Note: I started writing this when So Random became its own show. This completely disregards "So Random" being its own show. I sent it to Disney back when "So Random" was on the air and never heard back from them. Eight years later, I've decided to post this. So enjoy!

Chapter 1

Devon Randall and his little brother Scott sat in the back row at Condor Studios.

"I can't believe we get to see So Random live!" Devon cheered.

"I can't believe you dragged me here," Scott complained.

"I thought you liked the show," Devon said.

"I did when Sonny Munroe was on it," Scott replied. "I don't like it anymore now that she left the show. Stupid Chad Dylan Cooper!"

"She didn't leave the show because she broke up with Chad Dylan Cooper," Devon said. "She left the show because she got a part in new drama series filming in Vancouver."

"That's what the tabloids want you to think!" Scott shouted.

The lights went off and the music started.

"The show's starting," Devon whispered.

"Devon," Scott said. "I want popcorn."

"After the show," Devon said.

"But I'm hungry now," Scott said.

"Fine," Devon said. "I actually want popcorn too."

Devon got up and walked off as the Check It Out Girls sketch began. Tawni Hart and Zora Lancaster stood at the register as the Check It Out Girls.

"Check you out," Tawni said. "You're totally not my friend!"

"Check it out!" Zora cheered. "I'm the new girl!"

"Boo!" Scott shouted from the audience.

"Check out that rude audience member," Tawni said.

"We want Sonny!" Scott shouted. "We want Sonny!"

"Check you out," Zora said. "You broke the fourth wall."

Meanwhile, Devon walked down the hallway carrying an extra-large popcorn and two extra-large sodas. He then walked through a door, thinking it was the seating area, and walked right onto the set. This caused Tawni and Zora to gasp. Devon then realized he came through the wrong door.

"Uh oh," Devon said. "This doesn't seem to be the movie theater."

The audience laughed.

"Check out the size of those sodas!" Zora cheered.

"Check out the big popcorn!" Tawni cheered.

"Check out how cute he is," Zora said.

"You think I'm cute?" Devon asked. "I think you're pretty."

Zora giggled.

"Well," Tawni said. "Looks like it's time to dance."

Tawni and Zora walked away from the counter, stood front and center, and danced as the Check It Out Girls song played.

"They're the best of friends with the worst of tudes! They're the Check It Out Girls and they're checking out for you! Check it out!"

The buzzer went off and Tawni and Zora looked at Devon.

"I am so sorry," Devon said.

"It's okay," Zora said in a giggly tone. "You really are cute."

"Security!" Tawni shouted.

"Oh no!" Scott shouted.

A few minutes later, Devon and Scott sat at the desk in Marshall Pike's office.

"I say we run for it!" Scott shouted.

"No," Devon said. "Running will make it worse. Plus, you can't run."

"Yes I can!" Scott shouted.

"No you can't," Devon said.

"Maybe you should call Mom," Scott said.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Devon said. "Look, I'm 16. I can handle this maturely."

Marshall walked into the office.

"Okay, Mr. Randall," Marshall said sternly.

Devon broke down crying.

"I'm sorry!" Devon cried. "I didn't mean to do it! I want my Mommy!"

"Wow," Scott said in a sarcastic tone. "How mature."

"Calm down," Marshall said. "You're not it trouble."

"I'm not?" Devon asked.

"No," Marshall replied. "Your little stunt was a hit! It's huge! People love you!"

"They do?" Devon asked.

"Devon Randall," Marshall said. "How would you like to be So Random's newest cast member?"