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Chapter 8

Spyro, Cynder, and Sparx kept on running until they spotted a familiar sight.

"The temple!" Spyro grew excited as his pace quickened and he ran up to the temple doors.

"Ah, home sweet home" Sparx smiled as Cynder looked unsure, as the doors crawled open, they saw a familiar sight.

"Spyro? It's you! The purple dragon lives!" Terrador exclamined as Spyro grew much more positive.

"Terrador! It's good to see you as well, where are Ignitus and the others?" He asked Terrador as he led them inside.

"They are waiting inside, you don't know how worried we were, and it's good to see your alive, and you brought someone back with you" he replied as Spyro looked at Cynder.

"Please, Cynder's different now..." Spyro pleaded, but Terrador silenced him.

"I understand completely, Spyro, we knew of Cynder's corruption, we don't blame her" he explained as Sparx's mouth dropped.

"But she's evil, she wants to eat me, I'm sure of it!" He protested as Terrador gave him a slight glare.

"Young Sparx, I would advise that you treat Cynder with respect, she's been through more than you could imagine, now, let's take you all to Ignitus" Terrador responded as Sparx crossed his arms and grumpily followed them, as they grew closer to the Vision Pool, Spyro could hear the individual voices of the Guardians.

"Volteer! For the last time, shut up! We've enough to deal with without your petty chattering" Spyro recognized the posh voice of Cyril.

"But this situation is dire, important, critical, and threatening, without Spyro, we will definitely be doomed" the eletric tongue of Volteer was at it until they finally heard a booming voice.

"Both of you be quiet! I cannot concentrate on Spyro's location if you keep chattering like hatchlings!" The voice of Igniuts drowned theirs out as they went quiet.

"Now, where was I...?" He continued, soon enough, Spyro walked through the door.

"Ignitus, we have some guests" Terrador stated as Ignitus looked up in surprise.

"Young dragon!? You are alive! You never cease to amaze me..." Ignitus smiled at him. "And what's more, you've returned with your companions, including Cynder..." Ignitus's face bore a massive scar running down his face.

"I did that..." Cynder thought shamefully as she looked down in fear.

"Cynder..." he started as she prepared herself for judgement.

"Ever since I failed the night of the raid, I've dreamt of this day, when you would finally return to us, I prayed day and night that some day you'd be free of the Dark Master's influence, and thanks to Spyro, it has happened" his explanation shocked her.

"But...everything I've done! How could you just forgive me?" She asked as Ignitus smiled.

"I forgive you, because this burden was the heaviest for me, because not a day goes by that I wished I'd sent both yours and Spyro's egg down the Silver River (when you think about it, that might be a good splinter timeline story), and seeing you here with Spyro and Sparx, is truly a miracle" he continued as Cynder looked up and smiled.

"And in case you didn't hear, there's some romance here" Sparx blurted as both Cynder and Spyro blushed.

"Sparx!" Spyro said, embarrassed as Ignitus laughed.

"Oh young dragon, there is nothing to be ashamed of, I knew it was only a matter of time, as I said, you and Cynder share more than you know" he replied, it was then that Terrador stepped up.

"Ignitus, Spyro here has told me that Kane encountered an Ape patrol near the Temple, I do not believe that it is safe to stay here, and there's more, the Dark Master has a new dragon at his disposal, Ruby, apparently more powerful than Cynder" he explained as Ignitus grew intrigued.

"Hmm, this does issue concern, though my hypothesis predicts that-!" Volteer tried speaking, but his jaw was clamped shut by Cyril's paw.

"Not another word, or I will freeze your jaw shut" he said through gritted teeth, allowing Ignitus to speak again.

"This is concerning news, we must abandon the temple, Spyro, Cynder, you must be prepared to travel, we'll be going to Warfang: the Dragon City, in 5 days, I will go and rescue Kane, and figure out more about Cyril, as for you, Young Dragons, I advise that you rest" Ignitus informed them as Spyro nodded and left the Guardians with themselves, taking Cynder with him, theirs tails coiled.

"Let the record show: this has been a ridiculous series of events" Sparx face-palmed as he followed the two intertwined dragons, for some much needed rest.

To be continued in...the Well of Souls

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