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Chapter 4 – Crafting, Corridors, Teaching?

Harry could say with some certainty that people would buy anything that seemed interesting to them quickly, based on how fast his four Scouters had sold and the thirty six Galleons had gotten sent to him from the Owl Order Service. He'd have to come up with a Rune-based safe to store his newfound gold in soon. But it had been a rousing success for his new Owl Order business. He was already having Penelope help him write up an advert for his Test Frame talisman. Tonks had kept her word about finding out what he'd wanted the stone frame for. He still blushed remembering the energetic Metamorphmagus kissing his cheeks in front of Penny until he'd told her what she wanted to know. Penny's scolding hadn't done much to stop their mutual friend from her 'interrogation' either.

It was November now and for the first time Harry had people to think about getting Christmas presents for. He'd already decided on what he was getting for Tonks and Penny, he had a good idea for Hagrid as well. But something for Padma, Mandy and Hermione hadn't come to him just yet. He was currently sitting in his hidden workshop early Saturday morning and knitting. He'd ordered wool yarn in various colors for this particular project. Dark blue and bronze for Penny, while bright yellow and black for Tonks. So he was knitting his two close friends a full set of knit hats, scarves and mittens for the quickly encroaching winter. It was slightly difficult to make a charmed set of clothing, but Harry was weaving his mana into the wool yarn as he knitted it together. Being able to knit the girls' initials into the striped pattern had been difficult as he'd had to use trial and error until he got it right. Stitching a round wooden button onto each end and carving the appropriate runes would see the scarves capable of maintaining their own Warming Charm for extended periods of time. Repeat the wooden button on each mitten and on top of the knit hat and Tonks and Penny wouldn't have to worry about the cold much at all.

"Hope they like these." Harry mumbled to himself as he continued his work. He'd finish up the hats before heading down for lunch later.

The next morning was incredibly surprising for Harry. As soon as the Daily Prophet was delivered he noticed that there was an article about him on the bottom of the front page. Everyone else that had a subscription to the newspaper also took notice and more than a few eyes were already gazing at him.

-Daily Prophet Article-

Boy-Who-Lived Creates Magical Strength Measuring Device!

It has come to the attention of this newsman that Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, has created an Enchanted Object capable of measuring a Witch or Wizard's Magical Strength! The device, called a Scouter, can read the amount of Magic a person has and display it as a numerical number! For centuries no one among even the greatest of Magical Scholars has ever agreed on a solid measurement for Magic. But somehow Magical Britain's own Boy-Who-Lived has found a way! I was lucky enough to know one of the people who purchased one of the four devices up for sale. The device only needs to be directed at the Wizard or Witch before a small amount of magic is supplied to it for it to measure the person in questions Magical Strength. My friend, who wishes to remain anonymous, had a reading of '2758' when I used the device to measure them. My own reading came in slightly higher at '3176' and I believe these to be rather average numbers as neither of us makes our living off of our spell work.

The ability to actually measure Magic has been contested for centuries and no doubt young Mr. Potter will have to prove his device's accuracy to some of the leading minds of the Magical World before it is fully accepted. But the certainty of a numerical value is something to focus on and could give those who want to become magically stronger a place to start. Mr. Potter has certainly made waves in the Magical community with his first foray into professional Enchanting. I believe we can all look forward to many years of interesting items coming from the young man.

The Potter Family, while not Noble, has a rather long history stretching back to the twelfth century and has been historically known for producing no less than six Artificers in that time. The last Potter Artificer was Richard Potter, whom Historians will know as the Artificer that created the Platform Nine and Three Quarters Archway. This Artifact, commissioned by then Minister of Magic, Evangeline Orpington, has kept the Platform from being discovered by Muggles since Eighteen Fifty when it was installed there by Richard Potter. The Archway is near indestructible and requires no maintenance as it draws its power from the magic that comes from the ley lines deep beneath the earth. It remains to be seen if young Mr. Potter will one day create a true Artifact of his own and become the next Artificer from the Potter Family, but this newsman believes he just might since his first professional work is already such a revolutionary creation.

Barnabas Cuffe, Editor, Daily Prophet

-End Article-

Harry stared wide eyed in shock at the article on the front page of the paper. This must be what Hagrid had warned him about when it came to his fame. The Editor of the Daily Prophet himself had written about his Scouter when they'd only been sold for less than a week. He'd underestimated how famous his name actually was since he hadn't been outed in Diagon Alley. There was a faint murmuring from the students in the Great Hall that was steadily growing louder as more and more students read the article and started looking at Harry.

"Back off you lot!" Tonks voice came from behind Harry prompting him to turn around and see his friend holding back a large crowd of students. Penny quickly joined her as the students started trying to shout questions at Harry.

"Calm down! This behavior is inappropriate in the Great Hall!" Penny was shouting over the crowd of students. This ruckus was quickly noticed by the Professors and Dumbledore raised his wand aloft before firing a Cannon Blast spell to get everyone's attention. Once all eyes were on the Headmaster he began to speak.

"Students I understand the excitement of today's Daily Prophet but this conduct will not be permitted. If you'd like to speak with Mr. Potter you must remain calm and mind your manners. If he is willing to speak about his creation I'm sure we can make some time this morning since it is Sunday." Dumbledore calmly spoke getting several Prefects moving to get their own Housemates back to their tables. Harry noticed that Percy Weasley, the Fifth Year Gryffindor Prefect according to Penny, was physically pulling his younger twin brothers, Fred and George, back to the Gryffindor table while threatening to tell their mother about the twins' behavior.

"What should I do about this? I'll be hounded every second of every day at this rate." Harry asked his two close friends.

"You might want to take the Headmaster up on his offer and just use this time in the Great Hall to get it over with." Penny offered her opinion.

"It would at least get most of them off your back." Tonks nodded in agreement. Harry sighed but accepted his friends' suggestion. Better to rip the band aid off quickly and get it over with. Harry finished his breakfast before making his way up to the Head Table with Penny and Tonks at his side.

"Headmaster, if it's alright with you and the rest of the Professors I'd like to take you up on your offer of answering some questions this morning. I think it might be best to just get this out of the way so that everyone can focus back on their schoolwork sooner." Harry explained getting a few smiles or grins from some of the Professors. Dumbledore nodded with a smile before standing up.

"Students, Mr. Potter has kindly agreed to answer some questions for your curiosity this morning once breakfast is over. If you have a question you'd like to ask during that time the Professors would like you to remain calm and raise your hand and wait to be called upon. This will be kept civil and if anyone gets out of hand their Head of House will see that the student in question is punished accordingly. Thank you for your attention." Dumbledore explained before sitting back down.

"I'll need to go get something to make this explanation easier, Headmaster. Might I have permission to get my item so that in the likely event that the students want their own readings I can quickly provide them?" Harry asked getting a nod from Dumbledore. Harry thanked the old man before leaving the Great Hall with Penny and Tonks. He led his close friends towards his hidden workshop and chuckled at their surprised gasps as he removed the Hiding Stone from the door bringing it back into their focus.

"I so want one of those!" Tonks exclaimed only for Harry to shake his head in mirth.

"You can't put one on your bedroom door and hide from your parents. As soon as they wanted to find you they'd want to find your bedroom by necessity. That would let them force their way pass the Hiding Stone's ability. Like I said it isn't incredibly strong or anything, it just makes things less noticeable." Harry explained getting a pout from Tonks which caused Penny and Harry to laugh slightly. Leading the girls into the workshop Harry quickly grabbed a few thin planks of wood he'd managed to make from wood Hagrid collected from the Forbidden forest. It annoyed him that he still needed to use his wand to use the Cutting Charm with any precision; wandlessly it was always overpowered and sliced the wood through completely. With four small planks chosen Harry set about carving the self-destruction sequence Ollivander had passed on to him. He used some glue to stick the planks onto all four sides of his Test Frame so that the two runic sequences came into physical contact which primed the self-destruction sequence. If anyone attempted to pull the wooden planks off the edge of the stone frame the self-destruction sequence would activate and destroy both sets of runes. A quick spell to instantly dry the glue was provided by Penny and Harry picked up the Test Frame and walked out of his hidden workshop with the girls. Harry had Tonks and Penny put their hands on the Hiding Stone as he placed it back on the door handle. The three watched the stone glow briefly before it stopped and Harry grinned when he noticed that both girls could still notice the door normally.

"Did the two of us touching the stone make it exempt us from its effect?" Penny asked curiously as she looked at the door with the trinket on the handle.

"Yes, the Hiding Stone doesn't affect the one who placed it. Since all three of us placed it on the door you two are now the only other people that will notice this door normally. You won't be able to get in without me unless you knock down the door though. But you'll know where to look for me if you need to find me." Harry explained with a smile. Both girls smiled back at Harry happy that he was willing to bring them into the know about his secret workshop. The trio quickly made their way back to the Great Hall and quickly realized that everyone was still there waiting for Harry to speak.

"You'll do fine Harry, just take a few questions and it'll be over soon." Penny encouraged.

"Yeah, I bet most of them just want to know their own reading, so you'll just have to give them their numbers." Tonks grinned.

"Thanks you two." Harry sighed as he walked to the front of the Great Hall when Dumbledore motioned for him. Standing in front of the whole school was a bit nerve wracking but Harry swallowed his nervousness and began this impromptu presentation.

"You may begin whenever you feel ready, Mr. Potter." Dumbledore gave him the go ahead.

"So as you all know from the Prophet today I'm a bit of a burgeoning Enchanter. My first professionally sold item is called a Scouter." Harry started off while pulling out his Scouter. "This lens when focused on a Wizard or Witch will give me a reading on their total amount of mana, which is a term I use for Magical Energy. The more mana a Magical has the stronger they are from a magical standpoint." At that a few hands were already raised and Harry picked one near the back. "Yes, the Hufflepuff in the back, you have a question?"

"Yes, my name's Forrest Prott, I was wondering how you decided to actually measure Magic? No one has ever agreed on an accurate way." Forrest asked which prompted another four hands to lower as he had apparently asked their question.

"I used the Lumos Charm as the base. I just kept using less and less mana to cast it until I found out the absolute minimum amount required to get the spell to work." Harry answered the same way he'd answered Tonks back on the Hogwarts Express. "I then designated that bare minimum as equal to one unit of mana. As far as I'm aware that is the least amount of mana that can produce a successful spell."

"Oh, that makes sense; I see how that works out for measurement." Forrest nodded before sitting back down. Harry looked around noticing the hands still raised, he picked one close to the front this time. "The Slytherin in front, what do you want to ask?"

"My name's Emilia Hawthorn, I'll just ask what most everybody is probably going to ask anyway. Can we get our own mana, as you call it, measured today?" Harry noticed almost every hand lowering at Emilia's question.

"That's why I brought this." Harry replied as he held up his Test Frame. "This is the next product I plan to sell after I make enough of them. I call it a Test Frame. It's a talisman that allows a person to measure their own mana by holding it and pushing their mana into it like you would your wand." The excitement in the room increased dramatically and Harry watched it spread on all the student's faces. He turned back to look at the Head Table before making an offer. "If you'd like I'd be willing to make one for each of the Hogwarts Houses. They could be kept in the Common Rooms so that any student can measure their mana whenever they'd like." All of the Professors smiled at Harry's offer. Barring Snape, who never smiled, and Quirrel who was still twitchy and looking around nervously.

"Hogwarts would be proud to accept such a donation, Mr. Potter. I thank you on behalf of all the staff for your generosity." Dumbledore smiled kindly as Harry nodded while doing everything he could to keep the red from his cheeks. Turning back towards the students Harry motioned for Tonks and Penny to come up and then picked out six more students. When all eight students stood up front with him there were two Ravenclaws, two Hufflepuffs, two Slytherins and two Gryffindors. Neither pair was from the same year so that students would be able to see the range difference that was possible between people even if they were only a couple years apart in age.

"Tonks, would you do the honors? Show everyone how it works." Harry asked as he handed her the Test Frame.

"Gotcha, Harry!" Tonks grinned as she directed her mana into the frame. When her number appeared she grinned before turning the frame around to show the students. The glowing '4812' was easily visible to everyone in the hall. Tonks handed the Test Frame over to Penny who quickly got her own reading. The Prefect smiled happily at her number before showing it to the hall, it read '3006'. The next student accepted the frame from Penny he was a Gryffindor in his sixth year if Harry had to guess. It only took a moment of trying before the teen got the frame to work and showed his reading to the hall as well, a glowing '3456'. The next student was Emilia Hawthorn herself. She poured her mana into the frame and watched as the numbers climbed. When they stopped she gave a small grin before showing the hall the '3628' inside the frame. Emilia handed the frame over to the younger Slytherin beside her. The boy was only a second year and got a reading of '412' which he showed to the hall.

"This is so cool!" Exclaimed the Gryffindor boy that got the frame next, he was practically vibrating in excitement. Harry thought he was probably a second year too. A glowing '384' was showed to the hall before he passed it over to the Ravenclaw girl that stood next to Penny. The girl in question was a fourth year by the name of Elise Spindle. With a smile of her own she activated the frame and showed everyone her '964'. The last person to hold the frame was a Hufflepuff called Cedric Diggory. The teen smiled as he poured his mana into the frame and happily showed his reading to everyone, he'd clocked in at a rather impressive '1154'. Before handing it back to Harry Cedric gave his thanks for being chosen to demonstrate.

"As you can see Magical strength varies greatly between individuals. How much you practice will affect your growth and age often leads to higher numbers." Harry explained as he held the Test Frame.

"How much do you have?" called one of the Weasley Twins before Percy could stop him.

"Hmm, it's been a little while since I checked, but I practice a lot in my free time so I think I'm a bit higher than normal." Harry shrugged as he poured his mana into the frame. Looking down at it for a moment Harry turned it around and showed the glowing '406'. "Anyway, now that you all know how it works I'll leave the Test Frame on the Head Table in front of the Headmaster. Just form a line and you can measure your mana today."

"I'll make sure the frame gets back to you Harry." Dumbledore smiled getting a nod of thanks from Harry. There was already a line of every student forming behind him and Harry quickly moved out of the way so that the readings could begin. He quickly made his way out of the Great Hall and was followed by Tonks and Penny.

"You did great, Harrikins!" Tonks smiled as she ruffled his hair. Harry groaned as he pulled away from her and tried to fix the even worse mess his hair had been made into.

"I believe you did well too, Harry. You've gotten a lot of interest in your product and that'll make them easier to sell when you're ready." Penny congratulated him as he made his way towards his hidden workshop.

"Thanks you two, but after standing in front of the whole school I'm a bit out of sorts. I'm just going to be in my quiet workshop making those four new Test Frames for the school." Harry stated as they walked through the corridors.

"What he means is that he's going to hide from everyone until he calms down." Tonks laughed making Harry grumble that he wasn't hiding.

"Tonks be nice, that was a situation a lot of people would be nervous in." Penny admonished as they made their way into Harry's workshop.

"I know what I said!" Tonks laughed as she hugged Harry from behind.

"Tonks!" Harry cried out as he flushed dark red.

The next day Harry received six letters from various Magical Scholars, Enchanters, and one from a company that sold Enchanted Objects. Not overly eager to have everyone in the Great Hall trying to read his mail over his shoulder, Harry stuffed the letters into his robe pocket and finished his breakfast. After classes Harry was on his way up to the Ravenclaw Tower when the moving stairs shifted and brought him to the right hand corridor on the third floor.

"Well this is inconvenient." Harry groused as he walked through the corridor to a set of stairs that didn't move. Halfway down the corridor a large door caught Harry's attention, it looked a bit different than the other doors in the corridor. "Ten to one odds that this is the forbidden part of the corridor." Harry mused to himself. He still reached out and tried to open it just out of sheer curiosity, but found it locked. With a wave of his hand and a wandless Alohomora the door actually unlocked. "Why wouldn't they place a stronger locking charm on the door? First years could open this." He wondered, after all he was a first year and he'd just opened the door. With his curiosity peaked Harry cracked the door open slightly and looked into the gloomy room. There in the middle was a massive dog with three heads snoozing on top of a wooden trapdoor. Harry, eyes wide, gently closed the door back and used the basic Colloportus Charm he'd gotten to work wandlessly a few days into November to re-lock it. "Well, now I know why it's forbidden." But did he really? His curious mind questioned. After all the trapdoor was clearly part of the forbidden corridor and who knew what lay beyond it? Trying to shelve his curiosity Harry quickly made his way up the stairs and into Ravenclaw Tower.

A few of his Housemates inquired about when the Test Frame for the Common Room would be ready but Harry gave them a vague time of the coming weekend. He quickly got to his dorm room and locked the door behind him. It was time to see who had written to him. The letter from the Enchanted Object Company was basically an offer to be the exclusive sellers of his products. Well they could forget that. Owl Order gave him much more freedom than signing any contract with a large company would. The next letter was from an Enchanter in Wales who'd asked about the Runic Language Harry had used for his device. Harry didn't see any harm in telling him, his runic sequence was merely a derivative of Elder and Younger Futhark linked together. But he'd only tell the man he used Futhark Runes so as to better protect his own secrets.

"Huh, this ones from the Netherlands." Harry mused as he opened the next letter and found a missive from another Enchanter. This one was asking whether or not Harry was sure of his Scouters' accuracy in measuring Magic. Harry would write to the man explaining how he'd designed his basic unit of measurement. That should encourage more understanding and faith in his Scouter as an accurate tool for measuring mana.

The fourth letter was from a Magical Scholar in France. Thankfully this, Madam Aveline according to the letter, had written in English as Harry couldn't read French. The Scholar was curious about his thoughts on Magic and his desire to quantify it. This seemed like a good intellectual pursuit so Harry would make sure to write back to the woman. Maybe he should learn some French? It couldn't be anything but beneficial to his future business endeavors. He did get a chuckle when the post script had asked if he would sell her a Scouter directly for the same ten Galleon price as through Owl Order. He really needed to either get his Transfiguration skills up to the strength and finesse required to shape metal or find a place to build a forge in Hogwarts. Though acquiring more metal might be far more expensive than he'd like.

The fifth letter was from another Scholar, this one in Ireland; that wanted to hear about Harry's process of Enchanting. More specifically the man was asking how Harry had learned his Enchanting or who from as he'd been absent from the Magical World for so long. It seemed the man believed Harry had either been taught by someone or had somehow created a new form of Enchanting altogether. Harry knew his spell-forging method that he'd taken from a Muggle fantasy novel and tweaked until it worked was a bit different than the standard Enchanting that was in use today. Though he wasn't about to spill the beans on his little secret. He'd just explain that he picked it up from a book and made his own trial and error attempts before getting better at it. That should satisfy the curious Irishman.

The sixth and final letter was from an unknown sender who'd praised Harry for being such a 'smart young Enchanter' and encouraged him to 'keep his curiosity alive and constantly exploring'. From the missive Harry was made aware that this person had been one of the people that purchased one of the four Scouters he'd sold through Owl Order. Whoever had written him had also hinted that they'd keep an eye on his future developments and hoped to one day see Harry as a Master Artificer. Though the person had signed the end of the letter oddly, it was simply a drawing of a circle with symbols and geometric shapes that Harry couldn't make heads or tails of.

"That was a bit odd, but at least they seem supportive of my Enchanting. But do they understand that to be a Master Artificer I'd have to craft seven true Artifacts? There hasn't been a Master Artificer in almost nine hundred years and that was a Chinese mystic that was supported by the ruling dynasty of the time. I somehow doubt I'm going to suddenly be given support by a ruling family so wealthy I'll be able to have any material in the world to work with." Harry mused over the letter and the title of Master Artificer. Making even a single true Artifact could take years or even decades depending on its function. Making seven could easily take a lifetime! With a sigh Harry decided to get his homework assignments out of the way before writing replies to the letters he'd received. Afterwards he'd start his first draft of designs for his personal Runic Safe. He'd prefer to keep his money himself since the Goblins were apparently in the business of extorting their vault holders.

In the third week of November Harry had finished all four Test Frames for Hogwarts. He'd even made sure to make the wood surrounding the stone frame match the House colors of whichever House it belonged to. Professor Flitwick had charmed a spot on the wall for the Test Frame to stick on so that nobody tried to take it. Now Harry watched a few of his Housemates check their mana amounts throughout the week. He'd noticed that there was a marked increase in overall mana levels since he'd unveiled the Test Frames. But if a numerical reading helped Witches and Wizards improve themselves then Harry thought he'd done some good.

Currently Harry was practicing his spells in the practice area of his hidden workshop. He was trying to conjure lightning like he did fire and water. He'd found a base spell to get the theory from and was now working on doing it his way and making it wandless. The Thunderbolt Curse or Fulmen Curse was a fairly powerful spell that took a good amount of control to cast so that the user didn't end up harming themselves with it. The theory was there but Harry was having a difficult time finding just the right amount of mana to use. Too little and he either got nothing or only a small spark. Too much and arcs of electricity jumped everywhere. Not to mention it was rather draining on his mana. Casting it with his wand lightened the load but he could still only cast it about six times at most before he just didn't have enough mana left. Casting it wandlessly reduced his casting down to two of the uncontrollable bursts. A knock on the door got his attention and Harry, knowing it could only be Tonks or Penny, went over to open the door.

"Wotcher, Harry!" Tonks grinned as she walked into the room with a smile.

"Afternoon, Harry, I hope we aren't intruding." Penny greeted as Harry shook his head to let her know he didn't mind them being there.

"Smells like it just rained in here, what are practicing now, air freshening charms?" Tonks asked only for Harry to smile deviously.

"Nope." Harry grinned before holding his hand out and facing away from the two girls. Both witches started as an electric buzz was heard and sparks of lightning danced off of Harry's bare palm for a few seconds. Harry turned back to look at his friends only to crack up at the shocked looks on their faces. "That's why it smells like it just rained."

"Harry, you just…you just…" Penny trailed off in shock.

"You just used wandless magic!" Tonks shouted near hysteric as she gazed on her First Year friend as if she'd never seen him before.

"Well yeah, I don't plan to be restricted to a wand to cast spells." Harry stated matter of factly. "It takes a bit of time to get it right but I've managed a few spells so far."

"But…you…I…how?" Penny was still stuck in her shocked state.

"I have more than ten times the mana you had when you showed your mana amount to everyone and I can't use Wandless Magic. So how can you? All the books I've ever read say that only really powerful Witches and Wizards can use Wandless Magic." Tonks laid out her confusion while Penny nodded along.

"Those books are only going off the concept that one needs a focus to perform Magic. I discovered my magic before I'd ever heard of half those theories so I had no preconceived notion that Magic needed a wand. To be honest I'm sure anyone could learn to use Magic without any Magical Focus if they tried. Heck small children do it all the time; they just call it Accidental Magic because it's often unfocused or causes something random to happen." Harry explained the opinion he'd developed and shared with his late mother.

"But if you don't need a wand then why are they so standard?" Penny asked with Tonks nodding along with her this time.

"My best guess? Foci make casting Magic easier, so people started relying on them sometime after the wand was introduced. It is one of the most versatile foci to have ever been developed. Then again some of the books that have been written since then might have changed over the years. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the older books on Magic said something like, 'Magic requires focus.' and that later got rewritten as 'Magic requires a focus.' it seems plausible to me at least." Harry reasoned slowly getting nods of understanding from his two friends.

"Can you teach us how to do that?" Tonks asked eagerly.

"Possibly, but I was planning on keeping the method of discovery a Family Secret, something I could pass on to my children in the future. Then they could pass it on to theirs." Harry explained with a sigh as he pondered on the future he'd like to have.

"That's a reasonable thing to want, Harry. We won't force you to teach us if you don't want to." Penny assured him with a shake of her head.

"Well I have the obvious solution to this dilemma!" Tonks announced with her hands on her hips. Both of the Ravenclaws looked over at their friend in confusion.

"What's that?" Penny asked warily already expecting something outrageous from the Metamorphmagus.

"We both just marry Harry, of course!" Tonks exclaimed with a smile and a nod of her head.

"Tonks!" Harry choked out as he blushed so badly he thought all of the blood in his body might be in his face.

"Oh Merlin…" Penny sighed as she pinched the bridge of her nose while letting out a deep sigh.

"What? This solves everything! Harry gets to keep it a Family Secret and we get to learn Wandless Magic, it's a win-win!" Tonks declared with a bright smile.

"Tonks, Harry's eleven; he can't get married for six more years. You are also six years older than him and I'm four years older than him. That's not forgetting that multiple marriages have long since fallen out of common practice. What about all of that?" Penny asked her excitable friend.

"Semantics! If you're influential enough no one will stop you! Besides, don't you want to marry a pair of beautiful and powerful witches, Harry?" Tonks questioned him while pulling Penny into her side and winking at him.

"I…um…uh…Tonks!" Harry stuttered out having to sit down before he got light headed from how hot his face was getting. Though even he could admit that Tonks and Penny were very pretty girls.

"Tonks, stop teasing Harry with this!" Penny admonished as she freed herself from Tonks' hold. "You don't have to listen to her at all, Harry. You do what you want." The pink on Penny's cheeks hinted that she didn't hate the idea of marrying Harry in the future though.

"I'll think about it." Harry mumbled just loud enough for the two witches to hear a few minutes later. Tonks smiled brightly at him while Penny looked pleasantly shocked though pink reappeared on her cheeks as well.

"You're the best, Harrikins!" Tonks cheered as she pulled Harry into a hug and kissed his cheek. "Or should I be calling you boyfriend now?" Harry's face nearly exploded from emotional overload.

"Tonks, stop teasing Harry." Penny chided her friend. "And thank you very much for considering teaching us how to perform Wandless Magic, Harry."

"Yeah, thank you Harry, it's very kind of you to consider sharing something like this with us." Tonks thanked him sincerely.

"I'll think on it for a bit before I decide. But you two are my closest friends and it might be good to try and teach someone else before I try teaching my children in the future." Harry reasoned as he leaned back in his chair.

"Make sure you think on the marriage part as well!" Tonks grinned though the look in her eyes suggested she wasn't completely joking. Harry sputtered in shock again while Penny just sighed while placing her hand on her forehead. There would never be a dull moment with Tonks around apparently.

"Tonks…" Penny began only to get cut off by the Metamorphmagus.

"No trying to steal him just for yourself either, Penny! We're in this together!" Tonks grinned salaciously causing the pretty Ravenclaw to fluster immensely.

"Tonks!" Penny cried out in embarrassment as she covered her bright red face with both her hands. Tonks laughed loudly, she loved teasing these two! But in the back of her mind she admitted to herself that she wouldn't mind the arrangement she'd proposed. A small daydream briefly flickered through her mind of a cozy home with a gaggle of children running around their hair varying colors of dark blonde, dark brown, or rainbow.

But they all had the same amazingly green eyes.

-End Chapter-

So Harry's making waves in the Magical Community! He's discovered Fluffy and has tried to keep his curiosity in check. Now Penny and Tonks are in the know about Harry's Wandless Magic. Will he agree to teach them? Will he eventually agree to marry them? Will Tonks ever stop teasing Harry and Penny? Absolutely not, of course! Keep reading to find out more!

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