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Previously on Code Lyoko - "So what's the big plan, Jeremy?" Jim was next to the Blonde as they all ran for their Man Hole in the woods, the sun soon being covered by snow clouds.

"You are all going to enter the Skid, and from there, I'll re-establish my connection with Chuck and Anthea. They'll help guide us to Tyron's Replica. From there, it's all down to execution" everyone nodded as they stepped into the sewers.

"So on paper, it's childsplay, but in real time, it's going to be our hardest mission yet?" Odd got a nod in response as they all sat off through the sewer, soon reaching their destination.

"This, next to when we originally beat X.A.N.A, might be the most insane thing we'll do. And if Chuck and Anthea are right, we might have a new way to kill X.A.N.A. Permenantly" these words shocked everyone to the core.

"Then what are we waiting for!" Ulrich sat off even faster, beating everyone except Keifer to the elevator.

"I'm sending you all straight into Sector 5. From there, go to the Dock"

"Okay guys, I'm struggling to stay connected to you!" Jeremy's voice was coming out glitched. "So please, hurry!" no one needed to be told that. In moments, everyone disembarked from the Hyper-Skid, landing on the ground of Tyron's Sector.

"Uncle Chuck!"

"Mommy!" both Keifer and Aelita were calling out. Their cries landed on open ears and moments later, the entrance to the Tower began wavering, allowing the two long-trapped adults to step out.

Anthea looked very similar to Aelita. She had the same outfit just about, but with darker pinks and blues.

Chuck, on the other hand, had what appeared to be the same caliber as Jim's outfit, but it was fitted with dark blues.

"Sonny boy…!"

"Aelita!" the two children ran to their family members, Aelita pulling her mom into a hug and Keifer hopping into his uncle's arms. Everyone watched the heart-warming scene unfold before them, so many wrongs being made right in that moment. It was perfect, even in the barren landscape.

"Alright guys, it's time to come home" after several minutes, Jeremie spoke through the Mic Piece, his connection seemingly becoming better. "I've cracked Anthea's and Charle's codes, so they can safely be energized"

"Then let's do it" Keifer turned to the Hyper-Skid as everyone began being being Energized. Unbeknownst to them, a certain someone had heard the silent alarm sat off.

"I won't let them get away… time to use the Red Codes…" from an Observation Monitor, Tyron was watching from his own Lab, seething at the sight of his hostages finally being freed.

"Oh gosh! Aelita, you have to get out of there! That did over 30% of the Skid's First Shield!" as jeremy said this, the monster revealed itself.

"That's the mother of all Sharks!" Odd's voice was panicked. The monster was at least twice the length of the skid. It was several feet wide as well, and much bulkier than any other monster, several scales running along its' dark blue body. Where its' mouth would be was a massive laser cannon, and its' eyes were glowing red with the symbol of X.A.N.A.

"No! Jeremy, we're going to stand and fight the beast!" Aelita began typing in some code. "Super Nano-Skids… Disembark!"

"LET'S DO IT!" Ulrich gave a battle cry as the Super Nano-Skids shot off towards the monster, all except for Chuck and Anthea, who Aelita hadn't launched as she began typing in more code.

"Jeremy, I won't be able to fire with how low the Shield is - it's too dangerous!" Aelita was worried for the Hyper-Skid, as it's' shield was running critically low on energy, and one hit after that would be its' doom. Keifer overheard this as he and Ulrich quickly backed away from the Mega Shark, their hits seemingly doing nothing.

"Jeremy, you need to run the program my Uncle gave you!" Keifer shouted this as the monster screeched again, firing another shot at the Hyper-Skid, the Shield beginning to break.

"Keifer no, it's too risky!" the Blonde was beginning to stress, sweat dripping from his face as he watched the battle rage on from his screens.

"Jeremy, Aelita is going to DIE if you don't!" Keifer's words had a massive chance of coming true, as with another shot from the Mega Shark, the Shield on the Hyper Skid was destroyed.

"Jeremy, I'm sorry…" Aelita was beginning to cry as the Mega Shark began priming a massive lazer, the fight against the smaller Sharks still waging around it.

"JEREMY, DO IT, NOW!" as Keifer shouted, he did something insanely risky - he pressed the eject button on his Super Nano-Skid.


Chapter 14 - Ultimate Rescue Mission - Part 2

The light was blinding, so bright that it shone through the entirety of the Digital Sea to the point where everyone covered their eyes, even Jeremy, who was seeing everything through his screens.

"K… Keifer?" Jeremy was awestruck as not only Keifer's, but oddly enough, Odd's Avatar Cards changed.

"What…!" floating in front of the Hyper-Skid, shone two familiar beings who had taken the hit from the Mega Shark with little to no harm. Keifer looked to Odd and took notice of how drastically different his form was.

"Odd, you look amazing!" he was right. Odd's usual attire was glowing a brilliant white, and his hair stood up much higher now, lightly glowing as well, his arms now had what seemed like two Lazer Arrow Cannons on them.

"So do you!" Odd was shocked by how drastically different Keifer looked. No longer was he his blue, but now he was glowing a galiant gold, his once green eye's now a deep red, searing with strength. His quills now stood up, glowing as well. And to top it off, they were surrounded by a glowing aura.

"My god the program worked!" as Chuck fired off another shot, zooming past Jim's Super Nano-Skid he took in the sight of his Nephew, and Odd.

"Keifer, Odd! Can you two read me?" Jeremie was finally broken from his shock, rapidly typing away to try and restore the Shield on the Skid as the war against the never ending Sharks tore on.

"Loud and clear Einstein!" their words were simultaneous. Keifer Spin-Dashed through a massive Lazer while Odd shout out literal beams at the next, vaporizing it.

"You need to hurry and find a way to beat that Monster - because your life-points are draining!" he was right, just as Chuck said they would, their life force was depleting by a single bit every few seconds.

"The cannon…!" Aelita was preparing to fire at the monster when an Idea formed in her head. "Keifer, Odd, try and use your power and strength inside the cannon!"

"Aelita, you're insane!" almost everybody outside of Keifer and Odd said this at once.

"It's our best bet… but first…!" Keifer shot off like a golden bullet, and began flying around the Mega Shark, faster and faster. It roared and screeched as he did so, knowing what the boy was trying to do. "JUST… A LITTLE… MORE!" Keifer was roaring, his body glowing with energy as he pushed himself beyond every limit imaginable, finally making a Digital Whirlpool around the monster before flying into the barrel of the Hyper-Skid's Laser Cannon.

"You ready?" Odd had a look of fierce determination in his eyes.

"Let's do it!" the two began speeding around like Ping-Pong Balls inside the massive chamber as the Lazer began priming, their energy flowing into it, causing it to nearly overload the system.

"FIRING… NOW!" as if the world had stopped moving, Aelita's words seemed to freeze time itself. As the Hyper-Skid's cannon fired, it shot off, blasting through the Digital Sea, piercing the darkness like an arrow to the Heavens.

"HYAAAA!" the two transformed boy's cries filled the non-existent air as they shot through the monster, the Laser disappearing on impact. It began wailing and screeching as everyone who was still in the Nano-Skids began rejoining the Hyper-Skid.

"Jeremie - it's not dying!" Odd sounded worried and he suddenly gasped. His and Keifer's forms were flickering slightly, as though they were threatening to give out.

"Guys, you need to get out of there, NOW! It's going to explode and create a blast radius miles wide!" Jeremie watched, horrified as a counter appeared on his screen. Aelita began trying to launch Warp-Speed but it failed.

"Jeremy, we won't make it - the Skid took too much damage!" everyone panicked at Aelita's words.

"Odd, leave me - rejoin the others" Keifer's words were quiet, only heard between him and Odd as the monster began convulsing more, its' constant screeching filling the air more and more as the timer ticked closer and closer to 0.

"Keifer, I am NOT leaving you behind!" Odd's expression was fierce.

"Then let's get the others out of here at least! The two locked arms and, using their remaining power, shot at the Hyper-Skid like bullets, the impact sending it flying over a hundred miles per hour, back towards Lyoko.

"KEIFER, ODD, NO!" Jeremy began screaming at them as the monster's countdown ticked to zero.

"Huh, guess I was good at something…" Keifer had a tired smile as his form faded, the blast absorbing him and Odd.

"This is goodbye…" Odd managed to get those words in before the blast over-took them, their Digital Bodies disappearing forever into the Digital Sea, but along with the Monster that tried to stop them.

"No… no…" Jeremy broke down at the keyboard and began sobbing uncontrollably. His tears were not the only ones being shed.

"Oh god… no… no…" everyone on the Skid was beginning to break down as Aelita barely managed to dock them back on Lyoko. Moments later, everyone was materialized.

"Odd… Odd…!" Ulrich began crying his friends name out as he collapsed on the floor next to William, who was barely keeping it together. Yumi wasn't having an easier time, though. As the Scanners opened one last time, they revealed Aelita, Anthea and Chuck. Jim barely managed to catch his brother as he let the tears flow for his Nephew as well.

"Oh Aelita…" Anthea's hear broke at the sight of her daughter, whose sobs racked off the walls of the Scanner Room. She pulled her into an embrace, tears falling from her eyes as well as her heart went out to the two boys who gave up their lives to save her.

"My Nephew and Odd… they made the Ultimate Sacrifice…" Chuck was holding his brother in a hug as the two let their tears flow, Jim trying his best to comfort his long lost brother.

"Jeremy… please tell me something, anything…" Ulrich managed to stop crying, if only for a moment to speak to the Blonde as he slowly stepped out of the Elevator.

"Guys I… I…" he didn't even attempt to stop his tears. He collapsed like a rag doll to the floor as he began crying. William broke too, his tears silently falling. "There's no trace of them…" Jeremy choked in between sobs.


They knew they weren't alive anymore, but yet, it didn't seem that way.

"My head…" he tried looking around, but Keifer couldn't attach Odd's voice to anything. Everything was nothing - just nothing. He couldn't see himself.

"Odd… where are we?" Keifer tried to move, but nothing happened.

"I think we're dead" Odd said simply. He too, tried something, but nothing happened.

Nobody came. Neither could move.

"So, I guess we're stuck here" Keifer couldn't feel anything, but at the same time, he couldn't think either.

"You two" a new voice suddenly spoke, making the two presumed-to-be-dead boys stop. "You are important, are you not?"

"Who's there?" Odd's voice sounded flat, but it would be panicked if possible.

"You need not know who I am" the voice. Keifer wanted to think but he couldn't. Someone had come to them, but who? "This death you have suffered is not right. You two were not meant to die on this day"

"Who are you?" Keifer spoke out, wanting to be nervous but he couldn't.

"Maybe someday, you will meet me. I will use what I have to return what has been lost" before Keifer or Odd could say anything, the nothingness disappeared.


No one could feel anything but sadness as they sat there in the Scanner Room for what seemed like an eternity, the time seemingly not passing.

"I have to find th-" before Jeremy could finish his words, the Scanners are sealed shut and began whirring to life, everyone taking to the defensive. The seconds felt like years before, finally, the hum of the machinery died down. With a hiss of smoke, the cabins slid open.

"No way…" everyone surged to the two Scanners and caught the two boys that fell out.

"Odd!" before anyone could react, Ulrich pulled his friend into a bone-crushing hug, new tears rolling down his cheeks as Odd finally came to. Yumi, Jeremy and William held him.

"Oh god my head…" by the right Scanner, Keifer was being supported by his Uncles, Aelita and Anthea. "Wait a second, Uncle Chuck…!" Keifer began sobbing as he hugged his Uncle, not wanting to let go. "I thought I was a goner!"

"We all thought you were too!" Jim was shocked by the events that had transpired. Jim was hugging him now as well as everyone remained in shock.

"How did you guys come back?" Jeremy was the first to ask the question.

"All I remember is a voice, and a dark, dark void" Odd's voice came out exhausted as he spoke.

"Same here. Could it have been Franz?" Keifer rubbed his head as he spoke, a small headache nagging at his mind.

"I don't know, but he has saved Aelita before" Jeremy helped Odd to the Elevator alongside the others,

"We have all week to find out, and I'm in no rush" Keifer had a smile as his Uncle hugged him. The Rescue Mission was successful, and a proper step towards the final battle against X.A.N.A.

TOO BE CONTINUED...Wow! Talk about intense am I right? Think things will get easier from here on out? Might want to think again! The next chapters will be up as soon as I can get them. Hope you all enjoyed reading and are eager to find what's more in store for the Lyoko Warriors!