Never Sleep, Never Die

By K-chan

AN:  Well here is my new ficcy!  I'm actually quite excited about it ^^ 

Warning to all of you that read Ha, this fic is very dark, significantly more so than Ha, and will contain mentions of rape and torture and crap like that.  It might even have a lemon later.  So just fair warning!  I hope you guys like it! R+R!

Oh and little note:  Liika in this fic has been a member of the Bladebreakers from the very beginning.. if you want to know how she joined read: Breaking at the seams.. which is in my favourites section. ^-^

She gasped, slamming herself up against a wall around a corner.  Holding her breath, she clenched her eyes tightly shut, willing away the fear that crashed over her as tall men rushed passed her impromptu hiding place.  What was she doing in the Abbey anyway?  One would think if you were a fugitive you would steer clear of the one place that you would be caught.  But Liika knew she couldn't leave, not until she got what came for.

And that was Kai.

The following hours since her defeat at the hands of Tala of the Demolition boys had been filled with chaos, regret and fear.  Voltair immediately sprung into action, unleashing his army of brainwashed beybladers upon the capital of Russia, as well as the world.  They had instructions to arrest or kill anyone who resisted the take over, that is except the Bladebreakers, or anyone associated with them, which included the AllStars, the Majestics, and the White Tigers.  Something special was planned for them. 

Mr. Dickenson, as well as Grandpa Kinomiya and Mr. Kinomiya were immediately taken into custody and locked away into a public prison.  The rest had fled instantly from the stadium, breaking into small groups to make it harder to catch them. 

Liika herself had been scooped up from where she lay on her knees, in denial of what had just happened by a quick thinking Kai.  Tyson followed on his heels while Max and Kenny took off in another direction to look for Max's mom and the AllStars.  The two, carrying the dazed and half frozen girl, rushed out of the stadium with Biovolt soldiers hot on their trail.  It seemed all three teenagers had high prices on their heads.

They fled into the back alley's hoping to lose their pursuers so they could find the others and figure out what do to do with the situation at hand.  Unfortunately, after running through the city and hiding for a few hours they were cornered in the dead end of a back alley.  Kai, launching his Dranzerless blade towards the soldiers told Tyson and Liika to make a break for it and leave him.  Not knowing what to do, Tyson complied with the orders of his captain and dragged Liika out of the alley, past the busy soldiers.  Needless to say Kai was captured, and now Liika was in the dark depths of the catacombs in the Abbey looking for her captured team captain.

She was fortunate that for some reason Tala was unable to steal her bit beast Akala, of course it was also probably the reason she was so high on the 'most wanted' list.  Her white beyblade was already loaded in her sky blue sniper launcher, ready to launch at any moment, should she run into any trouble. 

However, the deeper she got into the depths of the menacing underground headquarters the more she wished she would have heeded the commands of her friends who told her to wait until they knew what Voltair wanted with Kai.  But she couldn't do that… he was there because of her, in fact they were all running for their lives because of her!  She failed to defeat the enemy and now the world paid the price.

Stop! She thought to herself, pausing in her run and closing her eyes.  Don't let yourself get distracted.  Have the pity party later!  Right now you must save Kai!

She began running again, her breathing becoming laboured the more she ran.  She really needed to exercise more!  Soon enough, however, by some chance of pure luck, she came across the corridor that housed the dungeons.

This tunnel, more so than others, was dank and smelled horrible.  Liika held one of her BBA coat sleeves to her nose to ward off the stench.  Surveying the situation, she saw four guards guarding four different cells, she couldn't see any of the cells occupants, but she knew Kai was in one of them.  Each of the guards carried an automatic rifle launcher, preloaded with a quick attack type beyblade.  They also carried hand guns and electric nightsticks tucked into their uniform belts.  Liika winced, they were extremely well armed for mere cell guards.  Her best bet was a surprise attack, and she knew that she would have to take them all out in one go or she would end up in cell with Kai, totally defeating the purpose of her being there.  Taking a deep breath she readied herself to launch, pointing the launcher at the first guard and praying.  Come on Akala, I need your strength now more than ever…help me save my friend…

The small bit glowed a soft white light in response and Liika let it go, launching her blade at the guards.  The medium sized blade flew silently at the first guard, knocking him out instantly.  It of course drew the attention of the other guards, however, before any of them could react a majestic white winged dog demon rose from the small bit and quickly dispatched the remaining guards.

Liika wasted no time in hurrying forward, catching her blade as she did so and sent a silent thank you to her bit beast.  She peered into the cells and gasped. 

The first cell on her left was empty, but in the cell across from it, at the very back, lay an injured Gary and an unconscious Eddie and a bored, but pissed, looking Kevin.  The green haired boy caught sight of her and perked up, jumping to his feet and rushing over to the front of the bars.  "Liika!" he exclaimed.

Liika shushed him quickly, her eyes darting nervously.  "Not so loud!"  She whispered, holding her index finger to her lips.

His eyes widened and he nodded vigorously.  "What are you doing here?  Are you insane?!"

She smiled ruefully, blowing some of her royal blue bangs out of her worried turquoise eyes.  "I guess you could say I am.  I came to rescue Kai…but I see he's not the only one that needs rescuing.  I didn't know you were here!" She whispered, leaning closer to the younger teen.

Kevin should his head, sighing a bit.  "Me and Gary got nabbed trying to escape the stadium.  The pale haired bastard and the mouthy midget made short work of my Galmon as well as Gary… he's pretty beat up."  He said, his head turning to look worriedly at his fallen teammate.

Liika cursed, this just made it all more complicated.  She didn't think she could save them all and get out alive and safe.  She bit her lip in consternation, what was she going to do.  "Where's Kai?"

The boy nodded at the cell next to the one across from him and opened his mouth to say something but the quiet voice of an older man interrupted.  "Liika?"

Liika turned her head and gasped when she saw Mr. Dickenson leaning on the bars of the cell next to Kevin's cell.  Hurrying over, she reached Mr. Dickenson and looked behind him.  Sure enough Grandpa and Mr. Kinomiya were huddled together in a corner.  However, most surprising was that across from the two men were two other men that looked extremely familiar.  Her eyes widened dramatically as she remembered who they were.  "AJ Topper and Brad Best?  What are they doing here?"

The two men looked up and flashed weak smiles at the short girl.  "Chose the wrong side I guess."  AJ Topper said wryly, leaning his head up against the damp stonewall.

"My dear, you shouldn't be here."  Mr. Dickenson cut in, scolding her gently.

"I know," Liika replied sighing.  "But I couldn't leave Kai here to rot… it's my fault he got caught.  However, I didn't know any of the rest of you were here!  Yesterday they said you had been taken to the public prison!"

Mr. Dickenson shook his head.  "No, alas they decided that 'special' prisoners needed to be somewhere more guarded.  You need to leave!  They will figure out something is wrong very soon."  He said, glancing down the dark corridor nervously.

"I know," Liika frowned, turning and stepping over to Kai's cell.  The blue haired teen was leaning unconscious against the back wall, his chin touching his chest.  "It's just that, I didn't know any one else was down here… I can't just leave you all behind!"

The older man shook his head, sighing heavily.  "Don't worry about us!"  He commanded hardly.  "Take Kai and get out.  He is too important to be in Voltair's hands, for he is the only one as of this moment that can wield Black Dranzer and if Voltair has control of her the world has no chance.  Now go!  They drugged him, but he should be waking soon, break the locks and go!"  His whisper was rough and his eyes wild.  Liika had never seen Mr. Dickenson like he was at that moment. 

She nodded quickly and reloaded her launched, launching her blade at the cell lock, destroying it.  Sliding the door open she ran to Kai's side and kneeled beside him.

"Kai!"  She called quietly, shaking him gently.  "Kai you need to wake up before we both die!"

Slowly the teen began to rouse to consciousness, his auburn eyes blinking open and snapping towards the girl beside him.  He was awake in an instant, grasping his head as it began the throb.  "Ika?  What the fuck are you doing here?  Damn it onna!"  He immediately growled.

"Shut up, you can curse at me later, right now we need to get you the hell out of here."  Liika replied, helping him rise, seeing that he was still feeling the effects of the tranquilizing drugs.

The two struggled out of the cell, pausing once the got into the corridor.  Kai was steadily gaining his bearings as the last of the effects wore off.  He looked around, taking in the fact that his team manager was behind bars, as well as two of their guardians, the two announcers, two of the White Tigers and an AllStar.  "Shit."  He cursed, rolling his shoulders.  "It's worse than I thought."

"Go!  They are starting to attempt contact with the guards!"  Mr. Dickenson whispered fervently. 

Kai jerked a nod and grabbed Liika's hand, pulling her with him as he hurried down the corridor to where he knew the exit was.

"Wait!"  Kevin called desperately.  "You can't just leave us here!"

The two teens stopped looking back, frowns on their faces.  Liika felt horrible about leaving them there… but they couldn't take them with them, or none of them would get out!   Fortunately Kai was much more blunt.  "We can't take you all or we'll all be caught.  Two of you are injured and would only slow us down."


It was clear Kevin was upset and frightened.  His normal obnoxious bravado was now replaced with anxious fear, tears springing to his violet eyes.

"Just take Kevin…"  Moaned a low voice from the back of Kevin's cell.

The teens turned their attention to Gary who was now sitting up, leaning himself against a wall.  Kevin looked desperately at his teammate, clearly not wanting to leave him.  However the big boy knew that his little teammate needed to go with the two Bladebreakers… that he would help them later on.  "Go Kevin.  Gary be fine, he strong!  Please Kai…take him… he help you."  His breath was becoming heavy and laboured as if he was in pain.

Liika frowned, laying a hand on Kai's arm.  "He's right Kai…we can't just leave Kevin here… who knows what those monsters will do to him?  He won't slow us down if he's not injured!"  She pleaded.

Kai sighed.  As much as he wanted to, he couldn't leave the green haired behind.  So, he motioned at the lock, his eyes glinting in irritation.  "Make it quick!" He snapped.

The blue haired girl sighed in relief and quickly dispatched with the lock.  Kevin gratefully slid the door open and hurried over to them, pausing only to throw a concerned look at Gary who waved him away.  "Go!  Give others luck for Gary."

They nodded then disappeared down the corridor at a dead run.  The guards would be there at any moment.

"She got to the dungeons and freed Hiwatari and the small green haired boy."

"Did she now?  Interesting.  And Voltair still doesn't know of her presence?"


"Good, keep it that way.  The stupid old man would only meddle and attempt to recapture his traitor of a grandson.  We have what we want from him, why not let him go?  Ruling the world isn't any fun with out some resistance.  Besides, he's weak anyway."

"So…do we let them escape Tala?"

"Hmm… do we indeed…" A throaty chuckle resounded.

Lavender eyes that watched the conversation narrowed before their owner spun and stalked silently out of the chamber.

The three teens continued to run at break neck speed, dodging guards and choosing their path carefully.  Eventually, after knowing they were being chased, they ducked into an alcove to catch their breath.  Kai had a scowl on his face and a look of concentration in his eyes.

"We are going to have to split up.  It's me they want for sure, so you two go and then I'll follow you, that way we can divert their attention."  Kai said turning his eyes two his two companions.

Liika shook her head.  "No way!  This is how you got into this mess in the first place!  Don't think I'm going to risk my neck twice for your ungrateful ass!"  She hissed, glaring at him.

Kai glared back, growling slightly.  "I didn't ask you to come you stupid witch!  In fact you probably made it worse coming here! You should have left me and saved yourself!"  He snapped back.

Kevin sighed in exasperation and decided to interrupt before the fight got out of hand.  "Why don't you both shut up?!  This isn't exactly the best time to be arguing.  Come on Liika let's just do what he says.  He'll be fine, he knows this place remember?"

She grumbled, relenting.  "Fine, but if I don't see you on the outside Hiwatari I'm going to flail you alive!"  She threatened, shaking her fist at him menacingly.

Kai smirked, shaking his head a bit.  Then with out a word he pulled her towards him, hugging her silently.  "Thanks."  He whispered roughly, pushing her away.  His eyes took on a distant, remorseful look at that moment causing Liika to frown.

"What is it Kai?"

"They took Black Dranzer."

Kevin and Liika gasped, their eyes dilating in fear.  "So you're defenceless??" Liika demanded, her eyebrows furrowing over her eyes.

Kai gaped and her before growling, throwing his hands up in the air.  "They have the most powerful bit beast in existence and all your worried about is if I'm defenceless?!  Are you stupid??"

Once again Kevin sighed, rolling his eyes.  "Look, we need to jet before they catch us idling here."  He stated flatly, praying the older teens would listen to him.

"Kevin's right."  Liika said, hanging her head and frowning.  "But if you're going to go off by yourself…I want you to take Akala.  She'll protect you."

The blue haired boy looked stunned as the girl shoved the white blade and blue launcher into his hands.  "But-"

Liika shook her head.  "Me and Kevin have each other, I'll feel better knowing she's in safe hands anyway.  Come on Kevin.  Good luck Kai!"  She called, pulling Kevin out of the alcove into the dark hall.

"I take it we're just going to let Hiwatari walk out?"

"That's the plan."

"Whatever, what about the other two?"

"It appears we're not the ones deciding their fate."

"So that's were Bryan went… I wonder why he cares…"

"Who knows?  He's always been the strange one.  Mini Golf?"

"Sweet, I'm there."

Liika and Kevin hurried through the dark.  They knew they were close to the exit, there was windows about fifteen feet above them.  Of course it was night so no light shone through them besides a small filtering of silvery moonlight.  The moonlight cast eerie shadows on the statues that lined the stone hall.

Liika's eyes shifted around as she slowed to a stop, grabbing Kevin as she did so.  Something was off…

"What the hell…?"

"Shh!"  Her turquoise eyes darted to every shadow, and every crevice.  "Something's not right…it's too quiet…just listen."

They listened for a few moments but heard absolutely nothing.  "So?  They're not following us!  That's a good thing isn't it?" He replied, looking at her sceptically.

"No…it doesn't work like that.  When everything's quiet it generally mean's you've walked into a trap-"

Just as she spoke the words, a gloved hand snaked out of the darkness covering her mouth, while another wound itself around her waist, tugging her back against a solid body.  Dark robed men slid out of the shadows and grasped Kevin by the arms, restraining his movements.

"Don't you just love being right?" A low voice sneered behind Liika.

Liika stilled.  So she had been right…they were being stalked.  She should have known the whole rescue had been too easy!  She mentally cursed her luck and just hoped Kai fared better than they did.

"Escort the brat out and dump him outside of the gates."  The same voice ordered, his grip on her tightening.

The robed men bowed silently and turned to drag Kevin away.  Kevin meanwhile was frozen in fear, his eyes staring widely at the large person that held Liika.  The guards movement seemed to snap him out of his haze and he began struggling violently.

"LIIKA!" He screamed, reaching out towards her.  "Let her go you bastard!"

The voice chuckled humourlessly.  "No."



Liika began to struggle more fiercely as Kevin disappeared, desperation setting in.  She didn't know her abductor's identity but she had a feeling she was about to find out in a less than pleasant way.  "Mmffph!"  She yelled against his hand.

Suddenly she was spun around then slung over a broad shoulder and found herself staring at a crimson clothed back.  A feeling of dread fell over her as she realized who it was that had caught her.

"You and I have an appointment little one."  He growled menacingly, stalking off in the opposite direction from where the guards took Kevin.