On Unsteady Ground (Prologue)

He sped down the street at top speed, the sounds of sirens behind him.

Unfortunately, he didn't get far as he thought he would.

A tree fell right in his path, forcing him to swerve in order to avoid it. Thankfully, he managed to swerve onto a path that those pursuing him couldn't take. But when he stopped, he noticed something was off. The ground was shaking violently, forcing everyone around him to run for cover as trees, limbs and powerlines fell to the ground.

Not only that, but cracks appeared in the unsteady ground beneath him. The ground became soggy, his boots sinking a little.

It added to the destruction around him.


The scream had everything falling away. His attention zeroed in on the little girl on the swings and the strawberry blonde woman that was dashing for her.

The man shot forward, everything else falling away. He had tunnel vision, until the ground beneath his feet gave way. He managed to grab a ledge mere moments after the shock of falling faded.

"Give me your hand!"

He never was able to reach upward as the ledge he was holding cracked, giving way. He and two that were standing above him fell into the darkness.