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Gargoyles Fateful Fusion - Prelude

By Celgress

An abandoned warehouse somewhere in Manhattan, night

Elisa Maza blinked dust out of her brown eyes. She pushed a stray strand of dark blue hair from her field of vision. She placed the strand behind her left ear before drawing a specialized handgun that had replaced her service pistol for the evening. By her side stood her stalwart ally Goliath leader of the Manhattan Clan of gargoyles.

Goliath smiled warmly at Elisa who smiled back. Elisa felt her heart flutter. Part of her wished Goliath and she could be together but that was impossible they were from different worlds, literally. After her brief transformation into a gargoyle during the events involving Titania's Mirror Elisa became painfully aware of her feelings for Goliath. She could no longer deny that found him extremely attractive. He was witty, compassionate, intelligent and possessed the body of a Greek god. In short, Goliath was perfect. Alas, it could never be.

'Get your head in the game, Maza. Demona is a dangerous opponent and my intel tells me she's here somewhere plotting her next evil spell. There will be time to daydream once she's safely chained up somewhere.' Elisa mentally scolded herself.

Elisa squinted trying to see more than a few feet ahead through the murky darkness. The warehouse had few working lights. No doubt Demona chose this location because of its darkness along with its seclusion.

Goliath pointed a taloned finger ahead. Elisa followed Goliath's finger spotting Demona who stood a few feet dozen away over a makeshift altar composed of a crate. Elisa nodded back at Goliath. They split up to circle Demona hoping to entrap her, no such luck.

Demona spied Elisa out of the corner of her eye. She waited until the pesky human who stole her place in her Clan was less than a foot from her position. Demona whipped around. Her eyes blazed red. With all the grace and power of a jungle cat, she attempted to backhand Elisa but Goliath was on her from behind before she could react. His eyes blazed white to match Demona's crimson gaze.

The former mates struggled fiercely as each gave a mighty battle roar. While Demona twisted around to contend with her lost love Elisa shot a precisely placed tranquilizer dart between her wings followed by a second for good measure followed by a third just to be sure. Demona yelped more in surprise than pain. She reached in vain for the darts in hopes of plucking them out of her hide before they could do their work. Goliath stepped away from Demona who spun around still trying to reach the darts.

Demona knew it was hopeless. She could feel the effects of the drug flooding her system. Her strength was quickly ebbing away. She stopped spinning around so she could snarl directly at Elisa. That smug human thief tricked her, how infuriating!

"Damn you human! I hate you. You will not have this nigh..." Demona snarled defiantly before her eyes lost their red shine and rolled back in her head. She collapsed unconscious onto the floor with a thud knocking an assortment of candles off the crate turned altar. Her body hit the floor with a resounding thud.

"We best bind her less she awakes before we can transport her to the Clock Tower." Goliath rumbled looking down at Demona with a mixture of disapproval and regret. His eyes had lost their white shine of battle rage "I shall fetch the specially designed chains. Are you certain you'll be safe here with her until my return?" Goliath asked Elisa a note of concern in his deep voice.

"I'll be fine here with sleeping beauty until you return, big guy. We gave her enough horse tranquilizer to knock her out for an entire night." Elisa said with a chuckle putting the gun back in her holster.

"Very well," Goliath said caping his wings.

"We make a great tea, huh big guy?" Elisa said with a grin while she spared Demona's prone form another glance.

"That we do, detective," Goliath said with a grin of his own. "I'll be right back." He added walking off into the darkness.

Elisa turned her full attention back to Demona. Elisa stood there impatiently awaiting Goliath's. She had been waiting what seemed like hours, but was in truth only about four minutes, when a bizarre high pitched humming filled the vicinity. Elisa covered her ears as the noise became unbearably loud. Three strange orbs of pale blue light about the size of a soccer ball appeared. These orbs circled Elisa and Demona until they surrounded the pair in a tight triangle pattern. The orbs then grew until they became three women who Elisa recognized immediately - the Weird Sisters!

Elisa instinctively drew her gun. while she and Demona were lifted into the air by an eerie blue glow that enveloped them. She swore when she remembered her weapon was loaded only with tranquilizer darts which would be less than useless against the Fae. Anything short of iron slugs would not harm these Fae witches. Elisa soon discovered it would not have mattered if she had been armed with iron. She was paralyzed!

Each of the Weird Sisters wore a scowl on their face. "We are most displeased by your interference in our Avalon affairs, Elisa Maza." The silver-haired Luna said.

"And you Demona failed us." The raven-haired Selene said.

"Whatever you are talking about, it was this human's fault, not mine! She is always interfe-," Demona who had awoken tried to rant only to find herself magically silenced.

"Be quiet," The honey-haired Phoebe snapped. "Spare us your hate-filled words, Demona. We have already decided on your shared punishment. You are two are to be removed from the game, permanently."

"W-What do you mean?" Elisa asked fearful of their answer.

"Elisa, Demona, Elisa, Demona, Elisa, Demona, are bores let them exist no more. Edlina (Ad-Leen-ah) will assume both their chores compared to them she is far more." The Weird Sisters chanted as they joined hands.

Elisa and Demona inexorably drifted towards each other. When their legs touched they melded together. It was not long before they shared a single torso below their chests. and a pair of legs.

"No, I hate this human! Not her, join me with anyone but her!" Demona shrieked. Her eyes glowed red.

"I don't want to be joined with you either!" Elisa wailed in despair.

Demona's and Elisa's bodies continued melding until their combined body shared two heads on a swollen neck. They grimaced in pain. Their heads merged into one. A massive amount of magical energy was expelled in a blinding flash while the previous enchantments upon Demona were released back into the Weird Sisters and the distant Puck. Because Demona technically no longer existed these spells could not remain in effect. Somewhere in Scotland Macbeth was freed from his curse of immortality and his long-ago sacrificed youth was also returned to him. The Weird Sister smirked at their masterpiece who was recovering from her creation they then vanished a second before Goliath returned with his heavy burden.

"Who are you?" Goliath said in awe.

Edlina stood from her kneeling position. The female gargoyle sported grey skin and a long shaggy mane of purple hair. Her black eyes glittered mischievously. She wore Elisa's red leather demi-jacket over a laced up white corset that accentuated her ample bust giving a valley of cleavage. On her hips rested a blue denim skirt. Elisa's holster encircled her slim waist.

Stunned by what he saw Goliath gasped. Edlina knocked him out cold with a single blow before he could react. She grabbed the chains from Goliath before he hit the floor.

"Now it's time for some fun," Edlina said ominously.


Goliath awake to a sharp slap. He soon learned he was tied to a chair by the reinforced chains he had brought to restrain Demona. His hands behind his back. No matter how much he thrashed about the chains held him firmly in place.

"What's the matter big guy, can't get up," Edlina said pouting. "Don't fret. Your angel will take good care of you." She purred.

Èdlina licked Goliath's right cheek then his left. She placed a fiery kiss on his lips with more than a little tongue. She proceeded to lick down his neck followed by his chest. She playfully bit his nipples before she undid his belt.

"Someone is happy to see me," Edlina said with a sexy grin.

In spite of himself Goliath's large penis was standing at full mast. By the dragon, it had been a long time since he enjoyed the touch of a female. She smelled and felt so good. He could not resist her even if he wanted to.

Èdlina used her tail to manipulate Goliath's malehood. She brought him to the brink of orgasm multiple times but always denied his release.

"Now, now, fair is fair, I need my fun too," Edlina said. Her eyes glowed red with unrestrained lust.

Edlina stepped away from Goliath. She did a sexy striptease. Goliath's jaw dropped when her perfect butt and big breasts capped by black nipples were exposed. Once she was fully disrobed she lowered herself onto Goliath's throbbing cock. She wrapped her tail tightly around Goliath's dick base and rode him mercilessly to six exceedingly wet and vocal orgasms before she released her grip letting him cum inside her as she experienced her seventh climax. Edlina squealed in pleasure as Goliath proclaimed "Jalapeño!"

"I love you, big guy." An exhausted Edlina proclaimed. She snuggled with Goliath whose softening penis remained lodged in her warmly inviting, semen packed pussy. Confused, Goliath said nothing. They cuddled there together for a long time until they heard footsteps approach.

"Ahem," Angela said clearing her throat.

"Not again," Lexington groaned rolling his eyes.

"Angela, don't look, honey," Edlina said scrambling off Goliath who she broke free of his chains with some difficultly. "We were just-," Cum dribbled from her tingling pussy.

"We know what you two were doing, mom," Angela said. "Can't you guys control yourself for one mission? What if the Pack found you while you were having fun?"

"What's with the chains?" Brooklyn asked. Edlina and Goliath looked away embarrassed. "Kinky," Brooklyn laughed.

"I don't want to know and neither do you, It is bad enough my parents sometimes act like horny hatchlings without my mate rubbing it in," Angela said glaring at Brooklyn.

"Sorry, Angie," Brooklyn said.

"Yeah, be more respectful Brooklyn," Broadway said.

Goliath was more confused than ever. He pondered the following question while he got dressed. Why did no one question the presence of Salemini? Why did Angela call Edlina "mom"? Why was Angela now mated to Brooklyn rather than Broadway? How had Demona and Elisa vanished to seemingly be replaced by a combination of both? Magic was afoot here, dark magic of that Goliath harbored no doubts.

The Weird Sisters in the form of three colorful rats watched the gargoyles depart from the warehouse several minutes later. "This is not what we expected?" Selene Rat said.

"True, however, perhaps we can make use of Edlina and the changes to these other gargoyles her presence has wrought, sisters," Luna Rat said.

"Soon Oberon will call us all home. We can contend with these mortals later." Phoebe Rat reminded her sisters.

"Yes, we must prepare, sisters." Selene Rat said.

"Let us go, sisters." Luna Rat said. "We'll deal with the matter of Edlina at a more convenient time." A moment later, the Weird Sister Rats vanished in a wash of blue energy.

To Be Continued

Author's Note -

I hope everyone enjoyed this opening chapter of my first mature story. Until now I have only written teen/P-13 stories.

Should I continue with this concept, or not? Perhaps I'm not good at writing a smutty and gory story that will deal with more adult themes than is my norm? Please let me know your thoughts, thanks.