This fic is completely written, it is short chapters at least 400 words, most going around 800-1200 words though the further into the fic we go. I'm still working on my other new fic that won't post until complete, but its almost there. These I have been using to try and get my writing mojo back. After I finish the new fic I'm going to one by one start going through my old in progress fics rereading them and trying to get some endings for them. It might take some time but I am getting there. Currently I am beta less though so it might be a bit rough but I'm doing it. With summer gone and winter hitting so quick and the kiddo getting old enough he doesn't want me with him every second of the day I might be able to get this done.

P.S. This is pretty much just for fun fic, slightly inspired by horror stories about HOAs I've heard. Again its unbeta'd.

I still don't own Twilight, and I still mean no copy write infringement.

Edward POV

The winter chill was already in the air, even though the month of December was only in its second week. Though winter in Washington was a huge improvement over winter back in Illinois, it was still cold. My heated seats and remote starter had earned their place in my top three favorite things in my Land Rover Discovery Sport SUV.

Number one is the sound system I paid the upgrade for, but if I'm talking to my Mom, it's all the safety ratings.

My impromptu trip to visit my big sister was brought on by a phone call I had with her the day before. She sounded a bit down, and kept offering me a homecooked meal. Which for Rosalie, was out of the norm. Don't get me wrong we love each other, and are very close but she knows that this time of year I'm busy and time isn't something I have a lot of at the moment. So for her to poke and prod to find a good time to visit, I knew something was up.

So that's what led to me driving from my condo in Seattle to the small town of Forks. Almost four hours with the traffic I hit along the way, but finally I pulled on her street and my GPS informed me I reached my destination. The majority of these house look the same so I keep the GPS on so I don't drive past her house, again.

Which would have been easy to do since the house was dark.

Which was unusual for my sister in the second week of December. Hell, usually the day after Thanksgiving my sister had tons of decorations littering the yard. The windows always decked out glowing bright, a yard full of blow ups, well blowing around for the merriment of her children. Too many blows ups to be honest. But it was part of the charm of her home at Christmas.

Rose is a Christmas freak and lives for decorating. She's the female Clark Griswold. Yet tonight when I pulled into her driveway, not a twinkle to be seen. Not even a tree in the front window.

Other yards surrounding her home all seemed to have just plain clear lights. Classic, and attractive, but all these homes looked like the same person decorated them.

Like the Stepford wives did the decorating.

Shaking my head and turning off the car, I bounded up the walkway and knocked on my big sister's front door. It was time to see what was going on, and what I could do to help her out.