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Chapter 71 – Potter Home

It was well into December now as Harry continued to work on his Artifact House. He'd finished the first floor and the second floor now: ceilings, floors, walls, windows, and was currently finishing up the roof work. Given that he'd taken Tonks, Penny, and Fleur's ideas and thoughts into the design, the roof wasn't a single object, but one large roof and then smaller ones for the tower built into the home and one for the room that led out onto the large balcony that acted as an awning for the solid wood, double front doors and the stone front porch.

"Tile…" Harry placed the next tile on the roof, using wandless Magic to keep himself attached to the roof without falling. A second of focus and the tile was not only attached to the roof, it fused with the rest of the home, becoming part of the singular Artifact. "Tile…" Harry picked up the next tile from the large stack that he was levitating with barely a thought. Just a few more hours and he should be done with this and the house, aside from the smithy and the pool that he wanted in the backyard, would be complete. His focus was truly admirable as he continued to work, his previous Charm work keeping the falling snow from touching his work site, and also kept the air at a comfortable temperature.

Harry knew that he'd need to furnish the home as well. But that could be done with his loves since it would be their home too. Some simple furniture could be transfigured to start, just to make the home livable when he showed it to everyone. Once they'd settled in, then he'd worry about showing it to fellow Artificers for an official grading and another Artifact on his record.

"Hmm, should I show them Dourfrost and its scabbard too?" Harry mused as he continued to work. "The three of them together would net me seven True Artifacts to my name. I'd be given the Title of Master Artificer for that." The youngest Artificer chuckled to himself at the thought. "But given they can't even touch Dourfrost unless it's sheathed, I'm not sure how well they'd be able to test it. The scabbard even more so, since it's entire purpose is simply to seal Dourfrost." As he considered his options, Harry continued to tile the roof of the Artifact House.


Harry and Family had a wonderful Christmas filled with family, warmth, and laughter. They'd moved from Wood End Cottage to the Clearwater's home, then to the Tonks's home, and then over to France and the Delacour's home. Gifts were given, food was eaten, and drinks were shared. Before the sun set, Harry decided to give his girlfriends (technically fiancés, even if they couldn't make it official on parchment just yet) the last and biggest gift of the wonderful day.

"If everyone could grab this rope, please, there's one last gift that needs to be given." Harry smiled brightly as he held out a long length of rope.

Tonks deadpanned at Harry as she approached. "You know that making Portkeys without registering them with the Ministry is illegal, right, Harry?"

"Yep." Harry nodded with a little grin.

"You're lucky that I love you…and that it's Christmas." Tonks took hold of the rope with a playful roll of her eyes.

Penny grabbed the rope next, looking at Harry curiously. "What gift requires a Portkey to give?"

"You'll see." Harry promised.

"This isn't going to be a prank, is it, Harry?" Fleur eyed the rope warily. For all that her lover was intelligent, hardworking, and loving, he'd been raised by Sirius for years now and the prankster had most definitely rubbed off on Harry a bit.

"No tricks, Fleur." Harry shook his head, a little gleam in his eye.

All of the parents and the young children took hold of the rope as well a few moments later.

With a smile, Harry uttered the chosen activation word. "Home."

With the sensation of a hook behind the navel, everyone vanished into a swirl of colors.

-Potter Lands ~ Stinchcombe-

"Gah!" With a swirl of light, several people stumbled and staggered as their feet touched the ground. Larger Portkeys often had that little side-effect as they transported multiple people.

It took a few seconds for everyone to get their bearings, but when they did, they all gasped or let out other shocked utterances.

The reason?

The large, two-story, stone and wood house that stood before them.

The stone and wood home was impressive, to say the least. It had mostly white stones making up the walls, with some stones being more gray or brown to break up the color. There were plenty of windows to let in natural light, all framed with beautiful wood that almost seemed to glow with the warmth and love that they'd been made with. There was a tower built into the house, a large window on the second floor of it and a conical roof capped it off nicely with red-brown tiles. There was a large balcony over the front doors, held up by two stone and wood beams. The chimney stuck out from one side of the roof and was also topped with a small 'roof' of its own to keep rain, snow, and other things from falling down it. The whole home was surrounded by stone pathways and grass, clearly meant to take advantage of the outdoor space and would undoubtedly be a lovely place to sit and enjoy some relaxation, or time with friends and family, in the warmer months.

Many of the guests could easily imagine the greenery that would be growing around and on the house come the spring and summer.

Harry smiled brilliantly as he took in the looks of surprise and shock on everyone's faces. He'd purposefully made sure to Charm the entire area around the finished home to avoid the snowfall and keep the temperature comfortable for today.

"H-Harry…this is…" Penny hadn't known that Harry was so close to completing their future home. The last time she'd been here, he'd only just finished the ground floor.

"Amazing…" Tonks marveled at the large home, taking in the curves of the roof, the stone work, the windows, everything.

"It's wonderful, Harry!" Fleur declared with a radiant smile for her beloved.

Sirius could only laugh brightly as he got over his shock. "You work fast, Harry! You were still working on the walls of the second floor during my last visit."

The exclamations of surprise and all of the praise for the finished home made Harry smile warmly at his family, both close and extended. "Would you all like a tour, maybe?" He joked, knowing that his loves would drag him into their soon-to-be home if he didn't start showing them around soon.

"C'mon, Harry, hurry up!" Tonks was already walking up the stone steps that led onto the perfectly smooth, stone porch. If they all hadn't known that Harry had built everything himself, the older Witches and Wizards would've sworn that this porch alone had to be the work of a master stonemason.

"Coming, Nym." Harry laughed at his eager Metamorphmagus girlfriend. His green eyes were bright with laughter as he saw Penny and Fleur on either side of Tonks, eagerly waiting to be let inside as well.

The double front doors were opened as Harry placed his hand on the wood. The large group entered into a foyer with a high ceiling. The interior was lit by multiple lights from what appeared to be lightbulbs. Closer inspection, however, revealed the truth.

"Are those crystals?!" Fleur's head whipped around to look at Harry for an answer.

"Yep." Harry chuckled at the first question of the tour. "I created this particular method of using them myself. It's a quartz crystal shell with the runic sequence for a Lumos Charm engraved inside. Put a little mana into them and they light up. Give them a constant source of mana and they'll stay lit indefinitely, or until the sequence degrades and 'burns out'. Then you have to fix it or replace it."

"Harry… Did you invent Magical Lightbulbs and act like it's no big deal?" Ted asked his future son-in-law blankly.

"I guess…?" Harry pretended to be stunned by the realization. "They'll be on sale at Potter & Erdunn Creations in Diurn Alley after the holidays." He told everyone with a chuckle. "We're marketing them as 'Lacrima Lamps', and a way to have light without flames or the need to hold your own Lumos Charm. We'll sell the lamp, which has a mana gathering and storage array inside, to customers. A buyer only has to press a button to turn the light on, or they can do it by pointing their wand at it from across the room. Do it again and the light goes off."

That had been the latest business venture for Harry and the Erdunn Dwarves. Aside from preparing for the coming conflict with the Goblins, the Dwarves had been mass producing the new Lacrima Lamps for the shop. They'd even gone out of their way to make various sizes and configurations for the lamps. Ones that sat on tables, flashlight-sized ones, ones that stuck to walls or ceilings too. Even Magical Flames needed oxygen and produced some byproducts, and most Witches and Wizards still used regular candles and wall sconces to light their homes at night. The Lacrima Lamps would revolutionize interior and exterior lighting for Magicals.

Left unsaid by Harry was that these first models that he'd personally made had been made part of the Artifact House, just like everything else built within the home. They would never 'burn out' and need to be replaced. Every part of the house was the same Artifact. It was all just as indestructible as any other Artifact that Harry created.

"More?" Gabrielle smiled up at Harry, excited to see the rest of the house.

"Of course." Harry patted her head and then took her hand as he started the tour properly.

The group moved towards the doorway on the right, entering a sitting room with plenty of windows, meant for both the family and entertaining any guests. It was currently furnished with some simple couches, sofas, and chairs that Harry had transfigured. It had a fireplace that was crackling and providing warmth to the room as well, giving the entire room a warm glow.

The next room was the kitchen. It was large enough for several people to cook in at the same time without getting in each other's way. A long, sturdy wooden table stood in the middle of the room. The counters were long and had multiple drawers beneath them to hold all manner of utensils and cooking implements. The cupboards above were filled with shelves just waiting to have flatware and glasses placed inside. The large sink at one end didn't look out of place in the slightest, but Penny had to ask Harry a question.

"You used a runic sequence for Aguamenti, right?" Penny pointed at the two taps on the sink to control the water. "One for cold water, the other modified for hot water, yes?"

"Got it in one, Penny." Harry smiled at her. "The drain goes down to a box with a Vanishing Charm rune sequence to get rid of everything." Sending extra water and any food bits into 'nonbeing' or to put it another way 'into everything' was a quick and efficient method of dealing with the hassle that plumbing would've been.

"Is that how the bathroom works too?" Tonks cocked an eyebrow at the simple and effective idea.

Harry nodded and chuckled. "Yep. Saves a lot of time and headache compared to regular plumbing." He held up his hand with his index finger extended. "And it's bathrooms." Given the size of the family that they were likely to have, one bathroom simply wouldn't have been enough. So Harry had made multiple, the Master Bath that was in the Master Bedroom. Two full bathrooms on the second floor, two full bathrooms on the ground floor, and a half-bathroom (just a toilet and sink) on the ground floor near the sitting room.

"Thinking ahead, very wise." Edward Clearwater chuckled at Harry's forethought.

The tour continued on, the guests marveling at the craftsmanship that Harry had put into every aspect of the home. The floors were hardwood, the walls were stone with (currently beige) plaster over them and accented by wooden arches and baseboards.

The living room was large, easily able to hold two dozen, or more, people within it comfortably. It had a large couch, far larger than anything normally made and sold, a few sofas and plenty of plush chairs. The hearth on one wall was currently crackling merrily, the flames dancing on the logs and casting a little extra light within the room. In front of the long couch was a long coffee table, and there were side tables at either end as well. This was repeated with each of the sofas and each plush chair had a small side table on the right or left hand side.

Moving to the next room revealed a playroom, or what would become a playroom in the future. It was spacious and had a large, soft rug in the center. There were various toy chests along one wall and a couple of short, but wide, shelves along another that were just waiting to be filled with children's books. Harry was given beautiful smiles from his three loves as they moved closer to kiss him softly, one by one. Gabrielle was already giggling as she looked and wandered around the playroom, clearly unconcerned about anything else.

The second to last room on the ground floor was a study…though instead of an office for a single person, it was set up as more of a classroom. Early schooling in the Magical World was almost exclusively homeschooling. This room would act as the classroom for the future children of the Potter Family. Perhaps one day, now that the Statute of Secrecy had fallen, Harry's children would be able to go to a combined Magical and Non-Magical elementary school. Integration between the two sides might very well make that a reality at some point in the future. But, for now, Harry planned for homeschooling with this room.

Next to the study/classroom was the large library. It was a circular room with two floors and an open center area that had a 'see-through' ceiling that showed the sky, similar to the Great Hall at Hogwarts. There were shelves upon shelves lining every wall, even the small strips of wall between the large windows that faced the 'backyard' of the Potter lands. There were four spiral staircases leading up to the second floor, which had rows of shelves as well as the walls lined with even more bookshelves. In the open center area were plenty of chairs, sofas, and desks for reading or studying. Even the large windows had sills that doubled as little reading nooks and were padded just for that purpose.

"Marvelous!" Penny and Fleur exclaimed at the same time. Both Scholars had bright, nearly shining, eyes as they took in everything they could about the huge library.

"I can't wait to fill these shelves with books!" Penny gushed happily, pulling Harry into a warm hug and kissing his cheek.

Fleur joined the hug, sandwiching Harry between herself and Penny. "You've outdone yourself, mon amour!" She kissed his other cheek with a bright smile.

"Nerds~" Tonks drawled out teasingly, getting chuckles and laughter from the group.

Letting everyone explore the library for a little bit, gave Harry a moment to admire his work and enjoy seeing how happy it made his lovers. Both Penny and Fleur had given him steamy looks, their eyes half-lidded, as they headed up the nearby spiral staircase to check the second floor of the library. Harry had a smug little smile on his lips, knowing that he was most definitely going to be 'rewarded' for this room in particular.

Tonks took Harry's hand and interlaced their fingers with a loving smile. "You did good, Harry, you did very good."

"I try, love." Harry chuckled and pulled her into a simple, loving kiss. Both of them were smiling brightly when they separated a moment later.

Not too far from the library was the backdoor of the house, the hallway connecting the kitchen and the door to the library. The backdoor was a set of French doors that was more glass than wood, letting in tons of light. A curtain at either end could easily be pulled to cover the doors if necessary too. The doors led to a large back deck made of stone, just like the front porch.

"Is that a pool?" Marlie blinked, not having known about Harry's plans for the home.

Harry looked at Fleur, Tonks, and Penny with a small grin and gave them a wink. "Yep. I thought it would be nice to have in the summer."

Fleur and Tonks both had smug little smirks on their lips, remembering giving Harry a bit of a 'show' at the Delacour family's pool before.

Penny only blushed slightly, but the small smile on her lips told Harry that she wouldn't mind wearing a skimpy bikini for him again.

"What's the building a bit further away? It looks too big to be a shed." Marius pointed at the building in question.

"That's my new smithy." Harry smiled broadly at the building. "It's the same style as the one at Wood End Cottage, just bigger and built by me." The Artificer chuckled and mumbled under his breath. "With all of the improvements that I could think of and work into the construction."

Sirius chuckled at Harry keeping the same style that he'd originally had built for his godson. "Shall we check out the upstairs?"

Harry laughed and motioned everyone to follow him. The group entered the hallway and walked up the wooden stairs, some admiring the banister that Harry had made in the process.

The second floor held the large Master Bedroom with the attached Master Bathroom. The bathroom had a large tub and a shower stall, along with a counter along one wall with four sinks, and a large mirror spanning the same length was above the counter as well. None of the older adults commented on the fact that both the tub and the shower stall were perfectly capable of comfortably holding four people. The bathroom even had the toilet behind a second door, separating the bathroom into a washing area and a toilet area.

Harry had seen the concept during their trip to Japan and had liked it, so he'd made the Master Bathroom in a similar style.

The next stop was the study, with two large desks, it had clearly been set up for Fleur and Penny to use for their Scholarly pursuits. Each wall also had many bookshelves that were currently empty. The large window in the room let in plenty of light and kept the room from looking small and closed in. The fireplace in the corner of the room gave warmth and light as well, making the study feel cozy.

Harry only smiled brightly as Fleur and Penny kissed his cheeks again.

"Where's my special room?" Tonks playfully pouted at Harry, nudging him lightly with her elbow.

"That's next." Harry waved her off with a laugh.

Indeed, the next room was much larger inside than it should be. But it was easily clear that this area was for spell training. Targets lined the walls, along with practice dummies that could be animated to fight a simulated duel. Harry tapped the toe of his shoe on the floor and a professional-standard Dueling Platform rose up from the floor in the center of the room. A second tap and the platform disappeared back into the floor.

"Okay, you're forgiven." Tonks laughed as she hugged Harry and made a dramatic show of kissing his cheek.

"You can go as hard as you want to in here with your spells, Nym. Charms, Curses, Transfiguration, whatever you want, nothing will escape this room and you can't damage the house in the least." Harry told her with a proud smile. "Not even Fiendfyre can hurt this room." He whispered into Tonks's ear.

Tonks grinned at Harry before playfully flicking his nose. "Like I'd ever cast that inside our home, regardless of protections."

The next door that was opened revealed the inside of the tower that everyone had seen from outside. The circular room was comfortably furnished, looking like a small lounge, right now. But Harry tapped the wall twice in quick succession to activate the special feature that he'd worked into this particular part of the home. The tower rumbled just a bit, sort of like a lift in a Non-Magical building. The tower lengthened, growing taller and stretching higher and higher into the air without changing its diameter or circumference in the slightest.

"What is going on?" Andromeda gasped in surprise.

Appoline only took a second to realize that the view outside the window was changing as the tower grew taller. "Is the tower getting higher?"

"Again!" Gabrielle laughed brightly, rushing over to the window to look at the ground below.

"Harry, what did you make?" Marlie asked her 'step-nephew/step-son' curious as to what the prodigious young man had come up with.

Harry walked over to the large window and touched the wall next to it with a grin. "I think you'll understand once I do this." He swiped his fingers to the right and the window (along with the room) rotated to face a different direction.

"Astronomy." Edward instantly realized that the taller tower was now able to see a different part of the sky. "It's an Astronomer's Tower!"

Harry pointed to his future father-in-law. "Got it!" He spread his arms wide to indicate the entire room. "This tower room is for the likely chance that one of our children or future descendants will be an Astronomy buff." Harry was also planning to build greenhouses out back as well, for any future Herbologists in the family. 'I'll have to leave Magical Creature dwellings or paddocks to a future child or descendant that's much more knowledgeable about the care that they'll need.' He couldn't learn and understand everything, after all.

"So… How do we get down?" Sirius questioned, not sure that the door would be viable with the tower currently so much taller than before.

"Just a simple tap." Harry grinned and tapped the wall twice again. The tower not only started to return to its former height, but the room rotated back to its original position at the same time. Only a moment later and the tower part of the house was back to normal, as if it had never changed at all.

Everyone could tell that Harry was enjoying showing off his newest creation as he led them out of the tower room. The next few rooms were bedrooms, obviously for use by future children and any guests that might stay over. But something caught Ted's attention as he saw how many doors were along the wall.

"This is A LOT of bedrooms, Harry." Ted mentioned, coughing into his hand a second later. "Are you planning for so many children?" He tried to ask as politely as he could.

Harry chuckled, seeing Fleur, Penny, and Tonks looking at him, each cutely raising one eyebrow at him, as if questioning him on the number of children he wanted. "Our home will always have room for family and friends alike." Harry answered without answering, a little smile on his lips.

"Hm?" Andromeda hummed before quickly counting the doors along the hall. "There's a door for each person. Well, except you four." She looked between her daughter, Harry, Fleur, and Penny.

"Oh…" Tonks, Penny, and Fleur all realized what Harry meant at the exact same time.

"Harry, that's brilliant!" Penny smiled beautifully at him. "How does the house know when to make more rooms?"

"The house makes more rooms the more people that're here." Tonks couldn't help but laugh a bit at the feature that Harry had built into their home.

"Is there a limit?" Fleur's mind was clearly engaged, one could practically hear the gears turning in her head.

Harry laughed at his two Scholar lovers. "I'll give you all of the info later on, I promise." Both young women pouted at him for a moment before resolving themselves to wait until later. "As for the basic operation, there will always be the Master Bedroom and three other bedrooms on the second floor. That's the minimum. As more people enter the house, more rooms are added. I had to make a limit based on the amount of material I used, but I highly doubt it'll ever be relevant unless we plan to host half the people in the local area all at once." He smiled at all of them again. "But there will always be enough room for family and friends." Harry repeated, getting smiles from everyone in return.

The last room on the second floor was a game room. Harry planned to have practically every game possible available here. Billiards, darts, board games, card games, shuffleboard, bowling, etc. All made possible by the Magic of his Artifact House, to provide himself, his family, and his guests with entertainment.

"You've really outdone yourself, Harry." Sirius clapped Harry on the shoulder, a proud smile on his face.

"It was a labor of love, so nothing was too far." Harry chuckled, though he was touched by the proud look that Sirius gave him.

"Harry… I can't cast the Tempus Charm." Appoline spoke up, her wand in her right hand.

Harry realized that he hadn't gone over the 'invisible' features of his new Artifact Home and rubbed the back of his head for a second. "Ah, right, sorry about that." He apologized to his future mother-in-law. "No one but me can use Magic right now. The house won't let you."

"Won't let us?" Edward looked perplexed.

"Yeah, it's a protection feature." Harry smiled at everyone. "No one can use any Magic within the house or on the grounds. The area of effect of the house extends all the way to the border of the ancestral Potter lands."

"Can you designate people that are allowed to use Magic?" Penny asked with great interest.

"Is it a ward? Or just a function of the Artifact?" Fleur was right beside Penny, eager to learn more about their future home.

"It seems to be based off of my Anti-Magic Area, but it doesn't affect the Magic of the house itself." Penny was already trying to formulate a hypothesis.

Tonks wrapped both of them into a hug, using her Metamorphmagus ability to lengthen her arms significantly so that she could grab both of them easily. "Down, girls! I'm sure he'll answer if you give him a second." She laughed brightly at her two 'sisters'.

Harry couldn't help but laugh at the eager looks on Fleur and Penny's faces. "Its default state is to prevent anyone from using Magic. However, once the house recognizes you as 'family', then you'll be free to use Magic within its area of effect. For all others, they'll have to be temporarily allowed by me or one of the family members that live here. Anyone trying to sneak in with any ill intentions will find themselves stuck outside of the property line. The intent-based effect also works inside, in the unlikely event that someone allowed to use Magic were to become violent. The instant the desire to harm someone with Magic enters their mind, they won't be able to use it. If they try to resort to other methods, such as physical violence, Enchanted Objects, poison, or even Non-Magical Weapons, they'll be disabled…sort of like being hit with a stunner but without any way to defend."

"Breathe, Harry." Marlie and Sirius both said at the same time. The couple looked at each other and laughed a second later.

Harry did so, only realizing that he'd 'pulled a Hermione' now that he'd been called out. "Ah, sorry about that. I just get a little carried away since I was able to include everything that I wanted into the function of the house."

"It seems that you've thought of everything when it comes to safety." Edward chuckled at the total control that Harry and family would have within their home and the land surrounding it. 'Penny will be safer here than anywhere else in the world.' The father smiled, knowing that his daughter would be happy, safe, and loved with Harry.

"I tried to." Harry admitted with a nod. "The house can snuff out fires that are trying to spread. Cushioning Charms are worked into the floor when someone falls, especially in the playroom. The whole house being an Artifact also makes it indestructible against basically everything. Destroying it would be a monumental task, even for me, and I created it." Nothing was too much when it came to protecting his family. Seeing the remains of the old ancestral Potter Home when Sirius had first brought him to the Potter lands had drilled that into his head and engraved it into his brain.

"Harry! Play with me!" Gabrielle took Harry's hand and practically dragged him over to a table with a checkerboard set up on it.

Harry laughed and scooped up the adorable Veela girl. He spun her around once, much to Gabrielle's giggling delight, before setting her into one of the chairs and then plopping down into the opposite one.

All of the adults smiled at the cute scene as Gabrielle made the first move, pushing one of her pieces forward.

Fleur, Tonks, and Penny all cooed at Harry playing with Gabrielle.

"He's going to be such a good father." Fleur hummed happily, her left hand unconsciously resting on her flat tummy.

Penny nodded in agreement, not taking her eyes off of the cute scene. "Yeah…"

"Once everything settles down… Maybe a couple more years." Tonks had a warm look in her eyes, her hair changing to a soft, warm brown color as she imagined this scene playing out between Harry and their children in the future.

-Hogwarts ~ Headmaster's Office-

"Hah…" Dumbledore let out a sigh as he relaxed a little for the first time in far too long. "The holidays are only a temporary break from the madness, but one that I'll most certainly take."

Because of his various positions, Dumbledore had been run ragged the last few months since the collapse of the Statute of Secrecy. If he wasn't at the ICW, then he was at the Ministry, and if he wasn't at either location, he was visiting member nations that were suffering violence and pushback from the integration attempts. Already he'd seen far too much anger and violence between Magical and Muggle. Some situations had been able to be talked out and soothed, allowing integration to slowly begin. Other locations were so chaotic that no progress had been made in the slightest.

Minerva had been running Hogwarts herself for the majority of this time. His Deputy Headmistress proved herself more than capable, of course, but Dumbledore very much enjoyed his position of Headmaster far more than either Supreme Mugwump or Chief Warlock. If he didn't feel almost completely responsible for Voldemort's actions, he shook his head to keep himself from going down the road of 'What ifs' and 'I should haves' again, then he'd have probably resigned both of those positions already.

"Eeeaaahhhuuuaaa." Fawkes trilled brightly from his perch next to Dumbledore's desk, his Magical song uplifting the old Wizard a bit.

"Thank you, old friend." Dumbledore smiled at Fawkes. "I guess I should see what some of these gifts are." The pile on his desk was noticeably smaller than it had been in previous years, but Dumbledore not only expected that, he perfectly understood it. A quick wave of his knotted wand over the gifts and all of them came up as 'safe' for him to touch and open. "One from Sirius and Harry?" He picked up the rectangular wrapped package and removed the paper. Picking up the card, he smiled a little brighter as he read the words. "Various kinds of Muggle lemon drops?" That was reason enough to smile in the old Wizard's opinion.

Opening the box, Dumbledore was met with multitudes of candies, wrapped in paper or plastic covers, some simple, others covered in bright colors and bearing one name or another. Picking up a bright one that caught his eyes, the old Wizard unwrapped it and popped it into his mouth.

"Mmmnnnhhh!" Dumbledore made a strained sound as his tongue was hit with a sourness unlike anything he'd ever experienced before. His entire face scrunched up reflexively and he looked quite comical.

"Freeeehhh… Freeeehhh…" Fawkes trilled, sounding as though he was laughing at the look on Dumbledore's face.

Despite the sudden and somewhat unpleasant surprise, Dumbledore would still count this particular day as one of the better ones he'd had in the last several months.

He only hoped that the worst was behind them all for now.

-End Chapter-


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