"Pathetic!" Cynder sneered as she flicked Spyro across the ground, the process was almost complete as the amethyst portal was preparing to bring the Dark Master out of his prison, meanwhile, Spyro laid on the ground, defeated.

"Sparx, you need to get out of here" he looked at the dragonfly.

"What? No way! I'm not just gonna leave you" Sparx replied defiantly as Spyro stood up weakly.

"Just go, I don't know if I can win this, you need to warn Ignitus and the others" Spyro told him strictly, after a reluctant stare, Sparx did so and flew off, leaving the little dragon to fight alone.

"Now, it's just you and me, Cynder!" Spyro growled as Cynder laughed.

"Insolent fool! It's just me!" She roared and charged right at him, grabbing him and tossed him into the ground, as he slid across the concrete, he weakly stood up and tried to used his elements against Cynder, who landed on him just in time to stop him.

"Weak..." she snarled as she smashed him into the ground, causing him to lose consciousness. She tossed him aside and watched as the process was completing itself.

"At master returns..." she grinned menacingly as the portal appeared to be completing itself, then she noticed that the portal was becoming unstable.

"What!?" Cynder was shocked as the landscape started falling apart, she needed to get out of here, she was prepared to take flight, but then looked back at the unconscious Spyro, the little dragon's unconscious form drifting closer and closer to the portal.

"Let him rot" a little voice in her head told her, the voice that instructed her with every task, but this time, she rebelled, she flew back and grabbed Spyro and then proceeded to fly out through the vortex away from Convexity, as she flew through the portal with Spyro in her hand, the voice asked her why she did it.

"Why kill him if we can use him as a bargaining chip instead?" She tried to convince it that was the reason, but in truth, she didn't know why she did it, but she felt...attracted to him in some way, she brushed it off, she eventually made it back to her fortress out of the vortex, Concurrent Skies.

"Home..." Cynder sighed as she landed, placing Spyro on her back so she could walk properly, she needed to figure out the cause as to why the portal failed, but first, she had more...important matters to deal with, she walked up to a large door that an Ape was guarding.

"Commander, inform Gaul of my return, we need to discuss more strategic plans, Convexity has failed" she ordered as the Ape stepped to the side.

"Of course, my general" and he opened the large door that led inside. As Cynder stalked through the halls, she gazed back to see Spyro still unconscious on her back, she knew just what to do with him, she found the doors that led into her chambers, and entered, her room was just the same, weapons and armor displayed on the walls, a personal war room for strategy-planning, her large bed, and naturally...her new pet, she grabbed Spyro with her jaw and plopped him on the ground, she then proceeded to walk over to a counter in her room, and grab a collar of sorts, placing it around the little dragon's neck and hearing a little click as the light on the collar turned green, Cynder chuckled to herself.

"It's all coming together" she grinned menacingly, suddenly an Ape entered her quarters.

"General, Gaul awaits your presence in the war-room (the public one)" the Ape informed her.

"Tell him I'll be there..." she used her massive scythe-tipped tail to move Spyro into the dark so that the Ape couldn't see, and she left her chambers. The door proceeded to shut loudly, and just loud enough that the purple dragon was stirred back to consciousness.

"Ugh, my head, wait? Where am I!?" Spyro leaped up in an attack stance, only to realize no one was there.

"Huh, it's empty...wait, what's this?" he spoke to himself as he looked at the collar around his neck, and attempted to yank it off, but instead was shocked.

"Ow!" Spyro snapped as he shook his hand furiously after being shocked, he then attempted to use his fire breath, only to realize nothing was happening.

"The collar must be dampening my powers, I need to get out of here!" Spyro tried to fly over to one of the windows, but when he was about to break one of the windows, the collar shocked him again, he then resumed his attempts to try and get the collar off, eventually he was shocked so hard that he was blasted into the ground and slid across the floor, hitting the wall with high Velocity.

"I think, I need a new approach..." Spyro sighed, his voice muffled by the concrete, as he stood up, he figured he'd have to wait for Cynder to come back, his mind then went to the Guardians and Sparx.

"I hope they're alright" Spyro sighed as he curled up on the floor, and stared at the wall, sighing all the while, he looked up and saw the massive door opening as none other than Cynder entered the room, who appeared to have a tiny bed and a small bowl filled with mush, she placed the bed down in the corner, and put the food bowl in front of Spyro.

"Nice to see you finally awake, my pet, eat up..." her statement made Spyro a little angry, a pet? He was baffled, she wasn't going to kill him? He inched towards the food bowl, and smelled the mush, it had a very strong smell, Spyro inched back due to the scent, but Cynder smirked.

"Tsk, tsk, that's not what you do, you eat do it" she pulled out a remote and pressed a small button, which shocked Spyro fiercely.

"Yeow!" Spyro shrieked as he crawled towards the bowl, and took a bite of the mush, it was surprisingly sweet and he took another bite of the mush, actually slightly enjoying it, causing Cynder to grin more.

"Good, it's time for a nap..." she told him as she crawled into her large bed, and curled up as she fell asleep, leaving Spyro by himsefl, he needed to find a way out of here, but then he remembered what Ignitus told him about Cynder, she wasn't pure evil, maybe he could work his way to her inner layers, she did save him from Convexity, after all, she was good, he knew it, if he could possibly convince her to come back with him, then it might be worth it, he pondered on this thought as he fell asleep, dreaming of the plan he had created.

(Hey, so what's up, here's some news, this story is gonna be updated over time, meaning that none of the chapters are prewritten, so you can look forwards to suspense I guess, just like the Crystal Flame, anyways, peace!)