On the day his tower was attacked with milltary force, Kais son had been sleeping untill 7 am.

Normally he got up at 4 to do his homework, because Kai had raised him as a good boy.

Everyone else was already up.

Tremaine, Kai's daughter, was already making them all fried breakfirst with syrup.

Tremaine was an best in her class at bio-chemist, her parents were proud. She was going to a school for higher talents and thats all that mattered to them.

They didnt mind that she was a bit wild at times.

At 11, she now knew 6 langerages, one ancient , 2 computer and four sign langerages.

She found it easy, and learnt them with her dad together.

By now, Kai was now up and standing on the porch with his shirt off. He stared out over the wide desert landscape, he was handsome in a rugged kinda way.

Once, long ago, he was ranked one of the best special forces soldiers in the world. He was no longer a soldier, and now lived a quite life treasure hunting.

He was troubled by a newspaper artical his read a few days ago, that mentioned that someone from Rubik was killed in a massive drive by shooting . He was one of the few people that knew that that shouldnt happen, because of a magic spell he cast with World Alloy a few years ago.

The World Alloy was now hidden in his garrage.

Kai was disturbed from his deep thinking by Tremaine tugging on his shirt.

"Father! Father! Look!"

Tremaine pointed urgently at the horizon.

"oh, bollocks!"

Para-troopers Hundreds of them!

They were coming straight at his house.

He ran inside and bolted the front door.

He woke his son up, and told everyone to run out the back.

They woke their pilot, who happened to be sleeping in the next room.

"Quick! Start the Dragon! We are under attack!"

"OMG" He said as Jin run out.

He ran back in with his helmit.

"Holy Shit!".

Kai, meanwhile, triggered an explosion around his garrage in order to hide his precious World Alloy. The rocks fell and burried it totaly secretly so no one would find it. (None of the soliders heard the explosion as they were looking the other way)

Meanwhile, the invading force drew closer.

Kai and his family ran to the hanger, Tremaine leading the way with her flintlock revolver

They dodged the soldiers as they ran, ducking and diving between the gunfire.

"Dont worry! We are almost there!".

They dived into their escape vechile, guns blazing.

Their was a soldier already there, but Tremaine whackd him.

"Good job!" Kai Smith said, as he pushed him out.

They started up, and zoomed off, the invading force vanishing into the distance.

"Did you get the secret message?"

"Yes, my good friend Red Arlert told me that Annie Lionhart was behind this!".

"We gota deal with this as a family, else we can never live in piece".

So they joined onwards, their enemy's in hot pursuit!

MG! We are almost there", Kai said after traveling for ages.

"GOOD GRIEF, I didnt think we had journed this far!"

They sat down for a rest break and to plot their trajectory into the evil ones HQ base.

"WE must find the World Alloy.

"I forgot all about that", said that Suicidal Bastard, who was generaly considered a moron, so we all laugh at them for forgetting. HAHA! Funny hu?

"HAHA, you remember now"





What happened next was soo cool you will like it a lot, basicaly, it went like this:

Only it was even cooler because i didnt have to write it! When it was in my head the words didnt get in the way. btw, Excuse me if i skip the words occasionaly, its to save me time.

Ok, after they finnished the amulet they went to the base where the final battle started when they got there. Dont worry! The bad guy dies!