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Chapter 69 – Building and Watching

Metal fused together into a strong framework under Harry's tools and Magic. The tools he'd created helped to shape the alchemical metal he'd transmuted just for this purpose. Once the framework was done, stone was transfigured to have a liquid consistency and then was poured in and around the framework of magical metal. The Artificer continued to work, making arches to buttress and support the ground floor while leaving the basement area as the 'core' of the house. He'd encapsulate the Orichalcum cube that was the center of the Artifact House in a cylinder of the same reinforced stone once the last of the arches were done.

'With the Orichalcum sealed safely in the center, we'll still be able to use the basement for storage and the like.' Harry mused as he continued to work, fusing the new structural supports into the foundation, thereby making them one with the artifact as he continued to build it. "Hmm, I suppose I'll just make the basement steps out of stone while I'm at it." Not like he had any shortage of the material, that was for sure.

Harry continued to work, planning to have the basement completed today and then start work on the ground floor. He had a detailed design in his mind of what he wanted the Artifact House to look like, and all of its various functions had been planned out even before he'd started building. He was taking some design ideas from Wood End Cottage, the place that had been the first real home for him where he was accepted wholly and completely. It would be mostly stone, but with wood framed windows and doors, wood and stone balconies, and a wooden roof with tile shingles, all of which would be made by his own hands to fuse them into the artifact as well, so that the roof would never need to be replaced.

"I'll even build a tower part so it can be used for Astronomy…I'm sure a child or descendant of ours will be an Astronomy buff." Harry chuckled to himself as he thought about the Home that he was building not just for his future with Nym, Penny, and Fleur, but for all future Potters born and raised here.


Penny was smiling as she looked over the prototype communication hub that she'd worked out after delving into communications technology research for a good while. The quartz crystal she was using as the center focal point of the design was resonating with all of the mirrors that she'd used Harry's original Communication Mirror Array on, even though the mirrors themselves weren't originally part of the same sheet of glass. It was a step in the right direction, allowing any mirror that had the proper array and Charm work done to it to connect to each other. But the quartz crystal had a limit to how many mirrors it could link. Right now, she could only make six connections.

"But it's proof of concept." Penny grinned at her first success. Using quartz, one of the base materials of both granite and silica sand (which made glass) allowed a connection to be formed through Magic. "Figuring out the Runic Array was the first hurdle. Now, if I can just figure out how to circumvent the limitation on the number of mirrors, then we'll have an actual, workable hub."

She couldn't wait to show Harry her progress! He'd be over the moon and Penny knew it, which made her giggle at the thought of seeing her love so happy.


"Gabby, slow down." Fleur laughed as she watched Gabby run to the window of one of the shops that she wanted to see. The younger girl was ecstatic to be spending the day with her big sister. Fleur was just happy to have the weekend off from her research group. Today was about spending time with Gabrielle, while tomorrow would be spending time with Harry.

"Fleur! Fleur! Look!" Gabby pointed into the shop where a group of Witches and Wizards were clearly showing some items to a group of Non-Magicals (Non-Magiques, as the French Magicals called them) that were all wearing modern clothing.

"Yes, yes, I see them integrating, Gabby." Fleur smiled that Paris hadn't devolved into outright violence after the Statute of Secrecy had fallen. There had been protests and some small outbreaks of violent behavior, but nothing that couldn't be handled by law enforcement. Many Non-Magical people that unknowingly had Magical relatives were now able to be brought into the know without fear of repercussions from the Magical Government. "It's good to see such understanding."

Gabrielle beamed up at Fleur and took her hand. "Can we go to Café du Sucre?!"

Fleur playfully rolled her eyes at her little sister's sweet tooth. "I suppose we could."

"Yay!" Gabby started bouncing on her heels before eagerly pulling Fleur toward the shop in the distance.

Throughout Place Cachée, one could see both Wizards and Witches, as normal, but also Non-Magical peoples being shown around and even doing some shopping too. The French Ministry had been doing everything it could to make the reintegration as smooth as possible. So far, they'd been successful, aside from a few small incidents that the Bureau des Aurors had to deal with. A new feature in the Magical District had been the patrols to make sure that order was maintained.

'Hopefully, one day soon, that won't be needed anymore.' Fleur hoped for such a future with all her heart.

"Fleur, may I get the mille-feuille?" Gabrielle asked with a bright smile.

Fleur sighed, overdramatically to let her little sister know that she wasn't serious, and then leaned down to kiss the top of Gabby's head. "Yes, you may."

"Thank you!" Gabby's smile could've lit up the alley as they drew closer to the café.


The Auror Offices were still being stretched thin as the Statute of Secrecy falling had left many Witches and Wizards unsure of what to do. The Aurors were doing their best to work with the Non-Magical police departments and train them as best as they could to handle any lawbreaking Witches and Wizards they might apprehend. There were orders for spell-resistant clothing or 'body armor' for as many law enforcement officers as possible too.

But what was putting even more strain on the Ministry as a whole right now was the Vote of No Confidence that Cornelius Fudge had just gone through. The man had been ousted as Minister and the Wizengamot was still arguing about who the interim Minister should be until they could hold a proper election.

"As if we have time for an entire election campaign right now." Tonks sighed heavily at the idiots that still ran the Ministry of Magic.

In the running for interim Minister were multiple people…Rufus Scrimgeour (much to the Senior Auror's surprise) had been suggested, Edward Crickerly, Lilian Tuft, Corbin Yaxley had nominated himself, but there was still much suspicion hanging over him, so he'd withdrawn his self-nomination. The list was fairly long, made up of many Ministry employees and even a few people that were held in high regard from the Wizengamot itself. That only led to further arguments and the process dragging on even more.

"Ah, Tonks, I was hoping you might be able to help me out." Arthur Weasley stopped by Tonks's cubicle with a smile, though the father of seven looked a bit tired. Much like the majority of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement did nowadays.

"Wotcher, Arthur." Tonks gave the man a small smile. "What did you need?"

Arthur sighed, running a hand through his red hair. "I need an Auror escort for a seizure of several dozen Muggle items that were cursed and made their way into the hands of people around London."

Tonks wanted to drop her head straight on her desk. "Again?"

"Afraid so." Arthur nodded, also tired of having to do this. It was the sixth time in the last eight days!

"These idiots aren't helping our case of trying to keep the peace." Tonks grumbled as she stood up and summoned her Auror Robe to her hand wandlessly. "Do we know what kinds of curses were on the items?" She asked Arthur while slipping on the red robe.

Arthur nodded as the two of them walked side-by-side towards the nearest Floo. "Yes, thankfully nothing more than some minor curses. Biting Keys, Sticking Pens, Weight Changing Shoes, and the like."

Tonks was grateful that it wasn't something truly dangerous, or worse. But what these troublemakers considered funny pranks to pull on Muggles, the law saw as Muggle-baiting and the Non-Magical Law saw as assault. "Did we at least catch the perpetrators this time?"

"Thankfully, yes." Arthur was very happy about that. "Robards and Dawlish hauled in one Marcus Flint, one Leonard Burke, and one Olivia Selwyn."

"Aren't those three not too long out of Hogwarts?" Tonks recalled, vaguely, Marcus Flint and Leonard Burke from her last couple of years at Hogwarts. Olivia Selwyn had graduated Hogwarts the year before Tonks, if the Auror recalled correctly.

"Indeed." Arthur knew that the families of the young adults would no doubt get involved because of this. "One would hope they'd focus on starting their own careers, instead of Muggle-baiting and getting in trouble with the law."

"We can hope all we want, but I doubt we'll see some people ever change their attitudes or outlooks on things." Tonks took a pinch of Floo Powder for herself, and mentally prepared to go over this new incident with the police officers in London.

-Diagon Alley-

"Anything?" A Wizard asked as he sat down at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor.

"Nothing suspicious that I saw." The Witch he sat with shook her head. "If they're preparing for rebellion, they're being very discreet about it this time around."

The Wizard rubbed his hand over his face, feeling a bit run ragged. "Merlin's beard, I'd like to go one day without something happening."

The Witch agreed with a nod. "As would I. But until the Statute falling settles down, we're not going to get a break it seems."

"Alright, I'll take over the watch. You try and have a good night, Belinda." The out of uniform Auror spoke to his colleague.

"Thank you, Gerald." Belinda nodded as she stood up from her chair and headed out of the shop.

Gerald looked out the window towards Gringotts, pulling out a monocle that was Charmed to act like a telescope or binoculars. "You already control the money, isn't that enough, you greedy shites?" He grumbled lowly under his breath as he watched Gringotts for any sign of hostile actions that would suggest the Goblins were about to rebel openly. The tip that had come in said this rebellion was likely going to happen soon, and it would be as bad, or worse, than the one in 1752.

-Harry ~ The Next Day-

"Another day, another bit of progress." Harry chuckled as he worked on getting the ground floor laid out, marking where walls would go, including doorways, and making a mental note of where the tower he wanted to build would need to be set.

"Bon." Fleur laughed lightly. "I'm glad that you are incorporating some carpentry into our future home."

Harry looked at her with an amused grin. "A certain someone wouldn't live in the home if it was all just stone with no 'character' or design."

Fleur shrugged at him unrepentantly. "Then that someone knows what they're talking about."

"Be nice you two." Penny giggled at the little back and forth.

Harry finished marking off the last wall and doorway with a piece of chalk. "And the layout is complete. Let me know if you want anything changed, because once it's finished it can't be altered." He let his girlfriends walk around the ground floor while he looked over the papers that Penny had brought him.

"Hmm, the library being here is fine, but should we move the sitting room to the outer wall?" Penny questioned, looking at the chalk lines on the floor and what each room was labeled as.

"Hmm, that may be nicer for guests." Fleur agreed, looking at the currently labeled sitting room. "But that's merely a matter of relabeling, more so than changing the overall layout."

Penny nodded at that, since the proposed sitting room wasn't a specified size and could be switched around. "He's thought things out quite well."

Fleur smiled at her 'sister' and gave her a wink. "Yes, even a playroom for children and enough bedrooms. I believe Harry wants a large family."

"I can live with that." Penny giggled as they made a note to talk about moving the proposed sitting room.

"PENNY!" Harry came rushing over with a huge smile on his face. "You figured out a communication hub?!" He picked her up by the waist and spun her around with a bright laugh. "You're incredible!"

"Harry!" Penny laughed as she was set back on her feet. "Mmm~" She readily accepted the kiss that Harry gave her, even deepening it and turning it into a French kiss. "So, I take it that you're happy about the progress?" She smiled as they broke their lip lock.

"Maybe a little." Harry smirked at her and gently squeezed her waist. "Using quartz crystal as the intermediary is brilliant!"

Penny beamed at Harry for the compliment. "Thank you. Unfortunately, I've run up against a problem. I can only connect six mirrors through the prototype hub."

"That's probably a matter of the Runic Array." Fleur pressed herself into Harry's back, making sure her breasts were squashed against his strong back muscles. "But we have two talented, and beautiful, Magical Scholars here…along with the youngest Artificer in history." She lightly kissed Harry's ear. "I'm sure we can figure it out together."

"I feel like you want to do something else though." Harry had a wide grin on his face.

"True." Fleur grinned salaciously at Penny and Harry. "Let's not discuss work on my day off. There are other things that we could do together, after all~"

"I don't think it's proper to 'christen' the house before it's even built, Fleur." Penny deadpanned at the Veela.

Harry snickered at the look on Penny's face.

"Hmm, perhaps." Fleur wasn't put out in the slightest. "But we could go to Harry's room, or my room in France?"

"I do believe that our lovely Fleur is 'in the mood', Penny." Harry chuckled as Fleur's hands wandered over his chest and abs with only his shirt separating them.

"You don't say?" Penny looked at him in faux surprise. "I never would've guessed."

"Oh don't act like you don't want to, Penny." Fleur nearly purred at her 'sister' with a sexy smirk.

"Well…I didn't say that~" Penny pressed herself into Harry's chest with a naughty purr of her own.

Penny leaned forward and captured Fleur's lips in a kiss, the two young women moaning softly before they separated.

"No fair…" Harry faked a pout, not even being able to watch since he was between them and couldn't turn his head to see his girlfriends' kissing.

"Now, now, mon amour…" Fleur kissed Harry's cheek. "You'll get your turn too." She turned his chin and captured his lips. "Mmm…hmm~" It started off simple, just sharing their love for each other, before they deepened it and started French kissing.

"Just need a moment…" Penny waved her hand and a partition surrounded the in-progress ground floor, conjured from her will. It would last a few hours at least.

"Good idea, Penny~" Fleur's voice was breathy as her lips separated from Harry's. With a curling of her index finger, a log that Harry was planning to use for the construction was levitated over. A snap of her fingers and it became a bed large enough for three.

"In broad daylight?" Harry raised an eyebrow at Penny, knowing she was the most reserved of his lovers. "How bold."

"Get your clothes off, Mister." Penny lightly pushed him back towards the bed.

Harry didn't need to be told twice as he pulled off his shirt, revealing the muscled physique he had developed from years of blacksmithing for his Artifice.

"Mmhmm~ How very lucky we are, yes?" Fleur giggled as she and Penny started undressing each other.

"Indeed." Penny rolled her eyes playfully, raising her arms so that Fleur could pull her shirt off. Her blue, lacy bra was exposed to both of her lovers' eyes. Letting them have a short moment to look at her, Penny took hold of the zipper on Fleur's jacket and pulled it down.

"No shirt at all?" Harry teased Fleur with a whistle.

Fleur happily let the jacket fall off, revealing a black, lacy bra of her own. "I'm 'in the mood', remember?" She grinned at both of them, clearly having planned to do this in advance.

Harry quickly pulled his pants off and tossed them aside as he sat down on the end of the transfigured bed. "Don't mind me…I'll be right here."

Fleur kissed Penny, the two women wrapping their arms around each other as they French kissed, Harry even able to see their tongues for a second when they pulled apart. Without a word, Fleur reached behind Penny and unhooked her bra, letting her breasts bounce a little as the lacy garment was tossed aside.

Not to be outdone, Penny reached up and undid the front clasp on Fleur's bra, the Veela's large tits spilling out as the cups were pushed aside by Penny's hands. Without a bit of hesitation, Penny cupped both of Fleur's breasts, rolling her thumbs over the erect nipples.

"Ooh… You're good, lover~" Fleur praised Penny with a moan.

Penny smirked and kissed Fleur again.

"Damn…" Harry had a wide smile on his face as he watched them kiss and disrobe each other. "It's not even my birthday."

"Doesn't have to be, since we all love each other." Penny told him with a sexy grin on her lips.

"Oui~" Fleur agreed as her hands found the belt loops on Penny's jeans and pulled them down in one smooth motion, the button and fly undone by her wandlessly. "Ooh la la, darling…" She commented on Penny's matching lacy, blue panties. She took hold of Penny's hips and turned her around, showing Harry that the lingerie was a thong.

"Woo~" Harry whistled at Penny's choice of underwear.

Penny wiggled her hips a little, shaking her nice ass for Harry. "You three are a bad influence."

"That…" Fleur gently swatted Penny's right ass cheek, making it bounce. "Is entirely debatable."

"Off." Penny lightly growled and Fleur's pants fell around her ankles instantly. Fleur stood proudly with her tits out and a barely there lacy, black thong of her own covering her soaked mound. "Naughty girl~" Penny turned Fleur around and playfully swatted her left ass cheek for revenge, making it bounce before she took hold of it and began to massage it with one hand.

"Mmm…we shouldn't keep Harry waiting too long~" Fleur mewled, pulling Penny into another kiss. She massaged one of Penny's tits while her free hand trailed down her trim tummy and then slipped into her panties to tease her wet sex.

"Fleur!" Penny gasped as the Veela began to play with her.

Harry watched on with a growing heat in his belly. He pulled off his boxers without looking away from Penny and Fleur and tossed them aside. Fleur yanked Penny's blue thong down, forcing the dark blonde to step out of them. Harry wasn't sure when either young woman had removed their shoes, but they were both barefoot on the stone. Penny quickly returned the favor, pulling Fleur's thong off and making sure Harry got a show of it as the skimpy black number fell down Fleur's legs while the Veela's ass was facing him.

"Your time of watching is over, Harry~" Fleur's purr was almost predatory as she and Penny approached him.

"Mhmm, now it's your turn~" Penny joined Fleur in nearly stalking towards Harry.

"Don't threaten me with a good time." Harry grinned as he stood up, and quickly pulled Penny into a kiss. The young man picked her up without any strain, and flipped her onto her back on the bed. "Let's start with you, since you're being so bold today."

"You better~" Penny grinned up at him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and bringing him down into a kiss.

Fleur wasn't idle as she licked her lips sexily, her hand going low to gently grasp Harry's hard length. "You're so hard, mon amour~" She purred, her voice practically dripping with desire as she began to stroke him. "Give it to her…ruin her~"

"Fleur, you naughty little Veela." Harry groaned as she worked him up.

Fleur only giggled huskily in response.

"Harry, give it to me." Penny made him focus on her as she put a hand on either side of his head. She rolled her hips, dragging her wet pussy against the tip of his hard cock.

"You heard her, Harry~" Fleur guided Harry's tip to Penny's eager slit.

Harry pushed forward, nearly burying himself in one long continuous thrust.

"Harry!" Penny cried out, her body spasming from the sudden shock as she had a small orgasm. "Aaahhh~ It's been way too long, my love." She smiled at Harry with love and desire in her half-lidded eyes.

Harry leaned down and kissed Penny, slowly pulling back before thrusting forward again. The two moaned into each other's mouths from the wonderful feeling of being joined again. Penny rolled her hips, eager for more. The two began to move together, easily finding their own rhythm that was all their own.

"Ah, mm, hah, yes…" Penny mewled and moaned at the pleasure as Harry made love to her, his experienced hands cupping her tits and playing with them, teasing her nipples.

Fleur laid down beside Penny with a lustful grin on her lips. Without a word, she leaned over and captured one of Penny's tits with her mouth. The Veela eagerly licked and sucked, lavishing Penny's sensitive nipple with her skilled mouth.

"Penny…love…" Harry groaned and panted as he sped up his hips. Seeing Fleur and Penny enjoying each other was just too damn sexy!

"Harry! Fleur! Oh fuck…" Penny had one hand tangled in Fleur's silvery blonde locks, holding the other woman to her tit. The other hand was behind Harry's neck as she tried to hold onto her pleasure and not let their coupling end too soon.

Fleur let out a devilish giggle as she continued to suck and nibble on Penny's breast. Her right hand was between her thighs, playing with herself furiously, while her left hand was teasing Penny's clit, making the other woman buck and thrash in pleasure from all the stimulation being heaped on her.

Both Penny and Fleur knew when Harry was close as he took hold of Penny's hips and pulled her ass upwards off the bed a bit. His quick and powerful thrusts increased in intensity, making Penny cry out in bliss as a bolt of pleasure raced up her spine to slam into her brain.

"Do it, Harry~ Fill her up! You can tell she wants it so badly~" Fleur egged him on with a horny growl in her voice. "You want it, don't you, Penny? All of Harry's hot seed, just for you~?" She teased Penny's clit even more.

"Yes! Yes, yes, yes~ Oh, Harry, give it to me!" Penny cried out in ecstasy, her legs wrapping around Harry's hips and locking her ankles behind him so that he couldn't pull out.

"Penny!" Harry leaned forward and kissed her with all he had, just before he buried himself to the hilt inside of her and crashed over the edge. His release was intense, each shot filling Penny's womb powerfully, over and over again. Neither knew how long it lasted, the concept of time not something they could even comprehend at the moment. Only the lack of air made them break their lip lock and snapped them back to reality.

"Hah…hah…hah…" Harry panted as he tried to catch his breath. He felt sweat all over his body and saw that Penny was the same, her skin glistening in the sunlight from their lovemaking.

"Ah…H-Harry…mmm…" Penny looked up at him with bleary, out of focus eyes, twitches still passing through her body from the intensity of her orgasm. "Love you…"

"Love you too…Penny." Harry returned the love and affection as he slowly got his breath back. He gently pulled his length from her depths and sat on his knees atop the bed. There was that primal, animal pride when he saw his seed slowly begin to escape from Penny's sex.

"I hope you've not forgotten me, Harry~" Fleur purred as she crawled over to him and laid down. Harry's green eyes met her beautiful blue before she took him into her mouth and began to bob her head.

"Fleur…fuck! I'm still…!" Harry's entire body jerked as his still sensitive manhood was stimulated again by Fleur's talented mouth. Even to his own surprise, his cock quickly recovered, growing hard inside of Fleur's throat as she took him to the base.

"Gagkh! Gakh! Gagk!" Fleur made sure her blowjob was noisy and as sexy as she could make it. When she felt Harry's cock throb in her tight throat, she pulled back, suckling the whole way. "Pah!" Until she freed him from her lips. "Mmm~ As much as I'd love to taste you again, my darling… I want your seed somewhere else right now." She stroked him a few times before getting on all fours and turning around. "Take me, Harry~" She wiggled her amazing ass at him, reaching beneath her to spread her lower lips and reveal her drooling pussy.

Harry didn't need to be told twice. He moved forward, taking Fleur's wide hips in his hands, and pressed the head of his cock into her eager sex. With a powerful thrust, he bottomed out within her all at once!

"HARRY!" Fleur cried out and shook in her first orgasm of the day. The Veela's body twitched and shook, trembling from the intensity of that first thrust and her body's response to it. She'd been on edge already, watching Penny and Harry, then playing with Penny while her 'sister' was fucked. Fleur had practically been on a hair trigger already.

"Fleur…" Harry breathed out heavily, his body locking up a bit from the intense tightness of her climaxing pussy. "You naughty girl." He spanked her once, her ass bouncing and rippling from the blow, even though it wasn't very strong.

"Ah~" Fleur moaned, her tongue lolling out of her mouth as she was brought back to the present. "Harry, mmm, you know how I like it." She looked over her shoulder at him and began to move her hips back and forth a little, fucking herself onto his cock. "Claim me, darling~"

"Love you, Fleur." Harry leaned over her back and kissed her lips, his hands going under her to play with her heavy tits.

Fleur's heart fluttered in her chest, always delighting in hearing Harry's love for her. She moaned into their kiss as their hips began to move in their own rhythm together, the friction absolutely wonderful as the shocks of pleasure began to fill her body again. When their kiss broke, Harry pulled himself upright and tightened his grip on her waist before quickly redoubling his speed and intensity as he fucked her doggystyle.

"You've got such an amazing ass, Fleur." Harry praised her, lightly spanking her again.

"All for you, Harry…" Fleur giggled breathily, her hair already a mess as she eagerly matched Harry's pace. Seeing Penny slowly recovering right in front of her, Fleur's eyes focused on the other woman's sex and the thick cum slowly escaping it. With a devious grin on her lips, Fleur stopped supporting herself with her arms, instead reaching out to grasp Penny's thighs and pull her closer.

"Fl-Fleur?! Wait…I'm still sensit…!" Penny's sentence was cut off as she moaned loudly. Fleur had pulled her closer, just so that she could bury her face between Penny's thighs and eat her pussy, cleaning out all of Harry's cum like she was starving for it.

"Fuck…" Harry felt his control take a hit from watching as Fleur practically devoured Penny's sex. The Veela was eager to swallow his seed, but also clearly wanted to include Penny in their lovemaking. "You…naughty…girl!" He punctuated each word with a powerful thrust, making sure to bottom out with each one as the clap of his pelvis hitting her ass got louder.

Fleur was in bliss, the taste of Penny and Harry mixed together on her tongue was divine. The intense pounding Harry was giving her as he nearly molded her insides to his shape was ecstasy. The only way she could be happier was if Nym were here sucking on her tits! Currently, her hard nipples were moved against the fabric of the bed with each of Harry's powerful thrusts. Penny's hand on the back of her head, forcing her deeper, made Fleur moan into the other woman's sex.

"Oh fuck! Fleur…yes…!" Penny had her free hand fisted into the sheets as Fleur's eager tongue delved deeper inside of her pussy.

"You two…are too…fucking…sexy!" Harry slapped Fleur's ass, leaving a red mark this time, before absolutely burying himself to the hilt inside of her and flooding her womb with his cum.

"MMMM!" Fleur nearly howled into Penny's sex as she crashed over the edge into a powerful climax, lights going off inside her head as spots began to appear in her vision.

"Oh…Fleur~!" Penny reached her peak as Fleur's tongue went wild inside of her, holding the Veela's mouth to her pussy as she shook and trembled in bliss.

"Hah…hah…damn…" Harry slowly pulled himself from Fleur's still spasming sex. "That was…intense…" He panted out, his entire body felt like electricity was tingling through it., He pushed his sweaty bangs off his forehead, briefly reminding himself to cut his hair soon, and looked at his two blissed out lovers.

"Love…you… Love you… Harry…" Fleur was nearly burbling as she lay on the bed, her body still in the aftershocks of her powerful orgasm.

"Love you too, Fleur." Harry replied with a smile, one that was a mix of tired and proud.

Penny slowly got her wits back and began to move. "My turn…" She drawled out with a little giggle as she flipped Fleur over onto her back.

"Hmm?" Fleur looked up, only to watch as Penny crawled over her and then she felt a hot tongue on her still sensitive pussy. "Ooh~! Penny…"

"Fair's fair." Penny spoke before going back to licking Fleur's sex, tasting the mix of Harry's seed and Fleur's pussy.

"O-Oui~" Fleur moaned and her hands came up to massage Penny's ass. With a gentle pull, Fleur had Penny's hot, eager sex over her mouth. Without hesitation the Veela began to lick Penny's lower lips, before kissing them with a giggle. In the next moment, her tongue mimicked Penny's and was buried inside of the other woman.

"Damn…" Harry grinned, watching as he got his energy back. "Tonks is going to be so annoyed that we did this while she was at work." He already felt his cock twitching a bit as it was slowly coming back to life from the arousing sight of Penny and Fleur in the sixty-nine position.

For now, no other thought entered the minds of the lovers. The world was beyond the partitions, and only what was within it had their attention.

It would only be afterwards that Harry and Penny would realize that Fleur had gotten exactly what she wanted on her day off…no work.

-End Chapter-


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