One summer morning at Privet Drive Harry potter was busy working on his homework from Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. It was about 5:00 in the morning and the Dursleys were still asleep and every now and then Harry would hear one of Dudley's loud snores, and it wasn't until then when Harry heard the doorbell ring, he was so surprised that he dropped his quill on the wooden floorboards of his bedroom. Harry got up very quietly and looked into his aunt and uncles bedroom. Apparently they were still asleep so Harry decided to go and see who it was, two years ago Harry probably wouldn't dare to answer the door. But since it was so early and since Harry thought it would just be hilarious to see his uncle's small mustache bristle up in anger to see Harry answering the door, he did dare to do it. Harry expected to see a package on the doorstep but as he slowly opened he was so shocked to see a baby in a business suit standing there looking through a briefcase. Harry slammed the door shut without giving a care in if his aunt and uncle woke up or not as he pinched himself to see if he was dreaming but he was not. Harry was about to open the door again when he heard his uncle's harsh yell coming from the top of the stairs, "BOY, just what do you think you're doing?" "Standing here," Harry said innocently. "Don't give me that tone, I heard the door close." Harry thought about what to say next but his uncle pushed past him and opened the door, Harry shut his eyes tight, if his uncle had seen that baby on the doorstep he would probably have a heart attack, but his response was so unusual that Harry might have had a heart attack out of shock. "Petunia, it's here!" The next moment his aunt came rushing down the stairs with utter happiness on her face, "Oh Vernon it's beautiful!" she shrieked as she picked up (To Harry's surprise) the baby from the front doorstep. Petunia went into the living room with the baby in her arms and Harry starring back at her in utter confusion, Why were the Durlseys acting like this, they hate anything that has to do with magic so why would they just act completely normal when a baby with a briefcase and a business suit is on their door step? But within seconds all of his questions had been answered when his uncle had turned him around, "Look that baby is a brand new member of the Dursley family and I forbid you to go anywhere near that baby with your wand and any other things your type use that's magic do you hear me?" "Um, yeah ok," Harry said still quite confused about the situation.

Having the new baby around was the most wonderful time harry had ever had at the Dursleys, although he couldn't say the same for Dudley. Aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon were so busy taking care of the baby all day that they didn't give Dudley all of the attention he used to have. Harry on the other hand liked it this way because he got to be alone all day and he barely had to do the housework anymore, but after a few weeks everything started to get out of hand.