It's been over 50 years since I last step foot in this town but when I got wind of them needing a witch I came back. Quil Sr is one of the few who were alive the last time but the only one sane enough to actually remember me. I walked up the path to my old house, the one I abandoned years ago when word got around about me. How there was a witch in the town. If only they knew about the vampires lurking about and how I was one of the good ones. How the werewolves needed my help with healing intense wounds and spells to protect their imprints.

Quil Sr made sure though my house was never sold or broken in to. He made sure those men that night didn't set it on fire. He made sure it stayed just as I had left it and for that I was always appreciative. But when he sent that owl looking for me with the note saying a great battle was ahead then I knew I had to come back. Return the favor. I know Quil Sr was no longer apart of the wolves. He had stopped phasing when he met his now wife. He still made me keep helping the boys who needed it until I could no longer stay. Which of course he understood, which was also when I gave my word that if he ever needed me again to find me.

I walked up my front porch steps and opened the front door. Just as I left it. I breathed in the lavender smell that has yet to leave. I saw my giant bookshelf that was made to look normal but all the books were really my own personal collection of spells and old medicine remedies. I saw my outdated furniture and when I went to sat my luggage beside the coffee table, Nova, my cat jumped out. I see that Quil Sr has been keeping her alive also. Nova was bounded to this town so she couldn't come with me but I knew that she would be taken care of. I gave her a pet on the head before I moved to the kitchen.

I opened up my beaded curtain that separated the two rooms and saw that someone had recently been here. An updated coffee machine sat on the counter along with an old tribe story book. I narrowed my eyes wondering if this was what Quil Sr did when he came over to watch the place.

I saw fresh water and food left out for Nova so I know that it hadn't been long since he was here. Which he'll come back tomorrow morning, not knowing I have arrived yet. I left the kitchen and went down the hallway to where it led me to the bedroom and bathroom. My bedroom door was shut, looked like it hasn't been opened since I left because it took some pushing to open it finally. Dust was on everything. The sheets turned grey from it all. My framed picture of my family before we all had to leave each other still there. I turned towards the bathroom and saw that was also a place in the house touched. New toilet paper rolls, fresh towels, clean smelling. I looked in the mirror to see the face I've been looking at for the last 150 years.

Deep blue eyes that reminded me of marbles. Long raven black hair was was uncontrollably curly. Pale skin that never changed no matter how much I was in the sun. Sharp cheekbones that look like that could cut a man and a tiredness written all over me.

I closed the bathroom door and my bedroom door. I would clean the bedroom later, get rid of the 50 year worth dust pile up later. I went to the kitchen and cupped my hands in the sink, taking a drink from the water. I turned the tap off thinking how glad I was that I had someone like Quil Sr watching over my belongings. I sat at the kitchen table when I sensed it.

Eyes. Watching me.

I took a deep breath before going to the front door and flinging it open. Nova ran out and jumped onto the porch banister. Maybe word had gotten out, maybe it wasn't the right time to come back after all. Maybe Quil Sr led me here after all this time to get me killed.

I walked down the steps that I had just walked up not too long ago and braced myself for the witch hunt. But it didn't come. The eyes stayed though.

"Come out boys," I whispered knowing they could hear me. I didn't stay to watch them come, I just went back up the steps and inside. Leaving the door open and waiting.