Taylor triggered when her mom died, blaming herself for said death she threw herself into becoming a hero in a somewhat naive attempt to make amends for something that was not even remotely her fault, but she would never see it that way.

End result, she always asks herself what her mom would want her to do, this creates a staunchly independent, proud teenage girl who doesn't stand down from any challenge.

As Danny would always lament with a smile on his face, like mother, like daughter.

Also side note, Taylor teasing Armsmaster into bantering was a lot of fun to write and more or less why this exists.

When Colin got the call to head towards the docks in order to assess the damage done by Lung during a full on rampage he, well... inwardly cringed a bit. While he wasn't all that great at dealing with people he was not a full on sociopath, and seeing the damage that psychotic rage dragon could do to a residential area was not something he wished to relive again.

Three times was enough for the hero known as Armsmaster, thank you very much. Why that monster, along with the likes of Hookwolf and Oni Lee did not have Kill Orders on them was just something he chose not to dwell on. That had been Dragon's suggestion, she said that making himself angry about things he had no control of would only give him heartburn, and he trusted her advice so yeah...here he was...

So as his motorcycle sped along the street and took a right turn at an absolutely ridiculous speed and angle thanks to the absurdity of tinker tech, he found himself coming up short as he took in the scene before him.

Rolling to a stop his visors sensors enhanced the vision of the aftermath of a full scale running battle; the surrounding buildings were destroyed, while the road and side walks were mostly melted into discoloured glass, thankfully the thermal scan indicated that it was cooled down to safe enough levels to approach. There were destroyed cars and other detritus littering the area, and directly in the middle of this devastation rested a comatose dragon and a masked teenager resting on one of his forearms.

The hero was wearing a skin tight navy blue catsuit adorned with heavy chitinous looking black armor, the ominously glowing yellow lenses of her mask turning away from her phone as she met Colin's gaze. The only part of her body exposed was her voluminous black hair, the curls of which blew in the winds as she raised a clawed gauntlet in greeting while calling out to him.

"Armsmaster, good evening and nice to see you! I had a pun about how to maim your dragon, or Puff the omnicidal dragon and the like planned but it just seemed too cheesy to me. So, hey, took out Lung, wee."

Colin sighed and did his best not to laugh at her deadpan tone, there was a reason this girl was one of Hannah's favorites despite the teens staunch refusal to join the wards.

"Weaver, a good evening to you as well. It appears you have been busy."

She pocketed her phone in one of her chest plates many compartments while kicking off Lung and turning to view the slowly deramping dragon, "Yeah... I... I really have nothing here sir, he was talking about killing some children so I sent my swarms at him and his men. They ran, he didn't, ended up trying to bide my time while my black widows and brown recluses did their magic. That is to say poison him in absolutely horrific ways that I would not wish on my worst none regenerating enemy. Even then if the Undersiders hadn't shown up and bulldozed him with their demon dogs I'd very likely be fucked at the moment."

Colin sighed yet again, "Language young lady, and the Undersiders?"

Weaver held a clawed gauntlet up to her shoulder while bracing her other hand again her elbow, gently fidgeting her foot through the debris littered ground, "Sorry sir, and...umm, it ended up that the Undersiders were the children Lung had been talking about. They felt like they owed me one for distracting him and ran interference until the poison finally took hold, after the fact I also...err...never mind."

She turned her head to the side and even masked she seemed a bit abashed, he was now even more curious.

Colin raised a concealed eyebrow while drawling out, "You also what?"

She tapped her clawed fingers to her mask a few times then let out a sheepish laugh, "I also got Tattletale's phone number..."

"What," was all that Colin could say in response.

Weaver shrugged while shaking her head slightly, "I quipped out something like 'I hate it when you leave me but I love watching you walk away,' and a second later she turned around and jammed a post-it note in my hand, kissed my mask and sauntered off."

"I...I can't even...why?"

"Have you seen her ass in that suit? Cause villain or not, damn."

Colin ran a hand down his face while shaking his head, "She's a teenage girl."

"So am I, and I must say, ten outta ten, would ogle again."

Turning away from the menacing looking, and apparently smitten vigilante hero he shook his head while approaching Lung with his new tinker tech sedative in hand, "Middle aged men who ogle under aged teenage girls end up on watch lists you do realize."

Weaver nodded as she followed him while retorting with, "True true, but you can appreciate beauty without being a perv."

"Tell that to the courts," he stated dryly, she laughed in return.

"Right right, hey umm, that's that sweet sciencey magical sedative you talked about cooking up the last time we tangled with Hookwolf right?"

"Yes," he stated while readying the injector.

"Uh... Lung's immune system is kind of dealing with like...a dozen different strains of lethal venom in rather copious amounts at the moment...would that kind of...kill him if his regeneration was subdued?"

Colin froze as he was about to stick the injector between the rage dragon's steel scales, and lowered his hand while muttering, "Damn... I hadn't even considered that..."

Weaver patted his shoulder while shrugging lightly, "Why would you? How often have you had to dose a fucking dragon that had about eight liters of necrolyzing poison running through them?"

He turned to the teen cape slowly while tilting his head head to the side, "Language... and... How many of those spiders do you even have at this point?"

She shrugged again, "Sorry, and not nearly as many as I did before I took on Smaug, but enough to have another spidery airdrop of doom on anyone who properly annoyed me. Anyway I'll leave cleanup to you, but first, wanna take a selfie with me making sure the dragon is in the background? Good publicity, and all, and I am willing to share the glory since...I have... hmm, yes...really, absolutely no idea what I would have done with him if you hadn't showed up when you did."

Armsmaster stared at Weaver for a moment, then let out a snort as he pulled out his phone, "Sure."

The next morning found Taylor at school, yawning widely as she walked down the halls of Arcadia, not for the first time cursing the Faraday Cage the building supported as her cell phone signal cut out. Which meant no more texting with Tattletale which was something she had actually been rather enjoying, they'd been playfully harassing each other for the past two hours and to be just cut off like that felt like a bit of a tease.

"Why the hell does this school even shield against EM signals it isn't like its gonna stop a laser or a brute thrown bus," she griped, then squeaked a bit in surprise when her best friend sidled up to her side while drawling out a response.

"The illusion of protection is just as important as the image of authority... At least that's what Carol says."

"Don't do that," Taylor muttered as Amy rolled her eyes while bumping her shoulder against her own.

"Oh stop, it isn't like I snuck up on you, didn't have time for coffee this morning, did you?"

Taylor groaned while shaking her head, "No, I slept in and dad had been long gone to work so what was in the pot resembled goopy tar."

Amy smiled and pulled her hand out of her hoodies pocket holding a can of Star Child salted caramel latte, "Here, I already had one this morning."

Taylor made an excited sound that only dogs could likely hear as she snatched up the offered can, popped it open, and downed it in record time earning a giggle from her friend as she crushed the now quite empty container while letting out a quiet burp. Blushing she tossed the can into a waste bin while muttering out, "What would I do without you?"

"Lets not find out, it wouldn't be pretty, so why did you sleep in? Not really like you."

Looking around to make sure no one was watching Taylor pulled out her phone and opened up the last picture she had taken the night before, of Weaver and Armsmaster giving the peace sign with a cross eyed, drooling comatose dragon laying on the ground behind them.

"That," she stated flatly, and her friend could only blink owlishly for a few moments before gripping the bridge of her nose while shaking her head slowly.

"You...you and Armsmaster took on Lung last night?"

Letting out a hesitant laugh Taylor shrugged slightly while muttering, "Uh no...I kind of took him on by myself and he showed up afterwords to help me deal with the body, sign of true friendship there..."

Amy came to a dead stop and glared at the raven haired teen as the source of her ire sheepishly glanced to the side, "What."

"Heh...umm...funny story..."

"I'm listening," Amy stated dryly.

Taylor faltered a bit before eventually letting out a resigned sigh, "Look I overheard Lung saying he was gonna off some kids, so I sent the swarm at him to chase him off, it only made him angrier though so I had some wasps and locus air drop my widows and recluses on him and well...things escalated until he was down for the count."

Amy stared at her at for thirty seconds, let out a sigh, kissed her cheek then grabbed her hand dragging Taylor on, "What in the world am I going to do with you?"

"Err...don't tell my dad his daughter is an idiot and keep being pretty and awesome? Please?"

"Really, that's all you have?"

"I, err... won't call Vicky's aura 'Weaponized Narcissism' in front of Brandish again? Well, at least for a couple of months."

Amy froze, then tilted her head to side in contemplation, "You know, putting it on the blocks like that, does that make Accord Weaponized OCD?"

Taylor shrugged at that, "With that frame of thought you could claim that Uber and Leet are Weaponized Murphy's Law really."

"Huh..valid point...why was I annoyed with you again?"

"I drank your last coffee and don't have the cash on me to repay you for it, but I will tomorrow."

"Right, don't do that again," Amy stated as Taylor grinned and grabbed her friends hand guiding her down the hall humming lightly, doing anything and everything to make sure no one noticed her in the process.

Anne-Rose had after all taught her daughter the art of misdirection early on, and Taylor had long ago become a master of the art.

If I continue this it'll later be explained that Taylor's desire to make her mom proud meant she attended Arcadia instead of following Emma to Winslow, which changed...oh so many things.