A/N- Okay, let's see, I should probably give you a summary of this story, huh? Basically, James wasn't the only Marauder who had a wife and child, but no one ever knew about little Perdita. She was born after her father died, and her mother fled to France and cut contact with her last living friend, Remus. What adventures will await Perdita, however, when she goes to live in England, and meets Harry and the gang. The idea for this story mostly came as a protest to all the stories I saw about Sirius or Remus having a son or daughter. I have a lot planned for this story though, so I hope you'll like it. The title is Latin, and cookie points will be given to anyone who can figure out what it means in English.

* * * * *

The day gave no indication that it would be unusual in any way. Quite the contrary, in fact. The day seemed to be perfectly normal to a young woman by the name of Kassia. She was walking through the marketplace, doing her normal Sunday shopping. Her daughter, Perdita, was visiting a friend and wouldn't be back for a few hours. It wasn't often that Kassia had a day off all to herself. She had to work two jobs in order to support herself and her daughter. Especially since Perdita was attending Beauxbatons. Madame Maxime provided students with an excellent education, but it certainly wasn't cheap. Or maybe it just seems that way because we have so little, thought Kassia.

She pushed these unhappy thoughts from her mind however, and continued her shopping. She was known to most of her usual vendors. Jacques, the baker in the village, always had her bread prepared for her by the time she showed up. He was one of the few people who had been here ever since she had first moved to France. He had always been more than helpful when she fell on hard times and wasn't able to afford food for her daughter and her.

"Bonjour, Kassia." Jacques smiled, handing her usual package of bread to her.

"Good morning, Jacques. How is Brigitte?" Kassia smiled.

"Just fine. The kids have her running around all day, but she manages." Jacques smiled. "Is Perdita out of school now?"

"Yes. She just got home a few days ago."

"Ah, you should have told me. I'd have included something special for the little one."

"That's really not necessary, Jacques." she smiled.

"No, no. I insist." he said kindly, looking around behind his stand. "Ah, here we go. Éclairs. I know they're her favorite."

"Thank you, Jacques. You're far too nice to us." Kassia smiled.

"Think nothing of it, Kassia. She's as dear to me as my own children are." Jaques smiled back, nearly forcing the éclairs into Kassia's hands. Of course, he had known Perdita practically all her life too.

"You are still far too kind." Kassia said, counting out extra money for the eclairs.

"Oh no you don't." he said, seeing her do so. "They're free."

"Jacques..." Kassia began to protest.

"If you argue, I'm giving you the whole lot for free." he smiled, wagging a playful finger at her. Kassia laughed, knowing she wouldn't win.

"All right, all right." she smiled, giving him money for just the bread. "I'll see you next week."

"Good-bye, Jacques." she called as she walked on.

Kassia noted an old woman selling some beautiful roses at a stand a little farther on. I'll have to buy some of those on my way home, she thought. They're Perdita's favorites. Her daughter had just returned a few days ago for the summer holidays. Kassia always missed her terribly when she was away at school. The house seemed so lonely without her. Her daughter was everything in the world to her, and Kassia was pretty much the only family Perdita had, outside of her grandmother. Kassia had fled to France not long after her husband was murdered. They had lived in a small town on the outskirts of Paris ever since. She hadn't fled out of fear for her life or anything; it wasn't that. She wasn't afraid of her husband's murderer finding her; he had been caught the same day her husband had died. No, she had left because London held too many memories. She hadn't even known when he died that she was pregnant. But she had been left to raise her daughter alone.

Stop it, Kassia, she ordered herself as she stopped at her usual fruit stand. You know you always make yourself cry when you think about this stuff. You'd think, after fourteen years, you would have moved on by now. But just think how much more painful things would be if you had stayed in London. Kassia had just finished buying fruit and was turning to go back home, when her quiet, normal Sunday suddenly changed to incredibly unusual.

There he was, walking out of a small cafe with two other men, as though it were an everyday occurrence. But...how could it be him? He was dead. The man looked too much like her husband for it not to be him. But surely that was impossible. He was dead. And yet, there he was. Alive and well. Older, but most certainly alive. The man tugged at his ear, the way her husband always had when he was nervous. He had the same scar above his eyebrow from a Potions accident in their third year. It had to be him. She didn't recognize the other two men with him, but she didn't care. He was alive!

"Peter!" she cried, trying to run to him. But the thick crowd prevented her. She started trying to push her way to him. "Peter!"

Across the marketplace, her cries failed to reach Peter's ears. They did, however, reach the ears of the one man they shouldn't have. Lucius Malfoy turned to see a young woman with reddish blond hair calling out Pettigrew's name and fighting her way through the crowd. Damn him, thought Lucius. Pettigrew's gone and gotten himself recognized again. The idiot. Thinking quickly, he told Pettigrew to return to where Lord Voldemort was and tell him they had been delayed. Not daring to question him, Peter obeyed Lucius' order without a second thought. He ducked into an alleyway and Disapparated, never seeing or hearing the woman who was fighting so hard to get to him. Lucius turned to the other man that was with them.

"Mac Nair." he hissed. "That woman recognized Pettigrew. Follow her home and eliminate her. No one can know he's alive."

"With pleasure." Mac Nair replied sinisterly.

"I'll return to the Dark Lord. I doubt he'll be pleased with Pettigrew about this."

He was gone. People passed in front of Kassia, and when they had gone, she could see no trace of the three men. Her heart sank. He was gone. Who knew if she would ever see him again? If you really had seen him, she thought. It's entirely possible you were seeing things. He's dead, after all. But I was so sure. Sadly, she took one last look at the spot she had last seen him before turning down the street that would lead her home. She never saw the man in the shadows who was following her.

Should I tell Perdita, she wondered as she let herself in the front door of their little cottage. She'd never kept anything about her father from her. Perdita knew almost everything about her father, even though she had never met him. Perdita reminded Kassia so much of Peter. They both had the same gentle and caring nature. Both of them were so quiet, even around people they knew well. She smiled sadly, thinking of him again. He had always been so kind to her, always putting her needs above his own. They were alike in many ways, her and Peter. They had both been the quiet shy ones in their year. But she had no time to dwell on this. I can't keep thinking about him, not now, she thought. She concentrated on fixing dinner, glancing at the clock occasionally. Perdita would be home any minute. Kassia had already made up her mind to tell Perdita what had happened. Perdita was really the only one she had to talk to these days. Outside of her mother of course, but she still lived in England.

What she didn't know was that she wouldn't have a chance. She heard the front door crash open. Kassia walked into the living room, thinking it might be her daughter. Instead she saw a large, fierce looking man standing there. It was one of the men she had seen in the marketplace earlier, with her husband. She gave a startled cry and ran for the back door. He chased her and easily caught up with her before she could get there.

"Crucio!" he roared.

She collapsed to the ground, cutting her forehead on the corner of the kitchen table as she did so, cringing in pain. She lay there helplessly after he had ended the curse, still shaking from the pain. He kicked her as she lay there, enjoying the cry of pain she uttered.

"What do you want?" she managed to ask. He bent down and hit her across the face. Bruises were already forming.

"Your death will suffice." he smirked.

"No, please." she begged.

"Crucio!" he shouted again. Her screams filled the still air.

Much as he would have liked to torture her more, he had very little time. He had to kill her quickly and get away before someone caught him. Aiming his wand at her, a beam of dark blue light shot from the tip and went right through her heart. Kassia felt as though a sword had just run through her; exactly what the curse had just done. Not as effective as the Killing Curse, but much harder to trace. She felt her blood beginning to pool around her. Mac Nair smirked down at her. He raised his arm and shouted Morsmorde. It was then that she saw the skull tattoo on his forearm. He was a Death Eater, she realized in horror. He Disapparated seconds later.

Perdita walked along the road, humming happily. It was nearly sunset, but her mother never worried about her being late. It was a perfectly safe little Muggle town. Or so she thought. Perdita had just turned the corner, onto the street her house was on, when something caught her attention. Hovering in the sky above her house was a glittering green skull with a serpent for a tongue. She saw, also, that the front door had been completely blown away. Immediately, Perdita ran down the road and into what remained of her house.

"Mom!" she shouted, panic stricken. "Mom?! Where are you? Are you okay?"

She rushed through the living room and into the kitchen. That was where she found her mother, laying in a pool of blood, barely alive. Perdita gasped in horror and ran to her mother's side, ignoring the blood that was soaking into her clothes now.

"Mom." she sobbed, lifting up her mother's head. Her face was bruised terribly, and there was a large gash through her chest. "Mama, what happened?"

"Death Eater." she choked out. She gasped for breath, fighting to stay alive.

"Mama, please, don't die." Perdita begged. "Don't leave me."

"I love you, Perdita." she coughed, reaching up to touch her face. Her hand was trembling.

"Mama, don't go." she whimpered, tears streaming down her face. She held her mother's hand to her face, her vision blurred by tears. "Please, stay with me."

"Perdita...Peter..." she coughed, trying to tell her daughter before it was too late.

"What about Dad?" she asked. She couldn't understand her.

"Peter...alive.Death Eater...Peter..." she mumbled incoherently. She's hallucinating, Perdita thought. But she had no chance to ask her mother what she meant. Kassia drew one last shuddering breath and her heart beat for the last time. Perdita felt her hand go limp against her face.

"Mom? Mama?" Perdita asked frantically. But no reply came. "No! Mama, please, say something. Don't leave me. Wake up. Mama, please!"

But, deep down, she knew her mother was gone. Perdita leaned over and cried against her mother, not caring about anything else. She hardly noticed when Aurors from the French Ministry of Magic arrived. She was mentally and physically numb. She didn't fight as they gently pulled her away from her dead mother. She just kept crying and calling for her mother. Perdita couldn't answer any of their questions or tell them what had happened; she only kept sobbing uncontrollably. Eventually, fearing she may become hysterical, the Aurors decided it was kindest to give her a mild sleeping potion. Even as Perdita sank into a dreamless sleep, she kept calling for the mother she would never see again.