Epilogue: Letter from the man known as Brother to the Burns family of Griffin Rock

Dear Burns Family,

I thank you very much for your help in the stabilizing the island of Griffin Rock. If you are receiving this letter, I have left the island, and gone to make a new life for my family somewhere else. I had thought it would be better if the entrances to the Isu Laboratory be sealed, at least until they are needed once again. If I don't see the Rescue Bots again, I will probably see the Autobots, quite possibly Optimus Prime, in the near future.

Fate has a funny way of working, I suppose.

Please keep what had transpired underground a secret. The Templars won't hesitate to ransack the island and destroy anyone who knows about the laboratory if word ever got out. It is what has set the Assassins apart from the Templars for centuries.

I also ask this one last favor from you and yours: destroy Crestwood. Burn it and the foundation to the ground until there is nothing left.

The manor that has long since belonged my family needs to be destroyed.

The past has caused nothing but grief for everyone. I hope that with its destruction, the stains on Griffin Rock left by my ancestors will be washed away, cleansed by fire finally. At least with the memory of the Everton family destroyed, the island can once move on. It'll be the first place that can truly heal after being scarred by this war.

I hope you and yours have a peaceful life on Griffin Rock, free of grief and strife. If you ever need my assistance, well, I hope you never have need of my assistance.

Truly Yours,

Eric Philip Everton, aka Brother

April 4th, 2015