knows Siri better than I do. No one. Only I know the big idiot he is" laughter and an indignant look from Sirius "But only I know how loyal and caring he is with those that he loves. Today you, Lucius, have been declared inside that group. And today, I know, you've won him forever" a chorus of 'awww's. "And even if we know that they're both incredibly egotistical and wonder how they could possibly accommodate themselves and their egos in the same bed" hysterical laughter "I raise my glass and wish them an everlasting and very happy marriage. You both deserve it" More 'awwww's "Oh, and before I forget...keep an eye on those incestuous boys of yours..." A chorus of laughter followed, intensified by the red faces the four members of the family were wearing.

"Do be seated, Moony. And drink more champagne. You're funnier when you're drunk. Like that time, in fourth year, when you drank six glasses of gin and went upstairs to the top of the Astronomy Tower to shout you were the Queen of England"

Everybody at the table laughed

"You mean it was YOU?" said Lucius and Severus, incredulity on their faces. Moony went red but stroke back.

"Wasn't it the same night that you drank 12 mugs of firewhiskey" Everybody gasped, horrified "and went for a swim at the lake, convinced that that was the way to the country of Happy Chocolate People?"

Sirius blushed furiously and muttered something about bedtime stories. Lucius wiped his eyes.

"My husband is full of surprises. I can't wait to see him drunk"

Two hours later, Hermione and Harry found themselves in the far end of the table.

"Hey, it's great, isn't it?" she said "You must be at the top of the world. Now you've got what you always wanted: a family"

"Yeah" he said, softly. Suddenly he lowered his head and almost whispered "And it's about to be a more personal one" he said, fingering something.

"What was that again?"

He hesitated, then extended his hand. He was wearing a beautiful silver ring with the form of a stag. Hermione squeaked.

"Oooooohhh!!!! It's beautiful!!!" she turned around and hugged Draco, who was discussing quidditch with Ron.

"Oh, my god!!!! It SOOOO cute!!!" she said, happily.

Draco disengaged himself form her embrace. Without a glance, he muttered "Get off me, Granger" and walked outside.

Harry, throwing a worried glance at her, followed him.

When he caught up with the blonde, he saw tears streaming down his cheeks.

"Hey! What's up?" he asked, softly.

Draco looked at him "I-It's just...Your friends are s-so...I guess the word's 'overwhelmingly good' and...and they try so very hard to get along w-with me...I mean, Granger even calls me Draco...and I guess I just realized what an asshole I've been to them this past few years..." He wiped his eyes "I know I'm babbling, forget it"

"No, I understand" said Harry, chuckling softly "But there's something I want you to know. No one resents you the way you treat them, Draco. At least none of my friends. You're a Malfoy and you're a slytherin, Draco. Being mean, sarcastic and generally an asshole is part of you" that brought a chuckle out of Draco "It's all part of who you are...part of the person I like...I LOVE" he ended firmly.

Draco smiled and Harry returned it.

"Come on, let's go back. We have yet to dance a waltz. I learned yesterday"

Draco looked surprised "Who taught you?"

"Your father. He said ALL Malfoys know how to dance a waltz"

Draco laughed. "Sounds like father" Suddenly his expression changed to one of utter horror "Oh, NO!"

"What is it?" said Harry, alarmed.

"All those people..." said Draco, dramatically "...they've, they've seen me CRYING!" Harry looked incredulous "Malfoys DO NOT cry!!"

Harry closed his eyes, counted to ten and opened them.

"Draco" he said "Shut up"

Draco complied.

When they neared the door, Draco took his hand and asked:


A thousand other questions that could have been asked. A thousand different answers crossed Harry's mind, like "Of course" or "How could I not be with you by my side". He simply said:

"Yes", and smiled.

And Draco Malfoy didn't smile. He actually GRINNED.

Author's note: that's all folks!!!!!!!!!!I hope you liked it!!!I will be translating into English my great fic-the prequel, actually. I hope you like it as much as this one.