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Chapter 1: It Ends Tonight

She was soaring. High above the trees and the waves, she was flying.

Riding on Edwards back when he was running through the forest was exhilarating but this was another level. This was bliss.

The freedom, the power, the pain.

With a hard splash, she hit the water and it felt like concrete. At that one moment, she realized three things at once.

She was human and a very delicate human at that. The inky black water surrounded her like a suffocating blanket.

She couldn't catch her breath and she didn't know where the surface was.

She was probably going to die here.

Not that she didn't know that was a possibility when she was up there, she just got used to the idea of her death though she admitted not like this.

When Edward left the first time, it was because he was trying to protect her humanity. Rushing to Volterra with Alice to save Alice's brother and her love. She knew it would come with a price and Aro named it, her death in one way or another. She was fine with death. She was okay with it. As long as Edward was by her side but when he left again, with no warning and no reason, and Alice and Jasper the following suit with the rest of the Cullen's having to leave to keep up their façade she realized that her life was as expandable as a pawn.

She tried gulping in the air but that was stupid since all she inhaled was more water. Quickly it was filling her lungs and she flailed and tried to swim upward but was confused. She couldn't see the surface. Her lungs were burning, and she was growing weaker. She couldn't swim anymore. She couldn't fight anymore. She felt her body losing strength. Her air supply running short. The coldness of the water settling in. Thoughts quickly swirled in her head.

Mom, Dad I'm sorry. I didn't mean to die like this.

Jake, I'm sorry I can't visit you this Thursday.

Edward, I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise.

She felt her eyes going black. She tried to swim once more but her limbs were too weak, she couldn't move. It's colder now too, cold and empty.

Faintly hearing a splash somewhere in the distance, she couldn't place it, she was so tired, so very tired. Closing her eyes, she let the cold take her.

Then suddenly fire. Fire on her body, fire in her veins, fire in her blood.

She screamed and but no sound came out. Was she still underwater? She couldn't feel the water anymore. Only something heavy was holding her down.

It's so hot like a volcano-like she's standing in lava.

She opened her eyes briefly and it was so bright she quickly closed them. What she thought was the sun was a flashlight being thrown every which way as her family quickly worked to save the girl they loved so much.

Her body was shaking now, convulsing in gruesome poses as her body tried to fight the poison that was saving her life.

It was even hotter now. Impossibly hotter. How can this be possible! Her blood boiling. She felt pain and scorching white fire coursing through her veins. The torture of the flames licking her skin and having her in its grip she let out a bellowing scream.

Her pain was intense and all three vampires flinched. Edward wished Jasper had come along, hoping that his gift could ease just a small amount of the pain, but the vision came so quick.

He was in Rio when Alice and Carlisle burst through the door of his tiny rundown apartment. Alice running to him and hugging him so tight that if he was human his bones would break. Carlisle ever calm and serene showed his happiness at having found his son.

Talking for hours, Alice trying to convince Edward to come back to Forks, to talk to her, and to make things right.

"How can things be right Alice! I betrayed her!" Edward roared as he crumpled. "I didn't mean it. I thought – "Letting the sentence hang in the air as everyone in that room knew.

"Edward you're a lot of things but a coward wasn't one of them. You can't just leave her without an explanation. Emmett and Rose are preparing the plane right now and Jasper is hunting. All you need to do is say yes. It may not make sense now but I know it's the right thing. For everyone." Alice pleaded with him

"I can't Alice." Edward said painfully "I'd rather her know I was coward than knowing the real reason"

"Edward, please be reasonable your choice affects more than you," Alice stated

Taking an unneeded breath Edward shook his head, determined to keep his decision.

"Son" Carlisle spoke for the first time "Rosalie is with her. She told me she feels it too. She's hurting exactly like you are, Worse knowing what she knows"

"She's hurting?" Edward whispered

"Yes, she's hurting! Because of this stupid choice! Everyone is hurting. Esme is with her too. She watches her day and after day and she fears she might do something drastic. Especially when we offered no explanation. My visions are never wrong, Edward please just talk to her! She will understand. I know Bella, she is one of the most extraordinary humans I will ever know and – "Alice's eyes suddenly went blank as her vision overcame her and both her and Edward looked at each other in shock.

"We need to go," They both said at the same time.

So, they went. Darting through the airport as fast they dared, readying their private plane with Jasper at the controls. Flying the jet faster than he dared before. He had to fly fast. He had to make it in time.

For her.

For Bella.

Filling in the others, they all readied as soon as the jet landed and Alice, Carlisle, and Edward; the fastest of the family; raced to la push.

Edward, seeing the pack racing along the lines, he read their minds. Jacob, he had a connection to her, so he spoke with him.

"Jacob!" He yelled

A brown russet-colored wolf stopped for a few seconds before running alongside once more. Edward continued "Jacob we won't get to her in time! Please I know you care for Bella so please let us on your land! We can help her! Please, Jacob!" He begged as Jacob, torn between his loyalty to his pack and his loyalty to his friend.

"Bella!" He called, hoping she could hear him.

"Bella! Bella!" Alice called, she not the praying type was praying they were going to make it; for once her visions at a loss and herself feeling helpless; which she hasn't felt in a long time. She didn't like it. Not one bit. So, she screamed. She screamed her sister's name over and over. Praying.

"Bella!" They all called with Jacob howling as they all saw her small form fall off the cliff, her small body hurdling towards the unforgiving waves and Jacob conceded. He would do anything to make sure she was safe.

To make sure she was okay.

Running faster than they ever have Edward rushed into the water, diving headfirst swimming frantically trying to find her.

He couldn't let her die. She was too important.

She was too important to a lot of people.

Finding her small form being thrashed around he quickly grabbed her, listening for her ever-familiar heartbeat and to his dismay all he heard was silence.

"Carlisle!" He screamed, "Carlisle she doesn't have a heartbeat!"

Pushing her onto the bank Carlisle got to work, turning on the flashlight for Jacob to see, he still in his wolf form howled.

She was dying and they all knew it.

Tormented he saw Carlisle administer CPR to no avail. She wasn't waking up.

Her body was too weak. Phasing quickly Jacob rushed to the doctor and said the words he never thought he would say.

"Turn her!"

Shocked all three golden eyes turned to him. "You know what I said, please! Save her, she's dying" Jacob pleading, tears running down his face.

Alice knowing more than she let on; pleaded with her father "Yes Carlisle, it's supposed to happen this way. We got to her in time"

Carlisle, realization hitting him bit her on the wrist. Then the other and moved to every pulse point he could and finally biting her straight in the heart.

Bella convulsed and writhed and screamed. Jacob crying for his friend and for her loss took a final look and left for the trees, having to tell his brothers what some, he no doubt, already knew.

Edward lifting her in his arms cradled her as she screamed and knowing they couldn't stay made a beeline in the opposite direction, the others hot on his heels as the familiar white house came into view. The figures casting shadows on the lawn and Edward burst inside, the girl in his arms shrieking in pain.

He placed her on the bed in his room and watched. His family filing in after him and watched with a small delicate hand caressing his shoulder.

They stayed like that for days until finally, Bella calmed, and her shrieks turned to screams then to yells and finally to moans as the fire retreated.

Bella could feel everything. She could feel the fire leaving her fingers and toes, could feel her arms going cold, her whole body succumbing to some unknown force as the fire burning brighter and hotter than ever before pulled back to her chest as she heard her heart racing.

Racing and thundering and beating so hard she thought it would burst from her chest until finally it gave one last thud and her heart stopped.

Bella was dead.

So, then she opened her eyes.

Everything was so new! So vibrant! Bella could see things she never could. The dust mites dancing in the light and the dark, the hues of color streaming through the great glass window and she could hear the squirrel nibbling on a nut 2 miles away. Bella could hear it all, including the labored breathing of two people in the room with her.

In approximately 2.8 seconds since she awoke, she took in all this information and leaped off the bed crouching in the corner to defend herself should she need be, but she gasped at who was standing in front of her.

Edward has his head bowed, hands in front of him while Carlisle did the same. Their postures tense and Edward looking up to her gasp looked pained.

Knowing who was there Bella took a mind to hear anyone else in the house and realized everyone was here, well almost everyone.

"Where's Esme?" She asked curious to know why the gentlest of the Cullen's was not there. Then realized her voice was different, as thousands of tinkling bells. She looked down on herself discovering she was no longer wearing her jeans and sweater but leggings and a soft blouse. Her skin was paler and hard as stone. She brought her hands up to her face and discovered her once warm cheeks were ice cold. Darting to the nearest mirror she saw her reflection but not her face. Her eyes were a bloody red, and her nose straighter. The slight bump she got when she fell and broke her nose was no longer there. She looked nearly perfect except her full lips were uneven. A trait she quite liked about herself because her dad was the same. She had her mothers' eyes, or she had anyways.

With the pieces locking together and turning to face her former family she asked her second question; one with more importance.

"What did you do to me?'

A Falling Star

Least I fall alone

I Can't explain what you can't explain

Your, finding things you didn't know I look at you with such disdain

When darkness turns to light

It ends tonight

Just a little insight will make this right

It's too late to fight

It ends tonight

All – American Rejects: It Ends tonight

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