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Just had to get this one-shot out. Chloé Bourgeois (no offense Adrien, she is semi-sweet to you) needs to be beat down. She DOESN'T deserve sweet Pollen nor Sabrina's loyalty!

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A dreamy smile on pink glossed lips starts to form as she stares at pictures of Paris' miraculous superhero or at least to her the mew-ore purrfect one. 'Cat Noir… so punny, brave, selfless...'

A soft sigh escapes Cecilia, as she continues to swipe down more pictures. 'Where does he get all those cute puns from? What could hiss favorite flower be? Did he have any predecessors? Are all of them magically connected? Maybe If an akuma happens I can-'

"Take your clown caked face and go break a mirror!" That unmistakable voice shouts. Giving Cecilia a fright pulling her away fur-om her Kitty thoughts. Pale pink eyes glance around her than she fondly rolls her eyes. Grumbling to herself and Deerja as she makes a detour from the library to the couryard down below. "What did she say this time? Why does my Kitty thoughts ALWAYS get interrupted? I just want quie-" Deerja' pokes her head out of Cecilia's pink coated black cat paw printed purse.

"Sweetie" Deerja starts tenderly "we could go looking for Cat lat-"

A loud THUD of body hitting the floor cuts off Deerja's suggestion. The petit strawberry-blonde sighs annoyed getting to the stairs.

Left hand on the railing she slowly walks carefully down the steps. At the bottom step, looks up to her left to find…. Chloé Bourgeois on the floor, standing above her, in her usual black leather jacket and cute beanie atop her ginger straight hair Melissa Grey. Eyebrow raises supressing a smile Cecilia makes herself known.

"Okay Feisty Star care to share?" She shouts getting closer. Around Melissa's neck are a pair of light blue headphones. 'Awww she loves them. That's a relief.' Cecilia thinks inwardly smiling.

Chloé gets off the floor roughly. Squawking eyes Cecilia can tell Chloé has a cut lip lightly bleeding. "Just what I needed Roserade. Tell your crazy minon to back off or I'm calling Daddy-" Cecilia shakes her head slightly licks her own lips.

Places her hands around Melissa's waist about to address Cholé when "Minon? Do I look like poor Sabrina to yo-" Her light blue eyes in flames tho tiny arms lightly squeeze her waist she relaxes.

Cecilia lets go of Melissa. "Now Feisty Star again, what happened? Oh and please don't bad-mouth my fraternal twin." Melissa smirks smug knowing her petit bestie is getting restless.

"Nothing Cherry Blossom. Sorry about bad-mouth Sabrina. This Queen Brat was mocking my excitement on some music I was dancing too." Cecilia tilts her head to look at Cholé from behind Melissa. The Bourgeois runs up to actually PUNCH Melissa.

Cecilia sighs annoyed "Melissa in coming."

She points behind her. Melissa without flinching nor looking back grabs Cholé's out stretched right wrist and throws her over head. Bourgeois lands face first into the courtyard grounds HARD.

Cholé slowly stands up on shaky legs, face scratched up, blonde ponytail in disarray and clothes needing a serious tailor. Melissa chuckles wholeheartedly arms crossed smirking, Cecilia tries to suppress her laughter but failing badly. Cecilia leans on Melissa cackling like a witch over Bourgeois's bleeding face.

"Chloé stop, while you can walk away."

"Batsy here is right. Or risk more than just a bad hair day Bourgeois."

"Awww thanks Deerie."

Melissa low fives Cecilia, hands smack they clench them togther. When dropping their connected hands, turning on their boots arms linked Cholé shrill voice bursts out.

"YOU TWO ARE SUCH LOSERS! A LAME PEASANT AND STUPID CAT LOVER!" She shouts at the top of her lungs. Grey and Roserade freeze when they turn around Cholé realizes her mistake too late.

"You. Want. To. Repeat. That?" Spoken in synchronization and dangerously calm. They take a step forward as Chloé takes two backwards. Melissa releases Cecilia's right arm from her left one. Chloé freezes stiff scared.

"Well... I do-don't have ti-time to deal with you..." Cholé trails off slolwly walking backwards. Melissa places Cecilia on her back in a piggyback. Cecilia smirks one single word out her mouth. "Run." Cholé zooms out the scene dust kicks up as she tries to escape..

Melissa quickly bolts after her. Neither her or Cecilia hear their respective Kwami. "Deerja, we need to stop the girls." Echo states worried from inside Melissa's leather jacket. The bat stares at the deer from Cecilia's purse.

"We will calm them, after they caught Bourgeois." Echo lightly frowns. But nods as she hears Melissa scream "RUN CHLOÉ RUN ONCE WE CATCH YOU, YOU WON'T WALK AWAY!"