There are many languages spoken in Bay Ridge. Bay Ridge is also very diverse. Since different cultures are scattered around, people are used to seeing different people instead of going to a place with only one race or culture. The languages vary with the cultures. The most common language is English. Most people in Bay Ridge speak it. Some immigrants might put themselves or their children in an ESL class (English as a Second Language). There is also Chinese, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, French, Greek, Korean, Latin, Japanese, Polish, and Hebrew. Bay Ridge also has sections. On part might be a Jewish section or another might just be Hispanic but the majority would be diverse. A lot of people are very out going so we all feel like we know each other. That's how languages are spread out. That's how languages are known throughout Bay Ridge.

There is a big choice of parks to choose from in Bay Ridge. Most of them have kid's areas, basketball centers, dog parks, and places to lounge. Examples of parks in Bay Ridge is Owl's Head Park, Leif Ericson Park

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