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Chapter 52 – Sights, History, Specialty Magic

Harry couldn't be happier with their trip to Japan, so far. They had visited Tōshū and seen the Yōkai Buki Seisaku facilities, at least the ones that were allowed to be seen. And today had been spent visiting many of the historic landmarks and parks. It was good to unwind and relax every once in a while.

Sirius certainly seemed to be in bright spirits seeing his godson so happy.

Likewise, Tonks, Penny, and Fleur were overjoyed to see Harry relaxing and enjoying himself, rather than worrying and constantly working.

The group had been seeing some of the temples and shrines around the Tokyo area in the morning. They'd then popped over to Kyoto to see some of the others that had been recommended. The whole day they'd all been sampling the local cuisine as well. Marlie had giggled happily as she and Sirius shared a skewer of dango together. They still had some of the castles to see during their vacation as well. Plus, as a show of hospitality, the Japanese Ministry of Magic had arranged for a brief showing of some of their local Magics for the group. That had most certainly gotten everyone's attention. Several regions and countries of the world had specialty Magics that they didn't teach to outsiders. Being able to see them in action was a rare treat.

"So, this is Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine, and it's one of the most important shrines in Japan." Penny read off the local brochure. As a popular tourist destination, they had brochures in multiple languages, including English. "Dedicated to Inari Okami the Kami of Rice and…oh wow, that's a lot…also the Kami of Fertility, Sake, Tea, Prosperity, Worldly Success, Agriculture, and Industry. The earliest structures were built back in 711 AD."

"That's a couple hundred years older than Hogwarts even." Sirius let out a low whistle at the age of the oldest parts of the shrine.

"It also has thousands of torii gates lining the pathways." Penny read from the brochure.

As they reached the entrance, they all looked up at the large red torii gate. Harry thought the design was striking and memorable to say the least. There were statues of foxes around the shrine to look at and Harry noted the various versions and how each one was slightly different from the others. Taking in the shrine was done with only quiet words shared between them all. They left small offerings of Yen at the shrine's main hall, as was considered respectful and proper. It was a very peaceful place and there seemed to be something in the air that they could notice but not name.

"I was thinking they might be exaggerating about thousands of gates…" Tonks mentioned as she pointed at the pathway ahead. It really was lined with innumerable torii gates. "But now I'm pretty sure they're right."

The group began to walk the pathway and all of them felt a slight shift in the air. It was almost as if silence was being heavily requested. A respectful silence was maintained for the walk, but it wasn't oppressive at all, more of a peaceful stroll. They passed other visitors and groups on their walk and after about thirty minutes, the six of them reached an area called Yotsutsuji intersection about halfway up the small mountain. It had a wonderful view of Kyoto and the six of them sat on the benches provided to rest for a short time.

"Hmm?" Harry blinked as he felt like someone was looking at him. He turned his head to look over his shoulder and noticed a fox.

"Harry?" Penny wondered what had gotten her boyfriend's attention as they sat together, their fingers intertwined and enjoying the view.

"A fox." Harry pointed out, getting Fleur, Tonks, Marlie, and Sirius' attention in the process.

"It is a fox." Fleur cooed at the animal that sat a healthy distance from them.

"It's just watching us." Sirius noticed that the fox hadn't moved from its spot, merely twitching it ears or occasionally moving it fluffy tail.

"It's cute." Marlie smiled at the red fox as she sat next to Sirius.

"I didn't think foxes would approach people, even from this distance." Tonks looked a mix of confused and slightly suspicious. "Aren't foxes mostly nocturnal?"

"Usually, I think." Harry was still looking at the fox. It was strange, why did he feel something off about the animal?

The fox had apparently observed them to its content as it stood up and turned away from them. The red fox simply padded back into the trees off the trail area. It was only right before they lost sight of the animal that they were given a surprise. The fluffy tail of the fox swayed from side-to-side once and suddenly there were two fluffy tails. The fox disappeared into the forest completely before anyone could react.

"Was that…" Penny blinked at what they'd just seen. A smile was beginning to form on the scholar's lips though.

"I think it was." Fleur was also smiling at what they'd just seen.

"Kitsune…" Harry grinned at the unexpected 'meeting' of a classic yōkai. He'd be lying if he said that he hadn't wanted to try and see a few yōkai while on their vacation.

"Well, mark that one off your list, Harry." Tonks teased gently as she grinned at him.

"It was still cute." Marlie commented on the kitsune.

"I wonder why it was watching us?" Sirius hummed thoughtfully.

"Maybe it was just curious?" Penny offered her first thought.

"Perhaps because we're on the grounds of a shrine dedicated to a Deity of Foxes?" Fleur hypothesized their 'meeting' with the kitsune.

"I'm not sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing." Harry mused as the idea of Deities being involved would be a whole new level of unknown, even with Magic.

"As long as we're respectful then we shouldn't have any problems, right?" Tonks didn't know much about yōkai, but it made sense that if they caused no harm, then no harm would be caused to them.

After a few more minutes of enjoying the view, the group headed back down the torii-lined pathway. As they were leaving the shrine grounds, Harry got the sense they were being watched again, but just smiled slightly as they left. They did still have plenty of other places to visit. There next spot was bound to be fun.

-Nara Park ~ Nara-

"They do bow!" Fleur and Tonks both laughed as they bowed to the Sika deer and got a 'bow' back from the deer in front of them. Both of the deer received a 'deer cracker' from the girls and Harry chuckled as he watched the animals eat.

"They're friendly, aren't they?" Penny was petting one of the deer after giving it a cracker.

"Spoiled more like." Harry chuckled at seeing a lot of the other visitors bowing to the deer, getting a 'bow' back, and then giving them the crackers.

"Hello to you too, Mr. Deer." Marlie giggled as she bowed to a deer that walked up to her. The deer bobbed its head in the approximation of a bow in return. Marlie happily gave it a cracker with a beaming smile.

"I have all of the deer!" Sirius declared with a laugh. The Marauder was surrounded by the animals with his hands full of stacks of the crackers.

"Sirius, stop hogging the deer." Harry chuckled at his godfather's antics.

"But they love me!" Sirius chortled as he started to hand out crackers from his stack to the group of deer.

"You've got a visitor, Harry." Fleur pointed out and Harry looked to see a Sika deer standing next to him.

"Mr. Deer," Harry gave a short bow. When the deer bowed back, Harry grinned as he gave it a cracker. The deer was fine with Harry petting it as it ate. It was clearly hoping to get the last cracker in Harry's hand.


"I guess I should've expected that the Japanese Ministry had an island or two hidden away." Harry hummed as they were led to a large flat area.

"Phantom Island is a fun name though." Sirius grinned back at him.

"Well, it did disappear as far as the Non-Magical people back in the day would've guessed." Harry shrugged as they were given comfortable seats to watch the demonstration of specialty Magic.

"I can't wait," Penny was almost bouncing in her seat.

"Being able to see this rare form of Magic is wonderful!" Fleur wholeheartedly agreed with her fellow scholar.

"As long as it's cool." Tonks shrugged, she was trying to play it cool, but everyone saw through her.

"We do hope you enjoy the demonstration." Matsumoto, the one that had guided them to the magically hidden island, bowed to the family politely.

A few Wizards walked onto the large field and gave a short bow to their guests. Two of them took large scrolls off their backs and headed to either end of the field. Once in position, the two unrolled the large scrolls and then placed their hands on the paper. In twin clouds of smoke, that vanished far faster than it would normally, dozens of practice dummies appeared. The scroll Wizards then moved their hands in an intricate pattern. The practice dummies seemingly sprang to life and began to advance on the small group of Wizards in the center of the field.

"Storage within paper?" Harry leaned forward in interest. That was a very interesting use of space manipulating Magic. The Artificer wondered how they made it work. It must be a very different variation from an Expanded Trunk or even his own Storage Cloak.

"What are they doing with their hands?" Tonks questioned as the Japanese Wizards formed their hands into specific patterns.

"Wandless Magic," Penny realized that the Wizards weren't using Foci of any kind. "They've found a way to utilize Wandless Magic too."

She was proven correct when one of the Wizards exhaled a large fireball towards an approaching dummy and torched it. The Magic animating the dummy failed as it was severely damaged and it hit the ground while still burning. Three of the dummies coming from the opposite direction raised their arms and then launched them in sections at the group of Wizards.

"Are the formations of their hands and fingers the key to the spells?" Fleur looked like she wanted to take some notes on what she was seeing.

The ground trembled slightly as one of the Wizards finished his hand movements. A section of the ground between the group and the incoming projectiles rose up as a wall. The wooden parts clattered off the earth wall before returning to the dummies as they continued to march forward.

"I'd say so," Harry replied to Fleur's previous question. "It's not that different from learning wand movements, right?"

"True enough." Fleur agreed as they watched on.

A Wizard finished his hand movements just as the group of dummies coming from his side launched their arms in sections towards them. He inhaled deeply before exhaling out a truly massive amount of water. There was a small tidal wave as the hit the ground and spread out. The wooden projectiles were swept away by the fast-moving water and the dummies followed right after. This was quickly followed up by the Wizard next to him. The other man sticking his hands out as electricity sparked off of them and then was fired into the water. The dummies were shocked, but being made of wood, they weren't really conductive. The spell did seem to break whatever animation charm was moving them though.

"Combo spells!" Tonks was clearly excited as she watched the demonstration with a wide smile. Her hair was cycling through multiple bright colors as she enjoyed the show.

The wooden dummies that had reached the previously made earth wall found their advancement halted quickly. The fifth Wizard spread his arms wide after a series of hand movements. A powerful wind sprang up and twisted into a miniature tornado. The dummies were lifted into the air and when the spell ended, they dropped like stones, a few of them broke on impact with the ground. The Wizard that had raised the wall in the first place finished off the ones that hadn't been destroyed. He slapped his palm on the dirt and the ground rose up on either side of the last few dummies. The wooden constructs were smashed between the two moving pieces of earth. The ground then fell back into place like it had never moved.

"Damn, that would be a bad way to go." Sirius grimaced slightly at the crushed dummies.

The two scroll-wielding Wizards tapped the large scrolls and white smoke poured forth from the paper. The smoke covered the scraps of the wooden dummies and then rapidly shot back into the paper. The ground was completely clear of all traces of the dummies when the smoke vanished. Another tap and the large scrolls rolled themselves back up. The two Wizards picked them up and walked to join the others as the earth wall was sent back into the ground by the Wizard that made it. When all seven were standing side-by-side, they gave a polite bow to the group watching.

"That was cool!" Tonks applauded first. She always liked the practical spells like this. Give her something she could use as an Auror and she was a happy Witch!

"I would've never thought of using specific gestures to form spells like this." Penny was smiling brightly as she applauded.

"I'm still not sure how it works, but I'd love to find out." Fleur was very interested in this specialty Magic they'd just seen. It was no wonder the Japanese Ministry kept this to themselves!

"I'm still trying to puzzle out those scrolls." Harry's eyes nearly gleamed as he looked at them. "Being able to store things inside of paper…think of how much space you could save."

"Think we could hire a few of them if Voldemort keeps being a pain?" Sirius joked, or at least half-joked, as he looked over the seven Wizards. "He'd never see it coming."

"Sirius, we said we wouldn't talk about 'at home' things on our vacation." Marlie reminded him as she clapped for the demonstrators.

"Right you are, no sense in letting anything spoil our fun." Sirius smiled at his fiancé.

-Ministry of Magic ~ Dolores Umbridge's Office-

"Make a fool out of me, humiliate me, I'll show you…filthy half-blood." Umbridge snarled under her breath as she wrote out a requisition on the parchment in front of her. She'd not be made the laughingstock of the Ministry. Not by that brat or his family. She'd get the last laugh when he was dealt with. With any luck his family, especially that creature of his, would be dealt with too. She finished writing and signed her name on the first line. "Now I just need Cornelius' signature and this will be official."

The only problem was getting him to sign it. If she wanted to ensure her plan worked, then she needed to have this signed by the Minister. But for all of Cornelius' less than stellar politicking, he did at least read the parchments that came across his desk. Perhaps she could sneak in into something else?

"No, no, he'd still read it." Umbridge groused as she had to put more effort into her plan. "Maybe…" The ugly, toad-like woman thought to herself for a moment. "Yes, that might work," She nodded after a moment. "I'll just charm it to appear as something else and add it to a larger stack of parchment for a different matter." She tittered at her own brilliance as she began looking through the paperwork that would be crossing Cornelius' desk soon. She'd have to make a convincing little change to her requisition to fit in with whatever she added it to.

In the back of her mind, she even considered trying to get her hands on the total control of the most horrible things the Ministry had within their 'employ', but figured it would take a substantial disaster to be able to do so. It wasn't worth trying for just yet. After all, not many Wizards and Witches could deal with what she'd be sending after the boy. Best not to get too greedy, at least not until she could assure her place on top first.

-Malfoy Manor ~ Wiltshire-

"I require everything on this list." Voldemort declared as he held out a list of specific materials to Lucius. "See that all of them are acquired, the price will be no issue, am I clear?"

"Yes, my Lord." Lucius bowed his head to the Dark Lord instantly.

"See that you don't fail me again, Lucius, or else." Voldemort left the threat hanging as he turned away from the Head of the Malfoy Family.

"Of course, my Lord." Lucius backed out of his own study like a servant and closed the door behind him. It shamed him to bow and grovel in his own home, but he'd not risk the Dark Lord's wrath again. He'd barely survived the last time.

Looking over the list and seeing some of the items on it made Lucius wince. Even the Malfoy Family Vault would have a noticeable drop in value from purchasing all of this. So much powdered dragon bone was absurd. Not to mention the amount of granite the Dark Lord wanted. A good amount of the list wasn't expensive material overall, but the sheer quantity would add up.

'I have no other choice though.' Lucius thought to himself. He moved through his home, grimacing at the brutes that walked the halls. Draco thought having the Dark Lord in their home was an honor. The foolish boy knew nothing of serving the most powerful Dark Wizard since Grindelwald. Reaching the entry hall of the manor, Lucius used Sonorous to amplify his voice. "All of the new recruits, to me!" The men he could see all jumped at the sudden loud voice. He noticed that one brute, Logg if he recalled correctly, was speaking to Narcissa again. His wife had mentioned that the fool thought he was being subtle in his attempts to woo her. Perhaps an accident was in store for the man?

"What is it?"

"How can I be of service?"

"What's the yelling for?"

"Do we have orders?"

"Are we finally doing something?"

The varied questions annoyed Lucius, but he set aside his distaste for the dumb muscle the Dark Lord had wanted gathered. "The Dark Lord has need of a large amount of things for the great Magic he intends to cast." Lucius knew speaking highly always got these half-wits to shut up. He was proven correct once more when all questions and murmuring ceased. "We must acquire every item on this list and in the amounts specified. Failure is not allowed and will be punished." He looked out over the gathered Wizards and saw all of them flinch. His own punishment was still fresh in their minds. "Now, you'll look at this list and if you know of any way to acquire the item and the proper amount, speak up."

The list was held out to the group of men as they looked over it.

-Tokyo ~ Harry's Hotel Room-

The teen Artificer was sitting in one of the chairs in his room, naked as if he'd just gotten out of the hot spring. Which was technically true, he'd been heading back to his room when Tonks had all but ambushed him and dragged him inside. Harry was about to ask her what she was doing when she'd dropped her yukata and revealed her naked body. Seeing her naked, he'd quickly shrugged off his own yukata. Now that neither of them had a stitch of clothing on them, Harry was more than happy to let Tonks do whatever she wanted.

"Mmm~" Tonks purred throatily as she beheld Harry in all his glory. She teased him as she placed a kiss on the head of his cock. Harry groaned in pleasure at the feel of her soft lips. Taking hold of the base of his length, Tonks locked eyes with Harry before she dragged her tongue from base to tip along the underside of his dick before pulling away with a grin. Harry looked her in her, currently blue, eyes as his hand gently threaded through her pink locks and eased her back towards his shaft. The smoldering gaze they shared was fanning the flames of their passion. Tonks kissed his cockhead again before she opened her mouth and lolled out her tongue. The Metamorphmagus had clearly used her inborn gift as her tongue was much longer and easily guided Harry's cockhead into her mouth. Her tongue cradled his length as she took him deeper and deeper into her mouth and then, without a second of hesitation, into her throat.

"Fuck!" Harry couldn't help the curse as a bolt of pleasure rocketed up his spine and into his brain. He watched as Tonks' hair color changed again, now a deep scarlet color, as she showed off her oral skills. Her power was clearly being put to an amazing use! He stopped his hips from bucking and even resisted the urge to use his hand resting on her head to try and force her to go faster. He was pretty sure that Tonks wouldn't mind, but they could try that later. Right now, she was showing her love and affection for him through her actions and Harry didn't want to risk messing that up.

"Mmph… mmm…" Tonks' muffled moans were mixed with the naughty sucking noises she was making as she bobbed her head up and down his length. She had to be doing that on purpose! It sounded far too loud to be natural. She repeatedly took him to the base, holding him in her throat and swallowing a few times to send more bolts of pleasure into Harry's brain. Tonks wanted him to feel as good as possible from this. She was loving the sounds that she was pulling from Harry with her magical skills. Eventually though, Harry couldn't hold himself back, the Metamorph proving too much for him.

"Tonks!" Harry bit out with a rumbling groan as he tossed his head back and released.

"Mhmm~" Tonks hummed with his length in her throat. She swallowed over and over again, coaxing more from Harry with an absolutely sinful look in her dark purple eyes. She pulled back to collect the last bit of his seed on her tongue, making sure to suck as she pulled off of his cock. "Hah…Harry, look~" She opened her mouth and showed him how much she'd collected. With a sexy moan she tilted her head back and let him watch her swallow it down.

"Bloody hell…" Harry panted as he watched on.

"Mmm…you up for a little more, Harry~?" Tonks teased as she ran her fingertips along his thighs.

"I'm…gonna need…a minute, love." Harry panted a bit as he tried to get his breathing under control. "I think you nearly sucked the life from me there."

"Oh?" Tonks wiggled her eyebrows and giggled. "Was that too much?"

"I didn't say that…" Harry chuckled as his breathing started to even out and his shaft rose up again from her teasing.

"How about you return the favor?" Tonks pulled back, after kissing the head of his cock once more, and lay back on his futon.

"I'll have to show you what Fleur taught me last school year." Harry grinned at her as he walked the few steps to his futon. He kneeled down and smiled as Tonks spread her legs for him, revealing her drenched sex and that she'd used her ability to make a little strip of hair on her mound into the shape of a lightning bolt. "Well, someone's kinky." He looked her in the eye again.

"Damn right," Tonks purred as she licked her lips. "Now, show me what you've learned, Harry."

"You'll be thanking Fleur in the morning!" Harry declared before he kissed her lower lips and got to work.

"Oh fuck!" Tonks bucked her hips almost immediately before grabbing the bedding beneath her. Fleur would definitely have to be thanked!

-End Chapter-


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