(Alright, let's get one thing out of the way, I am incredibly happy, you know why? Well, yesterday, I was browsing the web when, surprise surprise, I discovered that the official Legend of Spyro Canon states that both Spyro and Cynder survived the ending of Dawn of the Dragon and are living peacefully in Avalar, which I think is amazing, for years I was stressing about how wether they survived, I mean, the whole Skylanders series is practically based off of my denial to believe that they died, but this news is a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one, because it means I can write to my hearts content, and not feel like there's this big gaping pit in my chest, especially if it's a Fanfic that takes place after Dawn of the Dragon, also, this technically means that every fan continuation is Canon in every way, all these Fanfictions, all the web comics, everything is like it's own micro-Canon, and I also think that's happy, but anyways, onto business, in light of this discovery, it gave me huge encouragement to write and finish Chapter 7 a few days early, so here it is, enjoy)

Chapter 7

"Cynder, we need to stop and rest..." Spyro flew up beside the Dragoness, the two moons gazed down on them, making their figures shine incredibly bright, Cynder's beauty was even more vibrant than before, but Spyro shook his head as he returned to his original topic.

"Cynder, please, we must rest" he repeated to her as she stopped mid flight.

"But, we need to get to the temple, what about Ignitus?" She asked as Spyro sighed.

"Cynder, it's the middle of the night, we're at least 10 hours from your old fortress, it wouldn't hurt to rest the night, would it?" Spyro requested as Cynder sighed and agreed.

"Sure, why not?" She sighed as the two of them flew down to the ground, with Sparx buzzing after them, as they landed on the ground, Spyro curled up on the ground as Cynder laid against him to gain some heat from his body.

"Well...goodnight" she whispered in his ear as he smiled at her.

"Goodnight to you as well, Cynder..." he replied as they drifted off and fell asleep...

Spyro's face was hit by the bright light of the sun as he awoke from his slumber, he had forgotten how beautiful the outside world was, eagerly, he was prepared to move, but then realized that Cynder was still laying against him, sleeping peacefully.

"She is really cute when she's asleep" he smiled in sympathy for her, she had lived such a tormented life, doing things that she couldn't control, it must've been awful for her, but she was back to normal now, or so he hoped, he caught sight of Sparx flying over.

"Hey, savior boy, are we gonna get going? We still have to reach the temple you know" he blurted as Spyro sighed.

"Yes, I am aware..." he trailed off as he regrettably woke Cynder.

"Hey, we've got to get moving, Cyn" he told her as she groggily awoke, her eyes adjusting to the light.

"Did you just call me Cyn?" She asked as Spyro panicked.

"I'm sorry, it just sorta...slipped" he nervously replied as Cynder giggled.

"It's fine, I like it, has a nice ring to it..." it was then that Cynder looked at the sun.

"Wow, it really is beautiful..." she said, astonished as Spyro walked up beside her.

"It is, isn't it? I've only missed it for two weeks, but you, you've probably not seen it your whole life" he guessed as Cynder agreed.

"Listen guys, this is quaint and all, but shouldn't we get going? Unless, you want to keep the Guardians waiting? I can lead us to the temple if you want" Sparx informed them as Spyro sighed.

"Some people never change" he told Cynder as she giggled in response.

"Come on, let's get a move on" Sparx flew off and the two dragons followed on foot.

"Sparx, wait up!" Spyro had him stop.

"We're not flying there" he announced as the Dragonfly grew shocked.

"Why not? We need to get there as fast as possible, if I don't come back with you, Ignitus might flip" he told them as Spyro sighed.

"I know, but if we fly, we will surely attract attention, it's better to stay low to the ground, so no flying ahead" he replied as Sparx reluctantly agreed.

"Now, let's go, all of us" Spyro broke the short silence as he trekked on ahead, with Cynder and Sparx following close behind, as they made their way through the forest, Cynder's belly growled, and she looked at the surprised Spyro with embarrassment.

"Alright, I think we'll stop here, I'll go and hunt for something for us to eat, you two stay here" Spyro informed them as Cynder sighed at the prospect of staying behind with Sparx, and vice versa. As Spyro disappeared through the bushes, Cynder and Sparx were grumbling about one another, and both wondering why Spyro didn't take one of them.

"So far, Spyro's "brother" has been nothing but a pain in my tail, and he even mocks Spyro!" Cynder thought rudely to herself, Spyro was the one she loved, but how could she even begin to like Sparx? He was rude, unkind, he bullied her senseless, just thinking about him made her dig her claws into the ground.

"I just can't bring myself to like him" she growled as she kept her distance.

Spyro stalked through the bushes as he caught sight of a deer, and was prepared to strike.

"3...2...1...now!" He pounced onto the deer, dragging it to the ground and snapping it's neck.

"Satisfying yet easy" he thought proudly to himself as he was prepared to bring this back to the others.

"Man, I really hope they're getting along..." he thought to himself, but his thoughts were interrupted as a rustle came from the bushes.

"Whose There? Come out and show yourself!" He exclaimed as a familiar figure stepped out of the bushes.

"Kane?" Spyro asked in surprise as he nodded.

"Yes, Spyro, it is me, and I must say I wasn't expecting to cross your path so soon" he replied as Spyro grew confused.

"What do you mean?" He asked Kane as he explained.

"Well you see, this big Dragon Guardians came to me and asked me if there was any way I could try and find you in Cynder's fortress, it had been two weeks, and that mosquito they called Sparx still hasn't returned, but I see that you managed just fine" he explained as Spyro nodded.

"Speaking of Cynder, Kane, you might want to come with me, and maybe help me carry this food" he jestured to the deer as he helped pick it up and bring it back to their little "camp" of sorts, as soon as he emerged from the bushes, Cynder ran up to him and hugged him.

"Thank goodness your back, I thought I was going to be stuck with Sparx forever" she sarcastically told him as he chuckled.

"Um, Kane, this might surprise you...but this is Cynder" Spyro told him as he grew defensive.

"Spyro! Are you mad! She cannot be trusted!" He replied.

"Finally! Someone with common sense!" Sparx blurted as Spyro sighed.

"Kane, she's changed, she was under someone else's control, but she's normal again, I promise" Spyro reassured him as Kane grew more docile.

"Very well, I trust you, Spyro, which means I trust Cynder" he announced as Sparx was stunned.

"And I'm the only one sane again..." he sighed as Spyro looked back and over to Kane.

"So, can you lead us back to the Grotto? I'm certain Ignitus is expecting us by now" Spyro asked Kane as he nodded.

"Yes, this way, come along" he lead them through the forest, eventually they came to a clearing.

"This seems a little quiet...too quiet..." Spyro trailed off as Sparx yawned.

"Hey man, you worry too much" he replied, suddenly a bunch of Apes dropped from the tree tops, surrounding them.

"Whose the genius now?" Spyro asked rhetorically as Kane leaped in front of them.

"Spyro! Cynder! Go! I'll hold them off!" He told them.

"But Kane-!" Cynder was cut off as he kicked an Ape away.

"I'll be find, but you must return to the temple! Ignitus said something about taking you away from here! Now go! You know where the temple is" Kane told them as Spyro reluctantly agreed and had Cynder and Sparx follow him and run through the forest, leaving Kane with the Apes.

"we'll come back for you...I promise..." Spyro thought to himself as they kept running closer and closer to the temple, and towards Ignitus.