Clembrane's gotta go

Membrane stops tweaking his latest device and rubs his goggles. After a small glance at the clock he heads off to bed. He enters his room and sets his lab coat on a coat stand and plops into bed, not caring that he smelled like a hard days work. After a few minutes, the door creaks open and a lumbering orange man/goldfish thing in a lab coat walks in. It stretches it's mismatched arms and yawns loud enough to wake the neighborhood, "What a pudding full day. Working on science things make's me very tired." it takes off the lab coat to reveal super tight underpants and curls into Membrane's bed. He looks at Membrane, "Oh look, someone wants to cuddle with me!" his larger arm starts coming down, only for Membrane to jump out of bed before it could touch him.

Membrane shivers in disgust, "Uh... no thank you." he grabs his lab coat and hides his abs and nose-less face, "I'm just going to sleep on the couch."

"Okay, science buddy." it smiled. It curls up in the blanket and starts snoring like a freight train. Membrane leaves, commenting that he's still very confused, and heads off to check on the children.

He pokes his head into Dib's room, "Son?"

Dib looks up from cleaning the brown goop Clembrane called 'pudding' off his computer, "Hey, dad. Clembrane gave me goodnight pudding when I was talking to the Swollen Eye, and now my laptop's crashed."

he walks over and pats his head, "No worries, Son. Cleaning a laptop is easy... why are you talking to your friends at this hour?"

"I was about to end my talk over an hour ago, then that terrible clone of you came in and dumped a spoonful of mush on me and my stuff. I can't do anything without him giving me pudding for one reason or another!"

he picks him up and tucks him into bed, "Relax, son. I'll fix your laptop and see what your sister says about... him. Now, get some sleep, you have skool in the morning."

"Okay, dad." Dib yawns and falls asleep with a smile. He grabs his laptop, puts it in the kitchen, then checks on Gaz.

He pokes his head into her room, "Honey?"

"Kill Clembrane." she says sitting on the floor getting pudding out of her blanket and hair.

"Your suggestion is noted! After a quick wash, would you like to sleep with me on the couch?"

she looks at him with a nod, "Anything's better then sleeping in pudding."

"By the way. Where does he get all that pudding anyway?" he asks picking her up with one hand.

"You don't wanna know."

he holds her at a distance, "Very well then. Let's get you cleaned up."

Membrane's eyes open as Dib poked his face, whispering, "Dad... dad... wake up... Clembrane's making breakfast and won't let us leave for skool. He also talked to your top lab assistant about a chemical overflow."

Membrane shoots up and grabs the nearest floating computer screen, "Contact Dr. Foodie now!"

the screen blips on to show a catastrophe, "Membrane, we put pudding on it like you said, now what do we do!?"

"I'll be right over!" he shuts it off and points at Clembrane, "I'm going to have a talk with you!" then at Dib and Gaz, "Take the jet packs!" then back at Clembrane, "And no more pudding!"

"Is the big man sad?" it asks walking up to him, making a fishy pout-y lip, then smiles, "Pudding will cheer you up!"

"No!" he keeps him at a distance, "I'll be back soon. If I see another pudding cup, spoon, or bowl, I will personally RIP your arms off! Is that understood?"

Clembrane starts crying, "You don't like pudding?" he starts running around transforming the walls into a brown mess. Membrane sighs as his eye twitches.

He pinches the skin between his eyes where his nose was supposed to be, "...It's like talking to an infant." he snaps his fingers and a distant explosion happens outside the window, "That gives me an idea!"

Gaz and Dib return home a few hours later and see their dad holding a small child in a tiny lab coat and feeding it pudding. He looks down at them and holds the child in the air, "My children, meet your new brother Clem! I found it easier to split up his Membrane DNA from his goldfish DNA and draining all his programming, rather then talking sense into him. I could not remove his need of pudding however." he sets the child down, "Due to the rapid growth and the fish DNA Zim used, he was a bit deformed. Luckily I'm a master of science! Do not remove his Personal Air Control Canister, PACC for short, his lungs still need work."

Gaz looks at the six pound Goldfish in a tank on the kitchen counter, "What are we naming that thing?"

"I was thinking Bubbles, but it's your new pet, you can name it something else. Don't forget to feed it!" he turns around and heads towards his lab, "Have fun!" the fish looks at them and dies.

Clem hugs Dib, "We go have fun!"

Dib smiles, "Hey, Clem, wanna help me catch Zim?"

he lets go and jumps with glee, "Clem help Dib!"

"Tonight's movie night. Bring him back in one piece, or I'll have your hide." Gaz threatens.

Dib droops his shoulders, "Fine. Come on Clem, I'll show you my evidence first." he grabs his hand and drags him upstairs.

Gaz smiles, "Finally, someone else for Dib to bug."

Dib shouts down the stairs, "Clem still thinks Zim's a good guy!"

his dad shouts from the lab, "Be nice to your brother!"

(sorry this took awhile, but making one shots isn't easy. Hope you liked it.)